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Xanogen Overview

Xanogen has been around for a number of years.

In fact, back in 2011, I did a review where I tried Xanogen together with HGH Factor because it was being pushed as a miracle stack that makes your penis grow like 3 inches in length in just 3 weeks.

Well, needless to say, that didn’t happen. No pill can make that happen. But this Xanogen/HGH Factor combination is really pushed by some random blogger, not the actual company.

It was recently pointed out to me that I never really posted a review for you guys about Xanogen on its own merits.

So at long last, here it is.

Xanogen is actually a daily performance enhancement product (not a penis enlargement one).

They’re got a pretty hyped up website, but most of the necessary information is there if you look.

By using Xanogen, you’ll impress her with your ability to provide total satisfaction because it’s got everything you need to regain your libido, prowess, endurance, and complete masculinity.

xanogen reviewXanogen Ingredients and How They Work

The Xanogen formula focuses on 2 aspects of male enhancement – blood flow and testosterone.

For improved blood flow, the formula uses:

  • Yohimbe which acts a lot like the PDE5 inhibitors you find in the prescription medications.

    It gets blood flowing into the penis to create a hard erection, and it keeps that blood from flowing back out again so you can sustain it.
  • Epimedium Grandiflorum and Cnidium Monnier which help increase the amount of nitric oxide in your blood.

    This relaxes blood vessels allowing for better flow.
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa which relaxes blood vessels.

For increased testosterone, it’s got Tribulus Terrestris which signals the release of increased Luteinizing Hormone, which in turn signals an increase in the amount of testosterone produced in the testes.

The formula also has a bunch of aphrodisiacs, like Maca Root, Muira Puama, and Catuaba Bark that increase your libido.

The recommended dose is 2 Xanogenpills per day to make sure you’re ready whenever she is.

Xanogen Pros and Cons

Advantages of Xanogen

  • The ingredients are all natural, and the list is pretty comprehensive.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.

Disadvantages of Xanogen

  • We found a few independent Xanogen reviews from guys who’ve used it, and they are almost all negative.
  • It contains Yohimbe which is effective, but may potentially be dangerous and cause unwanted side effects.
  • It’s expansive.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Xanogen through the official product website.

A single bottle costs $89.95. You’ll get bigger and bigger discounts as you buy more and more bottles at once.There’s also a free trial offer, but beware of those.

They usually involved signing up for a never-ending auto-delivery program.

My Personal Results

I actually did get a chance to test out Xanogen, along with another supplement called HGH Factor. I detail my results with the 2 in this post, but I will touch on it briefly here.

The directions on the label state that you should take 1 pill in the morning and 1 at night before bed. After a couple of days, I did notice a VERY small increase in size, probably around 1/4 inch.

I continued taking it for another few weeks, and to be honest I didn’t see any results whatsoever. If anything, there was a small increase in sexual libido, but nothing dramatic.


My first introduction to Xanogen was through that blogger that said that combining it with HGH Factor would make your penis grow 3 inches in 3 weeks.

Turns out Xanogen itself doesn’t officially claim anything about size.

It’s purely a performance enhancement supplement.

Despite this, I still wouldn’t recommend Xanogen. It’s too expensive, and while I did get a bit of a performance boost when I used it, it’s definitely not worth $90 a month.

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Useless as tits on a boar hog!

