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Scrolling through my yahoo news feed earlier this morning, I came across a sponsored post that stated to “Take 1 before bed, wake up rested and less bloated”.

peptiva ad on yahoo

I never really wake up “bloated”, but there are some mornings where the fog just never seems to lift.

I wouldn’t mind waking up more rested, especially after a night of binge watching House of Cards on Netflix.

Additionally, I haven’t been feeling my usual, energetic self lately.

Because of that and wanting to get myself back to normal, I was intrigued and had to take a little deeper of a look.

Clicking on the ad, I was taken to a sponsored post that talked about the importance of your gut on maintaining a healthy body. content/uploads/2017/10/peptiva

The supplement in question was a probiotic pill called Peptiva.

It was clearly labeled as an advertisement, but the ad copy left me intrigued.

Could my recent lack of energy be attributed to my poor gut health?

I’m not going to lie, I don’t have a TON of experience with probiotic pills.

I’ve only tested a handful of them, including Bio X4, and I’ve done a bit of research on the various probiotic pills that are sold in stores like GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS.

I also understand why they may (or may NOT) be helpful in improving your digestive system, and my wife seems to swear by them.

Let’s see what Peptiva has to say about the matter.

1.  What is Peptiva?

Note:  I was recently contacted by one of the founders of Peptiva, Brandon Adcock.

He wanted to share some info about Peptiva in regards to how it was formulated and why it costs what it does.

It’s actually a really interesting and insightful look into the “backstory” of how supplements like this are developed, check it out below:

“The project started as a blank slate for Dr. Katz to create the optimal probiotic.  His thesis boils down to everyone is taking probiotics at the wrong time.

They’re taking them in the morning then dumping junk food, soda, stresses of the day, and everything else into their system which isn’t creating the optimal environment for the probiotic to work.  So after further research, we found that one of the most common reasons people have trouble sleeping is because gut and intestinal issues.

Two of the most common items purchased at GNC with probiotics are melatonin and stress relief ingredients.

We decided that people didn’t even realize the connection and we need to pair the 2 together.

By combining the two, we can ensure the consumer is put into a restful state to create the optimal environment for the probiotic to work.  The byproduct of this is that you also get a great night’s sleep.

The product made an in ultra-high end facility in the UK that uses a patented freeze drying process to lock in the stability of the probiotics.

Most probiotics labels their CFU count as “time of manufacturing”, which essentially means that when you buy it there is no guarantee about what you’re going to get.

On top of the sleep angle and that we’re using clinically studied probiotic strains at the specific clinically studied dose, we guarantee a CFU count, at the time of expiration (18 months), even at room temperature storage.

This requires a lot more investment and drives up the price of the product.  If you look at all of the large low cost probiotic brands, they are all labeled as “time of manufacturing”.

We don’t believe in this want to guarantee a standard that our customer will get.   Based on storage, timing, and heat conditions, those probiotics may only have 10% of label claim left when a customer buys them.

This a huge problem with probiotics that most consumers don’t understand.”

According to their official website (, Peptiva is a multi-strain probiotic matrix that is designed to help:

  • Renew digestive health
  • Target digestive discomfort at the source
  • Restore balance as you sleep

It was apparently developed by Dr. David L. Katz, a director and co-founder of the Yale preventative research center, and director of integrative medicine at griffin hospital, located in Shelton, Connecticut.

Peptiva is designed to be taken at night, and is formulated with the following ingredients:

2.  Proprietary Priobitic Matrix (26 billion cfu) content/uploads/2017/10/untitled

  • Lab4 Clinical Cultures:  Lactobacillus acidophilus (ATCC SD6865), Lactobacillus acidophilus (ATCC SD6866), Bifidobacterium bifidum (ATCC SD6869), Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (ATCC SD6870)
  • Active microbiome blend: Lactobacillus rhamnosus IMC501, Lactobacillus paracasei IMC502
  • GABA
  • Valerian Root Extract
  • Melatonin (immediate release)
  • Melatonin (delayed release)

From my perspective, this looks like a decent formula.

