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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 3-20-2020

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#1 – GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Mass XXX
#2 – Growth Factor 9
#3 – Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer
What about Legal Steroids in Vitamin Shoppe and Walmart?
#4 – APE Alpha Performance Enhancer
#5 – HGH Dopa
What are my online alternatives?
Testosterone Boosters
HGH Releasers
Final Thoughts
If you’ve been taking supplements for any length of time, you know they can’t work miracles. While many of them boast about being the next best thing to steroids, often they can provide very little in the way of results.

REAL Legal Steroids, on the other hand, CAN and WILL produce rapid results.

If you can get your hands on them, of course.

Unless you live on the border of Mexico, it’s unlikely that you’ll find them very easily.

I’ve had a few guys ask me whether or not I knew of any legal steroids for sale in GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, and other stores, so I decided to do a little research.

I decided to visit a few GNC and Vitamin Shoppe stores and interview some of their employees to see what they would recommend.

The first store I visited I got a pretty blunt answer, and that was “we don’t sell legal steroids”, plain and simple.

I can’t say I was surprised to hear this.

Why Doesn’t GNC sell legal Steroids?

The obvious answer is…they can’t.

Because they are not a pharmacy, and because to obtain real steroids you need a prescription, GNC and other stores cannot legally sell them. Additionally, you can’t even legally buy anabolics, as most of them have been banned for use in the US since 1990 when the Anabolic Steroids Control act was passed.

They do have some products that are marketed as steroid alternatives, but they are not ACTUALLY the real deal.

In general, avoiding products that claim to be steroids when they really are not is a good practice and one that I would highly recommend.

Most of them are simply just mass gainers, amino acids, and protein shakes, but they seem to do a pretty good job of promoting them as legal anabolics. Here’s a couple of them they recommended as the closest thing to legal steroids at GNC:

#1 – GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Mass XXX

legal steroids at GNCThis is basically a powder that contains a MASSIVE amount of protein (50 grams per serving) as well as a number of other ingredients like creatine, Beta Anhydrous, L-arginine, L-Glycine, and L-Methionine.

The few reviews I got from the rep told me that the vast majority of guys using Amplified Mass XXX were getting great results from it, but a number of them noted that the taste was, at best, TERRIBLE.

After browsing around the forums and reviews, I noted the most guys saw significant increases in muscle gain, faster recovery times, and increased energy.

As far as side effects, a few guys reported acne breakouts, stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and the fact that it was hard to gulp it down.

It’s also not cheap…a 6 lb tub will run you $76.99, with discounts of about $12 if you are a gnc member.

They offer some coupons from time to time, but you can expect to pay top dollar for it.

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#2 – Growth Factor 9

growth factor 9 at gncGrowth Factor 9 is a VERY highly rated steroid alternative at GNC that utilizes the power of synthetic HGH production to help increase endurance, stamina, and lean muscle mass.

While Growth Factor 9 is not actually a steroid (or real HGH for that matter), it CAN help to mimic the effects of real HGH.

In fact, it’s actually been clinically tested here in the US, and the science shows that it can support mean, serum blood growth hormone levels.


Manufactured and sold by a company called Novex Biotech, Growth Factor 9 uses a blend of ingredients like L-Lysine, L-Arginine, and L-Glutamine to help promote better sleep, which in turn will help improve your recovery times.

You can read more about how it works in my full review here.

Growth Factor 9 retails at GNC for about $100 a box, with a $5 discount applying to those with a membership card.

#3 – Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer

bodybuilding supplements that work like steroidsThis was another protein supplement that is heavily marketed as a mass / weight gainer. Unlike the AMP Amplified Mass XXX, it contains dozens of different ingredients (too many to list here) that are supposed to help deliver essential nutrients, amino acids, and carbohydrates to give you a massive energy boost both before, and after your workouts.

There was a very limited amount of reviews on this one, but the vast majority of them (think 95%) said nothing but good things about the Pro complex gainer.

However, it should be noted that this supplement is used to help gain mass and strength only.

It will not help you shred down (Check out Instant Knockout fat burner here to do that) and it certainly will not give you overnight results.

Just like the above products, it also comes in at a hefty price of $136 for a 10 lbs. bag.

The available flavors include Double rich chocolate, banana cream pie, strawberry cream, and vanilla custard.

What about Legal Steroids in Vitamin Shoppe and Walmart?

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Same deal with these stores, guys. I spoke with reps at both Vitamin Shoppe and Walmart, and got the same answer that I got with GNC…”we don’t sell legal steroids, period”. I got a few recommendations from them as far as steroid alternatives, much like the ones I got from the GNC rep.

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Unlike the GNC reps, though, I was heavily recommended the use of a wide variety of testosterone boosters and HGH supplements instead of weight gainers. Just like the supposed bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids at GNC, these testosterone boosters and hgh products do not ACTUALLY increase testosterone or growth hormone.

Rather, they are intended to produce a “similar” effect as if you were taking the real thing.

Here’s a couple I was recommended:

#4 – APE Alpha Performance Enhancer

ape athletic performance enhancerThis is actually a supplement I’ve taken in the past, with modest results. Alpha Performance Enhancer promises a 22% greater increase in free testosterone in only 12 hours, but does that even make a difference. For instance, free testosterone only accounts for 2% of your total testosterone, which means that only 2% is available to help in the muscle building process.

