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Note:  This is just a review.  Click Here to visit the official Size Slim website.

Most people think that they gain muscle during their workouts in the gym, but nothing could be further from the truth.  When you lift, the muscles fibers tear and the actual growth phase is during your rest and recovery period, where the muscles essentially repair themselves.  Also, every time you lift your breaking down the proteins in your body, while at the same time your actually increasing their rate of repair by as much as 4 hours.

The most essential phase (Anabolic phase) of all of this is immediately following your workout, typically the first 45 minutes.  During this time, your muscles essentially go into overdrive to repair the damage from weight lifting.

This is where post workout supplements shine.  One recent post workout supplement I got to try out is called Size Slim Intra / Post workout, which is specifically designed to help replenish and rebuild your muscles after your workout.

What is the Size Slim Intra / Post Workout?

This supplement is designed to help you repair and recover with maximum efficiency.  It’s made up of a proprietary blend of BCAA’s (Luecine, Isoluecine, and Valine), Electrolyes (magnesium, potassium, and sodium), as well as several other vital nutrients including Beta Alanine, Ashwaganda, Vitamin C,  Alpha Lipoic Acid, and HICA amino acid.

The suggested dose is one scoop mixed in with 12 – 16 ounces of water on training days, which you should begin sipping mid-workout.  On non-training days you can use it anytime you deem necessary between meals to help enhance muscle recovery.

My Results With Size Slim Intra / Post Workout

It’s hard to quantify how “good” a post workout supplement is, mainly because you don’t really get any immediate effects from it.  I’ve been using this formula for the last week or so, and the one thing I’ve noticed is that I seem to be recovering more quickly.  By that I mean instead of the usual 2 day soreness I get from a tough leg workout, it’s more like a 1 day soreness.size slim post workout review

Another benefit I’ve seemed to notice is that I’m a bit less fatigued a few hours after my lift / cardio session.  I typically workout mid afternoon, and if it’s a particularly hard workout I’m pretty much drained the rest of the day.  The last few days I’ve noticed that the usual lethargy I’m experiencing later in the day seems to have subsided a bit.

I can typically squeeze in another 1 – 2 hours of work before turning in for the night, which wasn’t really possible before.

Where To Buy

You can pick up a tub of the Size Slim Intra / Post workout supplement on their official website,  A one month supply retails at $69.99, however this includes one free tub with your order, which essentially lowers the cost per tub down to $35 / each (plus the cost of shipping).

Unfortunately it’s not available in stores at the moment, and it’s unclear whether they have plans to do so.


  • Safe and effective formula
  • Start feeling the effects within days
  • Relatively cheap
  • Developed by an award winning company
  • Used by professional athletes worldwide


  • Not a big fan of the taste (orange is not my particular favorite)
  • Only available online


Like I mentioned earlier in the review, the most critical phase of your workout gains is going to be immediately following your workout, not the actual workout itself.  With that said, I personally think the Size Slim intra / post workout supplement provides all of the essential vitamins / nutrients your body needs to get the most out of your lifting sessions.

If you’ve been looking into a solid post workout supplement to augment your gains, then you WON’T be disappointing with this one.

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