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How TestoUltra Works
TestoUltra Ingredients
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Will TestoUltra Increase Penis Size?
How Do I Cancel The Free Trial?
Who Makes TestoUltra
TestoUltra Reviews
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TestoUltra Pros and Cons
The Bottom Line

TestoUltra is a relatively new male performance enhancement supplement that positions itself as the answer for every guy who wants to perform like he popped a little blue pill, but without the expense and hassle of going to the doctor, getting a prescription, and worrying about whether or not it’s covered by insurance.

When you use TestoUltra, your libido will shoot through the roof, your erections will be harder than they’ve been since you were a teenager, you’ll be able to last as long as she wants, and all this comes together to give you the confidence of knowing that you’re the one she wants and the one she knows will satisfy her.

The TestoUltra website is not the least bit shy in making sure you know just how you can benefit from taking it.

It goes on for days talking about all the sex you’ll be having once you get used to your newfound prowess.

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And that’s all well and good, but we’re more concerned about results than marketing, which is why we wanted to take a closer look at things like ingredients, clinical studies, customer feedback, and overall value.

Let us take a deep dive into TestoUltra and see if this is all talk, or if it actually puts its money where its mouth is and gets the job done as it promises.

Basically we wanted to figure out if TestoUltra is on the level, or if it’s really just a scam.

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TestoUltra ReviewHow TestoUltra Works

There are two primary ways that TestoUltra promises to improve your sex life.

First off, it contains aphrodisiacs that boost your libido, and the hornier you are, the more readily the rest of your sexual mechanisms come into play.

The most important mechanism is of course blood flow to your genitals.

Some of the ingredients in TestoUltra improve the way this happens, allowing more blood to flow into the corpus cavernosa, which are the penile chambers that receive the inflow of blood when you become aroused and get an erection.

TestoUltra increases blood flow and allows the corpus cavernosa to accept more blood, making bigger, harder erections that last longer.

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Another benefit they claim is that when you’re able to accept more blood for bigger erections, over time, it forces your tissue to grow to be able to accept more blood, leading to eventual permanent penile growth.

Plenty of products claim this as a benefit.

Unfortunately, science doesn’t support it, and if there is any growth benefit through this kind of mechanism, it would be minimal at best.

TestoUltra Ingredients

testoultra ingredients imageWe already mentioned how the TestoUltra website goes into great detail about the benefits, but unfortunately the same can’t be said about the formula.

They don’t provide a complete list, nor do they mention how much of any individual ingredient is actually used.

Here’s what we know.

The formula contains:

  • Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Icariin) which has been used to improve sexual problems for centuries.

    It comes from Brazil, and can increase blood flow to the genitals to produce better, harder, stronger erections that last longer.

    In fact, it functions similarly to the active ingredient in Viagra.

    It also acts as an aphrodisiac to increase libido.
  • Tongkat Ali which is often used to boost free testosterone.

    It does this by inhibiting the action of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).

    SHBG bonds itself to free testosterone molecules, making them no longer free.

    Once they’re bound, they’re essentially useless, unable to be used by the body.

    Tongkat Ali blocks the activity of SHBG, so more of your total testosterone remains free to be used.
  • Saw Palmetto which improves libido and support prostate health.
  • Nettle Root which also supports prostate health and may also increase testosterone levels by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Normally, excess testosterone converts to estrogen. Nettle Root interferes with that process, so more of your testosterone remains as testosterone.

This is all the ingredient information provided online, though I’m fairly certain there’s more to the formula than this.

If I come across more information online or can get my hands on a bottle, I’ll update you here.

How To Take It

The recommended dose is 2 tablets taken once daily.

For an extra boost when you need it, take an additional pill about 30 minutes before having sex.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The makers of TestoUltra state that there are no reported side effects for healthy users, but that children, pregnant woman, women who are nursing, or anyone with a condition – especially one that requires medication – should not use it unless they are cleared to do so by their doctor.

With that being said, you should double check the ingredients in TestoUltra to make sure that they don’t interact with any medications you may currently be taking.

Clinical Studies

We linked to a couple research papers above, but these relate to the specific ingredients within the formula, not the formula in its entirety.

These studies can indeed be informative, but they don’t tell the whole story for a number of reasons.

  1. First of all, when the ingredient is taken on its own or under the controlled circumstances of the study, the results may be vastly different than when it’s used as part of a broader formula.
  2. Secondly, TestoUltra doesn’t reveal at what doses of the ingredients are used in the formula, so we can’t really compare the results of the test to what you’ll get from the formula in its entirety.

