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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 12-2-2016


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What Is HT Rush
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Stacking supplements is nothing new.  Bodybuilders and athletes alike have been doing it for decades, mainly because it helps to break plateaus and give you that edge you’ve been looking for.  But, when a supplement stack starts to make false promises, that’s when we look at it under the microscope.  One such stack I’ve come across is a combination of NO2 Maximus and HT Rush, 2 supplements that apparently boosts muscle over 700%.  They liken it to being an all natural steroid alternative, but the REAL truth will shock you!

What is NO2 Maximus?

Made up exclusively of all natural ingredients, NO2 Maximus is a pre workout dietary supplement that promises insane gains in the gym.

In fact, if you look at some of the marketing behind this supplement, you’d almost think it was a legal steroid alternative.

no2 maximus gnc

It uses the theory of vasodilation to help build muscle fast, improve strength and endurance, as well as decrease recovery times.  If you look on the products official website, there are all sorts of jacked, ripped guys littered across the page, but very little information about how the product works.

no2 maximus and ht rush reviewFortunately, I have had a chance to personally test out this supplement, and in my personal opinion, it doesn’t do shit.  I’ll get to that later, in the meantime let’s discuss the ingredients.  The primary ingredient in NO2 Maximus is L-Arginine HCL and L-Arginine AKG.  These are simply amino acids, and they have been shown in numerous clinical studies to help improve blood flow by dilating the blood vessels.  The theory goes that with increased blood flow, you’ll see improvements in the way oxygen travels through your system.

In turn, it should increase your energy levels, leading to a more efficient and productive workout.

What Is HT Rush?

Up until this point, I had never actually heard of HT Rush.  Doing a bit of research, it promises to help boost all natural testosterone production through the use of a proprietary blend of ingredients.  A quick glance at the label shows that it contains Fenugreek seed extract, which has been shown in very limited clinical studies to help improve libido and strength.

It also contains numerous other ingredients, including Vitamin D, L-Citrulline (an ingredient in NO2 Maximus as well), Zinc, Vitamins B6 and B12, Nettle Leaf, Panax Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Bioperine, and Cordyceps Sinensis.  The internet is packed with fake blogs detailing the effectiveness of HT Rush, and it’s VERY hard to find an unbiased opinion.

The only place I could find it for sale was on their official website, and the only way you can buy it is by enrolling in their free trial.

So Do They Work?

The answer to that question is a bit unclear at the moment.  I searched on Amazon, and found 2 reviews for HT Rush.  One said the product was “awesome” and the other one said it was a complete scam.  Interestingly enough, the person that left the positive review has ONLY reviewed HT Rush and NO other products.

Generally speaking, this is a red flag that the review is probably fictitious / paid for by the company that makes the supplement.

I’ve taken the liberty to check out the ad that reportedly talks about these 2 supplements being a deadly stack for gaining muscle and getting ripped, and it is VERY believable at first glance.  It’s essentially a magazine style editorial that talks about numerous celebrities and athletes taking NO2 Maximus and HT Rush, and getting great results. They detail how, while using these products combined, user’s have been seeing huge surges in muscle growth and definition, all while not having to change up their diet or exercise routine significantly.

What’s even better is they are giving away these products FOR FREE!  What a deal, right?  Wrong, and I will attempt to explain below.

What should come as shock to you is, this supposed news article is really an advertisement.  Don’t believe me?  Well, it says it right here on the page.  On top of that, if you scroll around the page and look at some of the other “Popular posts”, you will see completely different combo’s being promoted.  On one page, it’s the stack of NO2 Maximus and HT Rush, while on the other it’s a combo stack of Elite Test 360 and Ripped Muscle X.  So which one is it???  Check out my screencast below:

[vimeo id=”133502147″ w=”500″ h=”375″]

As you can see, it’s a load of BS.  There is no magic combo of supplements, and they continually rotate these stacks because when one of them is revealed as a scam, they simply swap out the products with a new one.  Shady, at best.

The last think I noticed which should be of particular concern is their free trial/sample.  You see, what ends up happening is this.  1.  You input your credit card information to pay for the shipping of both bottles, which only amounts to about $10.  2.  You received your trials in the mail a few business days later, and start taking the product.  3.  After 30 days, they end up billing you close to $100, FOR EACH SUPPLEMENT.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty damn expensive for a supplement!


