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Twinlab Daily One Caps Without Iron

Hey guys, thanks for visiting our review of twinlab daily one caps without iron review.  I have personally been using this supplement on and off for about 1 monthnow, and wanted to share with you my results.  According to the label, this product helps to promote healthy eyes, and contains extra folic acid for a healthy heart.  As a dietary supplement, you are supposed to take one capsule daily after a meal.  It is manufactured by a company called IdeaSphere, Inc, which is located in American Fork, UT.

The specific bottle I have is a 180 count bottle, which my dad actually bought for me from vitamin shoppe i believe.  It contains all of the usual ingredients you find in a multi-vitamin, such as vitamin a, c, d, e, zinc, folic acid, b6, b12, calcium, magnese, copper, selenium, and iodine.

So How Does it Make Me Feel?

Well in all honesty I get a little nausea when i take these.  It’s almost like when I swallow the pill the capsule bursts in my stomach and I get like an instant nauseous feeling.  I have also gotten some sort of a small rash on my chest.  Now I don’t know if this can be directly attributed to the Twinlab daily one capsules, but i started getting this like 2 weeks ago.

I definitely get alot of energy after I take these pills.  As a matter of fact, my girlfriend accused me of taking steroids because I have been so intense for the past couple of weeks.  And by intense I mean I get a little agitated/irritated at stupid little things.  Again, I don’t know if this can be directly attributed to the capsules, but it just started recently.

Also, these pills are Huge!  Huge is actually an understatement, they are freakin enormous.  I have always had a hard time swallowing large pills, and these are actually a little easier to swallow than some of the multi vitamins i was taking prior.  It must be because they are in plastic capsule form, so when they are wet they slide down easier.

Other Important Facts:

–  Says it promotes healthy eyes, but i see no difference in my eye sight  🙂
–  Healthy heart?  I guess so.
–  Definitely have more energy in general.
–  Bottle smells funny


Overall, this multi vitamin is like most of the ones I have taken.  The only bad side effects to report are the nausea, upset stomach, and occasionally “roid rage” as my girlfriend likes to coin it.  I guess I’ll keep taking it though because my dad bought about a 10 year supply of the pills from vitamin shoppe.  What can I say, the guy likes a good bargain!

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