Alpha Cut HD Review – Scam or Legit Supplement?

By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 5-9-2018

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What is Alpha Cut HD
What About Combining It With Other Products
Our Main Problem with Alpha Cut HD
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Sometimes when I look at all of the pre workout supplements that are out there, it makes my head spin.  So many that make claims like “it’ll get you ripped” or “promotes strength, muscle growth, and reduces fat” end up being nothing more than duds.  We know because we have personally tested alot of them and they acted nothing more than a multivitamin (albeit an expensive one!), which is why we are so critical of these supplements in our reviews.

When I came across Alpha Cut HD I approached it with the same skepticism.  This product claims to do everything under the sun, and they are even giving away a free bottle of the stuff.  How nice of them?? 🙂  We’ll, there’s a catch, and you’re about to find out why.

What is Alpha Cut HD?

Alpha Cut HD asks the question Are you feeling low on energy, tired, exhausted or drained?  Well, of course I am…sometimes.  Everyone gets tired, and if you don’t feel drained after a workout then you are probably not pushing yourself hard enough.  Well, the makers of this supplement promise that your body will be “flooded” with explosive energy.  It boasts numerous claims like reduced puffiness and bloating, shredded muscle and definition, enhanced muscle growth, and increased male energy and function.

alpha cut hd reviewSo you’re probably wondering how it does all that, right?  We were too, so I took an in depth look at their website to try and shine some light on the issue.  Luckily for us, the makers of Alpha Cut HD have provided us with a list of ingredients, which include Indole 3 Carbinol, Diindolymethane, Curcumin, Chrysin, Bioperine, and Vitamin E.

The ingredient that sparked my interest the most was Indole 3 Carbinol, which up until this point I have never heard of.  The official site of Alpha Cut HD says that it is found in cruciferous vegetables, and it contains anti-estrogen properties that are used to balance hormone levels, detoxify the intestines and liver, and support the immune system.

I took to the internet to research it, and there is “some” truth to this statement.  Some studies have suggested that Indole 3 Carbinol can act as a anti-oxidant, as well as inhibit the transcription of estrogen-responsive genes stimulated by 17beta-estradiol. (1)  The other ingredients, like diindolymethane and curcumin, also reportedly help with balancing estrogen levels.  However, the claim that Alpha Cut HD is side effect free is false, as the ingredient Indole-3-carbinol has been showing to cause balance problems, tremor, and nausea in high doses.

But my real question is this…which ingredient is supposed to give me this massive increase in energy?  None of these ingredients are energy boosters, so is it the supposed increase in testosterone that is supposed to give me this explosive energy or what?

What About Combining It With Other Products

There’s alot of talk out there that combining Alpha Cut HD with other products like Pure Nitrate, Amino Muscle, and Muscle King Pro can apparently have a huge impact on your muscle growth and fat burning.  However, I did a ton of research on the subject but couldn’t find any info on these stacks.

My best guess is that it is simply another one of those fake Men’s Health articles designed to get you to believe you’re reading about some miracle combination of supplements that celebrity’s are using.  I detail this pretty thoroughly in my 1 Weird Tip To Boost Muscle” article, check it out here.

Our Main Problem with Alpha Cut HD

We have some major issues, other than their formula, with Alpha Cut HD, and that is their supposed “free trial”.  You see, that free trial you’re looking at is just that…a trial.  Once your trial is up they bill you for the full price of the product, which is about $90.  Now I don’t know about you, but paying $90 for ANY supplement is just downright ludicrous.

But it’s not the price that kills me, its the method in which they deceive guys like me an you into getting billed in the first place.  The allure or promise of a free trial is very similar to that of a sample.  Most guys that come to me think that they are signing up for a sample bottle of Alpha Cut HD, when in fact they will be charged the full price just 14 days down the road.  It’s all right here in the fine print guys, in case you didn’t believe me.

If they sold the product in a store like GNC or even Amazon it might be worth it, but it certainly isn’t worth signing up for this trial. 

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The Alpha Cut HD formula, coupled with the fact that there are NO credible reviews or testimonials of their product online leads me to one of 2 conclusions.  1.)  This supplement is too new and likely hasn’t been tried by enough guys to determine whether or not it really works, and 2.)  It’s a scam supplement that is designed to “trick” you into thinking your signing up for a free bottle of the stuff, when indeed they will bill you the full purchase price just 14 days down the road.  My gut instinct tells me it’s probably the former rather than the latter.