A solid diet, exercise, and PROVEN supplements is really the only way you can transform yourself and get the body you’ve been striving for.  If there were some miracle stack like this, it would be spread all over the internet like wildfire.  Not popping up in your Facebook newsfeed….It’s pretty clear that this combo will likely not work the way they say it will, so I would say give this one a pass.

Have You Used NO2 Maximus and HT Rush?  Leave Your Review Below!

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User Questions and Answers

i was charged for ht-rush i didn't order -Tristen Peck

You were probably signed up for monthly shipments after signing up for the free trial.  Go to the HT Rush website (htrush dot com) click on the button that says "Easy Cancel."  Follow the instructions there for canceling and/or obtaining a refund.- Rob

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17 out of 18 people found this question helpful.

Will No.2 maximum and HT Rush work? -Dylan

Unfortunately, I don't think so. A better stack that I've personally had great results with in terms of getting ripped is the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
4 out of 5 people found this question helpful.

I would like to order your supplements. Can you send me contact so I can get more information about your products thanks -Adrian is a review website. We don't sell supplements. The only way to order NO2 Maximus and HT Rush are through their websites using their free trial offers.  Make sure you understand the terms and conditions so you don't get caught with unexpected charges.- Rob

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3 out of 3 people found this question helpful.

Hi I just want to know if I order free trail how long it takes to come? -Mandy

According to their website, they should take about 3-5 days to arrive.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this question helpful.

How much tablets can I take per a day ht rush. -Solomon

I believe it's 2 pills per day, but you'd have to read the instructions on the label.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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    1. Hwy Buddy,

      Yes it is. Check the menu items across the top.

      They all link to the order page, but they’re supposed to be links to other sections of “The ESPN website”. (I removed your link because I don’t want our website to link to untrustworthy ones).
  1. Anyone tried taking 6 tablets instead of 3, just like other supplements Ur body gets used to just 1 scoop so U go up another.
  2. Im at 210lbs i want to get ripped and gain energy , feel good … Now u tell me whats next and how …
    1. Hey Luis,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track for your weight loss goals. Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve libido, and shred belly fat.

      Use it in conjunction with the ebook for the best results, here’s my review:

  3. Hey Rob,

    I am trying to lose weight. I currently weigh 200 lbs. My goal is 175 with muscle mass.

    Do you have a suggestion on supplements to stack to help me get to my goal?
    1. Hey Kalob,

      First off, since diet and exercise are the most important keys to success, sign up for me free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track for your weight loss goals. Supplements-wise, check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve your libido, and shred belly fat. Use it in conjunction with the ebook for best results. Here’s a link to my full review:

  4. I actually jus purchased the NO2 maximus an the HT-RUSH ill be takin my first dose of both 2marro unfortunately the direction kinda suck they only tell me how many times to take them an to take them 30 to 60 minutes before work out but dont tell me if I should take the NO2 maximus first or the HT-RUSH first or should I spread them apart throughout the day or take both at the sametime culd use a lil help if u dont mind
    1. Hey jon,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” ebook.  It’s loaded with tips on diet and exercise to help you bulk up quickly.
      Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass bulking stack.  It works great for guys like yourself looking to bulk up / add on serious muscle mass.
      Here's my review:
  5. Hey you tone 137 out of my bank I live in NZ give my money back bullshit I only wanted the free trail there was nothing to say that more money was coming out my bank you shitface put my money back in now that’s my kids money I’m so pissed off FUCK
    1. Hey Lavinia, is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


    2. read the other questions and reviews here… Rob has been kind, helpful, informative, and though he doesn’t promote HT Rush, he still gives info about it. If you made the mistake of ordering it, don’t take it out on him.

      I too, ordered it, and i threw up after three days of taking it. i cant seem to get into a rhythm of losing weight, but will try his advice and links.
  6. Hey I’m from brisbane i was 136kg an my doctor said i had to lose weight so i did I’m 6ft2 an currently 118kg after 2 an half months i want to get lean I’ve been doing weights an i enjoy it just wanna know some products to help me transform
  7. Hi Rob, noticed your site and was wondering what you would recommend for me…I’m 57 and was hoping to lose about 15 pounds..still in decent shape but need some toning..which stack do you recommend..thanks
  8. Hey rob has anyone used it on here and actually no if it works im keen to use it at what ever price if it works
    1. Hey Frankie,

      I haven’t really gotten much feedback about how they actually work. But it’s not just that they’re expensive (though they are). It’s that they hide the fact that they’re charging you anything at all and that they’re charging you that ridiculous price every month. Meanwhile, there are cheaper supplements that we know work. Check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack if you want to use something that actually works.

