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We always keep a lookout for new free trial scam supplements popping up on our social media newsfeeds like Facebook and Twitter. It seems like there’s a new one every week or so, so it’s hard to keep up. We get to them eventually, so if you come across one you haven’t seen here, chances are you’ll it will be here soon. In any event, we’re looking at one called Alpha Prime Elite today.

Let’s see what this particular  supplement’s scam does to stand out and get into how and why you should know with a quick glance that things are not exactly what they seem.

What Is Alpha Prime Elite?

With a subheading like the “Testosterone Advantage,” it’s clear that Alpha Prime Elite is designed to be a natural testosterone boosting supplement. But here’s where we need to make an important distinction. Some testosterone boosters are directed at younger guys looking to get lean and fit, or wanting to pack on the muscle. In other words, guys with specific fitness goals. While others focus on the sexual benefits a boost in testosterone can provide.

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Alpha Prime Elite belongs to that second category. It’s very squarely directed at middle aged and older men looking to put a little spice back into their sex lives.

Alpha Prime Elite Customer Image

Alpha Prime Elite Benefits

Taking a look at the listed benefits just solidifies this point:

  • Improved libido and sex drive.
  • Bigger, harder, longer erections.
  • Increased endurance and an end to premature ejaculation.
  • Bigger size.
  • Greater sexual confidence, which affects every aspect of your life.

The Alpha Prime Elite website goes on to explain that through scientific use of breakthrough herbal ingredients, they address the “3 S’s” of sexual performance.


And to add a little credibility to the claims, you’ll see this:

Alpha Prime Male GMP Image

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a Good Manufacturing Procedures certification, but it’s important to know that it only refers to the quality and cleanliness of the facility, not the product.

This is a tactic often used by supplement makers like this one. They talk about science and studies, and certified manufacturing facilities. As we look further and further into Alpha Prime Elite, how it works, what it costs, and what people are saying, we’ll start to see more and more instances of little red flags like this.

Alpha Prime Elite Ingredients

Stated benefits are one thing, but what’s far more important is the formula. Knowing what’s in a supplement and in what quantities is what allows us to get a fairly accurate idea of whether or not it can work.

The Alpha Prime Elite website doesn’t show us a complete picture of the formula, but it does highlight several of the primary ingredients, which include:

  • L-Arginine which is a precursor to nitric oxide. When it converts, the nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator to open up blood vessels, allowing more blood to enter the corpus cavernosa, creating stronger, harder erections. The increase in blood flow also benefits workouts by delivering increased oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and creating more pump.
  • Ginkgo Biloba which is known to be an aphrodisiac that boosts libido. There is also some research indicating that it may also increase testosterone.
  • Horny Goat Weed (aka Epimedium Sagittatum) which is an aphrodisiac which also increases blood flow for better erections.
  • Asian Red Ginger which promotes relaxation and reduces stress.
  • Muira Puama which is a natural herbal aphrodisiac.
  • Saw Palmetto which helps with overall prostate health while also increasing stamina.
  • Bioperin which is a supporting ingredient that improves your body’s absorption of the other ingredients.

It’s not a terrible list of ingredients, but there are a few negatives I’d like to point out.

First of all…

It’s not the strongest formula I’ve seen, not even close. When it comes to testosterone boosting formulas, one of the most important ingredients in the arena is D-Aspartic Acid, which has shown real results when it comes to boosting testosterone.  The effects are short lived, but it DOES work, especially when cycled.


they don’t divulge what amounts are used in the formulas. This is unfortunate, though not at all uncommon. It happens all the time in fact, and it’s frustrating when you’re trying to figure out if something works.

Some ingredients have been clinically tested. Others have been widely used even without clinical studies. In either case, there are doses or dosing ranges that are known to be most effective. Without that information, it’s tough to know if the formula is using the correct amounts.

The Third Thing…

I want to mention might be a little picky, but it’s become a pet peeve for me. I see it a lot, it’s very unprofessional, and it can tell you something about the seriousness and commitment shown by the companies that make these supplements.

