VigorCare For Men Review – Is This Ayurvedic Remedy the Best?

Rob Miller | April 23, 2013
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VigorCare For Men Overview

VigorCare For Men is a male enhancement formula designed by a company with well known reputation in making health supplements.

The product uses Ayurvedic principles in combating the effects on sexual function in men that are caused by aging.

According to the official website, VigorCare For Men is capable of restoring sexual desire and self confidence, two main components in combating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

While it does not mention directly that this formula can be used to combat this condition, the manufacturer claims that it can support male vitality, and increase the male sexual response.

VigorCare For Men does not contain any hormones and it is safe for use.

How VigorCare For Men WorksVigorCare For Men Review

VigorCare For Men is well explained on the official website of the manufacturer.

While the exact amount of each ingredient is not mentioned, a special link for each of the key ingredients is provided, so consumers can see why they should take this particular formula instead of others.

Hygrophila is one of the active ingredients, and its role is to maintain prostate health, and sustain the male sexual function.

It is also mentioned that this herbal extract has been used in India as a traditional aphrodisiac for a long time.

The second ingredient, Saffron, is also used traditionally as a mild aphrodisiac, but its Ayurvedic uses also include regulation of digestive functions, and being a good source of antioxidants.

It must be noted that VigorCare For Men also contains Tribulus Terrestris, a fruit extract known to promote testosterone production.

This ingredient is often used in successful male enhancement formula, because it enhances the production of the most important male sexual hormone.

VigorCare For Men pills must be taken two hours before heading for bed each day, and they need to be taken for a longer period of time in order to provide long lasting benefits.

VigorCare For Men Benefits

  • It contains natural ingredients
  • It is based on Ayurvedic medical knowledge
  • It is made by a reputable manufacturer
  • It can provide long lasting effects

VigorCare For Men Drawbacks

  • It must be taken daily and for a long time to show results
  • It does not contain known aphrodisiacs
  • It does not benefit of clinical endorsement
  • It claims are not sustained by personal testimonials

Where to Buy VigorCare For Men

VigorCare For Mencan be order from the manufacturer’s official website.

Pay attention when ordering, though, as there is no money back guarantee policy offered. VigorCare For Men can also be purchased from, but it is not available over the counter.


VigorCare For Men may have great benefits for male sexual health, as it addresses the potential problems from an Ayurvedic point of view.

However, you should keep in mind that in general, VigorCare For Men does not contain known powerful aphrodisiacs like Yohimbe and Epimedium, and that you need to take VigorCare For Men for a long time, until you will get to see long lasting results.

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