  9. Hey Rob,
    I’m a skinny 15 year old, I have been going to the gym for 5 months and haven’t seen much results, how to I bulk up and lean muscle mass, and get ripped?
      1. Hey Rob,
        I’m currently using the labrada lean mass 60, which doesn’t seem to be helping much, I may just take the risk of getting the crazy mass, because i’m sick of being skinny.
        1. Hey Ben,

          It’s up to you, but I would really focus on your eating and your lifting.

  10. Hey, how come you deduct an amount from my account without sending me something? I haven’t received any product from you im in new zealand and I am so frustrated with you of deducting money from my account.please return the amount you deduct its 90.34 on the 13th of june 2015.
    1. We don’t sell this stuff buddy, nor’ do we recommend you get it in the first place if you read the review above. Contact your bank, they will have the phone number you can call to cancel both.

  11. Isn’t this Fraud? using the Men’s Health logo unsolicited. Another dude scammed, furious.cant even get through, these kooks need a hiding.

    1. Hey Daniel,

      Yeah, if you look really closely, I think it says “Men’s Life & Health” with the “Life” covered by an image of a muscle bound dude. Total scam.

      If you can’t reach them, contact your credit card company and tell them not to accept any more charges from the company.

  12. What’s up Rob!

    I’m glad I came across your article, I do have a question for u, I have a very difficult time trying to burn the fat off my stomach, I’m 6ft Weight 180 and 9% body fat but it’s literally all in my stomach, I’m really looking for a supplement that will help me shred! I’ve been working out consistently for 3 years now and haven’t changed a whole lot..

    Any suggestions?
      1. Hi rob I didn’t know how to contact you so I had to use the reply button.. I’m 137lbs and my highest weight was 150lb at one time ..

        I’m now 44 years old I always had a hard time bulking up or gain weight. my goal is to be atleast 155lbs I do mild weight lifting here and there pull up bars,currently taking whey protein,createin and flaxseed oil.. What should I do ?

  13. Hi Rob,
    Many thanks for your site.
    Had this come to me on Facebook and yes definitely was like wow …
    Maybe this is it… Luckily I googled HT Rush Reviews found your site…
    First time I’ve saved saved myself wasted money and time plus headache by avoiding getting caught in a Scam.

    A Big Thank You and Thumbs Up for your Honest Review.
    Many Thanks,
    New Zealand

    1. Thanks Johnny,

      Glad we could help. Let me know what your goals are, and I’ll come up with a recommendation for you.

    1. Hey Dale,

      You’ll need to call and cancel before your trial period is up, usually 14 days.

  14. I got sucked into this too! I haven’t had a chance to try it yet as I’ve been sick for a few days and too busy the rest, it’s only been 15 days and they charged me the total, I’m calling them and the bank right now!

  15. thanks for this article, that blog looked little fishy and thats why I start googling and found this article. I quickly cancelled my card, called Capital One the wonder customer service lady called on my behalf to the company cancelled my order, all future charges and make sure with their agent that nothing will be charged on my CC.

    Again guys thanks for your help, you certainly saved me and I can’t thank you enough.
    Man this world still have some wonderful people :)))

    1. Hey Dillan,

      It’s always great to hear a story with a happy ending! Glad we could help.

  16. I am one moron who got scammed by this crap and now stuck with so much of it I could resell it on please please pleas guys listen to this site have been guided well by them in only a 2 months
  17. Terrible product and def a scam. They charged my account 90 bucks for the free trial. at least I caught on immediatly filed a fraud claim and got my money back.

  18. Yep – same as the rest of you guys, I got sucked in and ripped off. It cost me $254 AUS.

    I have since cancelled my account with them, however, after reading some of the other comments, I have ended up cancelling my credit card as well.
  19. Do NOT waste your money these products are useless & do not produce the results as claimed.
    It is not a Free trail as the company will charge full amount

  20. I called and they said no on refunding the unopened product. Scammed me outta almost 200 bucks!

    Won’t happen again.
    1. I got caught with this scam. Noticed the payments taken from my account after 30 days.