The only reason I gave it a 2 out of 5 stars is because according to their website there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

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User Questions and Answers

Will I make me fail a drug test? And if I am diabetic Will it be bad for me -Jose velazquez

There's nothing in the formula that should make you fail a drug test, but since you have a medical condition, you should check with your doctor before taking any supplements.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
26 out of 30 people found this question helpful.

Where is my free trial that I pay for and -Nathaniel is a review website. We don't sell supplements and we're not affiliated in any way with Alpha Cut HD. You'll need to contact them directly. The phone number I found for them is 877-880-9518.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
25 out of 32 people found this question helpful.

is it safe for those that take blood pressure medicine .Our will it effect the way it works or cause some bad reaction or shouldn't change anything -lance hucker

Because you take a prescription medication, it's important that you check with your doctor before taking any supplement.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
19 out of 23 people found this question helpful.

It's been over a week since I ordered. Then this Alpha Fuel and Alpha Cut came, then my money, over $200, was taken out of my bank account by someone. I called this 844 845 8061 number to cancel my order. They say that I can't stop the order. Why??? Then they hang up, then they block my number. Why???? I tried this stuff for 5 days. I don't feel anything. Who can I call for this problem?? -Robert Weller

At this point, since you've already called the company and didn't get anywhere, call your bank and tell them you don't want to accept any more charges from these companies. If you ask, they may even call them on a three-way call with you to help you get it canceled.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
10 out of 10 people found this question helpful.

How do I use the Alfa Cut HD and the Alfa Force testosterone Support? -Kevin

They don't specify online, so you'll have to read the instructions on the bottles.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
18 out of 28 people found this question helpful.

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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    1. Hey Tyrone, is a review website. We don’t sell Alpha Cut HD.

      In fact, if you read our review, you’ll see we recommend against signing up for it. You’ll need to contact them directly.

      The phone number from their website is 844-845-8061.
  1. I dialed the number given by Nathaniel, I got an answering machine and it said the number was not assigned yet so I am stiill looking for the customer service number. To make sure they take me off their automatic renewal.

    That is why they don’t give a number, to make it hard for customers to call them and cancel if they don’t like their products. I will continue to look for their number.

    Thanks for the info.
    1. Hey Valentine,

      I’ve seen this number as well: 844-845-8061. Give that one a try, hopefully it will work.
  2. i never even recieved my un ordered pills before i was billed for them. then they wanted 19 bucks to cancel that unwanted order and refused to refund the money they took for absolutely there a class action against these folks yet?
  3. Same happen to me. This is ridiculous.

    I went for free trial then got billed later for 3 mo supply which i never even ordered.
  4. I ordered the Alpha Fuel and Alpha Cut so called free trial and I am filing a fraud complaint against the company. To your knowledge has anyone else filed a complaint against them?

  5. I received my bottle of Alpha Fuel and one other in the mail. I noticed later I was charged $89.95 that I didn’t authorize.

    I want to stop this product and don’t want anymore of this. I have put a stop on this $89.95 charge and want a refund of this amount.

    I am going to join the class action suit to get this stopped. Please email me to show that this refund was made.

    1. Hey Ron Ivy,
  is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


  6. Scam!
    Took both fuel and cut for two weeks and got physically sick sore joints and cramps with abdominal pain which stopped when I quit taking them.
    After two nasty calls they agreed to refund 30%. Stay away from this company and their products.

  7. called customer service and explained my situation to them. The doctor said the product interacted with my medication and the membership was cancelled with no argument.

  8. Wanna know a secret? If you want the product for free… genuinely free…. follow these four steps.
    One .

    Place order .

    Wait three days.

    Call customer care and verify your account.

    Threaten to call the attorney general.
    It is policy to cx and refund in full due to the fact your still in trial.

    You can do this out of trial but then they will offer you 30%,50%,then 100%. Be nice about it, just say no till you get that 100% refund back.

    And please remember that when you call customer care that they are a third party reading from a script. They have to read it.

    This takes like 3-7 minutes tops if you just let them speak. You get your money back and they get you off the phone.

