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Rob Miller | June 9, 2018
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If you’re trying to cancel a free trial, or are looking for a refund for a supplement you recently ordered, WE’RE NOT THE GUYS TO TALK TO.

In fact, we don’t sell anything here on

However, if you’re looking for a phone number for a particular supplement, I’ve created this list below for your convenience.  If there’s any other companies who’s phone number your looking for that isn’t listed, just leave a comment below and we’ll research it for you.

Not sure how to cancel your free trial?  Click here for step by step instructions.

Cancellation Numbers By Company (listed alphabetically):


Adderin – 727-498-4811

Addium – 800-767-4440

Alpha Cut HD – 844-845-8061

Alpha Fuel – 844-845-8061

Alpha Fuel XT – 800-343-9025

Alpha King – 800-429-0415

Alpha Ripped – 800-BE-ALPHA

Alpha T – 800-BE-ALPHA

Alpha Testo Max – 888-342-9097

AlphaTren – 855-511-2251

Alpha X Boost – 800-318-3418

Anabolic RX24 –

Anaconda XL – 855-817-4948

Andro Enhance by Jet – Unknown, Click Here to submit phone number to us


Biomuscle XR – 888-507-9059

Bio Rocket Blast – 855-336-1087

Biotestosterone XR – 888-507-9059

BlackCore Edge – 1-888-535-5789

Brain Plus


ClinaMax – 888-312-9064

Cogniflex – 800-767-4440

Cognifocus – 888-470-0665

Cianix – 888-258-2864


Dyna Storm Pre and Post Workout – 800-210-7831


Elite Test 360 – 877-433-2774

Enhance Mind IQ – 855-279–2433/855-601-7958/866-482-8277/925-273-6871/866-513-4691

Endovex – 855-765-7911

Epic Male Enhancement – Unknown, Click Here to submit phone number to us

ERX Pro – 877-756-6036


FCK Power – 800-496-1038

Force Factor Volcano – 866-44-FORCE

Formula Focus – 855-457-0806


Geniux – 844-202-0521


HGH Factor – 800-587-0888

HT Rush – 1-888-895-5092

Hypertone Force and Excel – 1-888-563-0374;


Instaflex / Instaflex Advanced – 800-436-0920

Intelligex – 888-255-1750

IQ + – 1-844-627-5900


Jacked Antler – 888-808-7939


LeanFire XT – 1-877-204-3263


Max Antler Pro – 844-2ANTLER

MaxGain – 877-773-5152

Max Shred – 855-660-1956

Max Synapse – 800-330-0479

Megadrox – 877-279-9025

Muscle XTX – 844-845-8061


NEOSize XL – 866-583-3047

Neuro3X – 1-800-259-6817

Neuro Lit – 1-888-242-4061

NeuroNZT –

NeuroXR – 1-844-893-4640

Nitridex – 866-879-0122

Nitrobuild Plus – 800-872-748 (AUS phone number)

NO2 Blast – 1-888-276-1975

NO2 Maximus – 1-888-478-0415

Noxitril – 800-503-2353

Nugenix – 1-855-714-3234

Nugenix Maxx – 1-855-714-3234

Nutragentex – 1-888-682-1138


Optimal Rock -1-888-900-8828


Panaxcea – 800-375-5498

Phallyx – 888-528-2672

Pria Boost – 888-219-9822

PriaMax – 888-524-7880

Primal XL – 800-998-3487

ProMuscle Fit – 888-221-2554

ProShred Elite – 844-4PSHRED

Pryazine – 855-804-6598

Pure Nitro Max – 800-391-2180

Pure Testo Blast – 888-554-5857

Purple Rhino – 800-391-8794


Red Fortera – 800-908-6213

Regenify – 800-931-9472

Ripped Muscle X – 855-204-7725

Rock Hard Long and Strong – 888-900-8828


Somnapure – 877-460-3326

Spartagen XT – 800-458-4634

Staminon male enhancement – 877-744-3406

Strongmen – 800-246-0297

Synagen IQ – 844-465-0024

Synapsyl – 800-298-8897

Sytropin – 800-295-4675


T Complex – 888-504-4395

T90 Xplode – 1-888-980-9165

Testadrox – 888-224-8821

Testoboost Pro – 888-221-2554

TestoMax200 – 888-223-3225

Testo Ultra –

Testovital – 888-250-8961

Test X180, Alpha, Ignite, Tempest, and Genesis – 877-204-3263

Test X Core – 855-322-8780

Titanax – 888-320-4623


Vaso Blast – 800-798-8452

Viarexin – 480-378-3182

Vidhigra / Vrdhhigra– 888-229-8495

Virectin – 888-675-0241

Vital Khai – 888-491-5043

VXL Male Enhancement

Vydox / Vydox Plus – 866-270-5693


X Alpha – 888-408-7937

Xanogen – 800-528-6565

Xtreme Nitro – 877-509-7025

Xtreme NO2 – 866-520-0522

Xtreme Testosterone – 866-520-0522

Xtreme Testrone – 866-520-0522


Zyacin – 855-341-6876

Zyalix – 855-779-2101

Zynev – 877-659-3344

Zyntix – 877-724-3778

Zytek XL – 855-631-7191

How Do I Cancel A Free Trial?