      My bank said there was nothing they could do as it was in their Terms & Cons. They also told me that a lot of people had contacted them for the same thing.

      I chased up the Company and eventually for some reason they backed down, gave me the Returns numbers and offered me a refund for both the NO2 & HT rush.

      The money appeared in my account today.

      I suggest that you contact them via email and keep pushing for it. You may get lucky too!

  21. I just got both bottles in the mail.
    I have canceled my credit card now after seeing these posts.

    Is it still worth taking the supplements though?
    Or do i just send them back and if so to what address?

    1. Hey Carlo,

      I’m not aware of any dangers from taking the pills, and you’ll probably get some benefit. But if you want to return them and get a refund, here’s the contact information you can use:

      For NO2 Maximus:
      USA Customers Call: 1-888-478-0415
      UK & Ireland Customers Call: +44(0) 20 3608 4832
      Australia & New Zealand Customers Call: +61 2 8015 2154
      South Africa Customers Call: +27 21 300 2968
      For HT Rush:
      UK & Ireland Customers Call: +44(0) 20 3514 8531
      USA Customers Call: 1-888-895-5092
      Australia & New Zealand Customers Call: +61 7 3911 1088
      South Africa Customers Call: +27 10 500 8290


      1. Rob,

        I appreciate the insight, it is definitely worth the research before taking on new supplements like this. My question is you are promoting products and books on your site so when you critique the NO2 Maximus and HT Rush you mention the “advertisement” caption at the top of their website.

        Aren’t you doing the same type of promoting and advertising? I work out everyday and in good shape but always room for improvement, just curious on what a true supplement is that can add extra benefit.

        1. Hey LD,

          What we do is not at all the same. Those “advertorials” pretend to be articles, when they are really advertisements. Our site does reviews for hundreds of products. Some of those reviews end with favorable conclusions and some with unfavorable ones. I only recommend products that I’ve tried myself and that work well. When someone orders one of those products through the links on the site, I get a small commission, though the price to the customer remains the same. If you’re looking for something to take you to the next level of ripped, check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack.


  22. Once I read this, I cancelled both orders HTRUSH and NO2 maximum rush. What a joke that was. Contacted support who said to contacted customer service. Can they not just forward the email to the person sitting in the same office. Now I have to wait for the parcels to arrive and then ask for a Return Merchandise Authorisation number from guess who Seriously guys and girls read the terms and conditions before ordering your FREE TRIAL.
    1. Make sure you ring your bank as well as visa sets up a rolling payment sometimes simply cancelling your card is not enough make sure you cancel with the companies too!!

      These guys are unbelievable scammers I will though madness cancelling mine they wanted me to return the product!! I refused and eventually I got waves the return .

      They will also say we need the items back I order to not be charge 80 bike each for them !!!!! I said I wi send you an empty tub back as I would have used them by the 30 day trial date haha.

      Don’t fall into their trap. Horrible customers service too , rude and arrogant people.

      I got hung up on a few times .
      1. I got refunded by my bank £580 thank god sent the rubbish back. With a recorded delivery sent recipt to bank and thay put money back in my bank.

        Never again will I get scammed
  23. Fell for this scam myself.£580 later, just noticed that thay have been taking money for last 3 months.hope I can clame money back.have got all products unused but nowhere to send them back? Would my bank refund me back my money for this?

    With this being a scam?
    1. Hey Pendles,

      I doubt your back will refund you, but they would probably refuse to accept any more of their charges if you asked them to. I looked up their contact information for you.

      For NO2 Maximus:
      USA Customers Call: 1-888-478-0415
      UK & Ireland Customers Call: +44(0) 20 3608 4832
      Australia & New Zealand Customers Call: +61 2 8015 2154
      South Africa Customers Call: +27 21 300 2968

      For HT Rush:
      UK & Ireland Customers Call: +44(0) 20 3514 8531
      USA Customers Call: 1-888-895-5092
      Australia & New Zealand Customers Call: +61 7 3911 1088
      South Africa Customers Call: +27 10 500 8290

      Hope this helps.

  24. Unfortunately I’m one of the casualties on this BS marketing tactics. Avoid at all cost!! I got charged $89.99 prior to the 30 day trial period…I cancel the No2Maximus and got billed.

