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By: Rob Miller
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Regenify Overview
Regenify Ingredients and How They Work
Regenify Pros and Cons
Where to Buy
3 BIG Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy It

Regenify Overview

We’ve been researching, testing, studying, and learning about nutritional supplements available online for a number of years now, and we’ve seen all kinds of products marketing in all kinds of different ways. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a website with nothing but the name of the product and an order button. This is kind of what I thought of when I, originally, saw the website for Regenify. I was asked by a visitor to take a look, and when I did, I thought “surely this can’t be all there is.” There’s almost no information at all about what Regenify is, what’s in it, or what it does.

Since then, things have changed a bit…

What we do know is that Regenify provides pure, natural pain relief, and that it has something to do with cell rejuvenation. Originally, there was no section on ingredients. Nothing on how it works. No customer testimonials, no background information. Really, just the name, an image of a happy, vibrant middle aged couple, a few words, and an order button. Well, we kept digging, and here’s what we ended up with.

Regenify ReviewRegenify Ingredients and How They Work

Like I said, originally when I was doing my research for this supplement, there was no ingredient information anywhere. All we knew is that they were all natural.I’m not sure when they did it, but they finally updated their website with a list of the ingredients.

And that list is HUGE…Almost too many to mention, but in the interest of being as detailed as possible, here they are:  Vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B12, and K, Niacin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Panthotenic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium, Choline, Inositol, Boron, Silica, Vanadium, Fluoride, Sea Cucumber extract, Resveratrol, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin.

Ok….now my fingers hurt…:)

The label on the bottle calls it a “cell rejuvenation formula,” and according to the directions you’re supposed to take one capsule per day along with a meal or as directed by your physician.  At one time, Regenify was available on eBay, where you can find a more detailed explanation of its benefits.

Here, they claim that 1 Regenify pill is capable of repairing 2 trillion cells in a 24 hour period. By repairing these cells, you’ll see a 73% increase in hair growth, your skin will be more vibrant, you’ll have greater athletic abilities, your joints and muscles will feel better. Basically, because of the 2 trillion cells repaired daily, you’ll see improvements everywhere:

  • No more aches and pains.
  • Clearer memory.
  • No more varicose veins.
  • Whiter toenails.
  • Clear skin.
  • Thick hair.
  • Healthy heart.
  • 73% more lung capacity.
  • Fewer toxins in the liver.
  • Faster metabolism.
  • Cure for irritable bowel.
  • Freely moving, pain-free joints.
  • Stronger teeth and bones.
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Greater libido
  • No more stretch marks.
  • No more ringing in your ears.

That’s a lot of benefits in one little pill. Almost too good to be true, perhaps?

Regenify Pros and Cons

Advantages of Regenify

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • They have a money back guarantee, more on that below.

Disadvantages of Regenify

Where to Buy

Currently, the only place I see to purchase Regenify is the official website (Here’s a link: A single bottle costs $49.95 with discounts for bulk orders. They advertise a 90 day money back guarantee, which applies to both opened AND unopened bottles.  You may also call them at 800-931-9472 to place an order.

3 BIG Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy It

  1. There’s VERY limited info available on the product.
  2. No reviews from customers available.
  3. No scientific data to back up their claims.


There’s too little to go on with Regenify to come to a logical conclusion.  They make a lot of claims, but can those claims REALLY be substantiated?

There is not enough good going for Regenify to firmly stand in its corner and rally behind it, but there is also not much to point to as being a strong deterrent to stay away from it.

In my opinion it looks nothing more then a multivitamin, and with very limited proof from customers that have ACTUALLY used the product, I would say take a pass on this one.

There are some better options with similar purposes and ingredients that are clearly more tested, tried and proven and have more information about available than Regenify in general.

Have You Used Regenify? Leave Your Review Below!