In the section of the website where they discuss ingredients, the word “Ginkgo” is spelled wrong. Again, maybe this is picky, but you’d think they would proofread their copy considering they’re presumably trying to build and maintain the trust of their potential customers.

If they can’t even take the time to proofread the information on their own product that they are trying to promote, it goes to show how little care they actually put into their scam and that they are doing some sloppy work.

Misspelled Ginkgo Image

And get ready because it just gets worse from here.

The Free Trial Scam

If you’re interested in buying Alpha Prime Elite at this point, the next bit of information should be very important to you. Like dozens and dozens of other nutritional supplements, Alpha Prime Elite is only available for purchase by signing up for their “free trial offer”. The problem is, the name is extremely misleading, as the offer is definitely not free. You might say payment is deferred, but it’s not free.

Here’s what you’ll see as you start to go through the ordering process. Everything they say indicates that you’ll be getting a 30 day supply of 60 capsules for FREE:

Alpha Prime Male FREE Bottle

But it’s not a free bottle.

In fact, if you don’t call and cancel a subscription you probably had no conscious knowledge of, they’ll charge you a hefty $85.95! And on top of that, they’ll send you a new bottle each month for that same full price because apparently, by signing up for the free trial, you are also signing up for their monthly auto-shipping program.

Autoship programs can be convenient for something you know you’re going to use each month, but Alpha Prime Elite has people signing up without knowing it, for the express purpose of getting them caught up in repeated billings that they know will be canceled once the customers become aware of what’s going on.

Here’s what it says in the fine print below the order:

Alpha Prime Male Terms Image

I can’t begin to tell you how many complaints I’ve gotten from my readers about scams like this one. Again, it wouldn’t be so bad if they made it clear what you were getting yourself into, but they don’t. In fact, they do the exact opposite.

They go out of their way to make you think you’re getting free bottle and that’ll be the end of it. But watch out because the truth is just the opposite.

Alpha Prime Elite Reviews

The Alpha Prime Elite proudly displays several customer testimonials from guys who’ve used it with great success. Check out this one from a 49 year old guy named Vincent Harper:

Alpha Prime Elite Testimonial Image

It tries to imply this guy Vince used to need a prescription to use Alpha Prime Elite, but that’s misleading at the very least. This stuff is not a drug, and it never required a prescription.

But while the website shows its list of glowing testimonials, there’s an entirely different story being told elsewhere on the internet. We did a quick check to see if Alpha Prime Elite had a showing yet on Ripoff Report, and indeed it does.

Ripoff Report is a website where pissed off customers who feel they’ve been taken advantage of can go to file public complaints about a company. Here’s the most recent complaint about Alpha Prime Elite:
Alpha Prime Elite Ripoff Report Image

This is just one example, but there are plenty more where that came from, and they’re all complaints about the free trial scam:

Alpha Prime Elite Ripoff List Image

At this point, it’s tough to imagine any real reason why anyone would even go near this product. I guess maybe if it were some miracle pill, it might be worth all the potential hassle, but judging by what we know of the formula, I doubt that’s the case.

Why Do People Fall for the Scam?

Technically, there is a statement saying that if you sign up, you’ll be enrolled in the monthly program, this is true. So “why does nobody see it?” is a valid question.

I don’t have the definitive answer, but I do have some educated guesses.

First of all, they don’t want you to see it. They have to put it on the website for legal reasons. If they really wanted you to see it, they’d place it where you couldn’t miss it, they’d present it in bold lettering, and they’d require you to check a box stating that you understood what was going to happen.

But in reality, they don’t want you to see it, so they don’t do any of those things.

Take a look at this next screen shot. This was taken from my laptop, and even though the window was opened to full screen, the terms of the offer are not visible. If you’re not careful, or more likely if you’re trusting or a bit naive, you can continue on, complete your purchase, and never know what you’re getting into.