My results with this supplement were mixed. On the one hand, I actually felt a little more energetic, and definitely felt like I had gained a bit of size / mass. However, for me this came at a cost. For some reason, I had a really hard time falling asleep while I was taking Alpha Performance Enhancer. I looked over the ingredients to try and pinpoint which one was keeping me up at night, but I was at a loss.

There are no stimulants like caffeine or yohimbe in it, so my best guess was it is probably the Fenugreek that was the culprit.

#5 – HGH Dopa

Another one I was recommended was a supplement called HGH Dopa. This supplement apparently uses only one ingredient, called Mucuna Pruriens, to help stimulate the secretion of growth hormone released by the pituitary gland. I’ve never actually used HGH Dopa, but I have used supplements that contain Mucuna Pruriens with satisfactory results.

Most of the reviews on the Vitamin Shoppe website are VERY favorable, with many noting increases in strength and mass, as well as improved sleep. It should be noted that while Mucuna Pruriens contains L-Dopa, which is a precursor to dopamine, it has not been successfully shown to cross the blood brain barrier. (1) This essentially means that any increased in dopamine will likely not result in any significant clinical changes.

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What are my online alternatives?

crazy mass cutting stack reviewWell, there are some supplements on the market that can actually help to “mimic” the effects of steroids, without actually being one. These legal steroids are NOT sold in GNC, Walmart, or Vitamin Shoppe, but you CAN find them for sale online.

For example, the Crazy Mass line sells a number of different stacks that work very similarly to legal steroids, but uses healthy all natural ingredients instead of pharmaceutical compounds.

I have actually personally tested many of these, including their Bulking Stack and Cutting stack, and they both worked great. If you are a guy that’s struggling to pack on weight (hard gainer) then I would definitely recommend you check out the Crazy Mass bulking stack. It’s packed with 4 different supplements that help ectomorphs like yourself gain the necessary amount of mass and strength.

Read my review of the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack here:

If you’re a guy that’s looking to trim down, then I definitely recommend you check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. Unlike the bulking stack, this stack works to help guys that are having a hard time melting off the excess weight, as well as retain lean muscle.

Read my review of the Cutting Stack here:

Testosterone Boosters

testofuel reviewsI’ve personally used dozens of testosterone boosters over the years, and can tell you with absolute certainty that the vast majority of them are shit.

Almost ALL of them claim that they will make you huge overnight, and you won’t have to even lift a weight.

Of course, that’s complete B.S., but some guys fall for it.

With that said, some of them show real promise.

For example, my top choice Testofuel gave me amazing results, in terms of lean muscle growth and fat reduction.

I’ve actually proven that it works by getting my testosterone checked with a home test kit.

Testofuel uses a combination of steroid like ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek extract, and Oyster extract that have been proven in clinical studies to act on male hormones.

I personally used Testofuel for a period of 6 months, and packed on some HUGE gains. Check out my review here:


nugenix reviewAnother very powerful testosterone booster I’ve personally used is Nugenix.

You’ve probably seen some of the ads, and you may have even tried it.

Nugenix takes a slightly different approach to boosting free testosterone levels. Instead of using the traditional herbs and extracts like D-Aspartic Acid and Boron, it’s comprised of a blend of ingredients which include a patented version of Fenugreek extract called Testofen.

Made by a company called Gencor, Testofen has been clinically proven to to increased muscle building when combined with exercise.

On top of that, it’s also a VERY powerful sexual enhancer, which is a nice “side effect” to have.

Click Here to read my full Nugenix review.

HGH Releasers

If you’ve been doing any research about steroid like supplements, you undoubtedly have come across something called Human Growth Hormone (HGH for short).

I actually talked about it briefly above, but it warrants a bigger discussion.

Commonly also called Somatotropic, HGH is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration in humans and other animals. (

In short, it’s the real deal.

It will get you big, REALLY fast.

However, just like with steroids, it’s illegal to use them unless you have a valid prescription.

hypergh14x reviewWith that said, there ARE supplements available online that can help to mimic their effects.

One of the closest over the counter steroid alternatives I’ve EVER used is a product called HyperGH 14X, which is FAR more powerful than Growth Hormone 9 OR HGH Dopa.

HyperGH 14X uses a potent blend of safe, LEGAL amino acids and peptides to help LEGALLY maximize pure muscle gains.

No trips to the doctors office, no painful injections, and it’s totally legal.

Check out my review of HyperGH 14X here:

Final Thoughts

Using steroids is potentially very dangerous, and I never recommend that you use them in the first place.

They carry a slew of potential side effects that in all honesty are more likely to set you back further than you originally started leaving you worse off than in the first place.

That being said, there are millions of guys out there that will continue to search for legal steroids in an effort to get an edge on the competition. As noted above, however, there are some decent legal steroid alternatives out there that can give you similar results, without all of the nasty and unwanted side effects.

As always, if you need a specific product recommendation by all means shoot me an email and I’ll try to point you in the right direction.


Mucuna Pruriens –

Top 3 Body BuildingAffiliate Disclosure

#1 Rated – HyperGH 14X

#1 Rated - HyperGH 14X

HyperGH 14X is a potent HGH releaser which works great for bodybuilding.Read more in our review.

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#2 Rated – Testofuel

#2 Rated - Testofuel

Testofuel is the most effective testosterone boosting supplement on the market that ive tested.

