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Elevate GF Overview

When a guy decides to get in shape and improve his body, he tends to reach for help in the form of a supplement. It makes sense. You’ve got to eat lean, get enough protein, and get to the gym for a lengthy workout most days of the week. It’s hard work and you want to see results… as fast as possible. Taking a pill that can help only makes sense. There’s certainly no shortage of options, and that’s where we come in. We find those options and help you figure out which ones are likely to benefit you and which ones are, well, crap.

Elevate GF has been popping up on my radar a lot lately, so I decided to sit down and take the time to check it out. The first thing I noticed is the claim that taking Elevate GF will make you taller. What!? A supplement that will make a grown man taller? Why haven’t I heard of this before? If it’s for real, this stuff is a gold mine. Just the market of would-be basketball players would be enough for this company’s owner to retire on. Well, not to get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at what Elevate GF is and how it works.

How Elevate GF Works

elevate gf reviewThe idea behind Elevate GF is a little hard to follow. On the one hand, the official website explains it like this: Elevate GF makes sure you have optimal levels of Growth Hormones so you can get the recovery and growth you’re looking to get out of a good night’s sleep. It also puts you in a better mood and gives you more confidence, presumably because you’re getting that good night’s sleep and because you’re taller.

On the other hand, we also read that Elevate GF is a supplement that is supposed to give you increased energy and help you build lean muscle when combined with gym time, cardiovascular exercises and healthy eating habits. Whereas there are some proven supplements that can help boost your energy levels as well as raise your appetite, and thus encouraging more intense working out sessions, simply taking a pill and waking up ripped one day does not happen.

The Buzz

The overall buzz around the internet about Elevate GF is mixed, but there is actually some credible evidence that this supplement does boost your energy level and helps you to recover faster. Elevate GF does make a few claims that obviously cannot be true but that may not mean it is useless.

As far as making you taller? There is a post on a medical Q&A site that addresses that very issue from a user of Elevate GF. Needless to say the user posted they had not seen any results after using the supplement for the last three weeks. But I am sure (or hope) you would have guessed that!

On the positive side there are a few comments on the internet that seem credible and actually claim to have seen improvements from using some of the ingredients that are used in Elevate GF. The reviews about Mucuna Pruriens are positive overall and one review in particular claimed a pretty amazing recovery by a man who was very sick and weak. It sounded like more of a case of increased energy as opposed to a pure increase in strength though.

Elevate GF most likely will not make you taller but based upon the ingredients and the buzz around the internet you may experience some positive effects from this supplement. Based upon the research I had done I was intrigued to find a little more about Elevate GF so decided to actually try it out myself. You can see what my personal experience was below.

Elevate GF Ingredients

The website doesn’t make a complete list available, but it does specify some of the key ingredients and how they contribute to the benefits you can expect:

  • Mucuna Pruriens helps your body produce Dopamine which improves mood and movement, and increases your sexual appetite.  It does this because the herb actually contains L-DOPA, an amino acid that is actually a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine, and has been successfully studied in rats to do so. (source: Wiki – Mucuna Pruriens)
  • Rhaponticum Carthamoides which may increase protein synthesis, thereby building muscle tissue. It’s also an antioxidant that helps improve memory and learning.
  • Terminalia Arjuna which strengthens the heart muscle.
  • Phyllanthus Emblica contains Vitamin C which is an antioxidant for helping to reduce wrinkles and skin pigmentation. It also may have antiviral and antimicrobial properties as well.

There is no information given on how to take Elevate GF, just that taking it results in a good night’s rest during which your body can produce more growth hormones so you can grow inches taller, and put on more muscle from your workouts.

My Personal Results With Elevate GF

After alot of requests from my sites visitors, I finally got a chance to try out Elevate GF myself and I gotta say the results were OK, but not wonderful.  One thing I noticed right away was that I was actually sleeping better.  While I don’t know if I can attribute this to the supplement, and I didn’t feel groggy or anything in the morning like I do with some other sleep aids, I definitely noticed that I would literally sleep through the whole night for 7 or 8 hours and wake up feeling very refreshed.

In turn, I think this actually did help me as far as my overall mood and motivation for the gym, but I didn’t really seem to notice any major “lean muscle” building effects from Elevate GF.

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Where to Buy

Elevate GF is only available through a free trial offer, but it comes with a catch. When you order a month’s supply, you pay only shipping at first. If you do not cancel within 14 days of placing your order, you will be charged $87.47 for the “free trial” product and $87.47 each month thereafter for your automatic monthly shipments. These kinds of setups are notorious for being difficult to get out of once you’re in.

