Real Ketones Prime D+ Review: Why I Switched

By: Melissa L
Fact Checked On: 4-16-2021

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Why I Tried It

I started drinking Real Ketones Prime D+ Orange Blast a few months ago to replace Pruvit’s Keto-OS Orange Dream and decided to write a review.

I’ve been drinking Pruvit’s Keto-OS for over 3 years and I’ve experienced tremendous benefits.

Pruvit’s Orange Dream was charged with caffeine and was a daily drink for me, and I always responded well to the BHB + MCT blend.

Drinking ketones always helps me start my mornings with enough energy to wake me up and carry me through the day.

Recently Pruvit discontinued its flagship Keto OS Orange Dream from their ketone supply stock which was heartbreaking for me. It was their only flavor with the MCT right in it.

Luckily, I heard about Real Ketones Prime D+ Orange Blast and decided to give it a try.

Real Ketones Prime D+ Review
Real Ketones Prime D+ Results

Real Ketones Prime D+  vs. Pruvit

Real Ketones Prime D+ Orange Blast is a formula just like Pruvit’s Keto OS Orange Dream using Dr. Dominic D’Agostino’s patented formula, and he is on the Real Ketones Medical Board.

Real Ketones Orange Blast is delicious, and the new Prime D+ formula contains a higher level of BHB than Pruvit’s original Keto OS Orange Dream. 

Pruvit does still make great products, and you can read this website’s Pruvit review here.

I still keep a stash of the Keto NAT Raspberry Lemonade charged, and drink it  sometimes when I want more intense energy.

Real Ketones Prime D+ Orange Blast
Real Ketones Prime D+ Orange Blast Flavor

What are Real Ketones Prime D+?

Real Ketones Prime D+ is an exogenous ketones powder that is added to water to help put your body into ketosis within an hour after drinking.

Here is a study on NCBI on the metabolism of exogenous ketones which concludes that exogenous ketone drinks are a practical, efficacious way to achieve ketosis.

Real Ketones powder contains a blend of 13 grams of BHB and MCT (medium chain triglyceride). MCT oil is a specific fatty chain extracted from coconuts.

This puts your body into ketosis while helping your body sustain it and create its own exogenous ketones.

Real Ketones Prime D+ comes in two flavors:  Orange Blast and Lemon Twist.

Once you get your body into ketosis you begin to burn fat as fuel. The fact that you are burning fat as fuel is amazing to me by itself, it keeps me very lean!

But there are additional benefits that come with drinking ketones. Ketones help to eliminate brain fog that I often feel and provides me with clarity that helps me focus.

In addition to these benefits, ketones also helps give me sustained energy with no crashes.

Real Ketones Prime D+ Ingredients
Real Ketones Prime D+ Ingredients Label

How I Drink Real Ketones Prime D+

Every morning I start my day with a ketone protein shake and I’ve done this for 3 years.

  • 1 Scoop Protein Powder
  • 1/3 Cup Oatmeal
  • 2 Tablespoons Flax Seed
  • 2 Scoops Real Ketones Prime D+ Orange Blast
  • 1/2 Cup Frozen Strawberries
  • Water
Real Ketones Prime D+
Real Ketones Prime D+ Orange Blast Protein Smoothie

I blend this up and drink it as I am getting ready for work. I normally feel sleepy and out of it when I wake up in the morning.

As I drink it in the morning while I get ready I can feel myself slowly starting to eliminate the sleepy brain fog I have. This holds me over until I have lunch.

I feel like my appetite is suppressed (MCT helps with that) and I usually don’t get hungry until 1:00 pm. The directions suggest two scoops in the morning and two scoops in the afternoon.

If I feel like I need an afternoon pick up I will mix two scoops with some water and have a second serving. But most days I only drink it in the morning.

While many people just drink ketones mixed with water and intermittent fast (delaying their first meal) – I’ve found the ketone protein shake to work great for me.

I’ve also tried the Real Ketones Prime D+ Lemon Twist and it’s also delicious in a shake or on its own.

Real Ketones Prime D+ Lemon Twist
Real Ketones Prime D+ Lemon Twist Protein Smoothie

Real Ketones vs. Pruvit

As far as the taste goes they seem very similar to me. Real Ketones Prime D+ Orange Blast and Pruvit’s Keto OS Orange Dream both taste like an orange creamsicle.

However, Prime D+ is a dairy free formula, whereas Pruvit contained milk powder making it a bit creamier. The Prime D+ is a lighter formula overall.

The only difference that I can feel from these two would be that Real Ketones doesn’t contain the caffeine that Pruvit had.

When I would drink Pruvit’s Orange Dream I could feel myself wake up a little faster compared to Real Ketones.

I’ve just added a cup of green tea in the mornings which gives me the equivalent caffeine.

But all of the other benefits are still present. I can feel the energy, the focus and the appetite suppression when I drink Real Ketones.

Real Ketones Prime D+ is also less than half the price!

A tub of Real Ketones costs $49 for 28 servings (or $89 for 56 servings) vs. $144 for the Pruvit 30 serving tub.

Results Drinking Ketones

ketones before and after
These are my before and after results drinking ketones. I’ve been drinking them 3 years and love them!

I have experienced amazing results from drinking ketones over the past 3 years. My body leaned out a lot and I have lost a lot of stored fat that I had on my hips.

I lost about 20 lbs from drinking ketones and have kept it off easily.  I haven’t noticed any difference switching my morning shake from Pruvit to Real Ketones.

I would consider myself to be an active adult who works out several times a week including beach volleyball on the weekends.

The main thing that I noticed that changed when I first starting drinking ketones would be my eating habits. I used to overeat and have cravings for empty calorie foods.

The food I seem to crave more now consists of vegetables and healthy meats.

My appetite is suppressed and I am only eating when I am hungry and the portions are smaller. I feel like I am only eating when necessary and not stuffing my face with unneeded calories.

The ketones seem to provide my body with sustained energy which carries me through my day. If for some reason I don’t drink my ketones I can feel the difference in multiple ways.

I don’t feel as happy and positive as I normally would, I tend to eat more and all around don’t feel as good.

When I play beach volleyball on the weekends I am able to play longer and harder without getting exhausted.

It is basically all that you can ask for out of a product that makes the kind of promises that it makes, and I can say with confidence that it delivers.

I don’t plan on stopping this routine of drinking my morning shake with Real Ketones Prime D+. It’s a great product with a great taste that brings results if you drink it everyday. 

I recommend sticking with it to get the best results and because it is a reasonable price for all of the benefits that it brings, it is well worth the cost.

I hope you enjoyed my Real Ketones Prime D+ review!

Visit the Official Real Ketones Website Here

Real Ketones Review

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