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Rob Miller | April 27, 2013
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prexil reviewWhen visiting the Prexil website we were immediately impressed by the formality and scientific language that it used.

The website gives a very clear and accurate list of the ingredients that the formulation will use, and explains what each compound in the erectile dysfunction treatment will address.

There are more than twelve different items, but each is entirely natural and chosen to specifically address the physical causes of premature ejaculation.

Ingredients in Prexil

For example, the use of L-Arginine to increase blood flow to the penis, Tribulus Terrestris to boost testosterone levels, Oat Straw for impotence, and Vitamins meant to enhance reproductive health all appear on the list.

The information at the site also explains how Prexil also helps to enhance serotonin levels which impact ejaculation issues as well.

There is a tremendous amount of scientific language and explanations that make it very easy to understand how and why this formulation works.

Where to Buy Prexil

Though it is available through online retailers, we found that the best approach was to buy it directly through the manufacturer website.

This was to ensure that you could enjoy the 60 day money back guarantee and to take advantage of special package prices.

Pros and Cons

We believe that the “pros” distinctly outweigh the “cons” where the use of Prexil is concerned.

On the “downside” we found:

  • There are no actual downloadable or readable clinical trials or studies available;
  • The quantities of the ingredients are not listed, nor are their sources;
  • It is not a formula for all ED issues and is specifically for those with premature ejaculation; and
  • It can be expensive.

One the “plus side” we find that Prexil is:

  • Backed up by physician and patient testimonials and feedback;
  • Reliable thanks to an all natural formulation;
  • Supported by the maker’s 60 day unconditional guarantee;
  • Quite likely to work thanks to the reliance on proven ingredients; and
  • Explained to an incredibly high degree by the manufacturer.

  • It Should help you last longer in bed if you follow the directions.

Best Price

Though most sellers will offer it for $69 per month, the maker of Prexil extends an excellent six month supply fee.They charge $265 for this amount, and this makes the monthly rate only $45 per month.


Though Prexil is still a bit on the “high side” in terms of pricing, the all natural ingredients, totally reliable website, and high amount of disclosure about the formulation makes us confident that it is a solution for men with premature ejaculation issues.

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Prexil worked for me.

5 out of 5 stars
Sep 13, 2014 by 

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the great site! I have used Prexil and found that it worked quite well for me.I have been using it for approx.


4 months and am very happy with the results.Also, I wanted to let you know that they must have updated the site because when I purchased they did have the amount of each ingredient listed on the website.


Keep up the good work!!

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