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Zenerect Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects, and More

By October 26, 2011 0

Reviewed By:
Rob Miller
2.0 OUT OF 5.0
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5.0 out of 5 STARS

zenerect review

Zenerect Review

We come across alot of fast acting and slow acting male enhancement pills, and when something says it starts working in 20 minutes, it usually raises our suspicions.  Zenerect is one in a long line of male enhancement supplements that promises improvements in sexual prowess and desire.  But how does it compare to the competition?  After all, they say they are the number 1 male enhancement product on the market, but there are dozens of others that make that very same claim.  Throughout this review, we will discuss the ingredients, side effects, and what users are saying on third party websites about this all natural remedy.

Manufactured by a company called Big Apple Supplements, Zenerect is a once daily all natural male enhancement pill that is designed as an alternative to synthetic drugs.  The promise behind the product is that with continued usage, it will help to eliminate your erectile dysfunction problems, without all of the potentially nasty side effects that come with prescription medications.

Zenerect is comprised of a very long ingredient list which includes horny goat weed, korean red ginseng, wild yam extract, cnidium monnier, white willow extract, catuaba bark, saw palmetto bark, and maca extract.  These very ingredients are found in a wide variety of competing pills, and horny goat weed is actually quite the potent ingredient.

How Does Zenerect Work?

The manufacturers behind Zenerect do a very good job of describing how a normal erection works, but they fail to tell us exactly how this particular product will make it any better.  We know from experience that Epimedium acts as a sexual aphrodisiac, making sex more pleasurable, and it is even used to treat osteoporosis.  We also know that maca extract is a wild oat that was discovered over 200 years ago and has been used in countless other formulations.

They also mention that Zenerect does not produce any side effects, however it is known that several of the ingredients in it can potentially cause adverse effects.  For instance, the presence of ginseng has very well known side effects such as insomnia, nausea, high blood pressure, nose bleeds, headaches, and others.   That’s not to say that by taking Zenerect you will experience these symptoms, its just that it is nearly impossible to distinguish whether one will receive any side effects from taking it.

Where To Buy Zenerect

Zenerect is among the most expensive male enhancement products on the market, topping off on the Amazon website at a whopping $100 for a 30 pill count bottle.  We were a little confused when we started to investigate where to find this product cheap, because the price on their official site puts it at $50 for a one months supply.  We could not figure out why there was such a wide price discrepancy between these two sites, but it is the only two places where you can buy Zenerect.


We would like to recommend that you try Zenerect yourself, but there is nothing wildly different about their product when stacked up against the others.  While the reviews on the official website say the product is a godsend, other reviews on Amazon say that this product isn’t even what they ordered.  Until we can get the facts straight about Zenerect, we cannot recommend its use.

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Zenerect Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects, and More SKU UPC Model

5 out of 5 Stars

Oct 26, 2013 by herbert

Yes it works …ive been having erection problems (not being able to stay hard and this stuff did what it said it would (no side effects at all) i will continue to use it because it has helped me in the bedroom when others ive tried have not helped or just not as good as the claims were…thanks zenerect…

5 out of 5 Stars

Sep 27, 2013 by Bob

This stuff really works I got a hard on within an hour. I had been having soft erections for a while and not able to get good penetration, not last night after taking two pills as prescribed. After sex and I had cum I still had a huge hard on all night that subsided the next morning. Also noticed a little more length and girth and now 18 hours or so later my dick is still sensitive and will get hard at a moments notice. My wife noticed and enjoyed the improvements as well. So far zenerect is living up to its claim. I have had no side effects other than a mild head ache and I am unsure if it is due to zenerect since it’s allergy season. I have also noticed that when my dick is flaccid it hangs longer and with more girth. Can’t wait till tonight for more sex with the wife.

5 out of 5 Stars

Jun 07, 2013 by Richard

I have used zenerect & it has worked for me.
and I am 65 yrs old.& had ed for the last 7 yrs.
Have bought numerous other products some
were ok others weren’t.


5.0 5.0 3 3 Yes it works …ive been having erection problems (not being able to stay hard and this stuff did what it said it would (no side effects at all) i will continue to use it because i Zenerect Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects, and More

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