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Trenavar, otherwise known as Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione, is a widely used pro-hormone that is supposedly 10 times more androgenic than testosterone, according to the majority of companies that offer it.

As I mentioned above, testosterone is a powerful growth hormone.

Remember that androgenic corresponds to the male-dominated changes with an emphasis on the growth of skeletal muscle.

That means once Trenavaris converted in your body, it will be 10 times more powerful than testosterone at amplifying those androgenic characteristics!

estra-4 9 11-triene-3 17-dione trenavar review

Trenavaris a relatively new pro-hormone.

It was released in 2011 by two main supplement companies: Innovative Body Enhancement Supplements, based out of San Bernardino, California, and PHF Supplements, located in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Since then, several more brands have appeared on the market.

Before we proceed on how Trenavarworks, let’s talk a bit about Pro Hormones and their function.


What Is A Pro Hormone?
How Trenavar Works
Potential Side Effects
What The Research Says
How To Use Trenavar

1. What is a Pro-hormone?

Let’s get something straight right from the start: pro-hormones are NOT steroids.

This is a common misconception by those considering supplementing their muscle gains and fat loss.

While both do share the benefits of increased lean muscle mass and reduced body fat, the two are vastly different on a molecular level.

anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are not be confused with Corticosteroids, which is what you get from your doctor to treat symptoms such as inflammation. Anabolic steroids are synthetic substances that are very closely related to the male sex hormones such as testosterone.

As you probably remember from health class, testosterone is primarily responsible for those funny changes that guys go through during puberty including the deep voice, hair growth, and increased muscle and bone growth.

These changes are labeled as androgenic and steroids do a terrific job at amplifying every one of these male dominated traits for men AND women.


Pro-hormones, on the other hand, are precursors to steroid hormones.

This means that your body must first convert the pro-hormone in order for it to then become a usable steroid hormone

This conversion takes place in your liver as the active enzyme needed to convert the pro-hormone into a steroid hormone is available here.

As you’ll read below, the health of your liver becomes a serious issue when using any type of pro-hormone since this is the site of conversion.

Even with this seemingly flawless conversion process, pro-hormones have their limits.

Despite the dosage, your body will only be able to convert a limited amount of steroid hormones.

fit body

Anabolic steroids need no conversion nor do they have that limit that pro-hormones are subjected to.

Steroids directly increase your hormone levels right from the start.

This one difference is what marks the fine line between legal and illegal.

Steroids have a direct influence on your growth hormones while pro-hormones must be converted into that steroid hormone.

Essentially, if it’s an steroid before it enters your body, it’s illegal.

If it becomes a steroid hormone after it’s in your body, then it’s legal… but just barely.

Still confused?

Here’s a perfect example:

Winstrol is one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about steroids, chances are very likely you’ve heard people talk about Winstrol (Bob from Fight Club makes a few mentions).

Winstrol is highly effective and highly illegal.

You want the benefits of Winstrol but you don’t want to risk the heat, so what do you do?

You take a pro-hormone that is comparable to Winstrol once it’s converted in your body.

In this case, you would supplement with the pro-hormone, Prostanozol.

Once inside your body, Prostanozol provides you with an increase in strength and lean muscle mass that is similar to the illegal anabolic steroid, Winstrol.

anabolic hormones

Both anabolic steroids and pro-hormones share many benefits as well as side effects, which I’ll discuss in more detail below.

2. How Trenavar (estra-4 9 11-triene-3 17-dione) Works

estra-4 9 11-triene-3 17-dione trenavar review

We know that pro-hormones must convert in your body in order to become an active steroid hormone; so what does Trenavar convert into?

Its steroidal counterpart is Trenbolone.

What is Trenbolone?

Often shortened to “Tren,” Trenbolone is an illegal anabolic steroid that is incredibly famous for accelerated gains in muscle mass and reduced body fat, essentially providing the user with that classic dry cut look that many bodybuilders hope to achieve.


When you take Trenavar, your body works to make the conversion to Trenbolone.

One of the most surprising things about Trenavar and Trenbolone is that the only difference between the pro-hormone and anabolic steroid is a single variation in ketone structure.

Ordinarily, pro-hormones are marketed with their steroidal counterpart but, in terms of structure, there usually exists a pretty big gap in molecular structure. Trenavar is one of the few pro-hormones that nearly mimics its steroidal counterpart’s structure.

This is why users of Trenavarget to experience nearly all of the same benefits as the anabolic steroid.

I’ll discuss the benefits of Trenavarthrough reviewing research and case studies below.

energy capsules

While you may get to enjoy many of the benefits of the anabolic steroid, you may also have to suffer the side effects that go along with it.

3. Potential Side Effects of Trenavar (estra-4 9 11-triene-3 17-dione)

As always, side effects will vary greatly from person to person; however, due to the fact that Trenavaris nearly identical to Trenobone post-conversion, the likelihood of you experiencing Tren-like side effects is very high.

