Viotren Review: Does It Even Exist?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-5-2018

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I’ve had a few guys come to me over the last few weeks asking if I’d ever heard of a supplement called Viotren.

Typically when I get requests like this (and I’m interested enough), I’ll run a quick cursory google search for the product and see what comes up.

If there seems like there’s a bunch of guys searching for info on the product, in most cases I’ll put it on my list of supplements to research.

If it’s SUPER popular and there’s enough guys asking me to try it out, I’ll queue it up on the list for actual testing.

Which was why I was completely surprised when, to my amazement, there was literally NOTHING other than 1 article talking about it.

viotren google search

The article I read was more of a warning than anything else.

It details how supplements like Viotren and others illegally inject harmful ingredients (like Sildenafil) into their supplements in an effort to make them work.

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Well, they usually DO end up working, but not without a price.

So What is Viotren?

viotren reviewsAccording to literally the only source I could find on it, Viotren is a pill that is designed to give you harder, stronger erections, as well as help boost testosterone levels.

This “source” is actually what appears to be an ad posted in the Chicago Sun Times on December 13, 2017, as well as The Star Democrat posted on June 20, 2017.

The headline “New $2 Sex Pill Used In China For 54 Years Finally Receives US patent” screams across the page like a Buzzfeed headline.

viotren ad

According to the ad, it does it all:

  • Restores male libido levels
  • Relieves performance anxiety
  • Triggers powerful erections
  • “Switches Off” the chemical in a man’s body that causes his erections to go soft (their words, not mine)

In lamens terms, it’s a sexual enhancement pill.

What are the ingredients in Viotren?

The ad that talks up a big game about Viotren consistently mentions that it contains an “ancient oriental medicine” that has been studied over a dozen times here in the US.

They don’t explicitly state which ingredient that is, but after reading through the brochure once or twice I came across this:

viotren ingredients

They reference patent # 7,132,117, which when you look it up in the US patent search, reveals this:

viotren eurycoma longifolia

It basically says it’s a bioactive fraction of Eurycoma Longifolia, and that it was registered and awarded in November 2006.

Now, when you see the phrase “Viotrens’ active ingredient has been awarded a United States patent”, that would imply to most reasonable people that viotren actually developed that ingredient.

Well, it turns out, they didn’t…

viotren patent

The inventors were actually researchers who had no affiliation with Viotren, and the patent is actually owned by MIT.

The article makes no other mention of any other ingredients.

Where To Buy Viotren

I did a TON of digging, but could not for the life of me find an official website for Viotren (come on guys, last I checked it’s 2018)

The only way that you can order is by calling their customer service phone number at 888-902-5125.

I plan on calling tomorrow to get pricing, shipping, and money back guarantee info.


Unfortunately, not much is known about Viotren.

We know it contains a bioactive fraction of Eurycoma Longifolia, but I’m unsure as to what that even means.

Does it contain other ingredients?

Do they have a website?

Has Viotren itself been clinically studied, or just the ingredient?

Who makes this stuff?

There’s way too many unanswered questions to come to any sort of reasonable conclusion at this point, but I will try to give it a shot soon and update my results here.

Have You Used Viotren?  Leave Your Review Below!

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