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Zantrex 3 Red Bottle Overview

For most of us, there comes a time when we’re looking to lose that extra weight.  It may be a little or it may be a lot.  A sensible diet and exercise program are, of course, necessary to achieve this goal.  But we may also find we need a little extra help in the form of fat burning supplements.  Zoller Laboratories, the maker of the original Zantrex 3,  has created a new product that may help even more.  It’s Zantrex 3 Red Bottle.  It contains the same energy enhancing ingredients as Zantrex 3 in the blue bottle, but has an added fat burner as well.

Zantrex 3 Red Bottle Ingredients and How They Work

Like the best-selling original Zantrex 3, this new Zantrex 3 product contains, xanthines for increased energy and appetite suppression.  These include coffee bean extract, guarana fruit extract, and kola seed extract.  Zantrex has long been touted for its energy producing effects, and this formulation is no different in that respect.  But Zantrex 3 Red Bottle has additional ingredients that increase fat burning and encourage lipolysis (the release of fat from mature cells).  These are a proprietary blend of citrus and guarana extracts.  The result is that you lose fat instead of water and lean muscle mass.

Check out our review of Zantrex 3 Red Bottle vs. Blue Bottle, to see which works more effectively.

zantrex 3 red bottle review For best results,you should take 2 pills in the morning and another 2 pills before your big meal of the day.  Take each serving with a full glass of water.  You can expect to feel an increase in energy pretty quickly, within 15 minutes to half an hour.  People like to take it before a workout because the energy boost helps you get the most out of their gym time.

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Zantrex 3 Red Bottle Pros and Cons


  • Zantrex 3 Red Bottle is readily available online and in stores.
  • It works as an ephedrine-free energy supplement and appetite suppressant.
  • It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Reviews for Zantrex 3 Red Bottle are hard to find.  The Blue Bottle has been around longer and there is much more information to be found. Reviews abound and mostly discuss negative side effects like headaches, dizziness, flushed face, and rapid heart rates.
  • Because the Red Bottle has the same stimulant ingredients, you can pretty much assume that similar side effects may be experienced.
  • It contains high levels of caffeine and other caffeine-like stimulants, so people with known sensitivities should use caution.

Where to buy Zantrex 3 Red Bottle

Zantrex 3 products are available from the Zantrex website as well as many other online retailers.  The website sells a bottle with 56 pills (that’s a 14-day supply) for $19.99 plus shipping.  That seems to be the best base price, though you might be able to find a free shipping deal if you look around.  You can also find Zantrex 3 Red Bottle at local stores such as CVS, GNC, and Walmart.

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The bottom line if you want to lose weight and gain muscle, is that you have to eat healthy food and work out.  But if you’re looking for an edge, something to jump start your program or keep you high-energy and  motivated, a supplement like Zantrex 3 Red Bottle can help.  Just be aware of the potential for side effects.  Definitely start with a lower dose if you’ve ever experienced side effects from caffeine. At $20 with a money back guarantee, we think it’s worth giving a try.

When paired with the right diet and exercise routine, I am sure that Zantrex 3 Red Bottle will probably have its best possible results, but you should still keep a close eye out for what your body is telling you in the event of any side effects.

Check to make sure that you are not on medications or supplements that interact with it as well as that you are not allergic to anything inside Zantrex 3 Red Bottle.

Have You Used Zantrex 3 Red Bottle?  Leave Your Review Below!

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User Questions and Answers

When do I take the pills? For better and quicker results? -Cristina

As per the directions, take two capsules in the morning and two capsules with your main meal, for a total of four capsules per day. Always take with a full glass of water.- Rob

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I would like to know what color of capsule of ZANTREX-3 RED BOTTLE. Thank you -Akiko

I'm not home to check at this time. If you really need to know, you can post the question on They're send an email out to everyone who's bought it, and you should get an answer back pretty quickly.- Rob

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how long are zantrex 3 good after sell by date -

You might want to check with the company on that. Generally, expiration dates on supplements are indicators that effectiveness starts to wane, not safety.- Rob

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  1. I started the Zantrex-3 red bottle a month ago and I had to stop as soon as possible… The pills had my whole body achin, restless, n depress. It had me weak n my legs hurting n arms..

    It was like if you touch my legs they will hurt… These pills will having you shaking for no reason and give you horrible migraines… So I advise you not to try them..
  2. I recently had a baby I gained well over 50lbs I cant fit any of my clothes I work about 15hrs a day I dont have time to exercise so I read the reviews for this product im on my first bottle I will keep you all updated I want to lose a good 60lbs by christmas
  3. something is horribly wrong witb zantrex3red bottle. I got the buy 1 get 1 deal and I took 2 right away 30 min later my llower right back (kidneys?) started killing me I could hardly bend or move thought maybe my appendix was rupturing.

    I debated on going to the ER but it was late and decided to take a hot bath and go to bed felt better when I woke up very relieved. So a week has gone by and I wasn’t sure if it was the pills or not and after trying on swimsuits today I took 2 more pills and again lower right side and back stiff and killing me in a lot of pain thats why I am on here.

    Do Not Take This!!!!! It feels like someting is swelling up and pushing on everything 100 times worse pain than being pregnant!!!!

  4. So ive been reading reviews and thought i go ahead and give Z3 (Red bottle) a try. I am 24 a mother of 2. I had a baby 8 myhs ago and this time arround the wait is not coming off. I have never tried a diet pill before so this is a first.

    I currently started working out about an hour a day and a five mile walk, i just want to try something to help boost my weight loss so im going to start the pill tomorrow. I will update with how much i loose and how long(:

  5. i have not started using zantrex 3 in the red bottle yet .going to start tomorrow . wanted to read the reviews first, i will post again in a week to let u know if this product is for me.

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