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User Questions and Answers

I had never heard of it before receiving a mailer. In the mailer they list all of the ingredients as well as some customer testimonials and state that there is a 1 year guarantee. Send back empty bottles and they will return all of your money as well as offering a 30 day free trial with just a phone call. Admittedly it sounds almost too good to be true but honestly, what does a person have to lose? -Guy

I haven't seen the flier, myself. I agree with you, it sounds to good to be true.- Rob

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254 out of 301 people found this question helpful.

Well, I just saw a flier that claims Regenify is made from Starfish and, since Starfish can regenerate their limbs naturally, the process will work for people. 2 billion cells a day times will grow your hair back, cure your erectile dysfunction, cure enlarged prostate, among many other. Wow! Is this product for real, or just another baseless claim? -Michael P

If you look at the ingredients, it's really nothing more than a multivitamin. I think if it could regrow a limb, we'd know about it.  I'd say it's more scam than not.- Rob

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Do they have a 800 number to call -Shawndale

The number they give on their website is 1-800-931-9472.- Rob

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I am diabetic, aged 81, 4 by-pass surgery, aortic valve replacement. On med for HBP and glucose also on Eliquest. Will this be compatible with prescription meds? How to proceed? -Lon

It looks like it's just vitamins, but because you take prescription medication, you'll need to check in with your doctor before starting any supplements.- Rob

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Has anyone complained of Regenify upsetting their stomach? -Sandi

I haven't heard that from anyone yet, but some people's stomachs are sensitive to taking vitamins.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. I ordered 6 bottles last year, veins in my feet & legs vegan dissolve, visible improvement in texture of skin: Hans, legs & arms. Thought if I can see this..

    It must ve working inside. I know it is Not clear what all is in IT, BUT I’m on here ordering 6 bottles again?

  2. My husband got two bottles by mail the cost $119.+. He opened one bottle and it has more 20 capsules left over, and I returned the other bottle.

    Cust. Rep. wants me to give the tracking number to get a refund, but that was already more than a year.

    I can’t find the receipt.
    1. Hey Lyn, is a review website. We are not affiliated with Regenify in any way.

      You’ll need to contact them directly to solve your return/refund issues.
  3. I chose not to order this product. Here’s why:
    Over the last year I have received 3 mailers, with 3 separate ordering addresses in 3 different cities (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York) advertising 3 separate products – REGENIFY, RESETIGEN-D, PANAXCEA. Being a writer, I noticed all 3 used all the same or nearly-the-same copy, rearranged. (For example, even the “doctor” Q&A’s with “The GP Family Doctor” (no name)- are identical in mailers for Resetigen-D & Regenify.) Of course I am familiar with companies using different (coded) mailers in order to monitor the efficiency of various marketing-ad versions, but never before have I seen what is apparently the very same product marketed as if it were 3 (at least…maybe there are more) separate products.

    It is a VERY odd and suspicious situation.
    The mailers are very expensive: glossy, color, lots of photos, professionally compiled. Here are the product names in the 3 mailers I received:
    REGENIFY – 954 Lexington Ave., Ste. 445, NY, NY 10021 (800-931-9246)
    RESETIGEN-D – 2355 Westwood Blvd., #360, Los Angeles, CA 90064 (800-753-0492)
    PANAXCEA – 1803 W. 95th St., PO Box 515, Chicago, IL 60643 (800-480-6648)
    Also, it is worth noting that, in almost all cases, testimonials (which are mostly the exact same testimonials) are not attributed.

    That is, testimonials from “Neurologist,” Ophthalmologist,” “Oncologist,” etc., are simply quoted statements; putting quotes around a statement does not qualify it as a testimonial. EXAMPLE from PANAXCEA ad: “I tell all my patients: PANAXCEA will change your life” – “Nephrologist (Kidney)” – unidentified – accompanied by nice picture of a smiling guy with a stethoscope.

    An actor? Exception 1 of 2: In one mailer there is one “doctor” quoted, “Dr. John G., MD, Philadelphia, PA”; however, he did not give his last name.