    Win win.
    1. Hey Nana,

      That would probably work, as long as they don’t require you to return the product, which some companies do.
  9. I must have missed the 14 day trial. I went to the cardiologist and showed her what I was taking and she said NO way!!! I have a heart problem and the product increases the risk of heart attract 2x… I also called customer service and explained my circumstances and still unable to get my money back. I am going to start a petition with the FTC. Anyone that feels as though you would like to join in with me, please feel free to send me your name and email address and I will gather all the email signatures and forward them to then appropriate agencies. Please be prompt so that I may push this up the ladder quickly. Send your info to
  10. Warning this is not a trial it is an order for some product that has questionable result and rude customer service.. Once you get it you are stuck with it whether it works for you or not..

    You might get a little refund back on the product but the small amount they charge you on shipping is scam because once you get the product it is YOURS and the credit card companies will not help you because of their terms on their website that you can’t find !! Please stay away !!!
  11. They just want your money…They don’t even give you time to use the product before they start taxing your bank account.. $5.00 free trial bullshit…
  12. I placed the order for the 14 day trial.
    18 days later, the product never arrived but I did get a charge on my debit card for thr first month supply. I called the customer service number and spoke with a third party rep, who cancelled my subscription but was unwilling to refund my money.

    Sounds like a rip off or a scam to me. If it quacks like a duck, it must be a duck!

    Never do business with this type of company!!!
    1. If you believe you’ve been scammed by the deceptive practices of Alpha Cuts or Alpha Fuel distributors, contact your State Attorney Office, as well as New York State, and the Federal Trade Commission and file complaints. We need to get these guys out of the business.

  13. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for your reply, I’ll definitely contact the Atty. Gen’l. office.

    All of the maybe t100’s who have been ripped off by Alphapro products need to get together and start a class action against them.
    The parent company address is;
    Alphatron Beauty Supplies, Inc.
    59 Timber Ridge Dr.
    Staten Island, NY 10306

    PS: To all those who had the same no luck as me in canceling, be sure they cancel any future shipping or you’ll keep getting the crap and charged for it.

    I, also, cancelled the credit card it was originally charged on to be sure.

  14. Your thoughts on 70 yr. old males and getting back in shape. I’m not to bad. lost muscle and need to build up. still work can do 14 hr. days but get a little tried where i didn’t before.

    And yep I was stupid. I Fell for the Alfa cut and Alfa fuel. never took them. still on the table. was going to take today aftr having them for 2 months. but decided to resarch one more time. thanks for your article. saved myself some grief.

    1. Hey Jeff,
      No problem at all, and you’re not the first to fall for this crap! First off, I’m sending you my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” ebook. It’s packed with tons of tips to help you regain lost muscle mass and strength.

      Supplements wise, go with the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack. It’s packed with 4 powerful supplements, including a testosterone booster, that works great in conjunction with the exercises and tips in the ebook.

      Check out my review here:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  15. What is your email then i’ll take screenshot for my alpha fuel i don’t think so if this a real or fake supplements thank you..
    1. Hey Kennedy,

      I don’t have inside information on what’s a real or fake version of your pills. Call the company directly if you’re concerned.

      They should be able to help you out.
  16. I am pursuing legal action, contacting the Better Business Bureau and if they were in front of me, I would knock out their teeth. I DO NOT like people stealing from me.

    Their customer service reads you the “benefits”, offers to cancel and when you ask for a refund, they hang up on you.

    I would LOVE to be in on this class action lawsuit. Any information I can get to get to these bastards would be greatly appreciated.

  17. These product is garbage. They are a scam.

    You pay for the free trial bottle then they bang your CC for $100 or more.

    I wouldn’t pay $10 for this crap
  18. Yes I fell for this scam also. I actually talked to a representative and not once did they ever tell me they charge 89.00 after 14 days.

    If I would have known they take that amount out of my checking account. I would not have done this.

    I called to return the item which I have not opened and they will not return none of my money. I thought I had 30 days to return it and the representative told me no only 14 days.

    Wished I knew how to get my money back and put them out of business.
  19. Be warned, if you do not cancel within 14 days, you will be charged $90, non-refundable. The product is not worth this price.

    Save your money.
  20. Rob, I got my trial bottles of Alpha Fuel and Alpha Cut. I’m going to try these and see what happens.