Here’s a snapshot of the Peptiva label:

peptiva ingredients label

It definitely contains a suitable amount of probiotics to get the job done, and the addition of the sleep aids is definitely a plus.

I also like the fact that Peptiva is not pumping a HUGE amount of those sleep aids into their formula.

There’s a lot of sleep aids out there that will put anywhere from 2 to as much as 8 mg of melatonin into their supplements, which is WAY more than the recommended dose.

Too much melatonin like this has a tendency to disrupt your sleep cycle, and can often leave you feeling groggy the next day.  (Source)

Peptiva only contains a total of 1.5 mg of melatonin, so you should be safe in that regard.

The only Peptiva side effects you may encounter would be the same ones you would get with just about any probiotic.  (Source)

This includes digestive issues like gas, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, bloating, and nausea.

These tend to be mild in nature (if at ALL), and in most cases is a sign that the product may actually be working.

Our Personal Results content/uploads/2017/10/untitled

We sent a free box of Peptiva to one of our site visitors via our STEPuP program.  Her name is Laci L., and she has been putting together her thoughts on the product so far.

Follow along on her diary below:

First use: 9/3/18

To start, I am a 23-year-old female who suffers from both IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and insomnia. As many knows, IBS is different for different sufferers. My problem is that I CANNOT go, often 2-3 days at a time without relief. Certain foods, such as dairy, and others that I’m still trying to identify, cause severe bloating/gas/abdominal pain. There are many nights that my body needs to go, I’m in pain after a few days’ worths of meals sitting in my stomach, and I cannot go. My doctor has suggested I use various things to treat it, but unfortunately, there is no one solution to IBS, it is trial and error. In the past few months, I have started using a probiotic (I won’t name here), and it helped with my symptoms. I was then given Peptiva for a trial run and stopped using my previous probiotic for about five days.

My insomnia prevents me from getting a full night of sleep. Falling asleep is usually not a problem for me, taking me anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the night. Note – I am training for a half marathon, so I am getting extreme exercise in most days, which helps with falling asleep. But I wake up twice a night consistently but can fall back asleep quickly. I wear a Garmin watch that tracks my sleep, and it shows I am barely getting 30 minutes of deep sleep per night. I was excited to use Peptiva as a sleeping aid.


The past two nights I have used the product, and I haven’t noticed a drastic change, but it is very early. I am not falling asleep any quicker or noticing that I am “going” more in the bathroom. But I am not suffering from any gas/bloating/abdominal pain anymore. That could be related.


I have finally noticed the effects of the sleeping aid. It isn’t rare for me to ignore my sleepiness, as I am a night owl. Many nights I want to clean up my room or scroll through my phone. For me, Peptiva is NOT forcing me to go to bed. I never feel my body being so tired, even 30 minutes after taking it that I have to fall asleep. But I do notice myself getting a bit more tired. The biggest effect is that my body/mind feel very heavy after taking it. When I am in a bed, usually 30 minutes after I have taken it, I feel like my body is wanting to fall into a very deep sleep. I’m not sure how to explain the sensation, but I feel heavy. I like it this feeling! A positive for me.


I have been using the probiotic for a week now. I forgot to take it one night over the weekend, and I noticed I wasn’t as regular. I like the product, but I’m not sure if I would buy this again considering the price. It is a good sleep aid, but not significantly better than regular melatonin that I get from CVS for less than $10. The steep price is not worth it for being a slightly better sleep aid than natural supplements.

As for the probiotic, I have noticed a positive difference in my body. I am not experiencing as many IBS symptoms, which I believe is attributed to this product and healthier eating on my part. This product helps with stomach problems and does what it claims. But before I started this product, I was using a probiotic that was more reasonably priced, and I believe it worked better than Peptiva. With my previous probiotic, I noticed myself going to the bathroom immediately after work, which is relieving myself after two full meals (breakfast and lunch). This is not normal for me, as sometimes I can have 6+ meals in my stomach before I can go. With the last probiotic, I even went to the bathroom at work, which NEVER happens to me. Peptiva did not provide the same drastic results. Using Peptiva I still go the bathroom every single day, but it is not immediately after work. It is sometimes after I’ve had my third meal for the day.