Read my review to learn more.

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#3 – Ostarine

#3 - Ostarine

Ostarine is the poster boy for SARMS, and will promote lean muscle tissue growth dramatically.

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Does the crazy mass bulking have anything in if that would make me pop a drug test? This might be a stupid question but I don't know enough to know any better. -Nathan

It's got DHEA which is banned by the NCAA, but it's not illegal.- Rob

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What are the names of the alternative steroids that last can order on line without the nasty said effects -Larry Lee foon

I think you're looking for Crazy Mass Supplements.- Rob

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i sprained my wrist and it's healing slowly. Is there a supplement j can take to speed up the healing process? -Steve

Go with a multivitamin.- Rob

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I am trying to lose the spare tire and belly fat that I have. I workout 3 times a week and walk about a mile each day. Your thoughts? -Dan

Sign up for my free weight loss ebook for tips and plans for meals and workouts to help you reach your goals. You should also check out a great fat burner called Instant Knockout.- Rob

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Is nugenix free testosterone booster a steroid? -James

No, not at all. It's natural ingredients meant to stimulate your body's natural testosterone boosting process, so you make more than you did before you taking it.- Rob

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  1. are there any supplement from GNC you would recommend? I mean getting big on steroids like effect, just getting big and cut

    1. Me, personally, I would go with a stack of the Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer and Growth Factor 9 if I were just looking to stack on weight. It’s tough to “get big and cut”.

      It’s either “get big, then get cut”, or “get cut, then get big”. Personally speaking, I think it’s easier to get big first and then do a cutting cycle.

  2. I’m 42 and have dabbled in body building in past. I’m looking to put on muscle and lose some weight.

    I currently weigh 223 lbs. Any suggestions? Also without breaking the bank….

    1. Hey Billy,
      I personally like combining an HGH releaser called HyperGH 14X along with a fat burner called Instant Knockout. The HyperGH 14X will DRAMATICALLY improve your quality of sleep (which will lead to bigger gains), and the Instant Knockout works well as both an effective pre workout AND fat burner.

      Check out my reviews of each below:

      HyperGH 14X –

      Instant Knockout –

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  3. i am 72 years old ,have a fairly muscaler body,but want to get fairly bigger.i have minor kidney issues and want to be safe in what i use.would crazy mass be ok or if not what would . thanks
    1. Hey Farooq,
      There are lots of different choices designed to get different results. Let me know what kind of benefits you’re looking for and I’ll recommend a great choice for you.

  4. What, in your honest opinion, is the best legal “steroid like” product to take? I was always in to running until I tore ACL a second time, so now I have turned my attention to lifting and getting big.

    Idc what store its from, just need some help.
    1. Hey Tee,
      Well, none of these stores sell anything remotely close to steroids. If you’re looking for a real deal alternative, check out the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack. It’s perfect for bulking, is completely side effect free, and is the best bulking stack I’ve ever used.

      Check out my review here:

      Alternatively, you may want to look into the use of a SARM called Ostarine. SARMS are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, and are great for both cutting and bulking. I have a detailed guide on Ostarine, check it out here:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  5. I have been trying to gain weight/lean muscle for some time now (years). My metabolism is super high and tried consuming more protein and increasing the amount of meals per day, but keeping weight has always been near impossible.

    I know your site addresses men specifically but I am a 30 year old woman, height 5’6″ and weight 119lbs. From my research I have found a couple of articles on water weight gain alone, although the advice is for a temporary weight gain solution only. I know that boosting the female testosterone levels serve a few health benefits, but can you recommend a more permanent option for gaining weight and maintaining this weight (around a 15-20lbs increase) afterwards.

    Thank you in advance for your time and help.
    1. Hey Krista,
      I actually think your best bet would be creatine. Creatine will cause a bit of water retention, but it will also help you gain a healthy amount of lean muscle mass. My personal favorite is Muscle Advance Creatine, it comes in capsule format so it’s real easy to take along with you on the road.

      Here’s my review:

      Alternatively, if you prefer a powder check out the creatine over at Absorb Your Health. It’s great quality and about half the price of Muscle Advance, here’s their site:
  6. I am 39, 5’8″, 170lbs, been athletic my entire life – military, sports, etc. I have used pre-workout supplements for probably 15 years. Lately it is difficult to get cut or have good definition.

    I don’t have a strict diet (which I know would help) and I do drink beer on weekends (I know doesn’t help). However, I have attempted to reduce my ‘crappy’ intake at lunch – switching from fried rice, fast food or buffets to mainly a sandwich and chips.

    My exercise regime has been fairly steady of 3-5 times a week at the gym consisting of cardio and free weights. I am looking for something that gives me that little edge to increase a little bit of mass and to get more defined and cut.

    What do you recommend?
    1. Hey Grant,
      Yeah I know the feeling, man. You’re 100% on the money when it comes to diet, it’s totally key if you want to shred down. For your convenience, I’m sending you my free “How To Get Ripped Quick” ebook, as well as some bonuses. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help guide you in the right direction regarding diet and exercise.

      Supplements wise, I think you would benefit most from the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s comprised of 4 supplements that will help you cut up, as well as add strength and muscle. Here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. Hi,
    I’m trying to overcome a muscle strain from swimming a little more quickly. I’m not especially interested in size gain, just rapid recovery.

