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So I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed when this sponsored post pops up saying “Jordan Puts Lebron On BLAST With Newest Confession”.

lebron james supplements

The picture shows a depressed looking Michael Jordan, as well as Lebron with a very frustrated look on his face.

I click on the ad and it takes me to what appears to be the ESPN website, with the title “Lebron James Surrounded By Questions as Investigation Sparks!”

lebron james supplements

Throughout this supposed “investigation”, there’s all sort of claims being tossed around, and it pretty much follows in this order.

  • Lebron James is under investigation by the NBA.
  • The NBA is considering banning this particular nutritional supplement that HE has actually become “dependent” on over the years.
  • This supplement first caught on in Hollywood, and made big headlines a few months back.

So what is this magic supplement that Lebron James has been taking?

Well, that depends on the day you’re reading the story.

Some days it’s Pure Nitro Max.

Today it was Pro Shred and Max Antler.

pro shred and max antler lebron james

One day it was Test X Core.

Other days it’s Test Boost Elite.

lebron james test boost elite and max nitric oxide

The name of the supplement quite literally changes every day.

Back to the article, we see some other lofty claims.

The most extraordinary ones are:

  1. This supposed miracle supplement has been clinically proven to make athletes 145% stronger, as well as tripling stamina, and;
  2. You don’t have to workout when you’re taking it.  It just magically turns your body into a superior athlete while sitting on your ass eating Cheese Doodles.

lebron james under investigation

So, What’s The Bottom Line Here?

At first glance, and to the untrained eye, this looks like the legit ESPN website.

It has all the markings of the site, with links to Scores, Rankings, as well as several professional sports coverage pages of the NHL, MLB, and Soccer.

However, once you start clicking around the truth is revealed.

First off, this is not the real ESPN website.

I know this because if you try and click to the homepage at the top left of the site it takes you to a completely different site.

[vimeo 212503094 w=540 h=360]

What about if you try and click on other parts of this page?

What do you think happens?

Well, let’s try and click on the ad towards the top of the page, the one that curiously says “Relive The Greatest Ashes Moments In History”.

I’m not quite sure what “Great Ashes Moments” are, but my guess is it’s not what they think it means.

Expecting to see some compilation of great sports moments, you’re instead redirected to:

[vimeo 212503236 w=540 h=360]

That’s right, a totally different site altogether.  The same goes for literally ANY other link you click on from within the article.

They ALL redirect to some other website and it’s NOT ESPN.

The second giveaway that this is not the legit site is when you look at the url in the address bar.

Instead of saying “” like it should, it says

lebron james supplements espn

So the name of the website you’re on is actually

The ESPN in the front of it is what’s known as a subdomain.

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Another thing I noticed, and subsequently pointed out in my Test Boost Elite review, is the supposed before and after picture they used.

test boost elite before and after

It’s pretty impressive, and anyone seeing it may be tempted to believe it.

However, if you look closely, that before and after picture is none other than Gert Lou.

gert lou before and after pic

You can see it right here on, where he participated in their Body Transformation program.

Lastly, when you scroll down to the comments section at the bottom of the page, you’ll see what appear to be Facebook comments.

fake facebook comments promoting lebron james using supplements

Practically all of the comments are people saying they heard about this supplement on the radio, or some other B.S.

Typically when you hover your mouse over these comments, you’ll see a little blurb about who the person is, with their picture, and other stuff like where they studied, etc.

// content/files/2017/04/facebook comment

However, if you hover over any of the Facebook comments on this page, you won’t see anything.

That’s because they’re NOT real Facebook comments.

They’re just designed to look like them.

I recently saw a nearly identical ad saying UFC star Conor McGregor was banned from the UFC from using some controversial supplement.

The name of that supplement?

None other than Dominant Testo, one we’re in the process of writing about.

Moral Of The Story

Lebron James did NOT use any supplements that would cause him to be under investigation by the NBA.

You can rest assure that if he did it would be HUGE news, and you would be hearing about it left and right.

Unfortunately, Google has not been doing a very good job at weeding out the B.S. either.

If you google “Lebron James supplements”, the first 3 results that pop up tell a similar fictitious story about what miracle supplement (or in some cases supplement combo) that he’s been using.

lebron james supplements google search

Those stories make claims that he uses supplements like Alpha Prime Elite, Test Boost Elite, and others.  Unfortunately it’s misinformation like this that ends up costing people hundreds (and sometimes even THOUSANDS) of dollars, because they get lured into buying these free trials.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen this B.S. marketing being used to sell supplements.

I’ve seen claims like Conor Mcgregor being banned from the UFC for using some “secret” supplement combo.

I’ve tried everything to bring it to the attention of ESPN, to no avail.

If anyone you know has a connection at ESPN or know someone that works there, please, send them this page.

Maybe some day they will reach out to me and I can tell them about the literally DOZENS of supplements that have been using their brand to promote questionable supplements.

Until then, their reputation (as well as peoples hard earned money) will be drained down the toilet.

As a general rule of thumb, I would say that when you see “(insert celebrity name here) swears by this…”, it is just simply not true and it should indicate that you should scroll straight past it.

It is just too common of a scheme and one that is insulting to the intelligence of anyone coming across it as well as any of their would be hapless victims.

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