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It happens suddenly and unexpectedly….

You log in to your credit card or bank account to pay your bills, when all of a sudden you see a charge you don’t recognize.

You run a quick google search for the merchant, and then you realize…

You’ve just been charged for a supplement you “thought” you were getting for free.

In a lot of cases, our site gets mixed up with a lot of these scam free trials.

You may google something like “jacked antler website” and come across our site in the search results. content/uploads/2018/09/jacked antler website

People will see our site, click on it, and then full out the contact form telling us they want their money back.

jacked antler cancellation email

Even though we put “3 BIG Reasons To Avoid Jacked Antler” right in the title… content/uploads/2018/09/dont buy jacked

People somehow still think we’re associated with them.

I get about 2 dozen of these emails per week, and it’s beyond frustrating sometimes.

I’ve decided to create this post to help eliminate (or at the very least, reduce) the amount of these emails I get.

I’ve also decided to write it because, like you, I’ve been scammed by free trials in the past.

I know what it feels like to have your hard earned money ripped out of your bank account and into the account of a scammer.

I’m going to show you how to F#$K them (not literally, of course)

Here’s what you need to do to cancel your supplement trial (and possibly get a refund).

Step 1: Identify Who Exactly Charged You

This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

The first way is to check out free list of free trial cancellation phone numbers. We have customer service phone numbers for close to 100 supplement free trials and counting.

If you don’t see the phone number listed there, or the number we have listed doesn’t work…

Google the name of the supplement + website

This is not as easy as just googling the name of the supplement + phone number.

Let’s take the male enhancement supplement Nitridex as an example.

Look what happens when you google “nitridex phone number“.

nitridex phone number

You have to google the name of the supplement and then the term website to get the closest possible match. content/uploads/2018/09/nitridex

Oftentimes you won’t actually get the ACTUAL website, but you’ll get an affiliate site that’s promoting it.

Just click on one of the banners or links that say “Rush My Trial” and it will take you to their website 50% of the time.

affiliate site promoting zyntix

Look on your credit card statement

Sometimes this requires a little digging.

Start by going to the email you might have used and search for the name of the supplement. content/uploads/2018/09/search for

If that doesn’t work, search something like “Customer Support”, and look for an email that doesn’t look “normal”. content/uploads/2018/09/customer

Once you do that, open the email and look at the date you ordered the product. content/uploads/2018/09/date i

Now, go back to your credit card statement and look for your transactions on that date.

Specifically, you’ll be looking for a charge that’s somewhere near $5, so:

  • $4.95
  • $4.99
  • $4.97
  • etc.

Now, with Wells Fargo (my bank) you’ll see that they actually list the phone number in the transaction itself.

leanfire xt phone number on cc statement
Note the phone number: 877-492-7243

At first glance it doesn’t exactly “look” like the phone number, but trust me, it is.

If none of the above works…Call your bank

If you’ve tried everything listed above and you STILL can’t find the phone number, call your bank.

You can easily find this number on the back of your credit card. content/uploads/2018/09/credit card number on back of

If you can’t seem to find your card, here’s a list of customer service phone numbers for some of the bigger branches:

Wells Fargo: 866-867-5568
Bank Of America: 888-809-7321
JP Morgan: 800-935-9935
Citibank: 800-627-3999
PNC Bank: 888-762-2265
Capitol One: 800-955-7070
BB&T: 800-226-5228
Sun Trust: 800-786-8787
HSBC: 800-975-4722
TD Bank: 800-937-2000

Note: If your bank isn’t listed here, click here for a full list of 1-800 numbers of all major banks.

Once you get through to them, you’ll want to say something like this:

Hi There, my name is So and So. I was looking over my credit card statement and noticed a suspicious transaction on (insert whatever date the transaction occurred). Can you help?

Not only will the bank operator be able to give you the actual number of the supplement in question, but they may even offer to put you through on a 3-way call.

I’ve had this done in the past with a supplement company that was giving me the run around.