    I cancelled the HT-Rush and was given all the mumble-jumble speech. I’ll pay for the S&H fee but I will not fall for the $200/month supply!!!

    Should have done my research first with Rob Miller.
  25. Just got scammed from them luckily enough used my debit card so am going to cancel my debit card and send the items back to them. Totally thought it was a free trial.

    Thanks for posting.
  26. Totally agree with the comments here. Its nothing but a total scam.

    When you call their customer help line the first and only menu choice is cancellation – suggesting that this is the only reason why you would call….
  27. I signed up for the free trail only a couple hours before reading this article.. I immediately called to cancel the shipment and get my refund..

    I asked the friendly customer service assistant about added costs ect.. she told me that if I cancel before the end of my trial period i would only incur a small charge. If I was to continue afterwards it would be approx $200/month.

    I said that was too much for my liking and asked to go ahead cancel the shipment.. After about 20 minutes of her over-hyping sales spiel (she even went on to tell me how much more “energy” her boyfriend had HA) and continual dropping of cost I managed to wrangle her down to $30/month for both products for as long as I wanted and no cancellation fee when I wanted to stop.

    They had already lost my trust so after toying with her I finally cancelled everything and she sent out a refund.. Only time will tell if I ever see the money back but hopefully I’ve avoided this scam!

    Thank you!!



    1. Hey Stephen,

      Yeah, that’s one of the ways they get you. It’s not the real Mens Health magazine.

      They just try to make it look like it is.

  29. These people are totally unscrupulous in their business practices. I had already fallen for a similar scam,involving antiageing skincare.

    The product was good in this case, but hundreds of complaints, involving the so-called free trial and unauthorised c/card charges followed. If the same people aren’t involved, I’d be very surprised!

    In fact, I’m surprised they still get away with it! Whether they’re pushing skincare, weight loss, or in the above case,”steroid alternatives”,the ads follow a virtually identical template.

    Usually a “mum” or other such regular person has discovered these 2 products, that only deliver their “magic”,when used in combo. The product names are really all that changes.I only half read the ad for the above products, as I could clearly see it was the same bunch of scammers,but I remember another of their “steroid alternative” combo ads,which claimed results one would be lucky to achieve with REAL steroids, in a similar time frame.

    A “magic weight loss combo” ad,linked from the very same page as the above, claims that 1/2 of the combo (garcinia cambogia) is extracted from raspberries, lol! I mean if they can’t even get their basic facts straight…
    Seriously, websites like this one and others need to keep spreading the word!

    These unscrupulous bastards cannot keep getting away with this BS! One journalist claimed that computer hacking was used,so as their ads pop up everywhere.

    That I don’t know, but once again, it wouldn’t surprise me…
  30. Totally got scammed by this and am usually clued up on all this sort of thing. Vanity is always a tricky lesson to learn but my advice is avoid these guys like the plague!!!

    Now onto the scamming little fuckers they are.
    You can fuck them up back a little if you’re a scrappy little bugger like me.

    Maybe we can wing this across social media and get a lot more people to do it and then they’ll stop.

    Here it is, if you have other credit cards like most do, you order their free trial shit but you HAVE TO cancel as soon as it arrives (7days), you pay a small delivery cost but……Don’t open the bottles, you just sell them back like I did for a profit on ebay or amazon and you’ll make money.

    But you MUST MUST Contact your credit card company and cancel them at the source after going to HT and No2 websites and cancel there. Hold onto and give your bank your authorisation number you get from their sites.

    Forget phoning them, their lines are a scam and total ball ache.

    It’s not much but if you’ve got a few different cards and are bitter enough to be arsed you can make your dollar back and scream them up in the process.

    Or just copy and paste this across social media and we’ll get all the sucker newbs (like i did) thinking of trying this to abuse their system back.

    Good luck to all and my lesson is that a shortcut to image and vanity has a price. One way or the other.

  31. Hi there I’m trying for awhile now to get hold of both these supplements ht-rush and no2 maximus but to no avail .I’m from South Africa is there a problem to why I cant get it . Please can you assist me in this problem of trying to get these products .

    Thanks fFabian
    1. Hey Fabianj,

      My guess is that they don’t ship to South Africa, but I don’t have any inside knowledge of either of these products or their companies. Have you tried calling their contact numbers or emailing them?

