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There has been literally dozens of pre workout supplements popping up on my radar in the past few months, all promising more or less the same thing. One of these supplements is called Hyper Fuel 9X, and I’ve been getting a ton of requests to review it from my site visitors. Apparently, this supplement works best when combined with 1285 muscle…or wait, I meant Trig X2…no, that’s not it, I meant muscle factor X. I’m getting at something here, and your about to find out.

What is Hyper Fuel 9X?

hyper fuel 9x reviewsAccording to their official site, Hyper Fuel 9X is a revolutionary formula designed to help build lean muscle, gain insane strength, and boost endurance, power, and libido. THANKFULLY, the makers of the supplement have decided to put the ingredients list on their site, something that 90% of the products I come across don’t. Ok, so what’s in it?

Well, for starters, there’s Arginine Alphaketoglutarate, a very common ingredient marketed in pre-workout boosters. AAKG, as it’s commonly referred to in the medical world, has been found to have no impact on blood pressure or difference in endurance in several studies, which are outlined in this wikipedia article. Rats…ok, onto the next ingredient. Caffeine. Great, who couldn’t use a caffeine jolt just before your exercise routine, I know I sure do!

The next ingredient in Hyper Fuel 9X is taurine, which is actually found in many of the common foods we eat, including fish, meat, and poultry. You will also find it as a common ingredient in energy drinks/products, and is fairly effective when combined with caffeine. Ok, sounds good so far. The last ingredient is Beta-Alanine, which has actually been clinically studied to produce more lean muscle mass.

The good thing is none of these ingredients in Hyper Fuel 9X have shown great potential for side effects, so you should be safe from any health risks. I’m pretty sure none of the ingredients listed above will cause you to pop a drug test, but anything is possible I guess. Of course, we always recommend you speak with your doctor before starting any supplement regiment because it may interact with certain medications you might be taking.

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– Hyper fuel 9x and NO2 Maximus
– Hyper Fuel 9x and Trig X2

Our Problem With Hyper Fuel 9X

While the ingredients and formulation of Hyper Fuel 9X seem legit, their billing procedure isn’t very nice. What do i mean? Well, for starters, I just took a look at the terms and conditions for Hyper Fuel 9X. It says crystal clear that if I do not cancel my trial of their product within 14 days of ordering, I will be charged $87.47 for the bottle received, and be automatically enrolled in an auto-shipment program which will send me a fresh supply of Hyper Fuel 9X every 30 days thereafter.

hyper fuel 9x scamBut wait, I just wanted to try the supplement out, not actually buy it?! That’s fine, you have 14 days from the date you order it, right? Well, unfortunately, it is also telling me that my order is estimated to arrive 5 business days after today, so if I order it right now then I won’t get it until next Wednesday. That means, as I count with my fingers and toes, that I really only have 7 days to use it. How am I possible supposed to figure out if it’s going to work for me in such a short period of time?

On top of that, the marketing behind the supplement is also pretty deceiving. From most of the places that I’ve seen it advertised, they try to pass of a fake review by mimicking the Men’s Health website, and the editor pretends to have used the supplement. He talks about his day to day usage, and even shows some before and after photos which seem to add some credibility. However, this is not the REAL men’s health website, but rather one designed to look like one. You can read more about that in my free “Supplement Scams Exposed” Report.

So can you buy it in stores like GNC, Walmart, Vitamin Shoppe, etc.? Not that we’re aware of. And it would be pretty safe to say it will probably not be sold in those stores anytime soon.

What About Combing It With Another Supplement?

I get this question alot. It seems like there is some fake blog out there promising insane muscle gains by stacking Hyper Fuel 9x and Elevate GF. Apparently, this is some rare celebrity muscle stack that has been kept a secret for years, only to be leaked by some unassuming character. While I don’t personally know any celebrities (I once met a weather channel anchor though :), I am willing to bet there is no secret supplement combo like this one that works just as effective as they say.

I’m also willing to bet that these celebrities probably have their own personal chef and trainer to help them transform their bodies, and if they use any supplements I would say they probably did not use these 2.


I have numerous comments on different pages on my blog where guys are pretty pissed off that they’re getting charged for their order of Hyper Fuel 9X. I also have some guys that say, “well, you should have read the terms and conditions and you would have known that you would be charged”. Well, that’s not always easy, especially when things like that are buried under a mountain of legal jargon. Does Hyper Fuel 9X work? Maybe. Their ingredients look fairly decent, and they do have a money back guarantee. But, is it worth ordering and taking a gamble with your checking account? I don’t think so.

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

By D,  Jan 13, 2015

I have use hyper9x combined with extreme antler and it showed good results one my part. The fat was melted away, I felt like I had more energy, and built more muscle.


The only thing wrong with this product is the billing. Even if u cancel it u still have to pay the FULL PRICE of the "free trial" product.


It's not really a free trial if u still have to pay the full price after cancelling.

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4 out of 4 people found this review helpful.


By recient customer,  Nov 9, 2013

Ordered it online, noticed my account was charged not twice but 8 times!!! My accunt was frozen for the charges.


They would not refund the money for less than 24hour of ordering. Highly pissed off!!!


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4 out of 4 people found this review helpful.

Not a Scam

By Mike G,  Jul 6, 2014

This stuff works great. I do have great muscle memory from when I was younger, but I love Hyper Fuel 9x.


Absolutely no jitters during or after your workout. Your muscles heal wayy faster than normal.


That being said, it gives you a great boost for your workout. I completely transformed myself with it and lean protein and eating right as well.


You can't just take it and assume you'll be ripped. Work!!


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1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

Safe for HBP and Cholesterol??

By Mark,  Jul 21, 2013

I am 58 years young and looking to shed some pounds and gain some muscle. I eat well, exercise regularly but at 59 my results are limited.


I take Lipitor for cholesterol and Accupril for HBP but only as a precaution based on family history. Are Hyper Fuel X and Trig X2 safe for someone like me?


Was this review helpful to you?


By Christain,  Oct 22, 2013

Dont Buy It...it nasty

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