By Jasper,  Dec 4, 2018
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

I have complained some products are so useless that I should be able to give them zero stars. This time that wouldn't help, if I could give zero stars, Xanogen deserves negative stars.  There are at least four websites for Xanogen. The manufacturer's website guides the consumer to another product. Hmm, wonder why?  The others are Xanogen dot com, Order Xanogen dot com, and Try Xanogen dot com, each putting a slightly different spin on the product. As stated in the review of Xanogen alone, without HGH, it is true that Xanogen makes no claim to size; it does obliquely refer to size increase, but I is unclear what is meant by that, over all penis size, erect penis size, flaccid penis size or what?  On the other hand if you call any of the numbers on the websites, the claims made by the telephone representative for Xanogen emphasize an increase in penis size. More than one said the main purpose of Xanogen is to increase the size of the penis.  Another said the flaccid penis will not show an increase, but after to taking Xanogen for three to six months an increase I erect penis size will be noticeable and permanent. Each time a Xanogen user's penis becomes fully erect the size gain will remain.  Their marketing is another blunder comparable to changing the formula for CocaCola. I'm not real keen on a sex enhancer I have to take every day so I asked how often should I take it, the answer was twice a day, but not before bed because it gives so much energy it will keep you awake.  I asked should I take it with meals as the websites say, response was yes, but on an empty stomach for greater and faster effect was fine too. I then asked does it help my erection to take two pills an hour or so before sex, he said that is fine too.  How long should I take Xanogen before seeing results? The reply was some benefit is seen in two or three weeks, sometimes it is three to six months for a noticeable erection size increase, that is the main result.  I asked, because one website does say "rock hard erection" and the response was that can happen in sixty to ninety days but the main purpose is to increase the size of the penis. I asked about libido and orgasm enhancement, his reply was it's possible, but it's mainly to increase the size of the penis.  No matter how my line of questioning changed his response was " . . . to increase the size of the penis." I think I could have asked, "Why rotate tires?" or "When does the next flight leave for Pango Pango? or Is it going to rain tomorrow?" and his reply would still have been, "To increase the size of the penis." I tried Xanogen for nine weeks years ago, I was on yocon, prescription yohimbe for a part of that time, more recently I tried it for two weeks, and twice I took the two pill daily dose not as the website directed, but an hour before sex as the Xanogen phone rep directed. At absolutely NO time did I have a sexual response that could be remotely attributed to Xanogen. Don't bother it's a waste of time and money.  By now you're asking if Jasper hates Xanogen so much why did he try it three times? The first time was because I wanted to learn if it did work and how well.  Yocon and its generics were the only prescription pharmaceuticals then available. I have been my own penis pill guinea pig for over twenty years.  Then I took sex enhancements to do just that, make what I could do anyway just that much better; now I need them. My Indian friend Sanjay owns a chain of convenience stores and buys sex enhancers in bulk to resell in his stores.  To get an edge on the competition by carrying more variety he buys from the web as well as regular vendors. When he has questions or doubts about a product he gives them to me free to test and evaluate.  The times that I took two pills before sex were to determine if Xanogen does indeed work as a short term enhancer similar to Viagra, or was it a waste to take that way. Not only is it a waste to take that way, it's a waste long term as well.  Won't work that way either. Why their websites push it as a long term male enhancer for harder erections, longer stamina, and over all energy and testosterone boost while their phone reps bluster about increasing penis size is beyond me.  Truthfully my experience is that it does nothing either way. Not all the Xanogen websites give a complete ingredients list, what's more they don't even state a milligram total for the entire pill.  They hide behind the proprietary blend term to obscure the amount of each ingredient, but neither the websites nor the phone contacts will give you the total milligrams in each pill. Only digging with archaeological voraciousness did I discover the total of 850 mg per pill on a third party vendor site.  And that was on an enlarged photo of the back label. From the ingredient list it is difficult to determine if even the truly beneficial ingredients are present in a large enough quantity to help create a firm erection.  Erectile firmness and earlier response is what I need. Ain't happenin'.  My stimulation time to full erection was a full minute, sometimes two or more longer than usual when I didn't take anything. Xanogen made no difference in sustaining an erection.  It did not warrant further testing much less use with my fine woman who has put up with me and my increasingly ineffective erectile ability all these years. Yeah, my erection research involves a fair amount of masturbation.  This brings us to a final absurdity:. On the FAQ page that final question and answer are:. 'Do I need to have frequent erections or sex for Xanogen to work?" The answer, "In a word no.  Many of the benefits of Xanogen will still be experienced without a partner. Enhanced climax control, more intense orgasms and erection enhancement are equally noticeable (and enjoyable!) during self-pleasure.  Even the celibate can enjoy the boost in energy and confidence that Xanogen brings." Apparently Xanogen can enhance an erection without you having an erection. This question and answer are so full of inane twists and turns out logic whoever wrote it must have a Ph.  D in Sophistry enhanced with a Doctorate of Sacred Theology. But good ol' Jasper here had to have some fun and push it a little so I put questions to their phone reps, yeah I pestered more than one this way.  If they're going to be that stupid, I'll give it back to 'em. To determine how firm my erection would be for sex I asked if I should masturbate while on Xanogen before having sex and if so how many times.  I used their term self-pleasure talking to the women, but masturbation when talking to the men. Even jackin' Jasper had his standards. One woman hung up, another said all that depends on the person as did one of the guys.  The other gent kept saying, "It's better with a partner." I kept responding, "Not if it doesn't work!" A man expects women and be reticent about that subject. But no Xanogen man had the balls to discuss masturbation when they were the ones who brought the subject up on their website to begin with!  Talk about lunacy! I'm tired of writing.  Ignore the typos. Don't bother with Xanogen!!!!!!

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User Questions and Answers

Can you use Xanogen by itself? -Queteze

You can, but I don't think it's very effective either by itself or with HGH Factor. If you let me know what you're trying to achieve, I can recommend something better for you.- Rob

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  1. Rob’s response to Queteze is accurate. I trust his research and analysis of Xanogen with HGH.

    Xanogen with HGH or as Queteze asks, by itself is not worth trying. A man would be as well off eating dirt, slurping axle grease, or scarfing down armadillo crap.

    There is a Xanogen cream to be applied directly to the penis. To be effective it would have to contain some kind of transdermal catalyst that could get the ingredients through the skin, fascia, and nearly impermeable sheath around the corpora cavernosa and there is no reason to believe Xanogen cream has such an ingredient.

    I did not use the cream. One good for nothing product doesn’t merit the use of another from the same manufacturer.

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