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Zac Efron is under some interesting speculation.

From a high school sweetheart to the muscular superstar that challenged Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, everyone is wondering how in the world did he get so, muscular?

Did “The Rock” Tell Him To Take These?

In one article, they speculated that Zac took some supplements to help him get big quick.

Not only did they say he took these supplements, but they “quoted “ him saying he received them from his co-star rival in Baywatch.

zac efron supplements

I never heard, nor was I able to locate this “ exclusive interview” where Zac Efron was recorded saying these words.

After further digging into the situation, I found another issue with their statements about Zac.

I located more than one article that says, Zac is currently taking muscle supplements to build muscle and to give him the ability to star in movies like Neighbors and Baywatch, as the hunk every man wants to be and every woman want to be with.

But with each story comes a different supplement or group of supplements.

Here is one where he is Trembolex Ultra and Vigor Enhance:

trembolex ultra and vigor enhance

Reading through that article, I found that they repeatedly say he takes these supplements, then go into detail about the actual supplements, not more about what “else” Zac does while taking these supplements to help him lose weight.

Another False Story

In this story, Zac is taking Testo AmpX and Muscle AmpX.

These sound a little too outlandish, and I wouldn’t trust them myself.

But I believe in my screenshot there is supposed to be a quote from him, verifying that he volunteered to be a guinea pig!

I know he is a celebrity, but is that safe?

Celebrity or not, that sounds like a huge liability that really shouldn’t be published if it were true.

zac efron testo ampx and muscle ampx

Again with the Lies

In another article, yes, there are more lies about Zac and these supplements, he is taking a different set of supplements. I have to admit; this one went down a different road to accuse Zac of taking these supplements.

They do say he takes N.O Capsules and testosterone.

They describe the schedule in which he takes them, but they don’t exactly tell us, what it is he uses by name.

They don’t mention any exclusive interviews with Zac.

I was a little confused with this website and their article about the topic.

I was not convinced they believed he took these supplements.

zac efron testosterone boosters and nitric oxide

I mean how many supplements can they claim one celebrity uses to bulk up muscle or lose weight?

Come to find out; they did not believe the story’s they read either.

I saw a link on the website:

zac efron baywatch supplement

After clicking on this link, my browser took me to a page which describes the REAL way; Zac Efron gained the muscle we all have seen in the movie Baywatch.

So do they believe Zac took the muscle supplements?

Reading the article further on, I feel they don’t, but the same website and the same author spoke of the lie and the truth.

Maybe they don’t know what to believe.

The Truth of the matter

I know Zac Efron did things the old fashion way with exercise and diet.

Now, I know you are wondering why I know this and trust me you will get the information I have.

First, I would like to point out that after reading lie after lie about Zac Efron and these supplements, I came to realize, they mention his name and toss in a “quote” made by him, then continue to speak about the supplements in detail.

These articles are mostly advertising. They are trying to make a sale.

They are driving people to these story’s then try to convince people to buy the supplements, by throwing in a celebrity, that I pointed out, every man wants to be and say, he did it, so can you.

Another reason, I am positive, he is not using these supplements, is the fact that with every story, the supplements are not the same.

I know some people take a lot of medicines prescribed by their doctor, so that is typical, but all of these testosterone pills in one person, cannot be a good thing.

Why are we not hearing of him going on angry rampages yet?

The first proof I can show you is:

zac efron diet interview

That is a real interview done with Zac.

Now doesn’t this sound like a real person who is on a diet? For me it sure does.

I like my salads and kale, but not enough to get excited, and on top of that, I understand the science behind how the mind and dedication work to get this sort of reaction.

Just be honest with yourself, not on a diet, would you crave that?

Another reason to believe he did it the old fashion way is the mention of his trainer, Patrick Murphy.

Any reputable trainer would do the job right rather than give their trainees supplements.

After researching information about his trainer I have located a video with his trainer discussing their training days and other things Zac Efron along with a few more famous names:

how zac efron got ripped interview with mens fitness – Check it out!

Looking into another story about the real way Zac got his muscle, I found the little bit of information above, and I remembered my days of being in peak physical condition.

I worked out hours a day, most of the week and sometimes more than once in a day, which makes sense to what Zac did and with extreme exercises as mentioned above, results will happen, and they will be noticed.

If anyone did this for a month with changes to their diet, anyone would see a big difference in themselves. And that is what this guy did.

He reached out to Patrick Murphy, Zac’s trainer at, and decided to follow Zac’s exercise plan with a modified diet plan strictly tailored to him. -Check it out.

If the video, a story of a reporter doing the “Baywatch” diet, and successfully having his body transformed, and a website to Zac’s trainer.

Along with the advertising feel of the other articles are not enough information to convince you that Zac worked hard and dieted, I don’t know what else to tell you!

Of course, all people are different and nobody should ever expect to get big and significant gains that stick unless they are just as diligent and dedicated to putting those hours in at the gym that count and sticking to a diet that is aimed at turning all that fat and those calories that you are burning daily into muscle and pairing it with a supplement regimen that maximizes the chances to keep them.

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