Here is a list of the most common side effects that users experienced while supplementing with Trenavar.

Side Effects of Trenavar

4. Trenavar Can Cause Hepatotoxicity

  • Let’s get the worst one out of the way first.

    As mentioned above, the conversion of the pro-hormone takes place in the liver as this is where the necessary enzyme is available to activate the steroid hormone.

    Regardless if your pro-hormone cycle lasts 6 or 12 weeks, your liver is going to be busy converting and, more importantly, filtering the potentially harmful chemicals you are ingesting. This consistent build-up of pro-hormones in your body may lead to liver damage.I cannot stress enough the importance of your liver.

    Your liver is your go-to guy for metabolic breakdown, filtration and detoxification of blood, and essential vitamin storage (among many other responsibilities).

    You only get one of these and if it goes, you go.
  • To continue with this idea of organ damage, your kidneys are also at risk during a pro-hormone cycle.

    They, like the liver, are also involved in the filtration and detoxification of harmful byproducts in your body.

    Damage to the kidneys is exacerbated primarily by the next side effect on the list.
    pulse rate

5. Trenavar Can Cause High Blood Pressure

  • It’s simple math when you break it down.

    You are increasing your body’s levels of testosterone far past it’s normal ranges.

    In response, your body will increase its other sex hormone, estrogen, to try to achieve homeostasis

    Your body loves balance and it hates when hormonal levels are out of whack.It’s attempt to correct the situation leaves you with elevated estrogen levels.

    Always read terms of service before using trenavar.

    A high level of estrogen in the body is associated with increased fluid and electrolyte retention, which happen to be two causes for high blood pressure.blood pressure control

6. Trenavar Can Cause Hair Loss

  • Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is simply misunderstood.

    Within normal ranges in the body, it is a powerful hormone that plays an important role in a variety of processes.

    It’s converted from testosterone and it is one of the biggest drivers when it comes to capitalizing on an anabolic environment for muscle growth. Not many people recognize DHT for this.

    It’s most popular for causing hair loss.An overabundance of DHT on the scalp chokes out and kills your hair roots.

    Products like Rogaine are applied to reduce the amount of DHT on your skin but do nothing for what’s going on inside your body. When you start a pro-hormone cycle, your body’s production of testosterone and, consequently, DHT, skyrockets.

    Hair loss is a very common, and almost expected, side effect of pro-hormone and steroid use.
    hair loss control

7. Trenavar Can Cause Testosterone (Long Term)

  • As I mentioned above, your body is constantly striving for homeostasis.

    When your testosterone levels exceed the natural limit, your body shuts down the production of testosterone and elevates levels of estrogen. Even if you begin a pro-hormone cycle with an estrogen blocker (which is a requirement), your body is still going to shut down its testosterone production.Over the long term, your body may not be able to bounce back into creating its own abundant supply of testosterone, resulting in requiring testosterone replacement therapy.

    The irony: A man who was once abundant with testosterone now has none.

    While this particular side effect is more severe with anabolic steroid users, pro-hormone users are also at risk.

Sounds like pretty bad news if you had your hopes set on taking a pro-hormone supplement such as Trenavar; however, there are a few tips and tricks to help reduce, alleviate, or eliminate these side effects of Trenavar, which I’ll discuss below.

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8. What the Research Says about Trenavar

When it comes to finding the scientific research on pro-hormones, it gets a little tricky.

Many pro-hormones aren’t on the market very long due to being pulled by one agency or another.

More often than not; however, there is plenty of research on the pro-hormone’s steroidal counterpart.

In this case, you take the proven results of Trenbolone in order to get a good idea of what to expect with the pro-hormone, Trenavar.

As you can see in this study published in the British Journal of Nutrion, Trenbolone has shown its superiority in the steroid community for some time.

For over 40 years, Trenbolone has proven to be an efficient steroid for gaining a large amount of lean muscle tissue with minimal water retention, providing that dry cut look.

This is, without a doubt, primarily due to Trenbolone’s ability to provide a highly anabolic, or growth, environment, Trenavar.

To put it into perspective, as you’ll see in this study published in Journal of Cellular Physiology, testosterone has a muscle building rate of 100 while Trenbolone has a rate of 500!

Best of all, Trenbolone was shown to successfully and dramatically increase the IGF-1 growth hormone within muscle tissue.

You can also check out these proven results in this study, published in the Journal of Endocrinology.

Trenavar’sconversion rate within your body has been shown to be incredibly high, nearly mimicking that of its steroidal counterpart.

Although Trenavaris just one ketone short of being an illegal anabolic steroid, it shares many of the bodybuilding benefits mentioned above.

