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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 6-3-2018

Test Boost Elite Overview

It’s no secret that most guys who watch sports envy certain athletes.

We marvel at their athletic ability, watch them perform seemingly “super hero” like feats with ease, and in general admire the way they play.

So when we see an article about one of them using a particular diet, exercise, or supplement, our eyes and ears perk up.

I saw the perfect example of this right after the Superbowl this year.

Lots of guys want to know what Tom Brady eats, but after he won MVP this past February, searches for “Tom Brady Diet” went through the freakin roof.

/wp content/files/2017/03/tom brady diet

So I was browsing through my Facebook feed today and came across an ad that says, “MJ puts LeBron on blast.”

test boost elite facebook ad

I am not usually one to click on ads, but for some reason this title got my attention.

So for research purposes and despite all objections to clicking ads on the Internet, boom, click. Half expecting my computer to freeze up, I was pleasantly surprised when I was sent to the ESPN website.

Cool, let’s see what ESPN has to say.

test boost elite espn

Apparently, according to this article, LeBron James is under investigation by the NBA, as he may be consuming a banned nutritional supplement. Well truthfully, James does look like he’s on something, that guy is ripped, so this wouldn’t be that huge of a surprise. Now, I just want to know what he is taking so I can decide whether I might want to partake.

According to the website, LeBron James has been telling close friends and teammates about a product that significantly increases testosterone in only weeks. In the middle of the article, the product that LeBron James apparently uses to burn fat and add a huge amount of muscle is revealed.

It’s Called Test Boost Elite

After that, this article goes on to say that this supplement is clinically proven to:

  • Increase strength by 145% and triple stamina, meaning that it offers an unfair advantage, likely falling under the definition of doping. And,
  • You don’t have to go to the gym while you’re using these.

test boost elite claims

So now I can get ripped sitting in front of my TV eating Lays?

I am not a genius, but I am pretty sure that goes against the classic scientific understanding on how muscles undergo hypertrophy.

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At that point, the article goes on to say that ESPN sponsors apparently sampled a month supply of Test Boost Elite in order to analyze the results and determine whether this product actually works. As I scrolled further down the page, the apparent editor of this article (Ryan Hasman) used it for a period of one both and had INSANE results.

Here’s his before and after picture from using Test Boost Elite

test boost elite before and after

I quickly realized that this entire article is complete B.S.

Well, How Do I Know This?

Test Boost Elite Fake Marketing

Wee, for starters, if you got back to that same website right now, instead of them talking about Test Boost Elite they’re talking about a completely different supplement called Platinum XT Test Booster.

So, you have the before and after photo for Test Boost Elite above, and you have the EXACT same before and after for Platinum XT test booster below.

platinum xt test booster review

That before and after picture you’re seeing above is not REALLY some editor over at ESPN magazine.

In fact, it’s none other than Gert Lou, a professional body builder who participated in a Bodybuilding.com Body Transformation.

/wp content/files/2017/03/gert lou before and after

As I kept on reading, I quickly realized this definitely doesn’t seem like the typical ESPN article. So I went up and checked the domain name again.

/wp content/files/2017/03/fake espn

Ah, now I understand how the webmaster of this site attempts to trick readers into believing that this article is really written by ESPN. While the first section of the domain name says ESPN.com, after that is “live news . online”.

So in all reality, this is a .online website that is trying to make readers believe that it is ESPN. In other words, this website is trying to capitalize on the credibility of ESPN to push a supplement, in this case Test Boost Elite.

Truthfully, this fake ESPN website looks pretty good, especially at first.

However, talk about shady marketing tactics that are clearly illegal. Not only is it an insult to the reader, ESPN, and especially Gert Lou, as there is no way he gave his permission to use his photo, but, it is an insult to humanity as a whole.

How these websites are still legally online, trying to separate hard-working people from their money is a mystery to me.

Another question is, why does Facebook allow these scam ads on their website?

People who use Facebook often believe they are receiving credible information, but it obviously appears that this isn’t the case. The webmaster of sites like this (there are a lot) should be publicly humiliated or at least get a real job, those ditches aren’t going to dig themselves.

Anyway, after the picture of Gert Lou, the results of using Test Boost Elite (or Platinum XT Test Booster) are listed week by week.

test boost elite results

Clearly, these results are completely fictitious, but as you can imagine, in one month, a net loss of 19 pounds was recorded. This fake website even has the gall to say that, “everyone else at ESPN is kicking themselves for not volunteering to be the guinea pig in the Test Boost Elite trial.” Right…

But wait, the conclusion below the article adds insult to injury by saying that “here at ESPN”, and now I paraphrase, “you might be doubtful about the effects of this product, but the results are real.”

It then goes on to encourage readers to click on the link to the product so they can get their hands on it…with a free trial of Test Boost Elite.

