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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-5-2018


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Myokem mTOR Pro Overview

Myokem is a pretty new supplement company, having been formed in 2014. Their like isn’t huge yet, but they cover the basics and a little more as well.

Their stated purpose is to use cutting edge formulas that defy limitations to outperform the others.

They appear to know there’s a pretty saturated market for bodybuilding supplements, but they believe they have something better to offer.

Myokem mTOR Pro is their intra-workout BCAA supplement.

With a heavy focus on l-leucine, Myokem mTOR Pro claims to keep you in an anabolic state longer than anything else you’ll find out there.

The feedback we’ve seen has been very positive, so we took a closer look to see if there’s anything to the hype.

Myokem mTOR Pro Ingredients and How They Work

Myokem mTOR Pro is loaded with amino acids.

They put them all in a proprietary mTOR Activating Recovery Matrix that’s got:

  • The Big 3 BCAAs – l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine – in the proper dosing ration of 2:1:1.

Additional essential amino acids:

  • l-lysine
  • l-threonine
  • l-phenylalanine
  • l-tyrosine
  • l-hisitidine
  • l-methionine
  • And an addition time release form of l-leucine called ActiveTR.

    Leucine has a short half life, so Active TR is essential for making sure that you still have available leucine 2 hours later when your body needs it to rebuild.
  • The formula also includes an Active Hydration Matrix which makes it very useful as an intr-workout supplement with post workout recovery benefits.

Instructions are to mix one scoop with water or the beverage of your choice and sip throughout your workout.

Myokem mTOR Pro Pros and Cons

Advantages of Myokem mTOR Pro

  • We haven’t seen a lot of Myokem mTOR Pro reviews, but the ones we have seen are very positive.

    Some say this is the first BCAA supplement that they really feel is doing its job.
  • Flavor and mixability are highly rated.

Disadvantages of Myokem mTOR Pro

  • There aren’t a lot of reviews, though this is probably at least partly because it hasn’t been out on the market for very long.
  • It’s got a very specific purpose, which means you’ll definitely be stacking it with other products.

    This isn’t a bad thing, except that it can get expensive.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Myokem mTOR Pro through the official Myokem website or other retailers, like Amazon.

The website also has a brick and mortar store locator function, so you may be able to pick some up that way.

The 30 serving tub sells for $30.


Myokem mTOR Prois a good formula with good reviews, and Myokem is an up and coming company with more and more fans every day.If you’re looking for an intra workout with BCAA support, give this one a try.

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