Ubervita Ubertest Review – Does It Work?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-9-2018

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Ubervita Ubertest Overview

Once you hit a certain age, say mid-30s, your testosterone levels start to drop noticeably.

You have less energy, you feel more tired and maybe irritable. You start putting on belly fat.

It gets harder and harder to see results when you work out at the gym.

And last but not least, your libido plummets.

These are all signs that you need a natural testosterone booster. Figuring that out is the easy part.

The hard part is figuring out which one to take.

One that’s available primarily through Amazon is called Ubervita Ubertest.

Ubervita Ubertest promises to boost your free testosterone levels in as little as 3 days.

They say that you’ll notice that increase in energy and that improvement in mood that you need that quickly as well.

There are tons of positive Ubervita Ubertest reviews on Amazon, so we thought that made this stuff worth looking into.

Ubervita Ubertest Ingredients and How They Work

The Ubervita Ubertest ingredient profile is completely made up of a proprietary formula that includes:

  • ubervita ubertest reviewMuira Puama which increases blood flow to the penis during erections.
  • Saw Palmetto which promotes a healthy prostate.
  • Yams which help balance hormone levels.
  • Mexican Sarsaparilla which may help improve testosterone production and support liver function.
  • Caffeine for energy
  • Tribulus Terrestris which increases the body’s natural testosterone production process.
  • Tongkat Ali which increases free testosterone by lowering SHBG which binds to testosterone, making it useless.
  • DHEA which is a precursor to testosterone.
  • BCAAs which are branched chain amino acids that help with muscle recovery.
  • Capsicum and L-Arginine which both improve blood circulation.

There are a few more ingredients but these are the most significant ones.

Each capsule contains a total of 500mg and it’s recommended that you take 3 a day. Click Here to see a photo of the label.

Ubervita Ubertest Pros and Cons

Advantages of Ubervita Ubertest

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • There are lots of positive Ubervita Ubertest reviews.

Disadvantages of Ubervita Ubertest

  • The formula is proprietary so it’s tough to tell if any of the ingredients are present in large enough quantities to work.
  • There’s a lot of speculation that most of the positive reviews on Amazon are fake.

    We don’t know this is the case, but we do know that it does happen. A company will hire people to flood Amazon with favorable reviews to make it seem like their product has a huge following.

Related: How to spot a fake supplement review on Amazon.

Where To Buy

Ubervita Ubertestis available through Amazon.

A bottle containing 60 capsules sells for just under $30, and comes with a money back guarantee.


Judging by the formula, there doesn’t really seem to be anything very special about Ubervita Ubertest.Given that the reviews on Amazon are a little suspicious and that there are lots of tried and true alternatives, skip the Ubervita Ubertest and use something with a better reputation and a better formula.

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User Questions and Answers

Hi Today I combined ubertest with yhombine in the morning and I ended up in the hospital. It almost killed me.doctors had difficulty reducing my heart rate to the normal levels. So was it caused by yhombine or ubertest? What is your thoughts? -mehmet

It could be either, but most likely it was the combination. Yohimbe can cause rapid heart rate in some people, and Ubertest contains DHEA which can do the same thing.  My guess is that it was combining the two.- Rob

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