    What’s up with that? Exception 2 of 2-: (In the PANAXCEA ad, a “Dr. Ryan White, MD” is quoted; I haven’t looked him up yet.) Customer testimonials are not attributed, either.

    All this being said, the list of “31 miracle ingredients” suggests that the product (with all of its names), as you have pointed out, is a multi-vitamin/ mineral supplement – which probably can’t harm you. However,, there is no way to determine the production quality.

    In conclusion, my approach is to avoid products offered by a company(s) that uses suspicious marketing techniques; why would an up-and-up company with a fabulous product need to do that? Also, I think we need to be wary of a tendency to desire a one-pill solution to supplementation.

    It is likely we need to supplement with more than one pill, and each product we consume should be vetted.
    PS – Thank you, Rob, for your work.

  4. I actaully work in customer service for this product.. the information here isn’t accurate. You can order it over the phone.

    And the money back guarantee does work for opened bottles… as long as you have an empty bottle to send back to within 90 days of ordering you receive a refund.
    1. I never received my bottle and there is no working number..I have auto ship and I want to stop it can u give me a LIGIT NUMBER for restigen d
      1. Hey Sandra,

        Sorry to hear you’re having trouble reaching them. The Better Business Bureau lists their number as (800) 753-0492
        Resetigen-D and their address as 2355 Westwood Blvd # 360, Los Angeles, CA 90064-2109.

        If you still can’t get through, contact your credit card company. They should have working contact information.

  5. Like most informative sites on the internet, your information is only partially right and mostly opinion. I’ve seen the flyers and yes they’re likely hype.

    I’ve been in the supplement industry for decades and a good multi vitamin is $30 to $50 or more a month. The Resetigen-D runs from $40 to $32 in bulk.

    Also I had many customers who had artery plaque tests And took one of the products sold off store shelves, in a dosage recommended by the manufacturer for a time period specific to their age. Returned to their doctor, had another artery plaque test and found it was mostly gone.

    The product was simply a long list of vitamins and minerals in the right combination. I don’t know if Resetigen-D works but don’t discount the power of a quality multi vitamin, much of which our bodies are deficient because no matter how “clean” you eat, it’s been proven that the nutrition in todays food is substantially less then 50 years ago, as there’s little nutrients in the soil.

  6. I received the flier in the mail about this product and I reviewed it and have come to a very important conclusion. I noticed that 100% of the people who are seniors have stated this product works wonders.

    The bad reviews, I assume, are from younger people, stating it does not work for them. Older people lose most of the things that are in this product and is simply putting the lose energy back into their bodies.

    The younger people don’t need all the things the pill has so they will not see any improvement, or the improvement is so small, they cannot see nor feel it…
  7. Rob, what do you think about ultimate res3 and Omega Q Plus supplements, have been thinking about trying them.
    1. Hey Steve,

      I haven’t looked into these, and don’t really do a lot with this type of cellular regeneration supplement. I really only odd the Regenify review because so many readers had gotten their brochures.

  8. Is GSH-3 cell defence all that it is hyped up to be?
    Could a brand like Genestra be a better option?

    I purchase quality supplements and I have a gut feeling about GSH-3!
    1. Hey Nancy,

      I haven’t reviewed GSH-3, but I’d say no, it’s not worth the hype. Best to stick with a solid brand.

      There are no miracle cures.
  9. My father 76 years old called me yesterday, (21 March 2017) and told me he has been taking this product for 3 months now. He said he felt better and his skin condition was clearing up.
    From the information I just read, it sound like a regular senior multivitamin would be just as effective and likely less expensive.
    I hope I can coach my father to such resolve,

    1. Hey there,

      I would have to agree. I have no doubt he feels better… but the price and the promises are ridiculous.

  10. i only saw a reference to starfish because they can regenerate. It isn’t really made using them is it?

    A neighbor who swears by it told me about it and gave me the flyer.


