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Update! (8-19-2018):  We have someone in the process of testing ActivatedYou probiotic right now. 

We’ll be posting her daily updates on this page, click here to follow
along on her progress!

One minute. Just ONE minute…

Would you set aside one minute every day to promote total health & wellness of body and mind? I would.

And that’s exactly  what ActivatedYou Probiotic promises to do. But do they deliver on that promise? Does ActivatedYou really work? Or is it just another empty promise promoted by a Hollywood star?

Let’s find out!

So I recently came across THIS AD….

activatedyou ad on yahoo

I couldn’t help myself, so I clicked in to find an infomercial for an ‘Advanced Restorative Probiotic’ called ActivatedYou Probiotic. The infomercial was super well produced, and I have to admit, it was quite convincing.

The video is narrated by big-time actress/model/activist Maggie Q. (pictured above and below).  While it’s an obvious advertisement (she’s a partner in the company after all), she does sound super genuine, as if this product really did revolutionize her life and health.

So I cozied up and tuned in. And I have to say, I learned a boatload about gut health and how our bodies digest food. And. . . how they often FAIL to digest food, leading to tons of health problems.

In the very long video, Maggie Q. shares openly about her struggles with chronic sickness and being unable to find answers from doctors, health coaches, dietitians, or really anyone.

(Sound familiar? Yup, that’s because most Americans are drifting aimlessly on this very same boat.)

Then one fateful day, Maggie Q. met Dr. Edison de Mello, or ‘Dr. D.’

Dr. Edison de Mello, founder and director of Akasha Center for integrative medicine. Image:
Dr. Edison de Mello, founder and director of Akasha Center for integrative medicine. Image:

Maggie Q. talks about this Doc like he’s the gut-guru to end all gut-gurus.

As they continued to meet, she learned that her body wasn’t breaking down the foods she was eating, let alone absorbing them.

It didn’t matter that she was eating healthy, as the food and nutrients were not being assimilated into her body.

Maggie Q talks about ActivatedYou Probiotic
Maggie Q talks about ActivatedYou Probiotic

And all the while she was suffering. . . bad. She had distension, fatigue, puffy eyes, and a “swollen bloated belly” — all of which robbed her of her confidence. I mean, you name it and she had it.

And all she wanted was answers and relief. . . and to know what the heck was happening inside of her body.

Well. . . turns out she had a bacterial imbalance. content/uploads/2018/06/bacteria 1

Fungi, yeasts, bacteria. . . these guys all live in our gastrointestinal tract.  They help to regulate our bodies and our health. But some of these are definitely not helpful, as they often steal the good nutrients from our system. This causes us to become hungry and overeat, among a slew of other accompanying symptoms.

And Maggie Q. quickly found she wasn’t alone. . .

Dr. D shared with her a study conducted by Rice University. Researchers found that upwards of 70% of the American population struggles with low energy, poor digestion, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, low libido, etc. content/uploads/2018/06/symptoms of poor gut

And part of the problem? A little something called “gut bombs.”

Gut bombs are foods and drinks that are marketed as ‘healthy’, but are actually terrible for our bodies. These include things like green juices, protein bars, fat-free yogurt, etc.

Maggie Q. and Dr. D. are emphatic when they say we need to eliminate these so-called gut bombs from our diet, and start taking probiotics.

They argue that by fixing our digestive problems, we’re fixing our body’s fuel tank, and we’ll feel better in every way.

So, if poor digestion is the problem, ActivatedYou Probiotic is the answer. . .

. . .Or is it?

Let’s not get too carried away until we learn what this probiotic is all about.

As for Maggie Q., once she found answers and finally started treating the problem, her digestive system started running smoothly, and she was still able to eat the tasty treats she loves.

So, is ActivatedYou Probiotic worth your time? If you have stomach or digestive problems, I’d say definitely keep on reading.

About the Company

ActivatedYou Advanced Restorative Probiotic is just one product line under the ‘Akasha Naturals’ name. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 30 at 1.43.26

The practitioners at Akasha Naturals, under the direction of Dr. de Mello, have treated countless Hollywood stars over the years. . . hence the partnership with Maggie Q.

The company is located in Santa Monica, California.

As far as I can tell, ActivatedYou (or Akasha Center) seems like a legitimate company run by professionals. And Maggie Q’s involvement seems like way more than just another celebrity endorsement to push a product and make a buck. After all, she’s a philanthropist and activist in her own right. So I’m inclined to trust this duo. . . so far. But let’s dig a little deeper into the product itself. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 30 at 1.34.46
ActivatedYou founders. Image:

What is ActivatedYou Probiotic?

activated you review

Overall, digestive health is absolutely crucial to feeling healthy and well. It’s a highly-studied, scientific fact of life.