Week 1 – Do I recommend the product?

Yes, I do. It does what it claims, but I don’t think it is the best product on the market. It helps me fall asleep a bit quicker, in a natural way. I like it because it doesn’t feel like I’m taking a prescription sleep aid that knocks you out (and is addictive). My Garmin watch is also reporting a small increase in my deep sleep for the week. When I remember to take melatonin, I usually get similar results, but maybe a little less than when I use Peptiva.

The product successful does what it claims as probiotic. I assume it is doing all of the right things on the inside, helping with good gut bacteria, etc. I’m just not sure it is worth the steep price.

Week 1 – Would I buy again?

No, I think I can get similar if not better results for cheaper.

Week 2 – 9/17

CON: Something that I didn’t think of before that really annoys me about this product, that I also love about this product, is that it is a sleep aid. Obviously, it is great to have this product at night to help me sleep! But on the other hand, you cannot take this at any other time of the day. I used to have great results awhile back taking a probiotic on an empty stomach right when I woke up. It really kick started my system. Sometimes after a big meal and I’m feeling overly full, I want to pop a probiotic. You can’t do that with Peptiva, it is exclusively for night time use. Sometimes I want to use a probiotic in the morning AND at night, and I can’t do that with this product, which is frustrating for me.

I have been taking the product for a few weeks now. So far, so good! My digestion seems to be improving, and I notice I really am not suffering from bloating from most meals anymore. Before I started using this product I had bloating or gas at least once a day from a meal. When I do experience discomfort after a meal I am now able to determine which food is causing the upset. I really think Peptiva has been helping with the bacteria in my gut and is doing more for me than just making it easier to fall asleep at night.

Visit The Official Peptiva Site Here:

As the product has built in my system I’ve noticed it working even better than at the beginning. Two weeks in and I am experiencing less disrupted sleep than before. At this point, I’m not sure if melatonin provided as much sleep aid as Peptiva. Last week I argued that this is a glorified melatonin, but I’m starting to think I was wrong. Stay tuned.

2 weeks in, I really like the product. If you are wanting a good probiotic to improve your gut and quality of sleep, and the price is not an issue for you, then this product is for you.

If you are on a tighter continue reading:

  • The product is expensive. There is no denying it. But to get the same results (probiotic and sleep aid) you will need to purchase two products. This is a two-in-one deal, which is less work on your end.

  • If you find a cheaper probiotic that does the same job, then yay! You saved some money. But if you are also wanting the sleep aid component, calculate the cost of a comparable sleep aid.

  • This is a safe, non-addictive product that helps you sleep, keep that in mind when you shop around for alternatives.

Again – if you are on a budget like myself, I don’t have an answer for you yet. For simplicity, it may be worth the money because it does provide results and is just one product to take every night.

3.  Peptiva Reviews

This is where things start to turn a bit south.

Apart from their website, the only independent Peptiva reviews I could find were on Amazon, where it was rated an average of 2.2 out of 5 stars.

peptiva reviews on amazon

Other than a couple of people that noted some positive results, the vast majority were complaining about the price.

peptiva cost

And at almost $60 for a 30 capsule bottle, I sort of have to agree with them.

If you run a search for probiotic pills on Amazon, you’ll see that the vast majority are priced in the $10 – $25 range.

It is ultimately up to you to decide if the potential positive effects and results that it can have on your life are worth the hefty price tag, or if you would rather take a lot at some of the less expensive competitors.

At $60 per box, you’re looking at a 42% – 160% between Peptiva and most other Probiotic pills.

I can understand their angle.

Most of these probiotic supplements are literally just that…probiotics.

They don’t include additional ingredients like melatonin, GABA, and Valerian root.

However, Peptiva does.

Does that justify such a huge price increase?

That’s up to the individual to make that decision, but based on the reviews I’m seeing here, they may have priced themselves out of the market on Amazon.

4.  Who Makes Peptiva? content/uploads/2017/10/untitled

According to my research, Peptiva is owned by a private company called Direct Digital LLC. They were founded by Brandon Adcock and Paul Reichelt, and Dr. David L. Katz was brought on recently as their chief scientific advisor (more on him below).