Most supplement companies offer either a 10 or 14 day trial, but some are more and some are less, so it’s important to ALWAYS read the terms and conditions BEFORE purchasing.

In any event, almost ALL of them will require you to call and cancel.

In some cases they may accept a cancellation via email, but that is usually VERY rare.

Step 1 – Finding their phone number

The first step is tracking down their phone number, which you may be able to find in the list above.

If it’s not above, google is your friend in that department.

Simply go to google and type in “Whatever the name of the product is cancellation phone number”.

In some cases, you may NOT be able to find the customer service phone number that easily.

In that scenario, I would suggest you just search for the product itself.

Let’s use Zyntix as an example.

They make it VERY difficult to find their cancellation phone number.

zyntix cancellation phone number

In this scenario, your best bet would actually be to click on one of the ads up top, like this one:

If you click on it, you’ll see that it’s not ACTUALLYthe official site (despite what the title says).

However, if you click the button on the page that says “Rush my trial” or something similar, that should take you to the official site.

Once you get to the site, search for a link that says “Contact” or “Terms and Conditions”.

In the Zyntix example, it’s way down at the bottom of the page.

Click on either one of them and you should be able to find the cancellation phone number.

What can I do if I can’t find the cancellation phone number online?

There may be some cases where you won’t be able to find out a cancellation phone number via Google for one reason or another.

In that scenario, your best bet is to check with your bank / credit card company.

If you look on your credit card statement, you’ll be looking for the name of the product.

For example, when I ordered Lean Fire XT by Force Factor, you can see the date of the transaction listed in my credit card statement.

See those numbers that are right after the name?

That’s their customer service phone number.

Since your statement is only released once a month, it may not appear there just yet.

However, you can still find the transaction and phone number.

In that scenario, simply look for the transaction in your posted transactions.

Force Factor is a very reputable company, and they make it VERY easy to cancel.

They even allow you to keep the unused portion, without having to send it back.

Step 2 – Calling them to cancel

This is actually easier said then done in some scenarios.

Some supplement companies make it VERY difficult to cancel.

They’ll pull all sorts of tricks out of their hats, including:

  • Telling you that you need to keep taking it to see the best results.
  • Offering to extend your trial by as much as a full month.
  • Offering you a significant discount to stay signed on to the trial, in some cases as much as 50% off!
  • and much more…

Whether or not you choose to accept any of their solicitations is entirely up to you.

I’m assuming that you’re not interested in doing that, so here’s the likely next steps.

Step 3 – Sending the product back

In probably close to 90% of the supplement free trials I’ve ordered over the years, I’ve been required to send the remaining or unused portion back to the company I’ve ordered it from.

They will make it explicitly clear when you call to cancel on whether or not you need to do this.

If you do –

You’ll receive what is called an RMA #, which is short for Return Merchandise Authorization.

This is a series of digits that you WILL have to write on the outside of the package that your sending the supplement back in.

If you don’t – (have to send it back that is)

You can toss it in the trash, take the rest of it, throw it in your medicine cabinet, whatever…

When you’re sending it back, make sure you:

  • Use FedEx, UPS, or USPS.  The smaller delivery couriers can be notoriously slow to deliver and / or may get lost in transit.
  • WRITE THE RMA # on the outside of the box, preferably in more than one spot.

This last step ensures that the supplement company can’t pull a fast one and say they never received the package, and therefore, won’t give you a refund.

What can I do if they won’t allow me to cancel?

In the HIGHLY unlikely event that you have a company that refuses to cancel your trial, you may have to get your bank or credit card company involved.

I’ve actually had a few instances where the contact phone number listed for a supplement led to a dead line or noone answered.

In that scenario, you would simply call your bank or credit card company and explain the situation to them.

You would say something like this when you called:

“Hi, my name is (Whatever your first and last name is), I purchased a free trial for a supplement called (insert supplement name here) on (insert the date you ordered it) and have been unable to get in touch with them to cancel.  Can you help me?”

That should be more than enough to start investigating the matter right away..

In some cases my bank actually patched through a 3 way call to the supplement company that was giving me a hard time, and listened in the whole time until they verified that my trial was cancelled.

If you have any questions on any of this, or need help with cancelling a specific supplement, I’m always here to help.

Just contact me here and I’ll do what I can.

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I don't see the website anymore, which is where I would find their contact information. Check the transaction on your credit card statement. There should be a number there.- Rob

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If you all don't cancel that order, you can talk to my lawyer next, by the way my son is under age - is a review website. We don't sell supplements and we have no affiliation with the product you ordered. You'll need to contact the company he ordered from cancel.- Rob

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