Elevate GF Pros and Cons

Advantages of Elevate GF

  • I experienced increased sleep quality
  • Better sleep did put me in a better mood

Disadvantages of Elevate GF

  • The claim that an adult male will grow inches taller when taking Elevate GF is preposterous at best.
  • The only way to order is through the free trial offer for which you have to enter into a contract wherein you’re making monthly payments that you didn’t necessarily plan to make.
  • The ingredients don’t support the claims to make you taller.
  • Elevate GF is expensive.


After personally testing out Elevate GF myself I felt inclined to change up my conclusion a bit.  While you’ll see in the comments section below there are alot of guys that are ticked off at the free trial, the supplement does indeed seem to work to some degree.  Of course, I don’t really believe in the hype about it making you taller, but as far as a somewhat decent workout supplement, I think there is some potential here.  I think that if they just made the product available for sale without enrolling you into a free-trial, auto-rebill nightmare, they would stand out as one of the more effective supplements and not gain such a bad rap.

Have You Used Elevate GF? Leave Your Review Below!

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Author: Rob Miller

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36 comments on “Elevate GF Review – Does It Really Work?”

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  1. *This is my absolute final word about this product considering that I already concluded my need for the services of the Denver BBB*

    I personally do not advise people to use this product if their intention is to gain height with it (which was certainly one of their claims and which was the only basis for my interest in this product). Customer care has become riddled with absolutely insolent and scornful people and the manager whom I spoke with by the name of Marisa is a completely unprincipled, dictatorial, condescending, and indifferent woman.

    When I requested my money back, the only thing that the Elevate GF escalation representative ever did while I received help from the Denver Better Business Bureau was to continuously place me in a predicament where she/he attempted to convince me that I was answerable for using Elevate GF for 18 months as well as for not requesting my money back on merely my second month of usage, at a time when I was even encouraged by the representatives themselves to continue using the product for 18 full months. Ultimately, I was only returned $39 and even if this were at least some kind of recompense, it not even close to the amount of money they decided to keep for themselves which I requested as amiably as possible.

    Even though I was granted what they described as “extreme” discounts, it does not dismiss the fact that these people did not respond for my misfortune with their product and having said this, I sincerely hope that their company disappears hastily because customer service is absolutely primordial for the welfare of any corporation notwithstanding the kind of product(s) that is (are) promoted and sold.
  2. Elevate GF customer service is plainly and simply terrible!! I have attempted to escalate a case to corporate to try and retrieve the monetary equivalent to my purchases (after not having seen results in a little over 18 months) but I have been not only refused the opportunity but was treated with massive condescension and indifference. Needless to say the managers have attempted to wipe themselves on me from their responsibility as customer care agents.
    I am very disappointed about this product on the whole and I have already disposed of my remaining Elevate GF supply.

    1. I am afraid so, Rob. 🙁
      So much seems to have changed with the manner in which customers are treated by the customer care center pertaining to Elevate GF over the past year. Only two people at the customer care were friendly in spite of not being able to help very much.

      Initially, I was very enthusiastic about the product since I deemed it necessary to use the supplement for the amount of time recommended various times (explicitly being 18 months).
      The representatives AND managers are simply pathetic wretches who are unconcerned about their mistreatment of customers and only look after their salaries and conveniences.

      Now, they have the audacity to outright call themselves “corporate” before their customers. Honestly, all I really experienced with this product were sleep, mood, and some energy improvements from time to time, and literally nothing else.

      I will be submitting a comment with my feedback on RipOffReport.com as well. This, in my opinion, is the best way to make the company realize that something went terribly wrong when they decided to relay their customer support to a below-average call center somewhere in California.
      The previous call center in Maine had a better sense of customer support and one of the agents even promised a check compensation by corporate if the product didn’t work as it was supposed to for me.

      I am no longer calling these people because they are simply *not* worthy of my courtesy or disposition to speak about my concerns.
      Seriously, what kind of representatives voluntarily disconnect a customer due to a particular case not being of an easy, rudimentary nature for them or tell the customer to simply “…have a wonderful weekend/day because there is nothing to be done”?

