Tribex Review – Top Notch or Terrifying?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-2-2018

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Tribex Review

Male enhancement products are readily available for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Some of the products are only available with a prescription, which turns some men away from them.

However, there are several over the counter products available that can help men deal with these sexual health issues as well.

Tribex is a male enhancement products marketed mostly towards body builders and sold on a number of body building websites found online. The information provided about the product is somewhat over exaggerated and there is a lack of clinical evidence to back up the statements made.

In addition, the manufacturer of Tribex states that it is number one in the world according to a company that provides analytic studies of herbal formulas called ChromaDex.

How Tribex WorksTribex Review

A full ingredient list for Tribex is provided and the main ingredient of the product is shown to be Tribulus Terrestris.

Tribulus Terrestris is also sometimes called Caltrops and is used quite often in products of this type as a way to increase levels of testosterone, which can start to decrease with age.

By increasing testosterone levels a male can see an increase in their lean muscle mass as well as virility and an increase in sexual performance.

Several non active ingredients are part of the formula as well, including calcium carbonate, microcrystalline cellulae, and several types of food colorings.

Tribex is said to be extremely potent and therefore must be taken in cycles.

The recommended dosage is taking one or two capsules a day for five days in the morning and afternoon and then taking two days off.

Pros and Cons of Tribex

Tribex Pros:

  • All of the Tribex ingredients are listed.
  • The product is relatively inexpensive.
  • Tribex can help improve several areas of men’s health.
  • Tribulus Terrestris has been clinically proven to be effective.

Tribex Cons:

  • The Tribex side effects include dizziness, headaches and palpitations.
  • There are several filler ingredients used.
  • No customer testimonials are provided.
  • There is no money back guarantee given.
  • The formula has not been scientifically tested.
  • Details about the manufacturer are scarce.

Where to Buy Tribex

Tribexis sold on several bodybuilding websites.

The cost for a bottle of Tribex averages $25. However, there are no discounts offered for purchasing multiple bottles and there is not a money back guarantee provided for the product.

Is Tribex Recommended?

Overall, I would not recommend Tribex for men who are just looking for a sexual enhancement product.

The main reason for this is that the product is extremely potent and aimed at bodybuilders.

While some of the ingredients may help with a man’s overall sexual health, the formula is potent and could be dangerous for regular men to use.

A male who uses this product needs to expend a lot of energy.

In addition, there are several side effects from using Tribex that can be avoided by using another male enhancement product.

Have you tried this product?

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