Keep in mind that while the results may not be as extreme as a full on anabolic steroid, you’re certainly going to notice big changes.

The key is to make sure you are properly executing your pro-hormone cycle WHILE on a strict exercise and diet program.

9. Best Way to Use Trenavar

Given the potential side effects, you want to make sure you are taking Trenavar, or any pro-hormone for that matter, according to its potency and half-life.

Let’s run down the know-how of supplementing with Trenavar.

If you still need to know more than no need for any US phone number; just simply contact us via the contact us page and we will get back to you.

10. Length of Cycle – Trenavar

  • Due to its high potency, the absolute maximum length of your pro-hormone cycle will be 30 days.

11. Serving Size – Trenavar

  • Depending on the brand, the serving size will be between 30 mg and 45 mg. You would want to space out these servings to ensure two or three servings per day.

    For instance, take 15 mg in the morning, 15 mg at lunch, and 15 mg in the evening.

12. Intra Cycle – Trenavar

  • To avoid some of the side effects that accompany pro-hormone use, such as high blood pressure and liver damage, it is important to take an on-cycle support supplement.

13. Post Cycle – Trenavar

  • Even more important than an on cycle supplement is a post cycle support supplement or PCT.

    This is an absolutely crucial part of your pro-hormone cycle as it helps to support the liver and kidneys in detoxification and recovery.

14. Stacking Method

Although it’s quite powerful on its own, Trenavarcan be stacked with additional pro-hormones.

The most common stack supplement is Epistane.

This DHT-derived pro-hormone is widely used with a variety of different hormone supplements because of its ability to block estrogen and reduce or eliminate estrogen-based side effects such as male breast growth.

One thing to note is that Epistane has been proven to be toxic to the liver; therefore, an on-cycle support supplement is a MUST, if you stack.

15. Popular Brands of Trenavar
  • German Pharmaceuticals Trenavar
  • Tri-Methyl Platinum
  • Olympus Labs TR3N

16. Conclusion

When a pro-hormone is compared to one of the most celebrated anabolic steroids in the history of bodybuilding, that should give you a good idea of how effective it can be.

Known to provide explosive increases in lean muscle mass and dramatic reductions in body fat, Trenavaris a powerful and proven pro-hormone supplement.

Be sure to take caution during a Trenavarcycle and protect yourself with an on-cycle and post-cycle support supplement.

Failure to do so could potentially be a waste of the possible good results that can come of taking Trenavar.

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can gynecomastia be observed while using product. estrogen levels can rise. -jorge

Yes, this is always something you want to watch  out for when taking prohormones. You'll want to use PCT when you're done.- Rob

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I'm interested in ordering some of this pro-hormone, whats the smallest cheapest amount I can start with? -Nathanael Arumugam

You'll want to take it in 15mg doses. There are several retailers that carry it. You'll have to look around for the best prices and deals.- Rob

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  1. I know trenevar is on the DASCA 2014 list. However, I found a guy who owns a supplement store that carries left over batches of the stuff.

    Is it illegal to buy and possess this? I didn’t see it on the list of scheduled anabolic drugs.

    Other places have said that it’s legal status in US is banned/not controlled.

    Really wanted to try it out though, but don’t want to break the law.
    1. Hey Dillon,
      Yeah unfortunately it’s illegal here in the US. With that said, I highly doubt any law enforcement agency would make a fuss about it.

      I can’t find any info on people being charged with possession of Trenavar literally anywhere, and I searched everywhere I could think of.
    2. Hey Rob,

      Good to know. The batch he has also has epistane included in the compound. 15 mg and trenavar is 20 mg.

      Will that be really powerful cause I heard the second one is also methylated.
      1. Hey sorry for the late reply! Yeah Epistane and Trenavar is a great combo, but if you’ve never used either of these before I would recommend taking them individually first.

        You’ll def want to see how your body responds to each before mixing them.
  2. Hi there I’m just about to start with a product called MD FURY and 1 tablet comprises of MD FURY (-2a,17a-dimethyl-4-androstadiene-3-one,17b-ol 10 mgs. Plus Estra 4-9 11 trione 3-17 Dione trenavar). 10 mgs.

    Can you possibly advise on a daily dose of this? Many thanks and any feedback would be amazing.

    1. Hey Glenn,

      I usually start with half of the recommended dose of any new supplement I’m trying, then up it to the full recommended dose after a couple days if I don’t experience side effects
  3. Hey Shafarul,

    Stick with the 40mg a day. You don’t want to risk the side effects.

  4. Just about every pro hormone on the market is going to be illegal very soon, so if you want to try one I would do it now ! I have done my share of cycles but would not recommend it again, stick with a natural t booster.

    1. Hey Costas,

      I didn’t use a star rating because it’s not a review of any particular product, but rather an overall guide / discussion about what Trenavar is. I hope you found it useful.


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