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Lies, Lies and more Lies about Tim McGraw

In an article recently published online, they mention that Tim McGraw uses a “muscle supplement” to help him lose 40 pounds in 4 weeks and he endorsed this product!

According to them, the muscle supplements he took were called Trembolex Ultra.

Let me reassure you that they are just putting words in a celebrity’s mouth so that they can get a sale!

As many of us know, when something is underlined as such, if you click it you so go to another page. So why put words in the mouth of someone such as Tim McGraw?

They do it because he is famous!

Another article that says Tim is taking their muscle supplement

Another article just like the one before, says that he uses two different types of “muscle supplements.” Apparently, he endorses those also?

Even though I must admit, they focus more on this article on what the supplements are and what they can do for you.

Which happens in an advertisement, but they throw the songwriter’s name in there to get the search and to draw those leads.

So for them, it is all fun and games, who cares if you spread rumors about a celebrity.

Just because he has transformed his body, doesn’t mean he is doing something he shouldn’t.

Unlike the first article, where they try to keep the focus on the celebrity, this article focuses on these so-called “supplements.” That has me thinking they are just trying to advertise the supplements, and spread the word, to get more sales!

And again with the muscle supplements.

In this article, they say that yet still, Tim is taking muscle supplements.

But this time the supplements are different from the last couple of articles. (Is it me, or are they running out of advertising ideas?) This time apparently he is taking Power Testo Blast and Power Muscle Blast.

With all these supplements, it cannot be suitable for his body at this point.

Article after article, lies, and rumors keep on spreading about Tim McGraw and this transformation.

How do we know these articles are lies?

Well just to begin, the process of helping you understand that these are all nothing but lies starts with the obvious.

These three articles alone, how many muscle supplements is Tim taking? Way too many to count.

Secondly, when did these interviews with Tim McGraw take place and why do they seem only to ask the one question?

Unlike his meeting with another where he talks all about his fitness, how he got started, and why he began the journey of getting healthy again.

If he didn’t use supplements, how DID he do it?

In an interview conducted by Men’s Fitness, Tim and the interviewer, discuss, what motivated him to begin exercising, when he started his fitness journey, what he does to stay fit on the road, his new start in the world of fitness, and many things about his career.

He always speaks about how he works with his longtime trainer, Roger Yuan.

In another article, an interview with Tim they once again talked about his fitness, career and they even quoted him on what he did and why it changed his life, that leads him to fitness.

There is an interview conducted with the famous personal trainer, Roger Yuan, where he speaks of how hard Tim works when they do a session together.

He points out that he has to tell Tim to dial it back on pushing himself, as he might hurt, or overdo it.

So not only do these stories contradict the rumors, they just prove that Tim, lost the weight the right way, with hard work.

He focuses on his diet, eating the right things, and spending many hours every day doing different physical activities that will improve his overall health.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that Tim is not taking supplements, how about you watch the YouTube video, where Roger Yuan, his trainer for 7 or 8 years, talks about working with him.

Here is the link:,_Tim_McGraw_%26_Jackie_Chan

In this video, Roger speaks of working not only with Tim, but two other celebrities and one of those is an all-time action actor, Jackie Chan, known for doing his stunts.

Now it really can’t get more convincing than that.

The most effective conversation done with Tim McGraw is the one done with The New York Times.

In this interview, they dive deep into the process Tim has established and the amount of time him and his crew, yes his crew, spend hours working out together.

If you don’t believe me, read the article yourself:


These interviews have convinced me that the first few articles, were lies and just an awful attempt at leads or sale of these supplements.

They spoke of nothing more than the supplements, and they provided links to take you to the place to purchase them online. They went into detail about them, and nothing else came up.

The scientific proof of this, and that, with no proof from the celebrity himself.

It is simply a ploy to dupe potential buyers into associating a celebrity that they are familiar with results that they are probably not going to get and the whole thing seems like a bit of a sham.

Final word, Tim McGraw does not take muscle supplements!

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