Xtend Plus Review – Does It Work?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-29-2013

Xtend Plus Review

There are many male enhancement products available on the market today.

With many men suffering from male sexual health disorders such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, these products can help.

While some of the products that are available can only be purchased with a prescription, there are several quality male enhancement supplements available over the counter as well.

One product that is available is called Xtend Plus.

Xtend Plus is manufactured by World Health Center.

The company offers an informative website that offers a variety of products.

However, there are no customer testimonials provided on the site and there have not been any clinical studies shown to prove whether or not Xtend Plus really works.

How Xtend Plus Works Xtend Plus Review

The website for Xtend Plus includes a full ingredient list for the product.

The list provided seems to have several beneficial vitamins and minerals, but lacks any substances that have been found to be useful for sexual advancement.

The vitamins and minerals will help benefit overall health. In addition, the proprietary blend of Xtend contains anti-aging oxidants like Green Tea as well as several digestive enzymes.

The amounts of each ingredient are not provided.

However, the amount is thought to be minimal as the recommended dosage of the product is six capsules taken twice every day.

Pros and Cons of Xtend Plus

Xtend Plus Pros:

  • All of the ingredients of the product are listed.
  • There are discounts for the product available.
  • The Xtend Plus website offers a money back guarantee of 30 days
  • Antioxidants are part of the Xtend Plus formula.
  • Additional health articles are available on the website.
  • There is contact information for the manufacturer provided.

Xtend Plus Cons:

  • Ingredients of the product are not fully explained.
  • Amounts of the Xtend Plus ingredients are not given.
  • The dosage seems a bit high.
  • The formula is lacking in terms of enhancement ingredients.
  • No clinical studies or scientific evidence is provided.

Where to Buy Xtend Plus

Xtend Pluscan be purchased directly from the website.

The cost for a bottle is $54.95. There are discounts available for larger orders.Customers are provided with a thirty day money back guarantee on all products purchased from the site.

Is Xtend Plus Recommended?

Overall, the cost of Xtend Plus is relatively high for a product of this type.

In addition, the ingredient list that is provided offers no information about how these ingredients can improve sexual health in men. The product seems to be more for use as a vitamin to improve overall health. With this being said, there are several vitamin supplements that could be used in its place at a much lower cost.

If there were any clinical studies provided that showed the product actually worked, I would be more likely to recommend it.

Since the product does not support its claims with any evidence and the ingredient list is lacking in proven sexual enhancement ingredients, I cannot recommend the product for use as a male enhancement supplement.

Have you tried this product?

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I want to cancel my free trial. -Dexter

SupplementCritique.com is a review website. You'll need to contact the company you ordered from directly to cancel your free trial.- Rob

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I need the cancellation number for extend plus -Steven

I don't see their website anywhere. Check your credit card or bank statement. The number should be there.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

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  1. EXtendPlus did not work for me. They don’t list a Phone number so you can contract them.

    But they keep on charging your credit card. What a Scam.

    1. Hey Donald,

      Contact your bank or credit card company. They should have a valid number to contact them with.

      If not, let them know you don’t want to accept charges from them anymore, and they can help you out.
  2. I do not like these pills so please do not send me any more pill, cancel order from Santa Ana CA 92799-5380 FOR Brodie Poole Jr.
    1. Hey brodie poole jr.,
      SupplementCritique.com is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


  3. This product does not work. I talked to an agent shortly after recieving the first bottle and told this person(a female with a foreign accent) that I was not happy with the product and that I didn’t want any more.

    Today I received another bottle in the mail. I don’t want it!

    I want a refund and for you to stop sending me any more of your products. Extend Plus XT does not work for me.

    1. Hey Allen,

      I completely understand your frustration, but Supplementcritique.com is a review website. We don’t sell Xtend Plus.

      We just reviewed it. You’ll have to get back in contact with the company you purchased it from.

    1. Hey Luis,

      I’m guessing you mean Xtend Plus, not NitroXtend. Actually, you’ll be waiting a long time. Pills won’t give you an increase in size. Pills are for performance enhancement. If you want a permanent size increase, you’ll need to use an extender device like Phallosan Forte.


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