      1. thx ! i did a lot of reading up and studying and found another that is similar and ordered – mostly due to the sense the information made
        and the outstanding reviews. it is Nordic Clinical’s GSH-3 Cell Defense – on Amazon.
        I’m wary of ordering things offered in multiples and asking us to sign up for auto reorder.. did get scammed that way in past and it was very hard to change it.

        thx, Rob !
      2. the companies did not lie, they did say its a vitamin supplemental but its better than the regular vitamins, more potent and after 30 to 60 days, my back pain is gone and my overall health is excellent, best to take it during pre-health issues soas not to get post serious health issues and the sex female organ after menopause, WOW !!!! ones libido is out-of-sight. . folks with negatives reviews should not knock it until they take it for 30 days daily and then the positive results.
  11. Just received the flyer. They make this sound like a real “breakthrough”.

    I absolutely detest companies that count on a persons desperation to feel better! I’d like to know where they hijacked my address from!

  12. I’ve gotten info on Resetigen also(not ordering) and another called Panexitrol. Been taking it for thirty days-no results.

    Only taking it because it has a few more ingredients than One-A-Day for Men 50+. Have or anyone else taken this product or any reviews?

  13. I received a brochure about Resetigen-D in the mail (24 pages). From what I have read your claims are not true.

    Have you tried speaking to the company? The customer service no.

    I was given when I called to order the product is 800-962-9296. The no. for ordering in the brochure is 800-753-0492. There’s plenty of information in this brochure & some testimonials. It comes with a 90-day money back guarantee and says to just return ’empty’ bottles, not full ones as you claim.

    And it does mention that “Starfish have graced the oceans for the last 450 million years – and for all that time they have held the ability (and the secret) to use their CELLS to regenerate limbs, lost to age or accident. Although modern science hasn’t yet reached the point that allows us to regrow limbs- it has come VERY close – by unlocking some of the centuries old secrets of the sea." So they don’t claim Resetigen-D can regrow limbs as you say they do.

    Maybe you shouldn’t be advising people about something you don’t have enough knowledge about. All I know is what I have read.

    I have ordered the product to check it out for myself. People shouldn’t believe anything until they prove it for themselves.

    I don’t think you are being objective about this product, you have made statements about it which, from what I have read are untrue about this product and company. I think you are just trying to sell your books & that’s why you ask for people’s email address.

    I’m going to try the product to see for myself, after all I have a 90-day guarantee & it is supposed to be all natural.
    1. Hey Lamar,
      I wish you all the best with this supplement, and please let me know if you’d like any of my ebooks. They’re free.

  14. We are trying to call your phone number which is not in service, and now have a bill for $189.95 for which I received no product. A refund is due, and please give me your correct phone number.

    The one listed on the bill is not in service.
    1. Hey Ralph Fennig,
  is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


  15. I have had this book for months now that was sent to me.I decided to look up their email address to see if I could find more on this pill, but no email so I looked up pill name. I was really looking for a miracle.

    I need a pill that will do all they claimed, but after reading comment, some good some bad. So now I guess wont order.

    Thanks Wish people were honest.
    1. Wanda: I just went through all the comments and the majority of them, with the exception of those answered by Rob Miller) were positive in one way or another. Do you suppose he is paid by another company to poo-poo other products?! 🙂

      1. Hey Will,
        Comments don’t appear on the site until I approve them. If what you say is true, I wouldn’t approve the positive comments at all.

        Clearly you’re looking for a villain. Believe me, there are plenty of villains in this business, but I’m not one of them.

  16. In the last month I have received 3 mailers regarding cell rejuvenation. All 3 claim to re-birth or re-grow 50 trillion cells in your body within 90 days.

    One claims to have learned it from earthworms another from starfish and another from plant stem cells. They all claim to be a miracle scientific breakthrough anti-aging supplement, You say these sound like just another multi-vitamin, and yes it sounds too good to be true, like you say.