  32. To any one getting this bs products don’t
    It’s a complete scam lost over £175 from the thieves over the Ida, I’ve notified trading standards and there’s no way you can get your obey back as its a usa company
    What ever you do don’t be fooled by the hype of this product and free trail
  33. Hey Rob,

    I only read your webpage after actually making the payment for the free trial (I used a debit card for this). I made the payment on the 18th of November 2014. The product is scheduled to be delivered on the 28th of November 2014.

    My concern is, how do I cancel the extra billings that is to come before it actually comes? When should I do it if so?

    I’d really appreciate your help in guiding me to cancel this thing.

    A step-by-step guidance would really be most preferable.

    Thank you
    1. Hey there,

      Call them as soon as possible and tell them you want to stop any further deliveries and charges. You can ask them to reverse the charge that you just received, but they probably won’t.

      Regardless, the sooner you call and cancel, the sooner the charges will end.

  34. Ordered my free trail before reading this Web page . Immediately cancelled my accounts for both products after reading comments .

    Have been charged 19 95 for each bottle no states no more charges from my account . Anybody know if this is correct?

    1. Hey Tom,

      I would think you shouldn’t have been charged anything beyond the initial shipping charge, but I know these companies try to convince you of all sorts of things when you call to cancel. That may have been what happened.

  35. Always read the terms and conditions!
    And, if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s usually not true….

    I had read all the details on these products, I was ready to get the free trial, I had even put in my credit card details for the shipping.

    But before I confirmed, I thought I must check the terms and conditions.

    It’s all there in black and white. After reading them, I didn’t bother confirming the order.

  36. I got caught too.

    Thanks to these reviews simply cancelled my accounts.

    Feel a bit stupid as my son was shocked I had fallen for it!
  37. What a fu**ing rip off!!!!!!!!!! Just ordered a free trial and they’ve taken almost £400 out of my account in the last two months!


    1. Hey Rayed,

      I haven’t used the products, and I’m skeptical to say the least about what kind of results you’ll get. I would follow the instructions on the bottle, and make sure you know when you have to call to cancel the autoshipment program.

    1. These cowboys just scam you again and again. they change the name of the product every few months or so but the results are apparently the same. Don’t go anywhere near this crap.

  38. These people are thieves! I received nothing at all, and have now beens charged again!

    So disappointing as i was just beginning to trust online shopping. Everything about them and their products is fake-except the ability to take your money!! Seriously hope they commit suicide!

    1. Hi, I fell into this trap in early August. Rob sorted me with contact numbers to cancel product which I did successfully but was still out of pocket considerably for the debit they already debited from my card.
      I contacted my card agent, explained the situation.

      They advised me to write card agent (bank) a letter advising what happened along with returned goods. They raised claim with HT rush / maximus etc and I got credited everything that was deducted which was brilliant.

      Try this it should work. I know how you feel, it’s gut wrenching.

      Then you add this to the heat you get off your mrs and….BAM. Cheers Rob for initial info.

      Best of luck

      1. Did you use a debit or credit card?

        I’m contacting the bank and fraud department today.

        There is nothing saying that you will be charged money after 30 days, apart from the small print.

        If they used a fake Mens Health advert to promote it/trick people then that’s 100% fraud as far as I’m aware.
  39. I had been duped into exactly what you have stated and now i am currently being harrased to send back my free sample which has done nothing for me and im also allergic to this products. I have a dissability and mental health issues and im finding this ordeal terrible.

    They are emailing me constantly and demanding i send back my free sample. FREE SAMPLE HOW CAN IT NOW BE RETURNED AT MY COST OVERSEAS ITS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO DO SO.

    I i was duped on facebook conned and paid over £10 for my free NO2 AND HTRUSH now they want them back. Free sample???

    Its a con
  40. this is truly a scam as i eventually got through to be told if i canx i need to send back tablets and they will refund the difference this is not a free trial at all people should avoid this like the plague
    luckily i haven’t opened the jars but still cost me £12 to send back
    therefore my free trial which i didn’t use cost me £25
  41. Just been charged over £175 by this company after I ‘agreed’ to continue the ‘free’ trial. No contact details provided for me to cancel and no notice that extra payments were due/free trial was ending apart from when I registered initially (how would I know how the free trial was going when I signed up?!?).

    Bad customer service and useless products – do not use them!