And that’s where probiotics come in. Probiotics are meant to infuse good, healthy, beneficial bacteria back into your gut where they belong. (Source)

According to the makers of ActivatedYou Probiotic, it’s “medically formulated to revolutionize your health from the inside out.”

It supposedly does this by providing your digestive system with loads of healthy bacteria (from 30 different strains) that puts your body and mind at peak performance, day after day.

Why target the digestive system?

Because that’s where most of our bodies’ healthy (and unhealthy!) bacteria lives. These bacteria help us to absorb and digest food, create essential vitamins, and ensure our immune system and cognitive faculties are in tip-top shape. Source

When this bacterial balance is off in our gut, and when too much bad bacteria moves in, we complain of being sick and tired. The crappiest part of it all is that we can’t put our finger on the source. And you can’t treat what you can’t detect!

The makers of the product argue that it’s “one of the most potent probiotic formulas on the market today.” And here’s how they claim ActivatedYou Probiotic helps with overall gut health: content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 30 at 2.02.42

What are the Ingredients in ActivatedYou Probiotic?

The formula contains a blend of 30 different strains of bacteria. Now, I’m no expert when it comes to distinguishing one bacteria strain from the next.

But. . .

I do know that the Global healing Center has compiled a list of the best probiotic strains for your gut, and almost every single one of them is found in the ActivatedYou Probiotic. Yup, they did their homework in making this supplement.

Here are the ingredients contained in ActivatedYou Probiotic:

activatedyou ingredients label

ActivatedYou Probiotic FAQ’s

How do I take it?

Simply take one of their “easy-swallow, 100% vegetarian capsules each day, with a full glass of water.” And for optimal results, you’ll want to take the daily-dose probiotic with a meal.

how to take activatedyou probiotic

How long does it take to start working?

ActivatedYou Probiotic, like all probiotics, is a long-term solution to a chronic problem. Every strain “colonizes” your gut at a different rate, or speed. Some are quick to colonize, while others take longer.

I hesitate to geek out about this, so we’ll just leave it at this: you can expect to notice results as soon as 2-3 weeks from when you start taking the product. Source

Are there any side effects with ActivatedYou Probiotic?

I can almost hear the concern: “So wait, you’re telling me to eat massive amounts of bacteria and let them colonize in my digestive system.” It does sound like the making of a Frankenstein-esque film. But trust me, it’s pretty dang safe.

See that? Any side effects, IF they occur, will be pretty mild. Remember, while it is bacteria, it’s healthy bacteria. So fear not my friends.

While there isn’t much information out there about potential side effects for this specific probiotic, I did find a lot of info about side effects from probiotics in general.

HealthLine writes: “Probiotics are safe for the majority of the population, but side effects can occur.”

Here are the potential side effects that HealthLine cites:

  • May cause unpleasant digestive symptoms
  • ‘Amines’ may trigger headaches
  • Some strains can increase histamine levels
  • Some strains may cause adverse reactions (think lactose- or gluten-intolerance symptoms)
  • They can increase infection risk for some.

They go on to write, “Overall, probiotics are a beneficial addition to most people’s diet or supplement regimen, with relatively few and unlikely side effects.” Source

In my opinion, especially compared with the many benefits that come from taking probiotics, any side effects are worth the risk.

I’ll leave you with this. . . ActivatedYou Probiotic is relatively safe to use.

Can I take it with a medical condition? content/uploads/2018/07/untitled

Well, it depends on the medical condition. Let’s say you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). That’s definitely a medical condition. Taking a probiotic like ActivatedYou is likely going to help you, not hurt you. Nice, right?

However, you shouldn’t take probiotics if you have certain medical conditions.

Dr. Hibberd of Harvard University says, “If someone has an immune system weakened by illness (i.e. cancer) or medication, that person could get sick from probiotics.” And she warns, “Don’t start taking probiotics without talking to your doctor or pharmacist about whether probiotics might help you.  Source

Finally, you should steer clear of all probiotics if you’re pregnant or have a child with short bowel syndrome.

Can I take this Probiotic with Alcohol? content/uploads/2018/07/untitled

Well, it looks like lots of people are asking this question. . .

If you insist on drinking, know that it’s not doing your gut any favors.

In other words, drinking alcohol (especially in excess) promotes all sorts of bad bacteria in the gut, and is proven to destroy the liver. So taking a probiotic like ActivatedYou, at least in theory, should actually help to replace the bad bacteria with good bacteria, and give your well-worn liver some much needed relief.