    Could you please suggest one of these that might affect that?
  8. Hello I Am 6’6″ 183 pounds and I am 37yrs old never have big a big guy love to get like 220-225 n quick. What product will help and I won’t have to even be in a gym.

    1. Hey Bob,

      Can you be a little more specific? It sounds like you’re looking for a stack.

      What kind of benefits are you looking for. Let me know and I’ll make a great recommendation for you.

  9. I have very low testosterone. I have seen doctors about this and was told from my blood work that yes you are low.very low.

    I went?to another doctor and they said I am question for you is what over the counter product would you recommend to help boost my testosterone.tyvm.
    1. Hey Chris,
      Check out a supplement called Testofuel. Out of the literally dozens of t boosters I’ve tested over the years, it was by FAR the best. Here’s my review:

      Also, for your convenience I’m sending you my free “How To Boost Testosterone NAturally” eBook. It’s loaded with tips on diet and exercises you should be doing to maximize your testosterone boosting results.
  10. I have a seriously fast metabolism, like it’s scary. I’ve tried tons of test booster amp xxx mass bulking pack animal packs creatines of variety.

    And intense train for months and years on end. And in the long run nothing really worked even with a good diet regimen. I can’t put weight on I stay the same weight maybe gained 5 to 10 pounds but some of that is gut and butt.

    What can I do I’m really thinking of giving up. I’m 31 5″5 140 PDS soaking weight.

    1. Hey Dave,
      I wish I had that problem haha. In your case I would go with a supplement stack called the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack. It’s comprised of 4 separate supplements that will help you pack on mass, size, and strength. Check out my review here:

      Also, for your convenience I’m sending you my free “How To Get Larger, Stonger, and More Powerful” ebook to this email. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help you bulk up fast. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. Hey Shakthi,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track for your weight loss goals. Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve libido, and shred belly fat.

      Use it in conjunction with the ebook for the best results, here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

  11. I’m 38 yrs old and am in need of desperate help. I feelook as if I have lost all my energy and this makes it hard to even get too the gym!

    Any recommendations?
  12. My Dr put me on steroids for 4 days to help with my migraines,
    It took 3 days to kick in and now I’m down to 1 day left of them,
    He said that’s not a long term problem solver and we will half to find solveromething else to replace it when the time comes,
    But when I was reading on them they help with alot of problems that I’ve had,
    I have thyroid disease, and have lost some of my hair,
    I’d like to know if there’s something that I can take for a replacement,
    I don’t really care about building my muscles because I’m a woman,
    I do work out but not like that,
    Can anybody recommend anything that I can take that’s safe and natural?
  13. I have terrible allergies which make my sinuses bulge my doctor gave me a couple of steroid packs an they worked! Now that I am done with them the swelling is back, Is there something I can take to help the swelling?

  14. Whats up, Rob? Just a quick question.

    I’m getting ready to start the Cutting Stack from CrazyMass. Was just wondering on what you thought about workout routines.

    Should I stick with a straight cutting workout routine, or could I get away with a more heavy bodybuilding lifting routine, with just cutting like cardio?
    I’m 6’4, around 215 lbs, with some excess lbs on me. What would be for best results?

    Looking to lose the extra tire, but not lose much mass.
    1. Hey Matty,
      Good questions. In your case I would say go right into the cutting workout routine.

      Just make sure you lift heavy and watch your diet closely to keep muscle and burn the fat.

      I’m sending you my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook, which is packed with tons of info on diet and exercise to help you along.
      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.

  15. I just left a user question, but realized I left info out after reading comments below. I am 6’3 and about 210 lbs. So i’m not fat by any means, but i do still have my love handles.

    I’m active, workout 4-5 times a week, and play sports with friends. I am on a calorie count, and eating cleaner to try and get rid of this extra mass around my lower abs and waist.

    I am losing weight, but it’s very little by little. I have some muscle mass from being a three sport athlete in high school, but now being 21 years old, and in college, I’m looking to focus on weight training and getting in great shape.

    I’d love to continue to lose my love handles, but also gain muscle mass. I know thats hard to do.

    But i wanted to know what you thought, since I’m not obese trying to shed a lot of weight. Really just trying to lose weight in that focused location, but also see physical change (muscle gain) in regions like my chest, arms, thighs, back, etc. I’m looking at the Crazy mass stacks, but wanted to know what you recommend I try first.

    The Cutting Stack, or the Bulking Stack? What would give me the best transformation with the info I have given?

    1. Hey Man,
      Yeah I know what you mean, I’ve been there many times before. I have a great article piece on this, check it out here:

      It sounds like you would benefit most from The Lean Bulk section, and as far as supplementation I would actually recommend you skip the Cutting and Bulking stacks and go right for the CrazyStack Ultimate Stack.

      It’s specifically designed to maximize fat loss and muscle gain during the Lean Bulk plan. Here’s a link to the stack:
  16. Hello I am currently on a what i consider a high protein diet. I will be turning 50 in about six months and weigh 265lbs. im looking for a stack that can help me loose weight and cut up.

    I have good muscle structure from youth till now just hidden under stubborn surface fat. being in age i know it gets difficult to loose but i haven’t had a problem getting in shape when determined.Please help me get what i need to accomplish what i’d like.. #50thenew20….Thank you.
    1. Hey David,
      First off, I’m emailing you my free “How To Get Ripped Quick” ebook, as well as some bonuses. It’s packed wit tons of tips on diet and exercises you should be doing to achieve your goal.

      Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. It’s comprised of 4 powerful supplements that will help you not only cut up, but also retain lean muscle. Here’s my review:
  17. I usually weigh around 200. Back in April I donated 60% of my liver to my cousin and now I am weighing in at 220.

    Just started back working out and I’m a natural athlete and in good shape. Quick smoking last February.

    Just gaining weight now from not being able to do much. I want to cut up and really hit the gym hard.

    I go every day during lunch for about an hour and have a good workout plan but I want supplements that will help me rip up for my fiancé.
    1. Hey Madison,
      Yeah go with the Crazy Mass cutting stack ( It’s perfect for those looking to shred down and build lean muscle, here’s my review:

      Also, for your convenience I’m sending you my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook, as well as some bonuses. I know you said you have a pretty good workout plan, but you may be able to pick up a few tips and tricks to help you get faster results.
  18. Hey first of all thank you for this article as it was very informative. My roomate and I wanted to bulk up quick (just like everyone else) but without using real steroids.

    What would you recommend we take to bulk up without resorting to things like D-Bal(alternative to Dianabol)
  19. I’m 63. I work out and I want to put on mass.I want the best legal steroids I can get. I don’t care who knows it.

    I’d take the real stuff if I could get it.
    1. Hey Danny,
      Short of ordering something off of the black market (which I have no idea how to do), I’m afraid you’re a bit out of luck. However, the Crazy Mass line ( is the closest natural supplement to steroids I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried DOZENS of these products.

      If you’re looking to gain mass than I would specifically recommend the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack ( It’s comprised of 4 different supplements that help to push through plateaus, and would be perfect for someone like yourself.

      Here’s my review:

      Lastly, I’m sending you my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” eBook. It’s packed with tons of free info on diet and exercise routines you should be doing to get the most out of the stack.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. Hey Ray,

      You don’t need them exactly, but they could help. Let me know what your stats, goals, and plans are, and I’ll recommend something that’ll work for you.

  20. I have cerebral palsy I’ve started back working out and want to build my legs which have atrophied from non use. What can I get/ take that will give me true gains?

    I’m 58 so yes I know steroids, what can I get without the side effects
  21. I am 18 and J need to build some muscle! And my work has an amazing gym , so I was wondering what can I take to give me that edge ?

  22. Great and very well composed.
    My blood test when from over 1000 units to less than 450 units.

    I only want to use legal substances. In addition, a have a rotator cuff inquiry in my right shoulder, tornon ligaments in my left shoulder,left and leblowsee.

    Need help; maybe stem cell injections or “platter rich plasma (PRP). Spots players use this method and is perfect I’ve lyrics legal since the stem cell are extracted from the patients own body.

    Check the WEB for more details and local Doctor specializingredients in this format of treatment.

  23. Dhea Doesn’t do anything. If it’s not dmz or superdrol or Halodrol or anything that was made illegal then it doesn’t work.

    If it’s not methylated then it doesn’t work within the prohormone world.
  24. I’m looking to get rid of the spare tire I’m in the gym 3 days a week on a push pull 5 rep program I want to loose the belly but gain some muscle mass in the progress what would you recommend please
    1. Hey Mark,

      First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track with your weight loss goals. As far as supplements, check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve libido, and shred belly fat. Use it in conjunction with the ebook for best results.

      Here’s my full review:

    1. Hey Bill,

      There are several listed in the article above. What kinds of result are you looking for?

      Let me know and I’ll make some recommendations for you.

  25. what’s the best steroid or supplement that a 44 year old man can use to burn off about 40 pounds of body fat and same time build bulk
    1. Hey wally,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track for your weight loss goals. Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve libido, and shred belly fat.

      Use it in conjunction with the ebook for the best results, here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

  26. Is musclestech pros series muscle builder a good product, is it a steroid and does it have any harmful side effects?
    1. Hey Curtiss,

      I haven’t checked it out yet, but I’ll put it on my list and get a review up in a couple weeks.

  27. I’m 5’5 and weigh 165 pounds. I’m not the biggest work it freak, but I do want to lose some weight and look VERY fit and lose the belly fat.

    I want to feel confident taking my shift off, especially with Summer coming up. Which supplement do you suggest I take and how should I use it each day of the week?

    1. Hey Jose,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track for your weight loss goals. Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve libido, and shred belly fat.

      Use it in conjunction with the ebook for the best results, here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

      1. Ohhh okay!
        Regarding the Crazy Mass cutting stack: If I buy this, how many do I have to take each day for each supplement? Or how does it work as far as the amount I have to take per day before I do my work out?

        1. Hey Jose,

          The stack is 4 different pills. You take each pill twice or three times a day will meals.

          I find that twice a day is usually enough, taken with breakfast and lunch. But you can adjust if necessary after you try it for a week or so.


          1. Okay got it! Just 2 more questions:

            If I take each pill (4 pills) twice a day, evrry single day. how long would the 4 supplements last?
            If I take these 4 supplements, would it really give me the necessary stamina to do the workouts that I want to do for a longer period of time? (Running on Treadmill/Elliptical) The thing that kills me and stops me from doing as much exercise is I get tired/exhausted so quickly and it takes me an eternity just to barely have enough stamina to last any long cardio exercise.