Their official website is the following:

This company is behind many other popular supplement brands such as Nugenix, Instaflex, and Lumiday, all of which we have personally tested.

5.  Who is Dr. David Katz? content/uploads/2017/10/untitled

According to Wikipedia, Dr. David Katz was born on Feb. 20, 1963 in Los Angeles, California, and he is a physician and founding director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center.

He earned his B.A. degree from Dartmouth College, his M.D. from Albert Einstein College of medicine, and his MPH from Yale Univ. School of Public Health.

According to his website, he has published roughly 200 research scientific articles, as well as 15 books.

The most notable of these is “Disease Proof:  Slash Your Risk Of Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and More – By 80 Percent”, which as of this review had 125 reviews on Amazon.

Here are a few quotes from Dr. Katz regarding the importance of probiotics:

“The natural way to get ‘probiotics’ would be exposure throughout the day.  They would enter through the mouth all during the day, and likely settle into the large bowel during the night, and colonize then.  By providing a concentrated dose of commensal bacteria at night, we are attempting to reproduce this native pattern.

Also, during the day, a probiotic supplement will be affected by changes in movement through the GI tract at different times, with variations induced by food intake.  During the night, there is a relatively constant state of GI muscle activity (peristalsis), and thus a stable environment for bacterial colonization.

Fundamentally, the human body replenishes itself in sleep.  This is the logical time to replenish the microbiome, without sudden changes in insulin levels, stress hormones, digestive activity.  Probiotic bacteria encounter a gut mucosa at relative rest, in its own ‘replenishment’ mode, and can populate the mucosa accordingly.”

6.  Where else can you buy it?

Apart from Amazon, you can find Peptiva both on their website,, as well as GNC.

They also offer a 15 day trial here.

Related Article:  How To Cancel A Supplement Free Trial (and get your money back)

Your best bet, from a cost perspective, is to buy it on their official site.

At GNC (just like Amazon), it costs $60 for a box of 30 capsules.

peptiva price on gnc

On their website, that very same bottle is sold at the same price.

peptiva price on their website

HOWEVER, Peptiva does offer a substantial discount if you purchase more than one box.

For example, if you buy 2, you get 1 free.  This brings the price down to an average of $49.99 per box.


peptiva discounts

If you buy 3, you’ll actually get 2 free.  This brings the price down to an average of $44.99 per box, making it even cheaper.

However, this is NOT what’s reflected when you go to checkout.

For example, we’ve already established that a one month supply of Peptiva costs $60.

When you select the “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” deal, that should come out to a total of $120, right?

Well, when I did that this is what shows up:

peptiva pricing issues

The same thing happens when you select the “Buy 3 Get 2 Free” deal.  Based on the one month supply pricing, it should come out to $180 (3 Boxes X $60 a box = $180).

And this is what ends up showing up:

peptiva pricing issues 2

I may have to shoot them a message and let them know this pricing is way out of wack.

7.  Conclusion

Peptiva certainly does a good job at differentiating themselves from other supplements in this category.

It was developed by a doctor, so you KNOW it will contain what they say it contains.

It contains more than just a simple probiotic formula.

It’s sold at GNC.

But does the high price justify all of this.

The only other thing I wanted to mention was that they are currently offering samples for their product.

This might actually be the way to go, given the big initial price tag.

One thing I would caution you on is that it’s really not just a “sample”.

It’s a trial, which basically means that you will have 18 days to try the product out.

If you do nothing, they will charge you the full price for the product ($59.99).

It’s all right here in the terms and conditions:

peptiva terms and conditions

Cancelling is easy, all you have to do is email them at or call their customer support phone number at 800-355-6050 and tell them you’d like to stop the trial.

Again, this may be the better route to take so that you can accurately judge whether or not the supplement is right for you, without having to fork over a significant amount of cash upfront.

We’ll be testing this supplement soon, so stay tuned.

Have You Used Peptiva?  Leave Your Review Below!