    I would like to find a supplement that will help me with all my age related ailments, I’m 62 and just now beginning to feel the aches and pain of what I consider to be age related. occasional Hip and knee pain, moderately High blood pressure, ringing in my ears,(for some time now) prostate enlargement, lack of energy, muscle weakness, and so on. I would like to find a single supplement that would help with these things.

    I have looked into many different type of supplements for each of these and I currently take Omega’s, for BP saw palmetto& pumpkin seed, for prostate, and these are helping, I do not take any prescription drugs and I do not want to. So my question is; Is there something out there that will help with all, or most of these age related ailments in one supplement?

    I understand that eating right and exercise are the best way and at my age and limited income this has become much more difficult, so I am hoping to find a supplement that will give me the boost I am looking for. Any recommendations?

    1. Hey Donny,
      Yeah your situation is pretty peculiar. I don’t think there is any one product that will do the trick, but I do think you would benefit greatly from using a testosterone booster. This will solve many of your problems, including lack of energy and muscle weakness.

      Check out a supplement called Prime Male, it’s perfect for guys your age looking to help restore your life. Here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
      1. Rob Miller,

        Hi Rob, I was just wondering if you have any super duper something to feel better for women ? Maybe fat burners, too.

        Thank you,

    2. I’m 62 and in reasonably good health. I got the flyer in the mail it smelled fishy.

      So I went online and did some research found this site. Glad I didn’t order this crap.

  17. I got the little mag in the mail, and called the ph# for the free trial. That so call free trial was going to cost me 39.99+9.95 shipping.

    And I got a little upset because it said free trial, I expected shipping but not to pay 10.00 for shipping. And on top of that pay the full price for the item on trial.

    I said for get it. That made me wonder, about the product altogether.

    They did not have to miss lead people to get them to try it. Or just plain lye.

  18. 1 took one of the Resetigen – D and an hour later I
    started to have heart palpitations.Has anyone else
    had this problem?
    1. Hey Alan,
      I haven’t heard of this reaction, but I’ll leave your question here in case any of our readers has feedback for you.
  19. “They advertise a 90 day money back guarantee, but when you read closely, you see that it only applies to unopened bottles, so you can’t try it out, then get you money back if it doesn’t work for you." This is the statement many people do not read in many of these offerings. The statement that persons should also watch in the fine print is the one that you are now on an automatic refresh cycle unless you cancel.

    You are in for a tussle now to stop the automatic cycle. Please read some of the comments before purchasing

  20. Damn I ordered this too and have not received it yet. When I started reading your site I don’t want it.

    I got sucked in and I can’t believe they are scamming. Thank you for the info.

  21. I’m trying to find the address to send this crap back to them as I was advised by an attorney. Do you know it.

    1. Hey Julio,
      According to the Better Business Bureau, their address is
      3109 Grand Ave STE 102
      Miami, FL 33133-5103
      (800) 931-9472

      Best of luck to you!
      1. Thanks I called the number for them and got an address. I also filed a complaint with the BBB but as you know they are an under funded government agency and he had to pass it on to an agency close to them.

        Also when I called the company to get the address I gave the girl my name and she had no record on any contacts with me or me owing them any thing.
  22. to good to be true onother product to take your money that it took so much work to get and save is just another way of taking older people money
  23. Three Months ago I ordered three months supply. Before they arrived I developed a problem with my heart.

    A-Fib. I have not taken one pill.

    Yesterday I received another 3 months supply. I did not order them and sent them back.

    I don’t like their way of doing business.
  24. I hear all the hype and paranoia about these products, however, on fair balance:
    1) A few years ago no herbal or supplements were recommended by doctors, now every doctor is recommending and they are in every food product we buy.
    2) Regular medications prescribed generally only work 40-60 % of the time and when they do work they only change something else in the body, for the most part they do not actually correct the real problem.
    3) If vitamins and supplements can help a person feel better and are not harmful, where is the downside, except for the money and lack of “wonder results” which no one should expect in the first place.
    4) there is plenty of research on vitamins used in large doses to help various conditions and that is available. Megavitamins are used in some substance treatment programs and report health benefits.
    5) Most “medications” are made or were originally made from plants and animals and these meds are now marketed to cost hundreds of dollars per pill.