            So would these supplements really solve those problems for me? Or are they for other benefits?

          2. Hey Jose,

            Each bottle contains 90 pills so at 2 a day, they’ll each last 45 days. As far as the energy and stamina goes, the Clentrimix (one of the supplements in the stack) will help with that right away, and the other supplements help build muscle which will increase stamina over time.

  28. I’ve been using the Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack for almost two months now and I can honestly say this stuff works. I’ve tried other steroid like supplements with the same amount of training (4 sessions of 45 minutes per week) with free weights and I’ve noticed (and so have others) an improvement in physique as well as stamina and recovery time since using the Dr Max Powers products.

    I usually use a pack before the gym.
  29. Rob,I’m fixin to hit the weights again since an accident I had a few months ago. since I cudnt do much I kinda let myself go. I’m ready to lose da weight I put on n get back da muscles I lost.

    A buddy of mine recommend Force Factor Test X180 for muscle mass & Performix Iridium as a Leaner. He’s pretty much a fitness guru n I kinda knows his stuff but I still thought I cud use a second opinion.

    What do you think?
    1. Hey Eddy,

      I just answered your other question and recommended you check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. It’s still my recommendation, but yes, your buddy’s stack is a good choice as well. I haven’t tried Iridium, but the formula looks good and the feedback I’ve seen looks good.

  30. Hey Rob,I was just lookin into gettin back into my wrkout routine since a minor accident I had.I kinda let myself go a bit but ready to lose da weight I put on n get back da muscles I lost
  31. 6.2 245 is my weight . I haven’t been working out lately because of personal issues but want to get back in to it. i don’t know exactly what kind of diet I should go on … Been reading up but I don’t know which one I should try and I want to be lean muscular have that chiseled look well defined

    1. Hey Nick,
      First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quick” ebook. It’s packed with tons of info on diet and exercise you can use as a good starting point. Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack.

      It’s comprised of 4 quality supplements that work great to help shred the fat and build lean muscle. Here’s my review:

  32. I’m a lil over weight . Should I lose weight before gaining muscle.

    And what should I use as a supplement ? Would crazy mass work or?

    1. Hey Nick,

      In order to give you the best advice, I’m going to ask a few questions about you first. What are your height and weight now, and what are you goals?

      Also, let me know what you do for your workouts and what kind of diet you eat. Knowing those, I’ll be better able to come up with something that works best for you.

    1. Hey Rob,

      Most of what’s legal in the US is also legal in Canada, with a few exceptions. Let me know what you’re specifically looking at, and I can try to answer more precisely.

  33. I have a couple of questions. first, you talk a lot about Crazy Mass. Are you in any way affiliated with them and just trying to bust sails for them or are they legitimate?

    Next, I am 47 years old and in the Army, 146 lbs and have a bit of a tire that I can’t seem to loos. gym every morning, Lots of cardio and free weights. I have mild tennis elbow so I can’t do much. so I am looking get cut.

    I am looking at the cutting stack. Would that be a good choice for me and is there any thing in that that would make me poop hot on the urinalysis test?

    1. Hey Felix,
      I am an affiliate for Crazy Mass, which means if you purchase through my link I do get a small commission. However, you don’t pay a dime more, I personally tested it and wouldn’t recommend it if it didn’t work, and I use the proceeds to purchase other supplements to give you guys honest and reliable information.

      To lose your spare tire, you can do all the exercise in the world but if you’re not doing the right types of exercises that you’ll never loose it. Click Here to sign up for my free “Get Ripped” ebook, it’s packed with tons of info on the right types of exercises and diet you should be following for the best results.

      Personally speaking, I think the cutting stack would be right for you. It does contain DHEA, but as far as I know it’s cleared for use in the military and they don’t test for it anyway.

  34. Well I guess my next question is would it be easier to get bigger first then try to loose the fat or to loose the fat first then get bigger
    1. Hey Richard,

      It’s really a matter of personal preference. I’ve written an article to help you make the choice. You can read it here.

  35. Hi my name is Richard I’m 21 I weigh about 245lbs. I was in great shape in high school I was about 190lbs and I bench pressed 375lbs. Since then I have had knee surgery and lost interest in working out for a while now I’m trying to get back to where I use to be right now I’m taking a pre-workout called pump fuel insanity v2 which is made by the same company as acg3. I am also taking gold standard whey from gnc bcaa’s and a creatine supplement. My question is there anything you would recommend for quicker results for muscle gain and fat loss.

    I can’t seem to loose my love handles or my chest fat? I’m in serious need of help

    1. Hey Richard,

      I think the problem is that you’re trying to gain muscle weight and lose fat at the same time. It’s very hard to do, especially as you get closer to your goals. If losing your love handles is your priority right now, up your cardio, make sure you’re at a calorie deficit, and take Instant Knockout. When you’ve lost the fat you want to lose, go back to putting on more lean muscle.

  36. Hi, im 15 im loking for a suppliment that can make me big, kinda fast. I wanna have that siz pack but i wanna have the chest to.

