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What Is Arimidione? Developed by a US-based team of fitness, sports nutrition, and medical experts, Arimidione is an over-the-counter, innovative and versatile supplement that can be used as a muscle growth support formula, estrogenRead More

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The world of bodybuilding supplements is always changing, and that has as much to do with FDA regulations and bannings as it does with advancing scientific research and technology.Take Beastdrol form Muscle Research forRead More

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You have finished your 4 to 6 week cycle with the prohormone of your choice.You have gained an impressive amount of muscle mass and your strength has peaked beyond what you could have expected.YouRead More

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If you feel that you have maxed out your muscle gaining or strength building potential, pro-hormones may be a suitable option for you to consider.Pro-hormones are a legal way to push yourself past yourRead More

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Contents Considered an Armotase Inhibitor, or AI, Arimistane is an important part of the pro-hormone line-up.It is not a pro-hormone in the sense that it can directly cause increased levels of growth hormones; rather,Read More

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Formally known as 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin, this substance was officially brought to the public in 1992; however, Japanese scientists were researching it in 1963.The most fascinating thing about this substance is that it is plantRead More

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Trenavar, otherwise known as Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione, is a widely used pro-hormone that is supposedly 10 times more androgenic than testosterone, according to the majority of companies that offer it.As I mentioned above, testosterone is aRead More