Step 2: Call Them To Cancel Your Trial And Get A Refund

So now that you have the phone number, it’s time to call them up and see what the deal is.

It’s important that you try to remain as calm as possible. content/uploads/2018/09/keep calm

Shouting and / or cursing at them over the phone isn’t going to help your cause.

I know you’re pissed off that you’ve been charged, but trust me on this.

Calling and speaking to them in a pleasant, but firm, tone will give you the best odds at getting a refund.

Here’s how you should proceed with the call:

Tip #1:Tell them that you’re recording the phone conversation for your own records.

There’s 2 ways to go about this:

  1. You really CAN record the phone call, or
  2. You bluff that you are

If you want to REALLY record the phone call (which isn’t completely necessary), there are several apps that can help you.

If you have an iPhone, here’s a couple (all free):

If you have a Samsung, here’s a free one available on google play:

Even if you’re not recording the conversation, this will immediately put them on the hook.

If they even THINK you’re recording the conversation, they’ll be less likely to try and up-sell you and / or try to get you to keep the product.

It will make the call MUCH shorter, trust me.

Tip #2: Immediately ask to speak to a manger.

The simple fact is this…

The first person you get on the phone is some low-level customer service rep that couldn’t give 2 shits that you’ve been charged. content/uploads/2018/09/call
Hi there….”John”?

They’re provided with a script to try and get you to keep the supplement, and / or will just offer you a discount.

Be polite, but firm…

Tell them that you would like to speak to their manager because you have a specific complaint that needs to be addressed.

Tip #3:Tell them you spoke with your bank and they noted similar complaints from other customers.

Once you get the manager on the phone, now it’s go-time.

Just like with the customer service rep, you need to be calm, cool, and collected. content/uploads/2018/09/calm cool and

Shouting at them will just put them on the defensive, and make them not want to honor any of your requests.

Remind him or her that the conversation is being recorded for your own records.

You’ll want to make it clear to them that you’ve spoken to your bank and they have noticed similar transactions coming from their company, and that they are involved in multiple disputes.

Again, this may not necessarily be true, but it will plant the seed in the managers head that you’ve done your research and you mean business.

Tell them that you had no idea you were going to be charged the full price for the supplement, and you would like a full refund.

Tip #4: If the manager won’t budge…

This is where the gloves may have to come off. content/uploads/2018/09/gloves come

Tell them that you will report their company to your states attorney generals office and the FTC.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, scares these guys more than the feds. (except maybe the credit card companies)

Pitch it like this:

“Ok (managers first name), here’s what I’m going to do. Since you won’t offer me a refund for this, I’m going to contact my state attorney generals office and tell them about this. Then, once I get off the phone with him, I’m going to call the FTC. I’m sure they would love to know that you’ve been hiding your terms and conditions in very fine print at the bottom of the order page.”

That last part is key because in 99% of the cases, this is true.

The FTC requires that merchants make it CRYSTAL CLEAR how much they’ll be charging you, when they’ll be charging you, and how OFTEN they’ll be charging you.

Slapping the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page in a very light grey font and making it nearly impossible to read isn’t considered “crystal clear”.

By the way, this threat is 100% legit.

If they don’t offer you a refund I REALLY would contact your state attorney generals office and the FTC.

It’s not as scary as it sounds, here’s links to both:

List of states attorney generals:

FTC: Submit a complaint

90% of the time, just the mere threat of running to the FTC and States Attorney is enough for them to relent and give you a refund.

Sometimes they will offer to just give you 50% of your money back, or extend your trial by another month.

Stick to your guns! content/uploads/2018/09/stick to your

Tell them this charge was completely unexpected, the product did NOT work for you, and you want a full refund.

They may still require you to send the unused product back (which is legal), but you won’t be on the hook for the $100’s you may have possibly been already charged.

Click Here to find out what you should do if you have to send the product back.

Common Problems You May Encounter Along The Way

Problem #1: They won’t put you on the phone with a manager

This is usually the first problem that you’ll encounter.

They’ll say things like:

“Our manager is busy / unavailable / not here at the moment, how can I help?”