      The representatives kept squandering my time and implicitly deriding my case by talking about how my request for a call with the corporate office for compensation for my orders was akin to “[…redeeming a prize under the cap] from a fizzy drink company’s corporate office” or that calling after more than a year for a compensation is like “[asking for a refund of purchases] from Walmart or Target after 90 days”… (coincidentally the length of Elevate GF’s unreasonable return policy). I was under the rightful impression not so long ago that Elevate GF was a distinct company which looked after its customers and the EGF customer support I was familiar with *did not* give me the impression of an average, everyday business when I placed orders for my first three bottles.

      I was assured that if the product did not work for me, my usage of the product would be acknowledged and I would be assisted as much as possible (such as the time when I was advised to use three capsules instead of just two for optimum effect).
      I cannot say I made a terrible decision, but the corporate office must be under serious financial pressure to be cheapening their costs for a Customer Support center.
      What a terrible, terrible disconcertment.

  3. “For you short guys like me (5’6″) trying to grow after taking this pill I say “Give it up, it isn’t happening”.

    Speak for yourself, Jonathan. It’s a great thing that you are noticing results and are really happy with Elevate GF, but this is something that is not exactly true since you would need to consistently use this product on a regular basis to see any sort of height improvements, provided that you add on a height gain-specific regimen.
    I am not of a height that society would deem as “short”, but your statement simply has no backing.

    Sure, fine, it’s a great workout supplement, but in case you did not realize, Elevate GF should improve natural growth given a fair and honest amount of time. It’s one of its benefits.

    Sorry, but I thought you needed to hear this from someone who actually has been using the product for almost 11 months.

    Thus far, I have used the product for a little over nine months now. At this point, I have not witnessed any noticeable height growth but every other benefit has shown (improved mood, sleep, energy levels, and overall health).

    Also, bear in mind I have remained consistent with its usage and if the previously mentioned results have shown, I don’t see why I shouldn’t experience height gains. I will post another update in the next three months (so as to fulfill one year of usage).

    Furthermore, it has come to my attention that certain commentators on other Elevate GF review sites on the Internet are attempting to foolishly prove that the product does not work by using my four-five month progress (specifically, previous comments I have made on this site and others).

    *Regretfully, I cannot be responsible for those who decide to stick up for negative people who only spend their time harassing and irrationally criticize other people who have actual, first-hand experience with the product (with myself included) It is ultimately up to the individual whether my comments are authentic or not.

    I have tried my very best over the course of the past nine months to explain my marvelous experience with Elevate GF, and I don’t really see why I should hide my outcomes with the product from those who are really interested in using such product*.

    I spoke with the company via telephone about five minutes ago and was informed that the trial terms were recently changed. Instead of being a 14-day trial, it is now a 10-day trial.

    I personally also noticed that the terms on the Elevate GF order page have not been updated with the length of the trial period, which definitely leaves room for questioning for lots of people looking to utilize Elevate GF’s trial offer.

    On my previous response, I posted the Terms and Conditions for the 14-day and 10-Day trial for informational purposes, but that policy is product-dependant since Elevate GF is also affiliated with Raspberry Ketone Fresh, Total Body Slim, amongst other products on and . The bottom line is that Elevate GF did, in fact, change their policies for their trial as per the conversation between the representative and myself and I did notify the representative as well that this needs to be updated for everyone’s benefit.

    Even I could have been charged $87.47 without any knowledge of the 10-day trial.

    Lastly, I must say that the company *can* extend the trial, but you do need to call at most on the 9th day to insure you are not charged the full retail price.

    Thank you for taking heed of this. I am a long-standing customer and I am just as concerned as anyone else about these policy changes.

  6. Hello Rob,
    Just a few minutes ago, I stumbled upon a video review on the YouTube website you authored about your experience with Elevate GF. I personally wanted to acknowledge such video and I hope you are able to achieve what the supplement promises to do in the time to come.

  7. I believe Raphael works for the manufacturer of this product. He sure is attempting a lot of damage control by responding so passionately to many negative posts.

  8. Don’t buy into the hype. This product is a waste of time, energy, and effort.

    I LOVE that they have an “Easy Cancellation” button on their website that literally charges you half of what they say the product is worth. Seems to me that if you wanted to buy Elevate GF at a more reasonable price you could, theoretically, subject yourself to the “Free Trial” and just cancel paying half price.

    I will use the product as I just spent $35 on canceling my “Free” trial because otherwise I would have been spending $5.95 on a restock fee, and $5 more on shipping.

    Definitely a scam. No legitimate company or product is going to slander themselves by cheating people out of money.