  42. The products HtRush coupled with NO2 Maxiumus do nothing and the free trial is a complete rip off,they need to be exposed….
  43. Bang on the money in this review Rob. Shame this wasn’t up online BEFORE I fell for this scam.

    My “free” trial took 3 weeks to arrive (I am in Australia though), which cost $20 for delivery, then imagine my shock to be charged $100 for my “free trial” on the 8th of August (1-2 weeks after their arrival). The customer service line is a joke, but I was able to get them to cancel any further “membership/subscription” to this company (which they were nice enough to email to me in case of future issues).

    My advice is DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. How they operate is illegal I am sure.

    1. Hi Matt – I have just got stung exactly same as you and I am furious. I take it you got refunded for the amount you weren’t expecting from Visa?

      Can you send me on the customer service number please?

      Please Help!

      1. Hey Sean,

        Rob here. The contact info for NO2 Maximus is:

        USA Customers Call: 1-888-478-0415
        UK & Ireland Customers Call: +44(0) 20 3608 4832
        Australia & New Zealand Customers Call: +61 2 8015 2154
        South Africa Customers Call: +27 21 300 2968

        For HT Rush, it’s:

        UK & Ireland Customers Call: +44(0) 20 3514 8531
        USA Customers Call: 1-888-895-5092
        Australia & New Zealand Customers Call: +61 7 3911 1088
        South Africa Customers Call: +27 10 500 8290

        They also both have contact forms on their websites that you can use to cancel your orders.

          1. Hey Colin,

            To cancel your NO2 Maximus trial, go to their website at no2maximus dot com, and click on the Contact page. On that page is a link to cancel your account.

            You can also call on the phone. The number in the UK is +44(0) 20 3608 4832. For HT Rush, it’s basically the same. Go to the contact page on their website (htrush dot com) and click on the link to cancel your account.

            Their phone number iin the UK is +44(0) 20 3514 8531. Hope this helps.

  44. How can you say it is all BS when you just admitted you have not tried BOTH products TOGETHER?
    They advertise you taking BOTH products TOGETHER then you will see extreme results. I have never been a gym junky but have tried so may different supplements for energy and muscle growth along with the use of my Total Gym and nothing did any thing for me until I started this product and now I have lost 48 lbs and look pretty damn good like I was back 20 years ago.

    How do I come to this conclusion, I’ll tell you, when you are married for over 25 years and the last 5 years the intimacy has dried up and yet she still looks fine as hell, myself I had a pudgy fat gut and now after 6 months of the NO2 and Rush she will not leave me alone now. That my friend is the truth and fact that this stuff does in fact work.

    Just ask my wife she is my testimonial.
    So back to the original observation you never stated you had taken both at the same time. Your test, from what I read from top to bottom consisted of YOUR OPINION of the damn web-site.

    Never once did you say you tested BOTH products together like the ad states you need to do for the results and yet you come out and say it is B/S. And then look at you at the bottom of the page YOU PUSHING YOUR PRODUCT just because YOU said it was good.

    You just shot yourself in the foot with this entire page of nothing but opinion and no actual facts to back you claim. Just speculations and theories from YOU and not from a TRUE TEST of the product the way it was intend for.

    And to top it all off, after YOU finish bashing another product down the entire page ‘BAM’ you have 4 different bottles of supplements that YOU like and YOU say it’s good and then try to push onto others that cost $172 a month. How are you any different from what they did?

    I will tell you THEY didn’t BAD MOUTH other products like you just did WITHOUT even testing it and then try to push there product on us like you just did. What you did is worse because you NEVER even tested the product the way it was intended for and then accused it of being B/S.

    I bet my life this does not show up under your question and answers for the world to see, I am sure this is NOT a cherry Q&A you will place out in front for everybody to see. LMAO

    1. Hey Darrell,

      You say you read the review from top to bottom, but clearly you didn’t read it very closely. My problem with this stack is the way it’s promoted using the the “plug and play” formula in a stock article.

      If you want to trust a supplement company that switches products around in their ads, that’s your business. I’ll call them out.

      But worse than that is the “free trial” offer that locks you into monthly billing. I get emails every day from guys who got caught up in these scams because the companies don’t really want potential customers to see the fine print.

      If this stack works for you, that’s great. But I’m sure as hell going to warn my readers that when they tell you it’s free, it’s not.


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