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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 11-2-2016

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Looking for a natural testosterone booster? Join the club!

As more and more guys realize they can get a real boost in the gym without turning to the juice, the natural supplement market responds with more and more choices to help them out.

Don’t get me wrong – they’re in it to make money, but if they make a good product that actually works, everybody wins.

Today’s question is: Does True Grit Testosterone Booster fits that bill?

It’s a fairly new product from a pretty young company, so we approached this review with no preconceived notions or ideas about what to expect.

Just a fair and complete assessment of a product and how it may or may not help you reach your ultimate goals.

What is True Grit Testosterone Booster?

The answer to that question is right there in the name. True Grit Testosterone Booster is a natural testosterone boosting supplement made by True Grit.It promises to cover all the bases when it comes to elevating total testosterone levels, lifting free testosterone levels, decreasing cortisol levels, and capping estrogen levels – all in an effort to put you in the position to work the hardest you can and achieve your personal best results.

How It Works

True Grit Testosterone Booster Review 1True Grit Testosterone Booster uses scientifically studied ingredients to improve your sex hormone profile in every way possible

  1. First, True Grit Testosterone Booster jumpstarts your body’s natural testosterone producing mechanism.It doesn’t replace your natural T with the synthetic stuff, which would ultimately cause a drop in levels once you stop using.

    Instead, it uses natural compounds that stimulate you body to produce more,
  2. Second, it increases free testosterone.

    When you get your levels checked, you get two numbers: total testosterone and free testosterone.

    Total testosterone is how much your body makes.

    Free testosterone is how much your body has available to use.

    You might think those numbers would be the same, but they’re not.

    Some of the testosterone in your body gets bound to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin).

    SHBG seeks out testosterone molecule to attach itself to.

    Once it does, those testosterone molecules are not usable by your body.

    So basically, it counts as testosterone in your total, but it might as well not even be there at all because it’s completely useless. True Grit Testosterone Booster boosts the amount of unbound, free testosterone that your body can actually use.
  3. Third, it decreases the amount of testosterone that converts to estrogen. One of the common concerns of boosting testosterone levels is that along with increased testosterone comes an increase in the female sex hormone estrogen. That’s because excess testosterone can convert into estrogen. True Grit Testosterone Booster helps block that conversion so not only do you maintain a higher testosterone level, but you guard against an increase in estrogen at the same time.
  4. Fourth, True Grit Testosterone Booster decreases your ratio of Cortisol to Testosterone.Cortisol known as the stress hormone and raised levels can put you in a catabolic state, which means that instead of muscle growth, you’re experiencing muscle breakdown and even increased fat storage.

    True Grit Testosterone Booster lowers cortisol levels in the blood so you can maintain a more anabolic state.

So, that’s the basic breakdown of how True Grit Testosterone Booster claims to work.

But does it have the formula to back it up?

True Grit Testosterone Booster Ingredients

One of the high points of this product is that they list each ingredient separately and include the amounts used.

You’d think this would be standard for product people ingest, but sadly, it’s really not.

Many, if not most, supplements use “proprietary formulas” which means they list the ingredients, but they don’t reveal how much of each is used.

They say it’s so others can’t replicate their secret formula, but more likely, it’s so they get to claim to use an ingredient, but they don’t have to use the effective dose, which may cost more money and eat into their profit.

When companies do this, they may indeed be creating a supplement they know isn’t effective, but they get to claim the ingredients, so it looks like it will work, when it really doesn’t.

True Grit Testosterone Booster doesn’t do this.

They claim to use clinically dosed ingredients, and since they list the ingredient amounts on their label, we (or anyone) can verify whether or not it’s true.

That said, here’s the True Grit Testosterone Booster ingredient list:

  • True Grit Testosterone Booster Ingredients ImageFenugreek Extract – 300mg – which increases libido and virility.

    There have been some tests showing that Fenugreek can boost testosterone levels, but more study is needed to confirm this.

    The recommended daily dose is 500mg, which you will exceed by 100mg if you take the recommended 2 doses of True Grit Testosterone Booster per day.
  • Brassica Oleracea – 250mg – This is actually broccoli, and it’s in the formula for the DIM, or Diindolylmethane, it contains.

    DIM contains nitrogen and is known to work as an aromatase inhibitor.

    This means it prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It may also help prevent cancer.

    It is thought that 100mg can be an effective aromatase inhibitor, so True Grit Testosterone Booster meets and exceeds that easily.
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha – 125mg – This is an adaptogen which has been shown to decrease cortisol levels.

    Studies using the same dose as in True Grit Testosterone Booster have shown to decrease serum cortisol levels.
  • Boron Citrate – 100mg – Studies have shown that just 10mg of boron can increase free testosterone levels and decrease the activity of estrogen after only 7 days.
  • Primavie – 100mg – Also known as Shilahit, it’s been shown to raise total testosterone levels after 90 days using the dose (200mg per day) you get when you take the recommended 2 servings a day.
  • Bladderwrack Extract – 50mg – This is currently being studied for its possible effect on the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (aromatase), though the dosing being studied is much higher.
  • Chlorophytum Borivilianum – 50mg – Also known as Safed Musli, it’s mainly been studied using rats so far, but it’s shown to be an aphrodisiac and an adaptagen. The recommended dose isn’t really known because testing has only been done in rats thus far, but extrapolation leads us to believe that 100 mg per day may be an effective dose.
  • Yacon – 50mg – which may help suppress appetite.