Visit The Official Peptiva Site Here

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Can Peptiva be taken if you have heart issues like heart failure and taking heart meds? -Lee

Because of your medical condition, you'll need to check with your doctor to be sure any supplement is safe for you to take.- Rob

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Can I take 2 tablets of Peptiva? One tablet didn't help. Does it take a while for it to work? I didn't get any sleep when took one pill. -Gary

There is no warning against taking more than the recommended dose, so you'll probably be fine taking 2. I wouldn't go any higher than that.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
14 out of 14 people found this question helpful.

How do I cancel the subscription to Peptiva? -John

Call the company you ordered from and let them know you want to cancel your subscription. If you're having trouble finding their number, check the transaction on your credit card. There's a good chance it's listed there.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
12 out of 14 people found this question helpful.

Peptiva does work for me. I am able to relax get a good night's rest without feeling groggy in the morning. I had trouble sleeping before. I do seem to notice a slight improvement with bloating as well. Is this product tested by the FDA? -Kim

As a supplement, Peptiva does not need or even qualify for FDA testing or approval.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
9 out of 10 people found this question helpful.

Does Peptiva interact with any med's, and would any of the ingredients interfere with heart palpitations? -Ina

These are questions for your doctor. I don't have the knowledge of pharmaceuticals or medical conditions to know what's safe to use with each.- Rob

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  1. I tried canceling my Peptiva order, it’s difficult to find contact info for Peptiva. I got the number from my CC statement.

    I called the number several times, only to have my call continuously drop. Frustrated, I had to cancel my credit card, to stop the transaction from continuing.

    1. OMG Do NOT order this product! If you order a trial, they will lock you in forever!

      I ordered the trial for $4 and then cancelled because I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. Needless to say I had no reason to continue with this product.

      Months later I notice a withdrawal from my bank acct for $64 from this company! So after several calls I was promised a refund.

      Instead, the next week I receive two packages of peptiva product wrapped in an unidentified package with a sticky note with my name printed on it in magic marker. I call the company again and I was told that I wouldn’t get refunded until I returned this package (which I never ordered to begin with).

      I returned it, and it’s been another 5 weeks and still no refund! I have had to file fraudulent charges against this company.

      They finally sent me an email promising me my $64 refund and STILL have not refunded my account! They balmed the UPS for the packaging incident, they blamed my bank for not refunding my funds.

      My bank is following through with fraud charges; all for $64. This company is a SCAM!
  2. I am almost to the end of my 15-day free sample of Peptiva, and I really enjoy it. I was sleeping terribly.

    I was waking up every few hours, and now I sleep like a baby. I was a bit shocked when I saw the charge for my month’s supply, but I have felt so rested since taking Peptiva that I am going to continue taking it for the next month.

    I have noticed that I am more regular and less bloated. I’m impressed with their thoughtful responses to concerns about the ingredients in their product.

    I want to test some of the sleep aids on their own to see if that is truly what I need, but for now, Peptiva really works for me.
  3. I just took my first pill of Peptiva last night. I slept well, and I suffered no adverse results.

    I am also on a fixed income and I find the price is too high. I need a more friendly price.

    Can you help with this?
    1. Hey Nancy,

      I’m glad it’s working for you. Sorry, I don’t have any influence on the price.

  4. I don’t know what these ingredients are: hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, but the rest of these ingredients are pretty much deal killers.
    Why would they create such a great product and add these?

    Some other ingredients in Peptiva include hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin, silica, starch, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, FDC Red #40 and FDC Blue #1.
    1. Hey Suzanne,
      They’re fillers used in many supplements, but you’re right, if you’re avoiding such additives, you won’t want these.
      1. Why are these fillers used? Why would anyone care what color their probiotics are such that they are adding dyes?

        Take a look at this article:

        Red #40 (Allura Red)

        This is the most widely used and consumed dye. It may accelerate the appearance of immune system tumors in mice. It also causes hypersensitivity (allergy-like) reactions in some consumers and might trigger hyperactivity in children. What it’s in: Beverages, bakery goods, dessert powders, candies, cereals, foods, drugs, and cosmetics.

        Blue #1 (Brilliant Blue)

        An unpublished study suggested the possibility that Blue 1 caused kidney tumors in mice. What it’s in: Baked goods, beverages, dessert powders, candies, cereal, drugs, and other products.