In an ideal situation, total avoidance of alcohol while taking a probiotic is going to have the most ideal effects on your gut, but continuing to drink alcohol in moderation while taking Activated You is not the end of the world.

Our Personal Results content/uploads/2018/07/untitled

We sent a bottle free of charge to Syndey K., who’s been keeping a daily log of her results with ActivatedYou.

Follow along with her progress below:


Two soft medium bowel movements.  Full, bloated stomach at bedtime but no pain.  All low FODMAP foods except for small dairy serving at night.


Two soft medium bowel movements.  Full, bloated stomach at night but no pain.  All low FODMAP foods except for 1/4 cup beans in salad.


Bloated upon waking upon small soft bowel movements in the morning.  Medium bowel movement and cramping during lunchtime. Very bloated and swollen at night with cramping and gas, but not horribly painful.  This my be due to consumption of ice cream (may be lactose intolerance kicking in here)


Large, soft bowel movement in the morning upon waking up (after most of the bloating from the previous night had subsided).  After coffee and breakfast stomach feels good! No upsets or bloat 🙂


Large bowel movement in morning upon waking up.  No bloating and flat belly even after breakfast (oatmeal and coffee).  All low FODMAP foods except for dairy at night. Full bloated belly, but not as bad as usual. No pain.


Medium, very soft bowl movement upon waking up. Moderate gas. Very soft stool in afternoon ( this could be from anxiety/nerves due to an exam).

Very bloated and full (sick full) before bed after dairy consumption. Woke up with night sweats.


Woke up and bloat was mostly gone!  Was able to eat breakfast (coffee and oats) and belly was happy full with no pain! Slightly constipated throughout day.  No bowel movements.


Large, soft bowel movement in the morning after breakfast. Flat belly all day. All gentle foods but had dairy at night (ice cream!) . Bloated but no pain.


Very gassy ( probably from the dairy last night). Very soft bowel movement upon waking up. Consistent gas throughout morning. Gas still present at lunch.  Stomach gurgling and bubbling (intense).  No pain but discomfort present. Excess gas.  Bubbling decreases as more gas is passed. Gassy throughout rest of day. Woke up in middle of night and had to get water.


Same as previous day. Very gassy and stomach is gurgly and irritated. Small bowel movement near lunch. A bit disappointed as I thought the probiotic was really helping me 🙁


Belly feeling a bit better. Medium bowel movement. No pain.


Same as previous day. Small, hard  bowel movements throughout day accompanied by gas.


Bloated in morning and only small, hard bowel movements throughout day. (Stomach was offset from nerves from two exams). Felt better at night


A little bit bloated upon waking up. First medium bowel movement in a few days!


Tiny, skinny bowel movements throughout day, nothing substantial. Stomach feeling ok


Very gassy throughout day and small/ medium multiple bowel movements accompanied by gas. Very bloated at night- looked pregnant! This could be due to dairy consumption. Hope to resolve in the morning, let’s see


Gassy and bloated in morning. Large, soft bowel movement accompanied by gas. Much of bloat resolved after though! Still a little gassy and gurgly but better than last night!


Large, soft bowel movement upon waking up and gassy throughout day. Large,soft bowel movement in afternoon. Maybe my body is purging from the dairy consumption? No pain though, feel better as more gas is passed. Tummy troubles subside as day progresses. No dairy or high FODMAP foods consumed. All gentle like oatmeal, pure pumpkin or strawberries


No bowel movements as of morning to afternoon. No bloat, no gas ( perhaps because I made yesterday a completely dairy free day). Maybe no bowel movements because yesterday I went so much and my system cleaned itself out?

Dairy serving at night.


Gas throughout day but not horrible like before.

Small bowel movement in morning and small bowel movement near noon. Stomach is bubbling and gurgling though. No pain, just weird feeling. Could be compounded by nerves due to an exam.


No bowel movements. Regular eating as in all gentle, low FODMAP foods except for some dairy at night. Stomach cramping began around 6 pm, which is new. Bloat and bubbles are regular but his is the first time in a while that I’ve actually had PAIN. Hard swollen belly at night.


Woke up several times from cramps and woke up very bloated in the morning( I am usually able to “sleep off” my bloat and have a relatively flat tummy in the morning). Pain continues throughout morning and afternoon but is relieved as gas is passed. One small, hard bowel movement near noon.  Took a gas x in morning but it didn’t really have a significant effect. Appetite is poor. A bit concerned as the cramps are a new symptom! Hopefully this won’t be frequent.