Just tell them you’ll wait.

If they put you on hold, give them 5 minutes.

If 5 minutes passes and you’re still not on the phone with the manager, hang up and call back.

In the case where they’re “unavailable” or “not here”, give them your phone number and tell them they expect a call by the end of the day.

Tell them that if you don’t hear from them by the end of the day, you’ll be contacting the FTC and State Attorney General.

Once you utter those words, 95% of the time the manager will mysteriously become available.

Problem #2: The manager won’t budge

Sometimes these companies are located in countries like Panama, Costa Rica, or El Salvador, where the words “FTC” don’t resonate. content/uploads/2018/09/who

They don’t give 2 shits about the FTC, or any other government organization for that matter.

In that case, you’re going to have to tell them that you’ll just handle the matter with your bank. (See below on how to do this)

Give them a second to respond, and if they shrug it off then you’ll proceed to the next step.

How To Get Your Money Back From Your Bank

In the HIGHLY unlikely event that you have a company that refuses to cancel your trial and/or give you a refund, you may have to get your bank or credit card company involved. (for real this time)

In this scenario, you would simply call your bank or credit card company and explain the situation to them.

You would say something like this when you called:

“Hi, my name is (Whatever your first and last name is), I placed an order for a sample of (insert name of supplement here) on (insert date you ordered it) and have contacted for a refund. I would like to file a dispute for this transaction.”

It would also be helpful to have the information on the transaction handy, including:

  • The exact amount you were billed and on what dates
  • The name of the transaction
  • The website url for the company (this can be used to prove that they’re hiding their free trial terms and conditions in very fine print)

If you have any questions on any of this, or need help with cancelling a specific supplement, I’m always here to help.

Just contact me here and I’ll do what I can.

What To Do If You Have To Send The Product Back

In probably close to 70% of the supplement free trials I’ve ordered over the years, I’ve been required to send the remaining or unused portion back to the company I’ve ordered it from.

They will make it explicitly clear when you call to cancel on whether or not you need to do this.

If you have to send it back…

You’ll receive what is called an RMA #, which is short for Return Merchandise Authorization.

This is a series of digits that you WILL have to write on the outside of the package that your sending the supplement back in.

write the rma number on the package

When you’re sending it back, make sure you:

  • Use FedEx, UPS, or USPS. The smaller delivery couriers can be notoriously slow to deliver and / or may get lost in transit.
  • WRITE THE RMA # on the outside of the box, preferably in more than one spot.

This last step ensures that the supplement company can’t pull a fast one and say they never received the package, and therefore, won’t give you a refund.

If you do NOT have to send it back…

Congratulations….you got yourself a legit free sample of a supplement 🙂

You can toss it in the trash, give it to a friend, take the rest of it, or use the bottle as a stand for your desktop camera like I do. content/uploads/2018/09/alpha fuel xt on a supplement

Just use the experience as a lesson that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

How To Fight Back!

If you followed all the steps above, there’s a 9o% chance that you’ll get your money back.

If you’re still looking to stick it to them, there’s a few other things you can do:

Contact The Better Business Bureau

The better business bureau offers a wealth of resources to fight back against scammers like this, including:

Contacting your bank is still your best bet if you want to get your money back, but the BBB can help lessen the financial pain by giving you peace of mind that you are helping to protect others from falling in to the same trap.

Leave A Comment On Our Site

We have reviews of 1,000’s of products, and many of them are free trials.

Use the search function below and look for the company that charged you.

Once you get to the page, scroll down to the bottom or click “Comments” to leave your experience.

Contact A Lawyer

This is usually only reserved for cases where you may have been charged $1,000’s for a supplement.

It’s extremely rare, but it DOES happen.

Keep in mind that contacting a lawyer can be a VERY expensive and time consuming process, and should only be reserved for the worst of the worst cases.


Like the old saying goes….

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

That certainly rings true when it comes to free trials.

If you REALLY want to get your money back, follow the steps above and leave a comment below to let us know how it went!

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