        Even if the studies aren’t conclusive, given all the other toxins to which we are exposed, why on earth add to that with something that was created to improve health? It’s like giving with one hand and taking away with the other.

        In my opinion that is really, really stupid, and this guy is at Yale.

        This is extremely disappointing. My father has Parkinson’s Disease and has horrible sleep. I was going to recommend this to him until I saw these additives.

        I wonder if this is why some people are made worse by this product, due to their sensitivities to these additives.

        Do you know how to reach Dr. Katz? I’d like to ask him about this and suggest that they consider removing as many of these additives as possible, certainly the dyes.
        1. I found his web site. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to reach him through the Yale Alumni directory.

          Thank you.
          1. I was able to contact Dr. Katz through the Yale Alumni directory and he responded almost right away. With his permission, I am posting his reply and will post again if the company replies:

            Hi, Suzanne.

            I will forward your concerns to the company. I love the product, and take it, but I also prefer entirely ‘clean’ supplements.

            I was involved in the formulation of active ingredients, but am not involved in the manufacture, so can’t speak to the reasons for specific choices. I expect you will hear back directly.

            My best,

          2. Sorry, thought I posted this here a while back. This is the response I received from the company on June 2016, 2018:

            Hi Suzanne,

            Thank you for your question regarding additional ingredients in Peptiva Plus Sleep Support.

            While we generally seek to include the fewest additional ingredients in our formulations as possible, there are ingredients in Peptiva needed in the production process to ensure manufacturing equipment works properly. Specifically, regarding colorants, many of our customers take multiple nutritional supplements and appreciate being able to easily identify and differentiate between them.

            They may separate them into daily “pill holders” and/or remove them from their primary packaging when traveling. We considered printing the product name on the capsules, but this would also require some amount of colorant, and may not be easy for older customers to read, given the small size.

            Thus, we made the decision that the relatively small amounts of these ingredients needed to provide the visible differentiation many customers desire would be an acceptable tradeoff to the majority of customers while providing an important benefit to many of them. Of course, we understand and respect your perspective on this matter.

            Hopefully, you can appreciate that many such difficult decisions must be made in bringing new products to market, not all of which will be agreed to by everyone.

            Thank you,
            Peptiva Support
    2. Finally, someone sees the deception. The fillers run up the price, (not that the cost for them is justified) and make the pill larger so you think it will work.

      Yes our human minds work like that. Here is a good rule of thumb.

      If humans made it , added anything other than a natural product, you are risking your health.

      You think to yourself, I can’t sleep. I’ll just take the melatonin.

      I’m bloated, I’ll try adding prune juice warmed before bed or a natural probiotic without any fillers. Their claim on taking it at night is a valid one, however, the added ingredients, cost etc. is nothing more than a poor shot at marketing to convince you they too have found the miracle cure.

      Something else to think about; this product like tens of thousands of others will run a short course at that price, then will decrease and disappear.

      It is my opinion that it is a scheme to make a fast buck, without any validity. Where is the field testing the blind studies?

      Mr. Miller, I am so happy to have come across your site. I applaud the time and work you are doing to help us all out when it comes to things of this matter.

      Keep up the great work. I actually saw an ad to call for a free sample, but I always research anything I will be putting in my body.

      I am an RN and know too much for my own good a lot of the time. I will be bookmarking your site for sure.

      Thank you.
  5. We need to understand that we are all different. What works for some people might not work for other people.

    Just give it a try. If it does not work, return it and cancel it.

    Keep trying different things until you find one that works for you. We all have different things going on in our bodies.

    We have various illnesses, medications, allergies, and chemistry to contend with. Because of this fact, it is best to try out new products before actually paying all that money for them.

  6. I don’t understand your math on the multiple bottle purchase discount. If I buy 2 bottles for $59.99 and get 1 free I’m spending $120 for 3 bottles making it $40 a bottle.

    Where if I spend $59.99 a bottle for 3 bottles and get 1 free I’m spending $180 for 4 bottles making it $45 a bottle. Why is buying 3 and getting 1 free better than buying 2 and getting 1 free?

