What Foods You Should ABSOLUTELY Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

By: Rob Miller


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foods to avoidIf you’re someone who’s on a mission to lean down and shed that excess fat you’ve been carrying around for what seems like forever, one thing that you must take into account is the foods that you’re eating on a day to day basis.

In some cases, while you may think you’re making smart and sound food choices, you’re doing anything but.

If you aren’t careful, you could end up eating foods that are doing more harm than good – even though they seem like viable options.

Let’s go over which foods you should be avoiding if you want to lose weight successfully.

Fruit Juice

The first item that has to get the boot from your plan if you’re interested in making sure that you are going to see success is fruit juice. While you may think fruit juice is a good choice since it contains vitamins from the fruit – and it does, it’s also loaded with calories and the sugar in the fruit juice will be quick to cause an insulin spike, which you’ll then come crashing down from.

Instead, opt for whole fruit.

It packs in the fiber your body needs to keep you satisfied.

Low Calorie Snack Packs

Next, also consider avoiding lower calorie snack packs.

These again are not going to be ideal for anyone who’s seeking fat loss results because of the fact that even though they may be low in calories, they’re still going to be full of sugar and additives – definitely not what you want when you’re seeking fat loss success.

Low calorie snack packs may work with your target calorie intake, but they do absolutely nothing for your health. Avoid at all costs.

Fat Free Yogurt

Fat free yogurt is another ‘healthy’ food that really isn’t that you need to be fully aware of.

The problem with fat free yogurt is the fact that it’s often loaded with simple sugars, which are just going to encourage a blood glucose spike and body fat accumulation.

Instead, if you’re going to have some yogurt, go for Greek yogurt, which is far healthier and higher in protein without all that added sugar.

Add some fresh berries to sweeten it up and you’ll have a far healthier snack on your hands.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Moving along, the next item to consider banishing from your diet if you want to see good results is meal replacement shakes.

The big issue with these is that they are not going to provide the satiety benefits that you’re after so while they may provide the balanced mix of carbs, proteins, and fats, the big problem comes in with the fact that they are going to leave you hungry.

If you then go on to eat more food despite having had this shake, that will lead to a halt in your progress.

So all in all, have a look over your diet plan and make sure that you aren’t including these foods.

If you are, it’s time to get them out of the picture so that you can see superior results.

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