What would be helpful is a study of the actual supplement itself, but these are rarely done.

TestoUltra claims to have performed a study

TestoUltra Clinical Study Image

The trouble is they don’t provide any more information beyond the “fact” that it involved “experts” and more than 4,000 men. Even the results are vague, stating that it was “verified to increase power and sexual pleasure”.

I scoured the website and google for the study or some valid reference to it, but came up empty.

Who Makes TestoUltra?

TestoUltra is made by a company called BioTrim Labs, who makes several other supplements as well.

We’ve even reviewed a couple of them, and you can check them out by clicking the links below:

Brain Plus IQ

Anabolic Rx24

BioTrim Labs is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I checked them out on the Better Business Bureau website, and let’s just say the news isn’t good:

TestoUltra BBB Image

An “F” rating is never a good thing, and in the case of BioTrim Labs, it all stems from complaints the BBB has received about the company.According to the website, there have been 15, and here’s the kicker – the company has only responded to 2. The Better Business Bureau is pretty generous with companies that work with their customers to solve whatever problems arise.

Apparently, BioTrim Labs isn’t one of these companies.

The complaints are pretty evenly split between Billing and Delivery issues and the products themselves.

Here’s one example that covers a couple of the problems people tend to write in about, and it happens to be concerning TestoUltra itself, rather than some of the other BioTrim Labs products:

TestoUltra Complain Example

And when these complaints are made, BioTrim Labs as a rule doesn’t respond or try to make it right.

TestoUltra Reviews

I always like to check out independent customer reviews, like through Amazon or another third party retailer, because ultimately what matters is how well a supplement works.

The problem is with TestoUltra, and tons of other similar products, they’re not sold through third parties, so there are no independent reviews.

The only option for customer feedback we have is what the company who makes and sells the product decides to post to the website, which can be problematic because clearly they’re trying to control the narrative and will put up whatever they feel accomplishes this to their best advantage.

I did my research for this review over a couple days.

When I first started, here’s what the TestoUltra website showed for testimonials:
TestoUltra Testimonials Image

The strange thing is that while TestoUltra is promoted exclusively as a sexual performance enhancement, two of the three testimonials are about putting on muscle.This got me thinking about how you’ll often see the same exact testimonials for different products, essentially proving that they just made them up.

I did a little digging and found these same exact testimonials using different photos for one of BioTrim’s other products – AnabolicRx24:
TestoUltra Testimonials Image AnabolicRx24

Well the powers that be must have noticed this because when I came back to the website the next day, the entire testimonials section had been replaced with this:

TestoUltra Updated Testimonials Image

Now every single testimonial is about improved sexual performance, and based on my research, they appear to be unique to the TestoUltra product – at least so far.
The problem with testimonials on a product website is that it’s hard to really trust them.

Companies can and often do embellish them and even make them up entirely.

In this case, it’s pretty obvious they’re not real because they use the exact same testimonials for two different products.

True, the name makes TestoUltra appear to be a testosterone booster.

In fact, it says right on the bottle that it’s a “Testosterone Enhancer” which would help with packing on muscle.

But all the marketing identifies it as strictly a sexual performance enhancer.Something tells me that if the company thought it would sell more units, they’d switch to marketing TestoUltra as a testosterone booster in a heartbeat.

Where to Buy

You may have heard about the many “free trial” scams out there in the online supplement world.

If not, or if you still aren’t sure how they work, read my article, Free Trial Supplement Scams – The Ugly Truthfor an in-depth look.

TestoUltra doesn’t currently engage in the free trial scam exactly, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down.

When you click through the website to the order page, you’re given a few choices of how much to order. The “Starter Package” is the smallest you can buy, and it comes with 2 bottles – a 2 month supply – for $54.95 per bottle, for a total of about $109.90.

The package they promote as the best deal is called the “Pro Results Package”.It includes 6 bottles at a cost of $28.95 each for a total of $173.70. They also have the “Pump Up Package” which is 4 months $13.95 per month.

The order page is a little vague about what’s included and how it’s enacted.Here’s what is shown:

TestoUltra Premier Membership Image

The clearest description of an included benefit is free shipping your current order.

The two other specified benefits are more vague.

What free samples does membership entitle you to, and how often?

I checked the Terms and Conditions document for more information, but the Premier Membership isn’t even mentioned at all. This is not a good sign.

The document does, however, mention that by making you’re purchase you’re enrolling in their monthly re-bill program and will be receiving a new supply every month at the same price you pay initially.

TestoUltra Terms image

This opens up a whole new can of confusion.