    Thank you
    1. Hey Wayne,
      I’m curious, at what point in my article did you come to the conclusion that we sell Alpha Cut HD?
  21. Products are worth the cost. Worst yet, they promise you a few two bottles for mailing cost. the in the small print after 14 days and before you can adaquately test the product and see results they bill you nearly 90 dollars a bottle.

    If you do your bills every 30 days you are out 400 dollars before you blink. Before you notice any wrong doing, you notice under the terms you gave up the legal promise and right to a jury trial.

    These bastards no this. That is why they set it up that way.

    Now I know why people get crazy and shoot people and blow up their building. So if you are as upset as me, gives these no good thevies a real blast of your tongue.

  22. The moment you call their customer service, you realize this is a scam. I ordered the product on the free trial offer.

    After I placed the order I came across the reviews which I should’ve look for prior to ordering. Concern with what I had read, I call the company.

    I explained to the rep. that I did not want be part of the “Auto Fill” program, and that if I am happy when the product that’s being shipped then I would reorder. I reiterated that I did not want to be charged the $90 in 14 days even if they need to cancel my order all together.

    The rep. acted like she did not hear me at all. Rather than discussing my concern, she merely said, “Thank you for your call” and she hanged up on me.

    It was the most ridiculous thing I had come across for a while. My next call was to my credit card company to prevent them charging my credit card.

    It was then that I found out they had charged my credit card an additional $5.95 fraudulently. Save yourself all the hassles and don’t fall for the FREE TRIAL SCAM!!

  23. Garbage you can call all you want they will charge you anyway 90 out of my account this stuff does not work and even if they did they don’t give enough time for you to try it before they charge you
  24. This is no free trial. You get billed almost $200 after 15 days.

    If you call they will give you back 30%. Stay Away!

  25. My boyfriend ordered these products using my credit card and of course he didn’t read the fine print, 2 weeks after he received the supplements I was charged 170 for them, which in the back of my head I knew it was coming. So I finally found a number to get through after a couple weren’t correct and then was told by a customer service rep that I would be charged a 20 dollar cancellation fee (lol.. typical for companies as such).

    Before that, she told me they could give me a lifetime 20% off and i said no, then she offered 50% discount (lol) which I understand why but I’m already irritated that I just spent 200 dollars for these 2 supplements, they should give a discount on the first charge for the products since most people probably don’t read that far into it, as they should. My boyfriend john has been taking alpha cut and alpha fuel daily since he’s received them and has yet to experience anything that’s benefitting him from taking these products vs past products.

    I would recommend doing some research and hitting up a nearby supplement store to find something a little more natural, inexpensive, and hope more effective! P.S. the lady that I did finally get into contact with for customer service was super nice and helpful!

  26. Scam !! Horrible customer service. Not even a free trial, they still charge you after two weeks.

    And make you pay a cancellation fee
  27. Thanks for this info, these were exactly the questions I had and you answered them: what is in the products, are they really free, are they worth it, if not free, what is the cost? thanks again
  28. After signing up for a “Trial” I was charged an additional $1.99 for “insurance." I never get insurance on postage nor was it on my receipt. Then about 2 weeks later I received 2 more transactions for $90 each.

    After emails back and forth with customer service (which usually takes 3-5 days to respond) they informed me that I had 14 days to “cancel” my trial that I signed up for a monthly subscription to receive that crap. I stopped taking the supplements after a week because I literally had a 0 change and had much better experiences with other products.

    This is a huge scam in order to get into your bank accounts and take money. Terrible business practices, terrible customer service, terrible product. 0 stars…

  29. This is a scam…my bottles came at two different times, so I didn’t start one without the other…THEN I get my credit card statement finding that they charged me $90 per bottle for this stuff….

    While I can’t say a thing about it working or not (as I just started taking it this week), what I can say is this is a scam….the little fine print did NOT show up during my order process, I was looking for something like that specifically…

    I called them up, ripped someone a new a-hole and the best I could get was a cancellation and refund of 50% per bottle….this is a SCAM, pure and simple….
  30. I’m already pisses and haven’t even gotten it yet to find out that i will be charged for a sample that i haven’t even tried in 14 days
  31. Just got this in the mail, then got to researching it ran into this site, called in to cancel my trial was in process to cancel my trial then Ph clicked . Called back and they said my trial was cancelled.

    Hopefully it was. Now the Real question is the SCAM more because of the way it’s set up to charge you or because the supplement does not do Squat for you ??