    I jeard about ultimate muscle, nitrocut, and not sure if any of those are true to what they say a lot of the protien shakes ive taken havent reqlly worked so im look for a pill thats safe for my age that really works on gettin big. And yes i hit the gym all the time let me know what u think are some good suppliments, thanks

        1. Hey Caleb,

          Here’s our review of Ultimate Muscle Black Edition. It’s probably fine in your case, though it’s nothing special. I’d avoid the free trial, though. If you don’t call to cancel within 14 days, they’ll charge you almost $90 per bottle and keep sending you a new one every month. Better to buy it through amazon for a little more than half the price.


          1. Last thing, whats better muscle rev xtreme, or ultimate muscel? Lemme know what pre workout or pill u think works best thank u.

          2. Hey Caleb,

            Like I mentioned before, you shouldn’t be using a pre workout at your age. Just protein and perhaps creatine if you want to bulk up.

    1. Hey Jeffrey,

      I’m not a big fan of NO2 Blast, mainly because of their “free trial” that turns into a monthly subscription. I haven’t reviewed Meta Boost, but it looks like my opinion would be pretty similar.

  37. Hey I’m 130 lbs and want to at least reach 165 lbs but am having a hard time. I’m using that Arnold whey and crearine mono and ethyl stacked.

    Im getting a little bit of energy and a little more pumps but not really seeing any results. I could use some recommendation to some other supps thanks !

    1. Hey coy i used to weigh 130 and now i weigh 158 pounds. It wont happen in one day but its possible.

      Try GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Mass XXX. Take that twice a day that will 1900 calories you must take in over 3000 calories a day to put on weight.

      Your metabolism like mine is faster that what your taking in.
  38. I don’t want to build muscle or bulk up. I just want energy!

    I wake up tired. Is there something “over the counter” that could give me some energy?

    1. Hey Pallas,

      I haven’t researched supplements that are purely for energy, but you may want to try a nootropic called Optimind. It’s meant to provide cognitive help, but it does also help you feel more alert.

  39. I’m 32 years old and weigh 120pds. I’ve recently gotten fed up with being so little.

    I eat but don’t workout. I’ve been looking into the cps offer muscle 1 and 2. But I’m afraid I’m to little to cut any weight. I just want to gain weight, and be toned.

    It’s getting depressing. Can you offer any advise or recommend anything.

    1. Hey Mark,

      It’s definitely possible for you to gain weight, even though you’re a hard gainer. The right diet and workout routine are the most important factors, so sign up for my free “getting strong” ebook. It’s got just what you need in that area. As for supplements, check out the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack and a post workout protein shake. You should also take creatine to really pack on the muscle mass.

  40. I am 5’11” and I weight 290 lbs. I have tried hydroxycut, lipozene, etc with no luck. I do work out 3-5 days a week and I do cardio for the most part.

    I have about 50 lbs that I want to lose as long as it’s fat and not muscle. What do you recommend?

    1. Hey Matt,
      First off, sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped” Ebook. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help guide you in your weight loss question. Second, check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s specifically designed for guys like yourself looking to lose a dramatic amount of weight as well as help build muscle.

      Use the supplements in combo with the ebook and you should be good to go.

  41. I used Vyotech’s 17hd when it first came out and have not found anything that works as well. Do you know of anything similar since they stopped making it quite a while ago.

    1. Hey Tobin,

      I did a quick search and it looks like you can buy Vyotech 17HD at Amazon. You may want to stock up.

  42. Ive heard some supplements can make you fail a drug test i have one comming soon for a driving position and i dont want to fail im taking gnc pro amplified xxx which your review was reassuring but i need a pre workout that i can be sure does not have anything to set it off please help?
    1. Hey Juan,

      Go with Nitrocut. It’s my top non-stimulant pick.

      Works great and there’s no danger of popping on a drug test.

      1. Ok ill have to try that ive been taking mr hyde that i bought from gnc but dont know too much about it which is what had me a little worried.
  43. Hi Rob
    I’m 43 yrs old. I run, cycle, weight lift & do cross fit.

    I’m interested in entering a physique Competition. Id also like to have more energy strength & endurance for running events.

    I’m long & lean right now & might need a little more size for a show. Based on what information I’ve given you what crazymass supliments are helpful for my interests?

    Also what do you think of the hgh by crazymass?
    Thanks 🙂 B

    1. Hey Bonnie,

      Go with the Crazy Mass Strength Stack. It’ll cover all that you need in terms of gaining muscle as well as adding strength and endurance. Definitely pick up the HGH Elite Series while you’re there. It’ll help a lot with mood, sleep, energy, and motivation.

  44. I am 5′ 7″ and weigh 150 lbs age 48. I have always wanted to bulk up but never had the time to put into working out all the time.

    I have a little more time now and would like to basically gain more muscle. However I have recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic so I have to watch my carb intake.

    What do you recommend I do.

    1. Hey Mac,

      Sign up for my free “getting strong” ebook. It’s got meal plans and workouts designed to help you put on lean muscle weight. The meal plans are very flexible so you can adjust for your special needs. Make sure you get complex carbs (like oatmeal and brown rice), rather than simple ones, (like sugar and white flour). As for supplements, go with the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack, and make sure you get plenty of protein. I like 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition.

  45. I am 40 years old. I had a surgery that almost killed me, I was bed ridden for two years.

    Now I work in the oil fields. I need to find help with gaining strength.

    I have worked out and have not gained anything. If you could help I greatly appreciate it.