    In conclusion just don’t respond to the troll that is trolling all over this page.

    He clearly is getting his thrills by harassing people that have been scammed.

    I’ll come back and give my honest two cents on what gains if any I see with the use of this product though it should be noted that I will be dieting and exercising over the course of the next month and expect to see gains regardless of the use of supplements.
    1. I am no “troll”, sir. If anything, you should pay more attention to the terms and conditions WHICH ARE CLEARLY LEGIBLE ON THE SITE.

      I am an ACTUAL Elevate GF user and I have spoken to customer service MANY times and they definitely do not have intentions of “…cheating” people out of their money. I would have been cheated if there would have not been any other alternative but to stick with the 50% off.

      I currently have MORE THAN HALF THE PRICE OFF ON A SINGLE BOTTLE and it’s all because I had the foresight to use the toll-free number. Feed yourself off of that!

      1. Raphael, how long have you been working for Elevate GF? I, too, am looking at switching my career field and I think professional review commenter for supplement companies might be a great direction for me and my new family.

        I look forward to working with you soon.

        Do you have any tips on how to respond to people that disparage the product of the company you work for? Any witty remarks that are a go to?

        1. LOL! Sir, I appreciate the fact that you find my writing persuasive, but in all honesty, I don’t work for Elevate GF at all.

          I just know how to defend myself from adverse and rude reviewers. If this is nothing more than a mean prank, either way, thank you for looking into my legitimately honest opinions.

    2. A few more clarifications:

      1)It takes time to see results. You probably were expecting to elevate your overall growth overnight.

      It doesn’t occur in that manner. So if you run out of product and don’t see any results in one month, don’t come back and blame me with claims that I’m “harassing” people and getting a kick out of it.

      You comment on YOUR OWN results.

      2) As a legitimate user, I feel a responsibility to give other people helpful advice, particularly those seeking a height increase and who decided to give their doctors’ prognosis the boot. This product CAN do it, whether you believe it or not.

      3) I have used a mirror for practically my entire lifetime, and I don’t think I look too much like a troll in any way, shape, or form.

      I thought those only existed in “fairy tells”.
  9. I say Silly Raph’s comment should go. It wrongfully criticizes others’ remarks and the writer comes off as self-righteous.

    A spammer by all means in spite of making references to a scientifically outdated article.
    1. Hey Raphael,

      I appreciate your position, but this is an open forum. As long as the comments remain respectful in language and tone, all viewpoints are welcome.

      1. Hello Rob Miller,
        I very much appreciate your reasonable attitude in regards to my posts (both regarding Elevate GF and my recent 1285 Muscle posts). Bodybuilding.com forum administrators and moderators are just horrible, detestable people who continuously kept me banned only because I was being honest about Elevate GF (such discussion which I never initiated).

        Only negative people commented on that forum, but again, their forums are nothing more than a pipeline for their products. Very corrupt behavior on their part, in my wholehearted opinion.

  10. A complete scam, rip-off. Don’t fall into the trap of ordering this ” snake oil” This so called company is only interested in ripping you off.

      1. Man. All you have to do is talk to them.

        Right now, they are having a deal of buy 2 get one free for 60 bucks. I already got my shit.

  11. well does the stuff at least help you burn fat, build muscle etc… and with in the first month.. did you see a six pack in the first month.
    1. Everyone is different but there are some people who saw defined muscles after some time. Some people might not even see results after the first three months.

      1. I am aware I sounded a bit like a marketer here. I gathered this information from customer service.

        Please do not haunt me with offensive comments. I have received one too many.

        Thank you! 🙂
  12. Hello Mr. Miller,
    Thank you very much for replying to my previous comment. As a twenty-one-and-a-half year old who has grown rather steadily throughout his life, I would highly doubt that this supplement would not work for me since its science on height increase makes lots of sense.
    The theory of growth plate closure preventing any future height increase is most definitely a thing of the past.

    As I said before, it depends on what kinds of individuals are willing to either go the extra mile (NOT through limb lengthening) or just remain with common knowledge. Also, I am admired by Elevate GF’s benefits in terms of overall health and well-being.

    You would need to call them to get more information.
    Again, thank you for reading my comment and good luck with your future reviews on supplements.

    You can log on to elevategf.com to find the number, by the way.
    1. In order to clear the confusion, when I mentioned “limb lengthening” I was strictly referring to the manual, surgical procedure. This, in my opinion, is the WORST path to take.