    1. Hey Francisco,

      It’s both really. The product isn’t worth a damn, so they set up the deceptive free trial billing scam to make sure they can sell their product even though it’s not worth anything.

  32. Did they email you a confirmation number after you cancelled your free trail or did they try to give it to you over the phone.
    1. Hey Chris,

      I didn’t order this one myself, so I’m not sure how they do it. If you’re concerned that your cancellation didn’t go through, I would call them again and find out.

  33. I find it interesting that you say that curcumin is a possible carcinogen and yet it has been shown in study after study to actually fight cancer.
    1. I know, I know. I’ve been called out on this before and I forgot to update the review.

      I just fixed it, thanks for the reminder.

    1. Thank God I used a prepaid credit card when I called to ask about my order alpha fuel and the alpha cut she asked if I wanted to extend my trial for three months I said shure.. my card went through I only had $7.00 on it ?????? so I’ll give it a try
  34. Don’t get fooled by the “Trial” offer. You will loose your money.

    There is a class action lawsuit started against the sellers of Alpha Cut and Alpha Fuel; for a reason.

    The trial offer for EACH bottle will end up costing you $5.99 S/H + $1.99 to one of their affiliates + $89.99 full price + $19.99 to cancel = $97.97 each.

    They will not tell you any of this information on the phone, and they do not provide it with your order. The product itself is also a scam.

    The ingredients they tout online are NOT the ingredients on the label of the bottle you receive. The results they claim you will experience are bunk.

    Save your money, save yourself headaches.

    Stay away from Alpine Muscle Max and Supreme X Muscle; the people that steal your money for Alpah Cut and Alpha Fuel.
  35. Sellers of Alpha Cut and Alpha Fuel (Alpine Muscle Max and Supreme X Muscle) are dishonest on so many levels. You will end up paying FULL price for your “Trial Offer” plus the $5.99 shipping for each bottle, Plus the $1.99 shipping fee for each bottle, plus a $19.95 fee to cancel their scam.

    Customer service is rude when you call them on their charges. STAY AWAY from them.

  36. Thank you so much for the info on this product you save me 90 bucks I called and canceled before I got hit over the head
  37. Rob, some of the people saying you ripped them off really crack me up. It’s like if there was a pothole in the street in front of your house and you even had the consideration to put up your own sign that said “Beware of pothole ahead” But people still ran into it with their cars and tried sending you the repair bills.

    Really, people?

    1. Hey Mike,

      Yeah, a lot of people mistake me for the companies that scam them. I think it’s because I’m the first page that comes up when they Google the product.


  38. Out of your 3 top choice what would you recommend for a guy that weighs about 300 pounds and what’s loose and get ripped what you recommend
    1. Hey Ray,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track for your weight loss goals.

      Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve libido, and shred belly fat.

      Use it in conjunction with the ebook for the best results, here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

  39. Current Customer Service phone number for these thieves is 866 973-9817 – As of May 27 2016. The old number doesn’t respond, they are making it hard as possible to reach them to cancel. Their email is

    I ordered the “Free” Trial of Alpha Cut and Alpha Fuel. Alpha Cut gave me INTENSE headaches.

    Like others I did not see any fine print that more product would be shipped and billed if I didn’t cancel, ran into your review by dumb luck just in time to do so. (Thanks)

    During the order process I was offered a discount shipping rate of $2.99 and clicked the link. Instead of a discount they ADDED $2.99. I called and was told it was for “Insurance”. I said that insurance was NEVER mentioned and that they needed to delete the charge. Again and again was told it was for insurance and nothing could be done. I argued further, wouldn’t accept that answer and asked for a supervisor, eventually the extra sleazy charges were removed.

    Hmmm, you get sent and billed for more product (at outrageously high prices) before you can evaluate the results of at most 2 weeks of use… pretty damn fishy.

    My advice is don’t pay for additional shipments even if you got screwed by the deliberately manipulative fine print, do a charge-back on your credit card and/or Paypal account. I think their tactics are probably illegal, and most certainly they are unethical, people like this should be jailed and made to eat this crap.
  40. With over 4000, double blind placebo studies showing that curcumin is effective in eliminating cancer cells, where does the author get his authority to write that ithe is found to have carcinogenic properties? What’s the source?