    1. Hey Shawn,

      Wow, glad to hear you’re better, but it can definitely be a long road back. My “getting strong” ebook offers a lot of great tips as well as meal and workout plans that can help you build your strength back up. As for supplements, check out the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack. It’s 4 supplements specifically designed to work together to help you work out harder, recovery better, and get stronger.

  46. Hey I’m 17 just about to turn 17 I work out two times a day everyday of the week the only supplement I ever take is body fortress NOS . About 30 to 40 min before working out .

    I’m not trying to sound like a dumb young teenager that is wanting to get big . I eat a complete no carb all natural diet my matablysom is so low if eat any carbs or gluten I gain weight like a pregnant lady .

    I’m highly allergic to gluten . A take in extreme amounts of protein everyday and I’m in great shape but im ready to get very big but in a healthy why without fucking up my hormones because I’m still young .

    I cannot take mass gainers with a lot of dairy products . I weigh 220 lbs and im 5’5″ .

    I have alittke fat around my waste that I’ve never been able to lose after doing this for about 5 months . I know that’s hard to Beleive .

    I’m not looking to trim down and be cut but looking to bulk up even bigger and get even stronger . Without carbs gluten dairy products ect.

    What ever advice you have would be very appreciated thank you .
    1. Hey Kyle,

      At your age, I don’t recommend many supplements. I’ve got a great “getting strong” ebook you should sign up for. It takes you through workouts and meal plans to help you put on muscle weight. Of course, you’ll have to alter the diet to fit your restrictions. As for supplements, keep getting enough protein, and add some Muscle Advance Creatine to the mix. You’ll see the results when you can push harder than ever at the gym.

  47. Hey Rob, I’m a 17 year old male just about to turn 18, I weigh 175 as of this morning and i’m honestly just looking to get huge before i get into the Marines. I’m already a decent size, but of course, not big enough in my own eyes.

    I’m taking whey, L-carnitine, BCAA’s, Amino acids, Creatine, c4 preworkout, but i feel as if there are better supplements that would be a bit faster for me. I appreciate the help!

    1. Hey Matthew,

      For the diet and workout side of things, I definitely recommend you sign up for my free “getting strong” ebook. It lays out a program for putting on lean muscle weight. I generally don’t recommend most supplements for young guys. Believe it or not, you probably still have some growth left in you, and you don’t want to mess with your potential. Stick with whey protein, BCAAs and Creatine for now. Work out hard and you’ll get big, i’m sure of it.

    1. Hey Ralph,

      That’s a question you’ll have to ask your doctor. I really can’t tell you what will react with prescription medications.

      In fact, most supplement labels provide a caution that you should consult with a physician if you’re taking any prescription medications.

  48. Rob
    Thanks for your info on crazass. I have another question.

    If I start the crazy mass cutting stack how long do I have to run the cycle and how much of the product will I need. Also can I take amino acids while taking this stack.

    1. Hey G,

      You would either run a 4 or 8 week cycle depending on how far away from your goals you currently are. You would be safe taking your amino acids, but you might not need to, as you’ll get them with the stack.

  49. Hey Rob, I am a 32 year old male and weigh 220. I have tried natural test boosters and notice it gives me a clean energy which last about All day.

    I am about to start a round of P90x. I want to try P-Var from crazymass.

    Is this product legal? Do I have to cycle this product and take a PCT after.

    I already take protein shakes and have cleaned up my diet.
    1. Hey G,

      Not a problem at all. Crazy Mass products are not steroids.

      They’re natural supplements that mimic the effects of steroids. P-Var is legal, it’s safe, and it doesn’t require post cycle therapy.

  50. I’m 15 and I weigh 140, by next year I want to weigh 170+. I’m not that strong or big…I’ve tried all sorts of stuff..can you please recommend something for me that works fast at getting me big and strong(I do work out at least once a day)

    1. Hey Cutler,

      At your age, it’s not smart to get involved with too many supplements because most of them haven’t been tested for how they affect bodies that are still growing. The exception is creatine, which actually has been tested extensively and shown to be both safe and effective for teens. Got with Muscle Advance Creatine, and also use a protein shake to make sure you’re getting all you need there. My recommendation is 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition. One more suggestion I have for you is my free “getting strong” ebook designed for guys like you who want to gain muscle weight.

    1. Hey David,

      I’ve got a free ebook you should sign up for. It’s got tips and advice for how to eat and work out to put on muscle weight. As for supplements, you would definitely benefit from using the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack, it’s great for hard gainers looking to pack on solid muscle mass.

    1. Hey angela,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” ebook.  It’s loaded with tips on diet and exercise to help you bulk up quickly.
      Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass bulking stack.  It works great for guys like yourself looking to bulk up / add on serious muscle mass.
      Here’s my review:
  51. So, I’m going to turn 49 this June. I Am the father of triplets.

    I haven’t worked out in 4 years. Prior to that I worked out 5 days a week, played football till I was 40 in farm leagues and kept in pretty good shape.

    Now I am 5 10 and 190 sloppy. My girls r 19 now and I need to get me back.

    How can I cut 15 pounds and gain back muscle mass at the same time?? What products can help me. I will train hard behind them!! I want results!! Please advise!!

    1. Hey Jim,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track for your weight loss goals. Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve libido, and shred belly fat.

      Use it in conjunction with the ebook for the best results, here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


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