Feeling better. Large bowel movement in morning and then I felt GREAT! Nice to feel cleansed out and pain free. Small dairy serving at night.


Feeling decent especially given that I ate dairy previous night. Normal bowel movement around noon. Gassy throughout day but No complaints bc no pain!


Bloated in morning, but relieved after  medium bowel movement. Feeling alright.


Pretty normal day. Small bowel movements throughout day. Not too hard or soft.


Same as previous day. Cramping but probably due to exam nerves. Treated self to dairy at night tho!


VERY gassy. Multiple soft small bowel movements throughout day.


Still very gassy. Pretty much same as previous day.


Large bowel movement near noon and feeling great! I guess the gas built up from a few days ago and released.


Not gassy but bloated. Multiple small bowel movements throughout day.


No gas and minimal bloat, but stomach is unsettled due to nerves about upcoming exams. Feeling queasy but not due to ibs or food consumed.


No gas and no bloat. Small, skinny firm bowel movements throughout day. Big exam day, so stomach was in knots. Again, not due to any foods consumed.

Here’s her overall ActivatedYou review / Recommendation

At first I did think that these supplements were helping me with my bloating and irregular bowel movements due to digestive issues and ibs.
I would still bloat but it would subside much faster than before I had began the ActivatedYou.
As time passed, it seemed as though I began to grow immune to the supplement, as it did not affect me to the same degree that it initially had.
Not quite sure if this was mind over matter though. I had some regular days, some horrible days, and some days where my system completely purged everything that had been backed up.
Consistency was hard to reach, but when when my digestive system was operating smoothly, it was quite enjoyable.
Unfortunately, ActivatedYou was not a savior or cure all for me, so I will continue to try out other probiotics to see what works best for me.

User Reviews of ActivatedYou Probiotic content/uploads/2018/07/untitled

I searched the web high and low to see what people are saying about this probiotic. Alas, the only reviews I found were listed on the company’s official site.

They have 27 pages of mostly glowing reviews (go figure). I would say most of the feedback is 5 stars, with a few 4-star reviews interspersed here and there for a realistic effect. 😉 content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 30 at 8.38.04

On the other hand, maybe ALL of the reviews are legitimate, but they decided not to include bad reviews. . . and who can blame ’em? At any rate, here’s what the reviews say:

This woman is getting her money’s worth. . . content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 30 at 6.00.15

A lady named Brenda writes in another 5-star review for ActivatedYou Probiotic. Although she felt a little “squeptical” at first, she’s since taken the probiotic and has seen some amazing results. . . not the least of which include a flatter stomach, less gas and stomach growling, and even smoother skin. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 30 at 6.02.38

Here is a 4-star review from a woman who has experienced less bloat and is more “regular.” content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 30 at 6.11.14

Overall, the main benefits seem to be relief from IBS, bloating, and other stomach issues. Other users were pleasantly surprised with the boost in energy they noticed while taking ActivatedYou Probiotic.

Where to Buy ActivatedYou Probiotic?

Currently, you can only buy the product on the ActivatedYou website.

You’ll notice on their ‘Products’ page, they’ve broken down their products into different categories. Right now they have a grand total of 6 products to choose from, but this feature will become helpful as the company adds supplements to their lineup.

How Much does it Cost?

You have three different options to choose from:

  • One bottle of ActivatedYou Probiotic is $69.99
  • Three bottles is $188.97 (save 10%)
  • Six bottles is $356.95 (save 15%)

Each bottle comes with 30 capsules, and you’ll be happy to know it’s free shipping & handling across the board.

So. . . is this a good price for a probiotic? Well, to be honest, it’s a little steep. You can find LOTS of products on the market in the $25-$55 range that get great reviews. For instance, a quick Google search gave me this lineup (below), with the most expensive probiotic costing less than $50. Yup, if you’re doing the math, that’s $20 cheaper than ActivatedYou Probiotic. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 30 at 6.33.45

With that said, there are also more expensive products. So if ActivatedYou gets the job done, I’d say it’s worth the investment, or at least worth a try. And heck, if you’re not happy, you can get your money back. . .

Is there a Guarantee?

Yes. Darn skippy there’s a guarantee. If you’re not happy with the probiotic, just send it back for a full refund. content/uploads/2018/06/screenshot 2018 06 30 at 6.40.28

Obviously, most supplements on the market offer some sort of guarantee, it’s just good business. But a 90-day money-back guarantee is pretty generous, and I have to say it’s great business. They say you can return the product, for any reason, used or unused, with no questions asked. Gee thanks ActivatedYou (no, seriously, thank you).


