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Core Cutter Plus Review – Is It Right for You?

By May 22, 2012 3

Core Cutter Plus
Reviewed By:
Rob Miller
2.5 OUT OF 5.0
User Reviews: 0

Core Cutter Plus Overview

Core Cutter Plus is a line of supplements made and distributed by Premier Online Inc.  It includes formulas made for  all sorts of issues like weight loss, muscle building, and even penis size.  Core Cutter Plus Testosterone is a popular supplement used by men for many purposes.  It helps with physical activity, muscle building and sexual performance.  With this all natural formula, you’ll be ready whenever the opportunity arises, you’ll achieve bigger firmer erections, and you’ll last longer than ever before.

Core Cutter Plus ReviewCore Cutter Plus Ingredients and How They Work

Core Cutter Plus contains several ingredients that work together to help you perform better both in the gym and in the sack.

  • Zinc is one of the most important minerals for growth of all kinds.  It also helps the immune system function more efficiently.
  • Chrysin and Tribulus Terrestris encourage the production of testosterone, which helps you get more out of your workouts, increases your libido, and helps you last longer.
  • Nettle helps keep the testosterone you have free from binding so it remains available.
  • Muira Puama, Maca Root, and Ginger are ancient aphrodisiacs that boost your libido.

Core Cutter Plus also contains Bioperine which helps the other ingredients absorb more quickly and work more efficiently.  The daily dose is 4 pills, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.  A bottle comes with 120 pills, so that constitutes a 1 month supply.

Core Cutter Plus Pros and Cons

With all the choices available, it helps to weigh the good and bad aspects of any supplement you may be considering.

Advantages of Core Cutter Plus

  • It is all natural.
  • It has several ingredients that will increase the amount and availability of testosterone.
  • It improves both sexual and overall physical activity.
  • is a free trial offer.

Disadvantages of Core Cutter Plus

  • Core Cutter Plus is expensive.
  • There are no ingredients designed to increase blood flow for better erections.
  • We found no Core Cutter Plus reviews to help determine whether or not it is effective.

Where to Buy

You can buy all Core Cutter Plus supplements at their website. Core Cutter Plus Testosterone goes for $79.95 per bottle (1-month supply).  Alternatively, you can take advantage of the free trial offer.  But make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.  At the time of your order, you pay only shipping and handling.  After 14 days, if you do nothing, you will be charged $69.95 for the “free” bottle.  You will also be enrolled in their automatic shipping program.  You’ll get a new bottle and be charged $69.95 each month until you choose to cancel.  This adds a certain convenience if you like the product, but it could become a burden if you don’t.


Core Cutter Plus Testosterone aims to enhance your sex life primarily by increasing the amount of available testosterone in your system.  It does have ingredients that could achieve this, though because we don’t know the amounts, we don’t know if they will be effective.

With so many supplement choices, we try to look for something that has most or all of what we need to feel comfortable that it will work.  That includes a detailed website, complete with information about how it works, what to expect, when to expect it, and whom to contact with concerns.  Core Cutter Plus doesn’t live up to these standards.  Additionally, given the tricky free trial marketing practices, we have to recommend that you pass on it and keep looking for something you can feel more comfortable with.

Have You Used Core Cutter Plus?  Leave Your Review Below!

Our Top Pre Workout Supplement – Nitrocut

nitrocutNitrocut is one of the only non-stimulant containing pre workout supplements that we found actually works. This supplement uses L-Arginine to enhance Nitric Oxide production, giving you extreme gains in the gym, and even in the bedroom.

I personally tested a 3 month supply, learn more about my results in my official review.

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  2. Neil July 19, 2013 at 8:06 pm - Reply

    I agree with Mike.

  3. mike July 9, 2013 at 11:39 pm - Reply

    Don’t buy anything from this company, they are a scam and are committing wire fraud. They will not return you money and will not respond to phone calls or e-mail. If you have been scammed by them contact the Florida Attorney General and have a police report done and send it to the proper federal law enforcement agency.

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