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Legion Forge Overview

With the workout supplement world so overcrowded with choices, some manufacturers have decided to enter into little micro-niches where they can corner a small-ish market and become the standout leader in that arena. Take Legion Forge for example.

It’s designed specifically to support fasted training, where you work out while in a fasted state.

Made by Legion Athletics, it promises to give your body the exact support it needs to lose fat and get ripped using the technique of fasted training.

What is Fasted Training

First a short explanation of what fasted training is and what it’s specifically used for. The broad concept is very simple.

If you work out on an empty stomach, you’ll burn more fat than if you work out in a fed state.

The details are slightly more complicated, but not much.

After you eat, your insulin levels rise while your body digests your meal.

Once digestion is complete, insulin levels drop back down.

Fed training is when you work out while your insulin levels are still elevated.

Fasted training is when you work out after your insulin has dropped back off to baseline levels.

The primary benefit to fasted training is increased the mobilization of fat and its conversion to energy. In other words, you burn more fat. Secondarily, it’s been shown that blood flow in the abdominal region increases, which can lead to increased burning of belly fat.

There is a problem, however, with fasted training, and it’s that muscle breakdown rates are increased as well, leading to muscle loss over time.

A secondary problem is that fasted workouts tend to be less rigorous.

You just don’t have the energy, stamina, and drive you have with fed workouts.

Benefits if Legion Forge

Legion Forge counteracts the muscle breakdown that occurs during fasted training while supporting the fat burning goals that have you training in a fasted state in the first place.

Next, we’ll take a look at the formula to see if it supports these promises.

Legion Forge ReviewLegion Forge Ingredients and How They Work

The Legion Forge formula is short and sweet, containing only 4 ingredients:

  • Calcium which has been shown in recent studies support weight loss efforts.
  • Yohimbine which blocks the activity of alpha receptors in favor of beta receptors. Beta receptors mobilize fat for burning. Alpha receptors do not.

    By blocking alpha receptors, yohimbine increases the fat burning activity of beta receptors.

    Yohimbine is only effective however with baseline insulin levels so it only works in a fasted state.

    As it happens, Yohimbine also improves exercise performance by fighting off fatigue, so you will experience more endurance, which is important in your fasted state.

    Yohimbine is not well tolerated by everyone.

    In too high doses it can cause unwanted side effects like elevated blood pressure and rapid heartbeat.

    Legion Forge uses a dose of 2.5 mg per capsule, having decided that this is the best dosage to maximize performance and minimize side effects.
  • Hydroxy Methylbutyrate (HMB) which is a byproduct when your body metabolizes L-Leucine, theBCAA most responsible for protein syntheses.

    HMB prevents muscle breakdown, which means faster recovery from workouts.

    This is the ingredient that works to prevent the loss of muscle you may otherwise experience with fasted training.

    Actually, HMB is more anti-catabolic than L-Leucine so it’s more effective at preventing muscle breakdown.
  • CDP-Choline (Citicholine) which increases levels of phosphatidylcholine, which improves focus and attention.

    Legion Forge used this to counteract the potential negative effect on motivation that fasted training can have.

How To Use Legion Forge

The label instructs that you should start out taking 1 Legion Forge capsule per 50 pounds of body weight about 15 minutes before your fasted workout.

If you tolerate it well, you can increase your dose up to 1 capsule per 25 pounds of body weight.

That means that at max dose, a 200 pound guy would be taking 8 capsules before working out.

Because of the Yohimbe, I strongly recommend that you follow these guidelines, or start off even slower to assess your tolerance to the stuff.

Legion Forge Side Effects

The potential for side effects while using Legion Forge comes from the Yohimbine.

Each capsule contains 2.5 mg so you can start real low and find your sweet spot as you go along.

You’ll know when you’ve taken too much.

You’re heart will race, and you may feel anxious and irritable.

People with high blood pressure or anxiety issues shouldn’t take Legion Forge (or any yohimbing supplement) at all.

Who Makes Legion Forge?

Legion Athletics is the supplement company created by Mike Matthews, the fitness and bodybuilding guru turned author and blogger.

He created Legion as a way to provide an alternative to the slick marketing, proprietary blend using companies that dominate the market.

His philosophy is that clinically dosed supplements promoted with honest evaluations and reasonable expectations are what the community needs.

Where to Buy

At this time, you can only purchase Legion Forgeonline, but you do have several options.

You can go straight to the Legion Athletics website and pick up a 120-count bottle for $29.95. You’ll also find it at Amazon.com and a few other retailers for the same price.

Legion Forge Pros and Cons

Advantages of Legion Forge

  • The ingredients are all listed with their doses and benefits.
  • It’s specifically designed to capitalize on the advantages of fasted training.
  • The manufacturer provides diet and workout advice as well as supplements.
  • Most of the Legion Forge reviews I’ve come across are very positive.
  • It’s reasonably priced.

Disadvantages of Legion Forge

  • The full dose of 8 or more capsules is a lot to take.
  • It can get expensive if you take the full dose.


In the end, it’s the training that gets you the body you want, not the supplements.Legion Forge takes a training method – fasted training – and gives it the support it needs to be its most effective.

And according to the reviews we’ve seen, it’s working.

If you use fasted training and you want to get the most of its fat burning advantages without losing muscle, give Legion Forge a try.

Have You Used Legion Forge?

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?


By Ron,  Mar 13, 2018

I just started to take Legion Forge. I only can take 2 or 3 capsules.  I tried to take 4, but I can feel like I'm hyper. Its still early yet in trying this product.

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