Are they saying that this is just like a free trial scam after all? Only not free even for 14 days?

If you order a 6 month supply, will they start sending you more bottles next month, even though you wouldn’t need more until 6 months in?

These questions are not answered, or even touched on, in the document.

And just like the free trial supplement scams, you are enrolled by default. Most customers don’t even know they’re signing up for anything at all until they notice the transaction on their credit card or bank statement.

TestoUltra Pros and Cons

Advantages of TestoUltra

  • Let me know if you think of any ; )

Disadvantages of TestoUltra

  • They call it a testosterone booster, but the descriptions of benefits are all about sexual performance enhancement, mainly blood flow for better erections.

    Better erections are indeed a benefit of increased testosterone, but one of the many.
  • The entire ingredient list is not shown, nor are ingredient amounts.
  • There are no independent reviews from customers saying how well TestoUltra did or did not work for them.
  • BioTrim Labs, the company that makes it, has a dismal reputation for poor products and service.
  • By placing an order, you are automatically signed up for monthly charges, and it’s not even clear if that includes additional bottles.

The Bottom Line

TestoUltra is another in a long line of mediocre supplements with misleading terms from BioTrim Labs.

For all the reasons stated above, there’s simply no way I could recommend in good conscience that you waste your time or money on it.

Have You Used TestoUltra?

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?


By Aj,  Feb 26, 2018

I thought that I was ordering a trial bottle of TestoUltra, however, they delivered and I was billed for 6 bottles of the product. Apparently, it’s in fine print that you’re buying a 6 month supply.  Because of this, I had no choice but to use it. I popped a pill in the morning, and another one before I work out at the gym.  So far, I’m not satisfied with the product. My sex drive did not improve dramatically.  It’s definitely not like Viagra where you get an instant hard-on right after you take it. It was disappointing.

Was this review helpful to you?
43 out of 44 people found this review helpful.

Testo ultra

By Johann van Wyk,  Jun 6, 2018

They changed the amount on my credit card without my permission. It accelerates my heartbeat, but they have a no exchange policy.

Was this review helpful to you?
36 out of 37 people found this review helpful.

Didn't Work

By Martin,  Apr 25, 2023
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

Short & sweet.... it didn't work. I took it as described but didn't notice any difference.  I hope other people get the results they're looking for BUT I didn't .

Was this review helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

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where in california state could this product be bought or in united states ? -ALEX

It's not sold in stores, only online through their website. But make sure you're aware of the terms of your order because you may end up with monthly billings you didn't plan on.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
21 out of 23 people found this question helpful.

Is TestoUltra can be taken by a type 4 diabetic patient aged 55 years old? -Marivic

Because you have a medical condition, you'll need to check with your doctor about what supplements are okay to take.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
10 out of 12 people found this question helpful.

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  1. This must be the biggest scam ever. As previously mentioned.

    I was also charged for 6 bottles when clicking on promo package which clearly stated a different package.
    I had clicked my Card details but I cancelled the transaction by not confirming.

    However the package was delivered and I was charged.
    Upon checking with my credit card Bank they confirmed that transaction was confirmed. Usually upon confirmation I will receive a code sent to my cell phone from Bank to input on transaction.

    Or a notification from bank to verify if I had authorized the purchase. I did not receive this.

    The Bank Informed me that some websites don’t have this option.
    I was told to contact directly to seller.

    But I did not bother as I Know this will be a futile effort.
    The Clanger is This product is crap and does not enhance anything. It is a Scam.

  2. I am a male and 58 years old and need help…i stay in South Africa (Pretoria)…where does someone get this medication in my country? Please somebody out there help me regain my power to satisfy my wife of more than 30 years….since i have been diagnosed with high blood pressure…my pipe just went dead or works when it wants just for a few minutes and that make my wife very angry….please help!!!!!!

    1. Well, you could buy it on their official site, which I think is just Testoultra.com. However, not sure if you read the review above, but I don’t recommend it. It sounds like you’re just looking to get your sex life back. If that’s the case, check out a supplement called Hardon Helper.

      I just finished testing it not too long ago, and it’s by FAR one of the best fast-acting supplements I’ve ever tested (and I’ve tested 100’s). Here’s my review: https://www.supplementcritique.com/hardon-helper-review-dr-seltzers-awesome-formula-and-my-results/
  3. ultimate testo’s own official site is what? Like many in Indonesia there is .

    Is testo ulta made in USA?

    Thank You
    1. I’m not sure where it’s made, but their returns go to Singapore, and their customer service number is in Australia.

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