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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-27-2013

/wpA top seller on Amazon, Acai Fat Burn 3 promises to help you lose weight quickly with minimal effort. After browsing through some of the reviews of this supplement, we decided to investigate these claims further and read user feedback to see if it works. There is very little information about this product, apart from the description on Amazon. They do not have an official website, it is not sold in any stores (from what we could tell), and there is no customer support system in place. Finding information about acai fat burn 3 was not easy, but this is what we discovered.

Product Facts

Made almost entirely of the Acai Berry, this supplement has capitalized on the acai berry craze of 2009 and the subsequent media hype. It is said to be high in protein and antioxidants, and also comes packed with green tea extract, grapefruit extract, apple cider, and other antioxidants. We also discovered that this product contains caffeine, even though they don’t mention it in the product description. If you are sensitive to caffeine, be aware that it contains as much as 70 mg.

The dosage requirements state that you take 2 pills once a say on an empty stomach, with plenty of water. Acai fat burn 3 also proclaims that their product does not contain any artificial preservatives or sugar, and is a completely healthy supplement to help boost weight loss.

What People Had To Say

Reviews of Acai Fat Burn 5 were mixed, with the greater majority rating it as a 5 star product. However, you need to be careful when reading some of these so called “testimonials” as many of them appear to be planted by the company. A sure way to notice this is to check out what other products the person has reviewed. If they have not reviewed any others, its a pretty good indication that they were planted. Here is some of the feedback we came across:

“This product did absolutely nothing for me except waste my money. Not only was it impossible to swallow, but it did not increase my energy, it did not burn my fat, and it did not make me feel better at all. I suggest you save your money and stick to healthy all natural diet and exercise.”
Kathy, Texas

“Acai Fat burn 3 is great, I have been using it for a couple of months now, and have lost 20 pounds. It definetly curbed my appetite, as I find myself eating smaller portions all the time. I think the main reason this increased my energy was the fact that it contains caffeine, which i don’t really take too often. I will continue to buy this product.”
Tom, Nevada

“I would say the best part about this supplement is the fact that it makes me eat less. I was a chronic overeater, and as a result, gained over 50 pounds throughout my 30’s. I know I needed a change, and I tried alot of fad diets that really didn’t work. This one gave me the energy to be active again, and I haven’t felt this good in over 10 years!”
Linda, Maine

Product Combination’s

A very popular combination we came across while researching acai fat burn 3 was with Hoodia Ultra 2000. In short, hoodia ultra 2000 is a time release, high potency appetite suppresant that contains 60K mg’s of hoodia. For those of you who don’t know, hoodia is a genus of the Apocynacae family, and is said to also have powerful antioxidant powers.

Where To Buy

You can buy the above combination on amazon for $30 on Amazon, though we don’t know if it works or not. A 60 capsule bottle of Acai fat burn 3 will run you about $30, and should last you about a month. Amazon is the only official retailer of this product.

So Does It Work?

Acai berry products have no basis for fat burning capabilities, but they have been marketed in such a way for the past few years that many believe this. While it does help to fight off dangerous toxins, and act as a anti-oxidant, there have been numerous studies conducted by independent agencies that suggest most of the claims made by these companies, including acai fat burn 3, are false. However, it has been suggested by several very well known homeopathic physicians that the berry does have toxin fighting powers to some degree.

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  1. I’ve tried other Acai products, and this one has produced the similar results at far less money (and no contract, automatic billing, etc. The ingredients are the same as other higher priced products and I believe the results to be the same if not better. This is my second order of these products and I will continue to order.

    Thanks for bringing such an affordable, alternative solution.

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