      At least Elevate GF is honest about the fact that taking the supplement over an extended period of time will yield the best results.
    2. Of all the comments on here, the one that made me laugh the most was when Raphael states he is a “twenty-one-AND-A-HALF”!!! LMFAO!!!

      If you’re still adding fractions to your age it’s because even you know you don’t have credibility and you’re grasping at straws!!!

      1. Dr. Gee:
        You know something? The fact that you have wasted minutes of your life attempting to state your point makes me puke.

        Laughing would be a waste of energy given the occasion. I have been as honest as possible and I would bet lots of money that you wouldn’t even give a supplement as fantastic and legitimate as Elevate GF enough of a chance to work for you.

        The reality is *you* have winded up misleading yourself and that, sir, is pathetic. Stop wasting your time, that’s my advice to you.

  13. Hello,
    Unfortunately, as an Elevate GF user for three and a half months, I am going to have to completely disagree with this article. You do need to contact the customer care representatives to receive very bountiful discounts and the benefits that this product supposedly provides do exist.

    The key is to put the product to the test for ENOUGH time and not just for the trial period of two weeks. I would suspect the reason why I speak to some rude representatives at times is because people don’t read the terms and conditions before purchasing and after two weeks, they end up yelling at the Representatives over the phone because they were charged $87.47 “behind their backs”.

    For the record, it isn’t “preposterous” for adults to grow.

    But again, some people might decide to spend their whole lives believing in old wive’s tales of growth stopping in the twenties with the pretense of being “happy with who one is”. It is basically the individual’s choice in the end whether they want to believe in this myth or not.

    Essentially, by being a user of Elevate GF, I will be gaining the height I want on the long run and those who are overly skeptical will not gain squat, unless they have the courage to climb out of their shells and experiment.

    That is, until a solid amount of research time has elapsed. Bear in mind I’m not saying that people should trust in everything since there are some companies that in fact do practice the art of scamming people out of their well-earned money.

    I apologize if my writing causes any anxiety and resentment.

    Unfortunately, this is what I think about people who want to make it seem as though they performed extensive interviews with individual Elevate GF customers (which I doubt in its entirety judging from the overall attitude of this article) and actually tested the product (which I also doubt to the highest extent). If this is simply an opinion on what a certain person thinks about the Elevate GF product and the company itself, then I rest my case.

    1. Hey Raphael,
      Thanks for your review. I think our main issues are this: 1. the lack of reviews online, 2. Free trial, which clearly is bent on “hiding” the charges the customer will ultimately face, 3. The claims…A supplement that will make you taller? Highly unlikely.

      4. Says it has been featured on News outlets, but we can’t seem to find any. Do you have any photo proof that this supplement actually works?

      From more than one customer? I invite you to submit your photo’s to info @ supplementcritique.com and any other supporting evidence.

      1. Hello again Mr. Miller,
        Unfortunately, due to security measures, I cannot possibly submit photographs. However, I can most definitely let you know if the supplement actually works for height growth and everything else it claims to do once I gain height, which would be the last benefit.

        It has only been five months but so far the product works as promised. Period.

    2. Why would you trust any company and the product they’re pushing when their selling and marketing strategy is something you’d expect to see in a dark alley on a cold winter night.

      Also, to set the record straight with Raph’s poorly thought-out comment regarding linear growth; “…some people might decide to spend their whole lives believing in old wive’s tales of growth stopping in the twenties…”

      It’s a scientific fact that as an ADULT if you’ve stopped growing, it is because “estrogen in the blood causes the growth plates of our bones to fuse. This fusion effectively closes the growth centers of long bones and renders them unable to respond to the hormones that initiate growth.”. Meaning, your growth plates fuse over and do not allow for further growth. That was cute though Raph, I hope you don’t fall for many more “fairy tells”.

      Source: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3076703/t/why-do-we-stop-growing/#.UdO5Nfnvt8F
      1. One final observation for “Silly [*****]”. The article you provided, while scientifically correct, does not automatically mean we are done/finished with our growth.

        The body can use cartilage, the spine, and some minimal bone growth in all areas to its advantage if given the right resources and stimuli. This way, we reach the maximum potential our body can possibly reach without compromising our health.

        The old wives’ tales that achieving our absolute growth only occurs during our teenage years becomes completely debunked.

        So in conclusion, the article you referenced is practically the only thing that keeps the credibility of your comment afloat. You are still pathetically stupid, anyway, for attempting to strike back at my very well thought out comments if I say so myself.

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