    What am I missing?
    1. Yeah I see what you’re saying. I just revisited the official Peptiva site and it looks like the original “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” was a typo on their part.

      It now says “Buy 3 Get 2 Free”, which brings the price down to $45 per box average. I should have caught that the first time around, good catch!

      I’ll get the review updated.

    2. So to think of it, their pricing is all over the place. I just ran the numbers a second time and it’s not making sense.

      I’m going to update the article above shortly to explain everything.
  7. Previous probiotics that I have taken did not contain wheat or other gluten. I made the mistake of buying this product thinking that it would be gluten-free. After searching the packaging and labeling again, I could not find any Gluten Free language.

    Somewhere there must be wheat. I woke with a screaming migraine, which is my allergic reaction.

    It was my mistake for choosing this product.
  8. I was very constipated by taking Peptiva, and I did not sleep better. I was up every hour on the hour, on the hour from 12 to 1 am.

    Where do I go now? Can I get a refund for false claims?

    1. Hey Iris,

      I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. According to their website, you should be able to get a refund if you contact them within 30 days at this phone number: 1-800-355-6050.

    2. This is just a note to warn you of ordering online. Make sure you request your refund within the allotted time.

      It is also a good idea to write down whom you talked to, and the date, and keep all your records of when you ordered it. I have dealt with several companies and ordering their products online.

      It is a true nightmare to get your money back. Please make sure you really want to try their product.

      Best of luck to you. I do hope that if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back, as soon as possible.

      Karen G.

  9. I have tried Peptiva and it seems to work for me, but I have started to notice bruising in my arms. I am getting yellowish blotches which hurt a little if I press on my skin.

    I am just wondering if this is a side effect.
  10. This is day two of the Peptiva. Last night was so bad.

    I couldn’t sleep until 4:30 a.m. I took the Peptiva at 9p.m.

    I ended up taking a Lorazepam. My roommate got tired of hearing the washer and dryer going!

    Is that normal? I am almost scared to try night number three.

    1. Hey Linn,

      Sounds like it’s not working out for you, in which case you wouldn’t be alone. There are plenty of negative reviews on

      1. Thanks for the return email. So, it probably is the Peptiva.

        I’m so disappointed. Why would it keep me awake?

        My guts are so bad and I really counted on it to work! Thanks again, Linn

    2. Hey, Rob,

      I had to give Peptiva one last night. I took it at about 3 and now it is almost 9 and I am pretty messed up.

      It feels like I ate 100-speed pills from the 70’s. I am 64 so I remember.

      Anyway, do you have any other suggestions for what I can take?

      Again, thanks so much, Linn
      1. That’s pretty weird. There aren’t any stimulants in Peptiva, and I’ve never heard of probiotics causing insomnia.

        Peptiva was the only thing you took last night?
    1. Hey Shonna,

      I don’t know of any issues between the two, but since Ambien is a prescription medication, you should check with your doctor or pharmacist about any potential contraindications.
  11. I have to say Peptiva has been a blessing to me. Right away on the first night, I felt the effects of the help with sleep.

    It made me feel relaxed. I have been suffering with bowel issues.

    I would eat something and within 10 min of so have to run to bathroom. I am now having regular bowels.

    I am so pleased. It is however expensive.

    I will have to try to make it where I can continue using this.
  12. No, Peptiva did not work at all for me. I do not sleep any better and I’m very constipated by it.

    I hope it works better for others because it is too expensive and does not work.
  13. I talked to a representative at Peptiva because I couldn’t afford the price. I liked the product but it was too high so they dropped my price to $39LEANdot95.
  14. I suffer from insomnia. I have for approximately thirty years.

    I am a healthy 56 year old widow of 16 years. I wish I would have read the reviews before I purchased this product.

    I did read the terms and I am cancelling on Monday, 10/23/2017. I have tried everything to sleep, and numerous medicines plus natural supplements that gave me nightmares.

    Help, I do not know what to do! My insurance does not cover a sleep study and I am on a fixed budget.

    Thank you, Michelle

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