    1. Hey Pamela,

      All good points, to be sure. My biggest problems with these products are some of the ones you mentioned.

      They make outrageous promises about crazy results, and I know you say people shouldn’t believe it, but by the same token, companies shouldn’t by making false claims. But they make these promises in attempt to justify their high price.

      I believe in vitamins and supplements, and know for a fact how helpful they can be. But that doesn’t mean a company should get away with saying their product cures cancer or high blood pressure or eczema if there’s no evidence that it does.

  25. I’ve received 3 flyers. One for Regenify, one for Panaxcea and one for..

    They all are basically identical regarding the starfish.

    Cleansing 2 trillion cells a day.They all list the same 31 vitamins.

    Claiming all the same health benefits. Same prices, but different addresses, and toll free numbers.

    There was nothing regarding the amounts of each vitamin nor the vitamin form.

    Most of the illustrations on the flyers are pretty much the same. They all seem like clones of the other. .Seems real suspicious.

    I agree that the vitamins listed are just a multi-vitamin.

    I’ve also received a flyer for the product RegeneCell, which is very very expensive.

    My conclusion is they are “Too good to be true”

    Be veeerrryyy Afraid

  26. I bought it and saw the list of ingredients, which they didn’t list in phamplet I got that it had Flouride in it, I am not a proponent of flouride and so feel like I shouldn’t take it, so called the company to see if there were anyone in MFG dept. who could answer some questions and NO there isn’t. I will return product if I can as my great liquid Vits Omni IV has these ingredients and more without flouride and gives me lots of energy and is probably helping keep my cells healthy anyway.

  27. Around August 2015, I ordered a free trial bottle of Regenify from a brochure I got in the mail. I only had to pay for S&H.

    I did not receive the bottle, so I called them to find out why. I was told that the person that took my order messed up my address.

    The female I spoke to was very nice. She apologized for the error and promptly refunded the shipping charges.

  28. What’s the latest on regenify. I just got a pamphlet in the mail but I have been getting several and all are very similar format, almost like it’s the same product marketed with different names, Resetigen, Regenify, etc… Have you kept up with this?

    1. Hey Jose,
      Yeah your guess is as good as mine. My suspicion is that is exactly what they’re doing.

      IE., marketing the exact same formula just with a different name. We unfortunately haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, so I can’t tell you for sure whether or not it’s worth buying.

      1. Thanks Rob, after reading your comments and review of regenify I also came quickly to the conclusion that the same people who are pushing a multivitamin that claims to fix every ailment known to mankind are also selling Resetegin-D. It is most likely the same product and sold with deceptive practices.

        The FDA is worthless because our congress is worthless.
  29. thank all reviewers i am a senior and on limited income i almost fell for this. shame on all the companies promising seniors all they want as growing old has problems. no government control so they promise everything yes yes too good to be true (my mom was right when she told me that and not to be a sucker. LOL)

    1. Hey Rob, just saw ad on the internet, sponsered by Dr. Stengall, for RegeneCell. Similar to these others, but supposedly has larger amts and is powder to mix into a drink.

      Sounds promising EXCEPT THE PRICE!!! $400 for a 1 mo. supply. SHOULD be good.

      Won’t be trying it unless the price comes down considerably, but wondering if you’ve heard anything abt. it. He does give the name of the dr. who did the compounding, along w/his credentials.

      North Star is a well know company.
      1. Hey Danna,

        I agree – it looks like a good, comprehensive multivitamin with some added benefits, but I wouldn’t spend that kind of money for it either.

  30. Ordered a month supply via phone operator Chastity, she tried to sell me other products, tried to have me sign up for automatic renewal, and I paid $8 shipping PLUS $8 expediency fee. My mother (recipient) checked and for want of some other $1 fee, the expediency was not done.