The recommended use of True Grit Testosterone Booster is 2 pills taken twice a day.Your first dose should be taken in the morning.

The second dose can be later in the afternoon or before you workout.

With instructions like these, basically they want you to take 2 pills twice a day, spread out several hours between your doses.

The goal if this is to maintain steady levels of ingredients in your body at all times, creating the desired effect over time.

The ingredient profile looks decent.

The only truly questionable component is the Yacon, which really we don’t understand why it’s there.

Who Makes True Grit Testosterone Booster?

True Grit is a very new supplement company, getting their start in 2015. But right away, it’s easy to distinguish them from the fly-by-night operations that hit the market each year.

Most of them are one product companies that offer scammy free trials and stick around just long enough to make a tidy profit before they close up shop and start up again with a new product. No, True Grit is difffent.

They have an entire line of bodybuilding supplements, and they kdefinitely look like they’re in it for the long haul.

They have an exclusive contract with, and even won their New Brand of the Year Award in 2015. This is a big get for a new supplement company. reaches a huge audience and has the respect of the entire industry in part because of the clearinghouse of information they provide.

True Grit seems to have taken note of this business model, because they are really making an effort to create a brand that its core audience can come to for reliable information on supplements, ingredients, workouts, and meal plans.

True Grit Scale of Gritness

True Grit is looking to become brand with a following, and they’ve taken a few unique steps to get there.

They’re a new company, but they hit the ground running by partnering with and creating a website that offers a community for like-minded athletes to get together and gather information about the sport they love.

One point of interest on the True Grit website is the Scale of Gritness Page.

Here’s the page’s tagline:

True Grit Testosterone Booster Scale of Gritness Image

Then it goes on to rank people on the “Scale of Gritness” from Level 1 – The Average Joe who’s soft, aimless, and doesn’t step up to challenges because he lacks the mental toughness to persevere, to Level 10 – The Iron Warrior who sets hard goals and pursues them every day, relentlessly, no matter what obstacles they may face.

The Iron Warrior does things not in spite of their difficulty, but because of their difficulty.

True Grit challenges you to strive to be an Iron Warrior, and encourages you to use their line of supplements to help you get there:

True Grit Testosterone Booster Barbell Tested Image

True Grit wants to sell products, but they also want to create a following of Iron Warriors with True Gritness that act as human billboards for their products.

It’s a long and crowded road, and I have no idea how successful they’ll be, but it’s clear that this company is shooting for the stars.

True Grit Testosterone Booster Reviews

One thing that’s conspicuously missing from the True Grit Testosterone Booster website is customer feedback.

But since it’s sold over at, we can find a lot of it over there.

We did take a look, and we saw something a little disturbing.

Here’s a review a customer left very recently:

True Grit Testosterone Booster Reviews are Fake Image

I took a look at what he’s talking about, and he’s right.

Take a look at this review:

True Grit Testosterone Booster inverted push up review image

You’d never guess this, but her name is Brian Spooner, and she’s a 61 year old male!

True Grit Testosterone Booster Brian Spooner 61 Image

This isn’t an isolated case. There are dozens of 9 and 10 star reviews that follow this pattern.

They’re brief and they’re written by people with images that don’t match their bio information.

Not only that, but most of the bio information is left blank.

If you’re familiar at all with the community of customers and reviewers over at, you know that almost all of them share detailed information about their bodies and their transformations.

None of this is provided by these 9 and 10 star reviewers.

It’s definitely suspicious.

Now compare the images above with the following images connected to a mid-range review:

True Grit Testosterone Booster Real Review Image

And the bio information on this reviewer is more complete and matches his image:

True Grit Testosterone Booster Real Review Info image

So it’s pretty clear that some of these reviews are fake.

Sometimes, companies will pay people to go onto a retail website like and leave favorable product reviews to bolster their image It happens all the time on Amazon.

It’s so common, I wrote an article about it, which you can view here (LINK TO HERE)

Buying True Grit Testosterone Booster

As we mentioned earlier, True Grit has an exclusive relationship with, so that’s the only place you can purchase True Grit Testosterone Booster.

Even on the True Grit website, when you click the “Buy” button, they send you through to to place your order.

A single bottle contains 120 tablets, which works out to 60 servings.

You take 2 servings a day so it’s basically a 30 day supply.

That puts True Grit Testosterone Booster at the low end in terms of average prices for natural testosterone boosting supplements.

True Grit Testosterone Booster Pros and Cons

Advantages of True Grit Testosterone Booster

  • They provide full ingredient information, including amounts.
  • Most of the ingredients are present in clinically studied doses.
  • The company provides additional tips and guidance for gaining success.
  • It’s affordable.

Disadvantages of True Grit Testosterone Booster

  • The fact that there are so many likely fake reviews on doesn’t engender trust in the company, which is really too bad because they have a lot of other things going for them.
  • They might have chosen to include D Aspartic Acid in their formula.

    It’s the most successfully tested ingredient for boosting testosterone.


The formula looks good for the most part.

The company makes a real effort to be informative and cover all the needs of the seriously motivated weight lifting enthusiast.

True Grit Testosterone Booster is even more affordable than most other quality natural testosterone boosters.

The only black marks are those fake customer reviews on

Hopefully, they’ll get enough real reviews to feel like they don’t need false advertising to sell their product.

In spite of that, I think True Grit Testosterone Booster has enough going for it to make it worth trying.

Have You Used True Grit Testosterone Booster?

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