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Virecta Overview

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are household names, but really the vast majority of erectile dysfunction remedies are herbal supplements that don’t require a prescription. There are hundreds of them, and they gain in popularity every day. But there’s yet another category that we rarely talk about. They are the generic or alternate versions of the prescription preparations that are available through overseas sites.

Virecta is an example of one of these. It technically requires a prescription, and isn’t sold by an American manufacturer, but it’s available all over Europe and Asia, and many of its suppliers ship worldwide. So while we certainly don’t advocate illegally buying medications from other countries, we’re including a review of Virecta for the sake of completeness.

Virecta is described as a safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. It enables you to achieve and maintain and erection long enough to have and give a satisfactory sexual experience.

Virecta ReviewVirecta Ingredients and How They Work

The active ingredient in Virecta is Sildenafil Citrate which is a derivative of the active ingredient in Viagra. It’s a PDE5 inhibitor. A release of nitric oxide opens up blood vessels during an erection, allowing blood to flow in and engorge the penis. PDE5 then goes to work breaking down the enzymes that help cause the erection. A PDE5 inhibitor like Virecta prevents that from happening, so you can sustain your erection.

Virecta Pros and Cons

This section of our review for Virecta is very clear cut.

Advantages of Virecta

  • It’s cheaper than Viagra.
  • Its active ingredient works.
  • It requires no commitment. You just take it when you need it.

Disadvantages of Virecta

  • It’s not available in the US unless you get if delivered from overseas. In other words, it’s not legal to buy Virectain the U.S.
  • There are known side effects and contraindications with the active ingredient. Headaches and visual disturbances are common, especially for anyone with cardiovascular issues. And if you take Virecta with certain heart medications, you may experience severe blood pressure changes.
  • You need to seek medical attention immediately if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours.

Where to Buy

There are overseas supplement retailers who sell Virecta, and promise that they’ll deliver to any country.


While Virecta almost undoubtedly works, I wouldn’t recommend taking it. Buying a supplement overseas is shady enough, but an actual prescription medication is just a step too far. With presumably more lax regulations, you never know what goes into it. Also, without a doctor’s supervision, you may unknowingly be among those who should not take Sildenafil. I suggest you either stick with herbal supplements or see a doctor and get a prescription.

The fact of the matter is, even if you are not on nitrates or other heart medications that would leave you at risk for a deadly interaction with Sildenafil, you should still avoid Virecta or any other supplement busted for something similar because it is a sign that they should not be trusted.

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3 Star User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Yes it works, but there's better to be had

By Jasper,  Jul 9, 2019
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

This is one I tried and was glad to find in the day when Viagra was $45 a pill. It's manufactured by Eva Pharma in Egypt, there's the problem.  The good news is that it works, not quite as well as Viagra or Suhagra, but it works. My personal results were that initial response was felt within ten minutes, fully erect in twenty to thirty minutes, definitely making my penis capable of vaginal penetration in forty minutes max.  Intercourse was five to twelve minutes from intromission to ejaculation. My erect penis wasn't quite as firm with Virecta as it is with other erection medicine based on sildenafil citrate. This is with appropriate stimulation by my girlfriend and the usual preparations on my part.  Those being, take it on an empty stomach, no fat the last meal prior, & no grapefruit or grapefruit juice for 48 hours before. Although it is available in Africa, Asia, and Europe, it is not available in the States unless you import it yourself, or buy from someone who does.  When I tried it Virecta was more than welcome as it was less than a twentieth of the cost of brand name Viagra. Depending on the source Virecta is available with or without prescription; that can be great or it can be dangerous, roll the dice.  Bad news is no doctor in the U.S. is going to write you a prescription for Virecta. He may write one for sildenafil which is the same thing.  The fact remains if you want Virecta specifically you would have to find a vendor who will ship it to you from a foreign source. These days a simple prescription for sildenafil can be filled at my local pharmacy for thirty-five CENTS per 20 mg pill.  Granted most men need more that 20 mg, but even if you need a full 100 mg dose that's a buck seventy-five. I guarantee importing Virecta will be more expensive than that. Two other problems with Virecta, you can't see it before you buy it.  Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem with a trade name such as Virecta, however there are at least two products under that name. Sometimes Virecta can be spelled Virekta for distribution in countries that use a k in their alphabet rather than a c, such as Germany, or it could be Virekta that is a completely different product made in South Africa and not nearly as effective.  Second bad news is Eva Pharma in Egypt, the maker of Virecta has a fairly high employee turnover, and they do not have or as rigidly enforce manufacturing standards. The overwhelming volume of generic prescription erectile enhancements are made in India, with a few others from Brazil.  I stick with Indian generics because they are made to be marketed in the European Union and the United Kingdom, both of which have tougher manufacturing and purity standards. Most of the independent countries of the old British Empire remained members of the Commonwealth of Nations for certain economic benefits.  One of them being it is easier for them to sell their products within other nations of the Commonwealth and of course the United Kingdom. To do so they have to abide by stricter standards.  Egypt is not a member of the Commonwealth, nor is there any international overarching standard to which their manufacturers must comply. The end result for Virecta is that effectiveness and purity, therefore safety may vary from batch to batch or lot to log of the drug.  I would recommend Virecta to a friend if that's the best he can get because it works. I would have to do so with the warning that he is not getting the best available even among generics.  Thus yes it works and works well, but better can be had in terms of safety and purity.

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I need to know wheir i can purcase virecter blue pills cape town S A -shien Cader

It's only sold through online retailers. You'll find one with an online search.- Rob

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What are long term effects of using virecta 100mg? -what are the long term effecs of virecta 100 mg

Well, Virecta 100mg contains sildenafil citrate, which as far as I'm aware doesn't have any long term side effects.  In the short term, side effects include headache, upset stomach, flushing, abnormal vision, stuffy or runny nose, back pain, muscle pain, and nausea.- Rob

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Come posso comprare virecta senza andare in farmacia. Dove la posso ordinare? -Kamelia

Dovrete trovare un rivenditore on-line all'estero. Non è in vendita negli Stati Uniti, e non so di eventuali rivenditori online.- Rob

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