Purity12 Probiotic Reviews

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-2-2018

purity12 reviewsSimilar to acai berry diets, we see alot of sites that proclaim if you use the berry with a colon cleanse product, such as Purity12 pro biotic, you will achieve amazing results.  Well, we like to check out these claims and test them for their accuracy, so we decided to review this particular product to see if anyone had a good experience with it.  Like other colon cleansers, the premise behind the supplement is that it will increase your metabolism, get rid of annoying stored fat, and give you increased energy.

Product Facts

Purity12 is manufactured by a company called Pur12, and we found it after reading about it on a related website.  The official website says that their product is a safe and effective solution for optimal intestine and colon health, and attempts to back that up with a number of figures.

Among other claims, they say that 89% of their users had reduced bloating and cramping, 84% had highly increased energy naturally, and 81% had less gas and IBS.  They offer a 12 day “free trial” of their supplement, which is gluten free, to prove to you that it works.

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Doctor and User Testimonials

According to their website, Purity12 is doctor approved and supported, and also provides a review from a licensed physician named Dr. Mark T.  He says that he received great benefits from using the cleanse, including an 18 pound fat loss, increased energy, and less bloated.  He also mentions that when he stopped taking the cleanse that the effects started to wear off, and decided to get back on the supplement again.

Here are a few related testimonials we found from other customers:

“I have been using purity12 for about 3 weeks now, and I definitely feel a difference in my energy levels.  Not only do I feel less constipated, but I actually lost about 10 pounds so far, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.  I will continue taking this product for the near future.”
Lisa, Nebraska

“While I do feel a little less bloated, the main difference I feel now is in my energy.  With 3 kids to take care of, my day is as hectic as the next woman’s, and this gave me that extra boost I needed instead of drinking that extra cup of coffee.  I have only lost about 5 pounds so far, but haven’t really done any exercise to help it.”
Toni, Georgia

Free Trial and Where To Buy

When we originally found out about this supplement, their was a free trial available for $4.95 for shipping.  We don’t believe you should order it however, because there have been a number of consumer complaints talking about being billed over and over for the product, even after they didn’t want it.

You can however, buy a one months supply of purity12 on their official site purity12.com.  They also offer free shipping on all orders, and it may be beneficial to simply purchase a bottle rather than enroll in their auto-shipment program.


There are so many acai berry products to choose from, and we believe that there really is not much of a difference between purity12 and most of the others we have reviewed.  Unfortunately, there is no list of ingredients for this supplement, so we really can’t tell if it is effective enough for weight loss.  Without more research and user feedback, we cannot give this product a positive rating.

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  1. this stuff does not work, DONT BUY IT! I used it for 2 weeks and did not lose one pound.

    Waste of time and money.

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