Full Screen Order Page

But now check out what it looks like when we scroll down just a little bit:

Scrolled Down

So you will only see the real deal if you scroll down, which you could complete your without ever doing. So it’s completely conceivable that these guys who are complaining on Ripoff Report really never saw the terms of the deal.

Alpha Prime Elite Pros and Cons

Advantages of Alpha Prime Elite

  • The formula is all natural.
  • There are no known side effects.

Disadvantages of Alpha Prime Elite

  • The formula is fairly weak.
  • Ingredient amounts are not listed, making it difficult to know whether or not they use effective doses.
  • They spell Ginkgo Biloba wrong.
  • You can only purchase it through the free trial offer that’s nothing more than a scam.
  • It’s ridiculously expensive.
  • You will likely end up paying for months of this stuff when you thought you’d pay nothing at all.
  • There are no real customer reviews for the actual Alpha Prime Elite product, just negative feedback and complaints about the free trial scam.

The Bottom Line

Alpha Prime Elite may be a fairly decent testosterone booster, and you may notice some improvement in energy and sex drive. But the benefits are far outweighed by the drawbacks. At the end of the day, it costs far more than it has any right to, but it’s worse than just your average overpriced product. By deliberately hiding the terms of the deal, they are going out of their way to do everything they can to deceive their customers, forcing them into monthly payments of almost $100 a pop.

Don’t get me wrong. Alpha Prime Elite is not the only product or company to do this. It’s all too common. But that doesn’t make it any less painful when it happens to you. Hopefully you’re reading this before you ordered. If not, call the number listed above as soon as possible in the hope of preventing any further charges. You’ll be happy to be done with it.

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This is a rip off!! My husband ordered these, he has alzheimer’s and took it upon himself to order the free samples. AND NO THEY DON'T WORK AT ALL!! THEN the next month $180 is taken out of our account. Being retired I was floored, we don’t get much money on SSI, barely enough to make it for a couple of weeks and struggle for 2 weeks at the end of the month!! I called Alpha Prime Elite’s customer service and got a girl named Bethany, very rude, would not listen and kept talking over me, just keep reading her script on how the sale is final and each month they’ll take the $180 out of our acct. I asked for a Mgr several times before she finally got someone else who CLAIMED to be a supervisor named Jasmine!! Obviously not a Mgr, just as rude!! This company is a rip off and their customer service has NO COMPASSION whatsoever! I do not recommend this company at all. Their CS is lousy and rude!!! -Ann

Sounds like one of the worst cases of these free trial scams. If you haven't gotten them to stop charging you yet, contact your credit card company and make sure they know you don't want to accept any further charges from these scammers.- Rob

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alpha prime elite is a big scam.... I lost money with this bad company! I'm wrong ? -AIRTON

You are correct.- Rob

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  1. I order 30 day sample for 4.95 took 10 days to get 8 days later was charged 94.97 was told the 4.95 was for the post office and it was a 14 day sample and I was one day late on canceling total scam I want my money back
    1. Hey Thomas,

      This is the scam we talk about in the review above. Unfortunately, it’s legal because they do spell out the terms in the fine print, but it’s definitely underhanded.

      You’ll have to contact them directly to try and get your money back.
  2. Hello, is there ANYTHING out there that actually does what it claims? Please let me know if you know of anything that really works!

    And thanks so much for all of the information you post! GREATLY APPRECIATED!

    Thanks, Randy
    1. Hey Randall,

      Believe it or not, they’re out there. Let me know what kind of benefits you’re looking for, and I’ll recommend something that’s worked great for me personally.

  3. Concur with experiences of others. Agreed to trial offer for shipping & handling of $4LEANdot95. If felt it worked, would have subscribed. But trial offer is a scam to get your credit card, then charge for monthly subscription.

    Fortunately, I used a virtual credit card #. Their effort to charge me $89.95 was declined.

    Told merchant to stick it. Now would not even consider using their product.

    Very stupid company.
  4. They hide the 14 day trial and will not give there 30 day money back refund on the trial order ! Buyer beware .


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