    With that kind of misleading information, it’s easy to see how people are being scammed. Smh.

    1. Hey Kim,
      When I originally wrote this article there was a blurb on Wikipedia about the carcinogenic effects on Curcumin (the link was in the references section, you must have missed it)

      However, when I visit the Wiki page on this it now says otherwise. So thanks for pointing that out, I will get that part updated.


  41. Even though it is a 30 day trial, they billed my credit card $88.95 because I did not cancel in 14 days. I was unable to find this anywhere SCAM Haven’t even tried the product yet.

  42. I was told by a friend that this product was good and they had a great offer that you can get your first bottle for the cost of shipping. I was so excited and ordered it that day.

    After two weeks I was charged $89.99 on my credit card. I called the company and they told me the deal was for a 14 day trial, and if I did not send back the rest within that time frame I was charged full price.

    I only took a few days worth of the pills and asked if I could return and not be charged and that I was unaware of that clause. They told me they could do nothing because of the agreement.

    I asked why I can’t return the bottles with less than 14 days used and they said if it is longer than 14 days you pay full amount. Watch your backs everyone this is a screw job.

  43. when I call to cancel I was informed that it would cost me 19.95 to cancel and that they would keep shipping then it went to it would cost 19.95 to cancel and I could keep the product at last it was canceled and did not cost me the 19.95 we will see
    I do not like bate and switch.
  44. You will be charged $180 after 14 days. The add which I bought this product from did not mention this.

    I had to get a lawyer to get the money refunded. When I called customer service they just played dumb.

    Do not purchase.
    1. Hey DC,
      It probably did say you’d be getting charged, it’s just that they usually hide it in very fine print or on a separate terms and conditions page. Lesson learned though!

  45. The whole thing is a scam.The address on their site takes you to some private residence.Really, they aren’t worth even one star.
    1. Hey Buddy, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements and we’re not affiliated in any way with Alpha Cut HD.

      You’ll need to contact them directly. The phone number I found for them is 877-880-9518.

  46. I also was offered a 30 day supply of alpha cut and alpha fuel .pay just 4.95 .for postage and handling. I called Weeks later and cancelled they tried to offer me both products for half price and I told them no this was in November or December of 2015 I used my Conway national account debit card now yesterday I called my wood forest bank account which I’m 100% disabled vet in my veteran check gets directly deposited into that account by the government every month somehow they took out $98 out of my Woodforest account when they never had that bank account informationso I called them up and they said that they would give me 35% back I told them what they did was fraud then they offered me 50% back I hung up on her then the lady called me back and offered me a hundred percent back and there’s no need to go to the authorities can somebody please tell me how I can get in this class action suit I’m filing complaints with the FBI and the Attorney General at South Carolinamy phone number is 203 802 Oh 282

  47. SCAM ALERT!,!
    Okay, about two weeks ago I ordered the 14 day free trial of Alpha Cut and Alpha Fuel.

    I have YET to receive them! I’ve called TWICE in the last few days to find out what the hold up is, and I’ve been assured that it’s coming.

    BUT,BUT, if you read the fine print, you have only 14 days FROM THE DAY YOU ORDERED it to cancel your order WITHOUT paying the FULL price. So what they do is ship you the product late, to ensure that you pay $100 per bottle.

    Needless to say that I called in and cancelled my order today, and will be returning the product UNOPENED back to them the second it arrives. If they stoop to these tactics just to make sales, that’s not a product I will EVER trust.

  48. I acquired this product but still have yet to try it. It is a scam and I knew it, but I was prepared.

    I got the free trial but wanted to cancel (before they started charging me $90). So, they said I had to send back what I hadn’t used and pay for that shipping.

    I sent them back one pill, so I basically got 59 pills for a few bucks. I am eager to try it soon

  49. I’m not ragging anybody on here but there is a such thing as fine print and if you would have read the terms and conditions it says it plain as day. Like I said in an earlier post it doesn’t work as advertised (nothing does) but it does work.

    You won’t see dramatic results in 2-3 weeks however you will see an increase in stamina and strength. The real results start showing towards the end of your second month.

    As your testosterone levels gradually increase. Like I said before you don’t have to be a fitness guru to know what happens to muscle when your testosterone levels are higher then normal THEY GROW!