So now that you’ve gotten a crash course on probiotics, specifically the ActivatedYou Probiotic, and what it can do for your gut health, where do you  go from here. Well, here are my recommendations.

I’d say I’m on the fence, but maybe it’s worth a shot.

Here’s why. . .

I’m a bit hesitant to give this probiotic (or any probiotic) my 100% approval. The reason is because there’s just not enough conclusive evidence and/or studies that show this type of supplement can really deliver on what they promise.

For every study that argues they are effective at promoting gut health and overall health, there’s a study that shows they aren’t effective at all in healthy people.

Ah, but there’s the difference. From what I’ve found, if you already have gut problems, taking a probiotic like ActivatedYou could give you relief. However, if you’re already healthy in the gut, probiotics might be a big waste of money.

Consider this story published by Scientific American. . .

So while I do recommend trying it if you suffer from digestive issues, I’d advise you to not fall victim to the “fad-iness” and marketing-hype surrounding this and other probiotics.

With that out of the way, if you do suffer with certain gut or digestive problems, here’s why I would try ActivatedYou. . .

  1. Dr. de Mello really seems to know his stuff
  2. Maggie Q. is pretty, and knows her stuff
  3. Remember Global Healing Center’s list of top-10 healthiest gut bacteria, and how most of them are found in ActivatedYou Probiotic? Yeah, that.
  4. It’s an easy, once-a-day pill/dose
  5. Not only can you take it with alcohol, you should! Kidding, but it could help negate some of the harm you’re doing to your body by drinking.
  6. The reviews, if legitimate, are super solid across the board
  7. There’s a 90-day money-back guarantee
  8. What else are you gonna do with your disposable income? Buy more video games, or shoes you know you don’t need? 😉

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Does ActivatedYou really work? -Joyce

I haven't used it myself, and the experts are mixed about whether or not taking probiotics in general has any real benefit. On top of that, ActivatedYou is more expensive than some other choices. If you do decide to try it, there's a money back guarantee to protect your investment.- Rob

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I just bought Morning Complete which is a powder that you mix with a liquid in the morning. Are there any reviews on this? -carolyn

I haven't reviewed it myself, but here's a link to a review site I trust that has: Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

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  1. Honestly ActivateYou taste was horrid, pooping decreased to every other day at best, gas increased embracing greatly & bloating started when I did not have the issue. I tried, huge failure!

  2. Have you done any reviews on Dr. Axe’s supplements, (cleanses, etc)? I couldn’t find any on your site but I was wondering if I might have missed it?

  3. I would love to try the product for free and give you daily reviews. I have constant gassiness and very irregular bowel movements.

    I am 65 and would be willing to try whatever diet you think is best. Also my budget is very tight so would love to find something that WORKS!! Thank you, Tricia B

  4. So did anyone else get super irritated at the journal entries? STOP EATING DAIRY YOU STUPID IDIOT and expecting a pill to be your cure all!

    Of course it won’t work if you keep that up, especially when you’re lactose intolerant!
  5. Ok, so who is Sydney K? It was so frustrating to read her log.

    Why would you keep consuming dairy products when your body is clearly telling you, loud and clear that it is not good for it? This is how cancer can occur in the body.

    You’re constantly causing inflammation to your body, in spite of the warning signs it is giving you. A pill, even strong probiotics cannot fix that.

    People experiencing these symptoms need to remove dairy from their diet and then can start trying to reintroduce it to their body after their guts are healed. I would hate for anyone to follow her lead, thinking it’s okay.

    Our bodies always give us feedback on the foods we eat. Please listen to it.

  6. Rob, I think you or your wife or a close relative or friend should try it and let us know if you feel or recognize a difference. That would be really helpful!

    1. Yeah if you read my Bio X4 review, you’ll see that probiotics don’t seem to agree with my stomach. Would you be interested in testing it out free of charge? All I would ask is that you give us weekly updates in return, email me at or just comment back and let me know either way!
      1. To anyone else seeing the above comment, we’ve actually found someone to test out ActivatedYou.

        We’ll be updating this review with her results in the next few weeks, so be sure to bookmark this page to check for updates!
        1. I am thinking you may need more “user” reviews. I agree with the comment above.

          Reading how Sydney continued to consume dairy was hurting MY stomach! It seemed a lot of her problems were on the day after her dairy consumption.

          So maybe someone that is following a diet that won’t upset their stomach may be better to review it? I have just started and do not want a free bottle from it, but I own a gym and am testing it out for my own members.

          I would be more than happy to give a daily review for a couple of weeks if you are interested. You can email me.

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