    Either this is a scam, money making operation, or the operator is shady or not competent for failure to know of or inform me of the extra $1. Do NOT be fooled.



    1. Hey Tatyana,

      Yeah, Definitely talk to your doctor, and you might want to check with Resetigen-D to see if they’ve heard of side effects like this before.

  32. I eat predominantly organic and ingest all 31 of these supplements naturally and a resounding yes, their myriad of claims are pure unadulterated BULLSHIT!
    I have called the Better Business Bureau to report this scam.

  33. Thanks for your website, I received an 18 page booklet in the mail for Resetigen-D.
    I was curious as it said it will cure all things and put all the doctors out of business by 2018.

    It referenced the starfish also. Thanks for the breakdown as to the ingredients.

    I agree most would be found in a good multi vitamin. I also am on other sucker lists and have seen other pills supposed to work miracles. Their ingredients looked a lot like a vitamin pill.

    Some had Royal queen bee jelly jelly fish extract also in them. The old saying “If it seems too god to be true” it probably isn’t.

    Thanks again. Ed Z

    1. Hey Ed,

      It’s amazing the things they’ll say! Glad you found us!

  34. Almost the same formula in Regenify as that in Resetigen-D, Another cure-all compilation of vitamins and minerals. I don’t think these two so-called cell regenerative formulas are much better than your typical multi-formula vitamin/mineral.

    I won’t buy them when I can get the same stuff for a fraction of what these two over-priced formations charge.
  35. Trying it first time aches and pains.cholesterol, ringing in your ears.lots more ,will get back to you in 30 days……I hope it works
  36. I received 2 brochures about almost the same products: Resetigen-d from Los Angeles and Rejuvenate from Boston. Both are the same like Regenify.

    The sales grow up like mushrooms.

    They promise too much.
    It can’t be true!

    Will see.
  37. My husband AND I have been using Regenify for about 6 months and find it helpful. I am 88 and he is 92. We will soon be out and I can’t find a ph # to reorder. Would someone please send me a # at me email address.

    This is my 3rd time to reorder a 3 mo. supply. Thank you, Jessalu

  38. Did nothing for me. Have taken for thirty days.

    Please cancel my order, no longer interested in product. Thank you, Mr. William Bates

    1. Hey William J. Bates, is a review website.

      We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.

  39. ~~TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE~~I looked all over the place to find the Ingredients Panel for this supplement. Finally, I found it buried deeply in their website.

    All this is, is a glorified multi-vitamin/mineral one-a-day type pill. No wonder they don’t show the Ingredients List front and center.

    There is nothing special about a multi-vitamin pill except for the price that they’re asking for it. Ha!

  40. Iwas told by PsychMD/DO that B vitamins cause nerve damage in diabetics(which I havent that DX) I have a megamulti made here in SF Bay area. I need the b’s for my sanity, but lately my finger tips have been numb.

    Maybe a lesser dose would be better? Also recent info says Choline good for keeping brain from deteriorating?

    Thank you for your site.:)
    1. Hey NV,

      I’ve actually heard the opposite – that B vitamins are often used to try to improve symptoms of diabetic nerve damage. But that’s just what I’ve read.

      I’m no expert. I would recommend you have another consult with your doctor to clear this up.

  41. I used this for awhile then I stopped and after several days I have a lot of pain in my gut especially at night. I would like to get back on the regimen to see if it could make me feel like I did before I stopped.How can I reorder some to see if it will help me .

    1. Hey Louis, is a review website. We don’t sell or have any affiliation with Regenify.

      You’ll have to give them a call. The number I found on their website is 1-800-931-9472.

  42. Evidently REGENIFY is being renamed to RESETIGEN-D becasue it has the same ingredients as whats listed as REGENIFY. Couldn’t understand what Fluoride had to do with internal renewal though.

    Customer service was supposed to send research material which I have not received yet. The website for RESTIGEN-D does not show the ingredients and
    the distributer address is now located in Los Angelos, CA …Spooky so I asked for refund.

