Myokem Nitramine Review – Should You Use It?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 7-22-2015

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Myokem Nitramine Overview

Myokem Nitramine explains on their product page that they know very well that you’ve probably been told that pre workouts aren’t necessary, that all they are is caffeine (or other stimulants) and they don’t really do anything to really help your workout or speed your results.

They also acknowledge that you’ve probably heard about 100 pre workouts call themselves revolutionary and unique.

But then they go on to tell you that Myokem Nitramine really is different, revolutionary, unique, and necessary.

Myokem is a relatively new company, and they’re gaining quite a little following for themselves.

We took a closer look at Myokem Nitramine, and are ready to let you know if what they say is true or if you should just file it away with all the others making promises they can’t deliver on.

The promised benefits of Myokem Nitramine are that you will ultimately gain more muscle and lose more fat, but the specific ways it helps is by:

  • Increasing strength and endurance.
  • Boosting testosterone levels.
  • Giving you stronger muscle contractions.
  • Facilitating super human mental clarity.
  • Enhancing neurotransmission for mind-body connections.
  • Increasing the bioavailability of nutrients.

Myokem Nitramine ReviewMyokem Nitramine Ingredients and How They Work

The formula that aims to give you all is divided up by the functions they perform.

For Focus, the key players are:

  • CDP Choline for increasing acetylcholine levels so this important neurotransmitter can activate muscle tissue and enhance the function of the central nervous system.

    You feel every rep and every muscle contraction stronger than you ever have before.
  • Huperzine which protects acetylcholine from breaking down.

For Energy, there’s:

  • Caffeine (150mg) for increased energy in a form that most people handle very well.
  • N-Methyl-Tyramine HCL which acts like a mild form of adrenaline.
  • Higenamine which provides energy while burning fat.
  • Rauwolfia Vomitora which increases both energy and focus
  • Theobromine which is similar in stimulant effect to caffeine.

    It also acts as a vasodilator to improve blood flow, and lasts longer than caffeine.
  • Pikatropin which inhibits anxiety and improves mental clarity.

    It’s used in several of the nootropic supplements we’ve tried.
  • Hordenine HCL which is also like adrenaline, but it lasts longer.

For Strength, Endurance, and Recovery, there’s:

  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate which reduces muscle fatigue and improves gains.
  • Beta Alanine which also reduces muscle fatigue by reducing the build up of lactic acid in your muscles.
  • Betaine Anydrous which reduces body fat and increases muscle mass
  • Agmatine Sulfate which enhances nitric oxide for better pumps.

Myokem Nitraminemakes it very clear that 1 scoop mixed with water or other liquid is the proper dose.

You shouldn’t need more than that, even if you think you do.

It comes in Dragon Fruit flavor, which is said to be mildly sweet and fruity, with no aftertaste.

Myokem Nitramine Pros and Cons

Advantages of Myokem Nitramine

  • It’s a complete formula for energy, focus, and strenght.
  • The few Myokem Nitramine reviews we’ve found have been mainly positive, mainly commenting on the steely focus it provides.
  • The ingredients and dosing are mainly based on scientific studies.

Disadvantage of Myokem Nitramine

  • It’s made by a pretty new company so there are still a lot of unknowns about them and it.

Where to Buy

Myokem Nitramine is available pretty widely online. There’s a Myokem website where you can buy it.

There’s also lots of other online retailers where it’s available.

Pretty much anywhere you look, you’ll pay $32.99 for a 1 month supply of 30 scoops.


Myokem Nitramine is a decent pre workout with solid ingredients with an attempt at proper dosing.If focus is your main concern, Myokem Nitramine is a good option.

Otherwise, I’m not so sure there’s any real advantage to it.

Have You Used Myokem Nitramine?

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