After that, there are a number of fake Facebook comments claiming that everyone is losing weight and gaining strength after using this product for only three weeks.

Blah, blah, I hate fake marketing websites.

Test Boost Elite Free Trial Isn’t So Free!

test boost elite reviewsI have nothing to lose right, as Test Boost Elite is allegedly offered through a free trial. Oh wait, anyone who has seen any of these types of products realizes that the “free trial” is simply a gimmick in order to gain access to a user’s credit card information and then charge them an exorbitant amount of money month after month, while making it nearly impossible to cancel future orders.

Is Test Boost Elite more of the same?

Just based on the fake ESPN website ad, I would have to assume so.

As I clicked on the ‘Claim my Free Bottle’, I was led to a sales page that I’ve seen many times before. Basically, the people that use this sales template have the same exact models, the same exact format, but simply change the name on the supplement bottle.

So, today it’s Test Boost Elite.

Tomorrow it’s Platinum XT test boost.

The day after that it’s Alpha Monster Advanced.

And round and round it goes…

Of course, a sales page like this is extremely vague and is based on targeting emotions, encouraging readers to sign up for the free trial as quickly as possible.

So while I already know that this free trial is simply a scam, based on everything I have seen so far, let me go ahead and fill in some fictitious information so I can get to the order page.

No surprises here, the goal of the order page is to encourage users to make an emotional decision, as they only have 5 minutes to put in their credit card information and click send. Of course, this product is claimed to be nearly out of stock so people who don’t act quickly are led to believe that it may be gone before they sign up for the free trial.

buy test boost elite

The Truth About The Test Boost Elite Free Trial

Please don’t fall for these shady offers. While it may seem good on the surface, as users only have to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling, the ultimate goal is to get the credit card information on file so the company can eventually charge people, generally, 10 to 15 days after they sign up for the free trial.

15 days? There is no way that anyone can make a decision regarding the quality of a product in that short of time. That is exactly the point! In the end, users are left with bottles of a supplement that they don’t even know what to do with and numerous credit card charges that they have to fight.

At the bottom in small print and hardly noticeable, the gory details are revealed.

test boost elite terms and conditions

It states that 15 days after signing up for the free trial (don’t click send!), a participant will be billed for $89.47. So that seems like a ridiculous amount of money for this supplement doesn’t it? But it gets worse, every 30 days after that participants will be again charged $89.47, while receiving another bottle of Test Boost Elite for as long as they remain in the auto ship program. At the very bottom, it says that users can call the phone number (888) 752-2911 to cancel at any time.

I wouldn’t be so sure.

In most cases, canceling an order is easier said than done, as these fly-by-night companies are difficult to get in contact with because they realize that the only way they are going to continue collecting money is if they continue charging people month after month.

In all reality, people who fall prey to this scam are likely going to have to call their credit card company to fight the charges and cancel any future billing. Since this is going to take time, require unnecessary phone calls, and just be a giant headache, avoid taking part in the free trial or purchasing this product to begin with.

Test Boost Elite Conclusion

The number of generic testosterone boosting supplements, such as Test Boost Elite, on the market that simply slap a new label on the bottle and use scandalous advertising techniques in order to peddle it are growing by the day. Since you now know what the end game strategy is, getting users to sign up for a “free trial” and gaining access to credit card information, you can spot these scams from a mile away.

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User Reviews

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Josue's Review

By Josue,  Mar 23, 2017

I have tested text boost elite all I got was high blood pressure I stopped using it and I went back to normal then again I used it for only a week

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By elgin j williams Sr,  Jun 30, 2017

Test Boost Elite is a horrible product. I got absolutely nothing out of it.  I've never been so sleepy throughout the day in my life. I work out.  This product is garbage!

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3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

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please contact me i want to purchase boost elite xxx-xxx-xxxx -joe easley

SupplementCritique.com reviews supplements. We don't sell them. You should be able to sign up for their free trial online through their network of websites. They may be out of business however. Their previous websites all seem to point to other products.- Rob

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Does it help with ur sex performance -Colin

As a testosterone booster, theoretically it would, but I wouldn't expect much from this product. Let me know what you're looking for, and I'll recommend something much better for you.- Rob

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3 out of 3 people found this question helpful.

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  1. I was just reading an article of the same thing and content, the only different thing was the bottle and company shown in the one I read is totally different from the one you read, so yeah it’s all BS lol. This is just another advertisement scheme.

  2. Please read this whole page, especially the part about the so-called “free” trial. You can easily be stuck with a recurring monthly payment if you don’t want to continue the product.

    Beware! This company’s representatives are hard to deal with.

  3. Please read this whole page, especially the part about the so-called “free” trial. You can easily be stuck with a recurring monthly payment if you don’t want to continue the product.

    Beware! This company’s representatives are hard to deal with.

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