    No ifs ands or butts about it and these supplements have ingredients that are PROVEN to boost your testosterone levels.You also can’t take it and do nothing. You have to work and I mean work, not just hit the bowflex a couple times a week and think your doing something.

    I mean cardio every morning and a full workout at night. These supplements work like this….

    They work to build your levels up in your system over time meaning every day you take it your levels rise a little with each intake. So if you miss or skip a dose your levels go down, alot more then you would think.

    So you have to take them like the bottle says or it won’t work. It’s just like an antibiotic if you don’t take it as directed then nine times out of ten it won’t work any doctor will tell you that.

    What sucks is their advertising saying it’s the best steroid alternative that makes people think they are gonna get big quick. Sorry but there is nothing that builds muscle even remotely as fast as steroids (I’ve tried them too)also if they didn’t have it set up like they do where you have to read the fine print or you feel like your getting ripped off they would be making alot of money.

    That’s what’s turned everybody against it. If you knew you were paying for it out right you would be buying it again.

    The fact that you feel like you have been had gives you a negative outlook on the product. I have been taking pre workout and muscle building supplements for 14 years and have tried everything under the sun.

    I have been on the Alpha fuel XT and Alpha cut hd for 3 months I’ve taken a pic every week since and looking at the pics I see no change until my 5th week which I figured would be the case. Most other products take you months.

    I know 4 others beside me that are taking this product.
  50. First off carcumin does not have carcinogenic effects. Actually they are using it to slow the growth of cancerous cells and it’s been working alot more times then not.

    I agree alpha cut hd is not worth the price. However if it was half that it would be getting 4 out of 5 its really not a bad supplement it really does boost your metabolism and rid your body of toxins faster then normal.

    Taken with the Alpha fuel xt will definately build your muscle faster then you think as both products have ingredients that are proven to boost your testosterone levels. You don’t have to be a fitness guru to know the higher your testosterone levels the faster you build muscle.

    I my self give it a 3.7 out of 5 granted it doesn’t work as well as advertised but hey what does? If it were a little cheaper it would get a high 5 out of 5. So if you got a little extra money I would recommend giving it a shot (you have to take it eveveday twice a day or you won’t get full effects) you won’t be disappointed
  51. Total scam. It’s not a free trial.

    You pay for it unless you send it back within 14 days of your order, which includes the time it takes to get to you. You have to send it back with allo these conditions too, registered mail with a 15 digit code and if you don’t get it right, you’re out 90 bucks DON’T do it.

    Total rip off.
    1. Do not buy this product. They say that they give you a month free trial and then they charge you 89 dollars after 14 days for every month.

      It’s a scam. The product must be so bad that the only way to sell it is telling you that is free and then they charge you.


  52. I never even received the trial offer that I had to pay shipping and handling for + the international service fee. After contacting customer service to track my shipment I was told it never got sent out!

    Then they charged me the $89.95 on auto-shipment since the trial period (14days) had passed. Total rip off, not even sure why I wasted my time.

    Had to call numerous times & file BBB complaint to get my refund.
  53. This is another rip off scam. I used it for 3 weeks.

    Didn’t do anything for me and when I told IED to cancel I got the run around. Canceling my debit card now.

    They are also based out of some other country and want to take Americans money. Don’t do it!

  54. As soon as i signed up for the free trial my bank (bank of america) called me from their Fraud department.
    They asked me if i authorized the charge on my account, i confirmed.

    They said that was fine but that they cancelled my debit card # because it was likely hijacked by the alpha cut hd sellers.

    So… i had to get a temporary card at a bank…

    In short. Dont waste your time with this bullshit.

    I wasted my time and some money.

    Ok, now im headed downstairs to toss the alpha cut hd in the trash…
  55. Ordered the Alpha Cut and Testosterone booster. The Co. charged me $5.95 shipping for each bottle.

    Called them on 14th day to cancel Trial as instructed. Checked my account 2 weeks ago found they had charged me $88.99 one day and $89.98 the next day.

    TOTAL OF $190.92. Called their 1-800# explained my issue they replied No Record of My Timely Call. Talked to them at least 1 other time about issue but they refused to consider refund, because No Record of my timely call Per Them.


  56. Why have you charged my account $ 88 dollars? I check yes for a free trial and paid shipping.

    That is it I never gave you authorization to charge my account.
    1. Hey Corey Hampton, is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


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