    1. Hey Beatrice,

      Yeah, at this point I think they’ve gone through a few different names. It’s all about making a quick buck if you ask me.

  43. I remember getting a Regenify booklet a few months ago, and the claims they make sounded too good to be true. Plus the cost really turned me off, so I trashed the booklet.

    Yesterday I received a booklet on Resetigen-D, and it looks amazingly similar to the claims made by Regenify so I decided to do some research on it, which is how I ended up here. The front page of the booklet says, “Resetigen-D, Rebuild Your Body Cell By Cell”.

    They claim to contain 31 ingredients per capsule that includes a list of vitamins and minerals, and will help a LONG list of body issues from head to toe, i.e. hair, skin, liver, kidney, joints, libido, and the list goes on. It claims to repair damage on a cellular level in just 30 days of taking one a day.

    I am 60 y.o. and have a rather long list of health issues going on, so I’m leaning toward giving this a try. After all, it contains all natural ingredients, and nutrients are essential for the body to repair itself.

    But like Regenify the cost is kind of high, but I may give it a chance anyway. After giving it a try I will return to this page and tell about my experience.

  44. I had also gotten the Resetigen-D mailer which had no website so once I googled the name I found the website. It was the same product and price but different address and Tel. #. that is how I also found this page with my research. mailer address is Los Angeles, CA and web is WILMINGTON, DE.

  45. Just got the mailer myself, and can add an 800 # – 800-962-6787. The mailer is really less general information, more hype like an infomercial.

    That said, it seems to help some people, probably mostly people who have never tried hard to alleviate symptoms from multiple problems with vitamins and/or supplements. I suggest that those curious call and ask for a mailer, check it out.

    Maybe there is nothing in it to help me, but can help you. Or, maybe I have that reversed!

    Think instead of thinking it won’t help ANYBODY, we should be thinking it won’y help EVERYBODY. Maeaning, iit might help you.

    Or me. I’m going to check it out to see, then come back to this site to speak from “experience”.

    I am 63, so have plenty of experience trying to mitigate sciatica, stenosis, bad seasonal allergies, diabetes, and tinnitus. All it can do is not help, and cost me $50.

    But, what if it can help? I intend to find out, and I might be back here touting its benefits, or calling them just this side of Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman.

    Now you know I’m not a young man!
  46. I have a Rregenify rochure here–It came a few says after a Resetigen-D brochure. Looked familiar.

    The text in the two es exactly the same, just formatted differently. Subjects in the pictures are the same models, but in different poses.

    Also no company name on either. Resetigen D address is Los Angales; Regenify is New York.

    Looked on internet to see if one is robbing the other or if it’s the same company using a split marketing strategy–except that they both came to me in Oregon.
    1. Hey Myrt,

      Thanks for the information. I hadn’t come across Resetigen-D yet.

      Good question about whether they’re competitors or both the same company. My feeling is that they’re all the same people, but I could be wrong.

      Thanks for sharing.

      1. I had two brochure/ads. Same thing only one was Panaxcea—out of Chicago and Resetigen-D as you said out of LA. I was of course intrigued by claims–sure wish it would work as it says!

      2. Hey Rob, I rec’d a flyer from Regenify, then one from Resetigen-D, then THIS WEEK another one-identical ingredients & almost same ads, etc, by the name of Bio-Repair. This one is also in NY.

        Although it says it is “factory direct”, the mailing address is from a shipping co in Avenue of the Americas. On the front cover, it says it rec’d the “2016 Medicine of the Year Award” I tried looking up the award-hasn’t been awarded yet for 2016.Also gives a “quote” from “Christopher Stevens: Chief Editor Time Science Magazine”.

        Can’t find any info on a magazine by that name on the web. Phone # is 800-936-4662. As much as I’d like for it to be true, afraid it is a scam. Also says it’s in the Harvard Medical School Adviser; FOX LIVE,CNN, abc & a couple more I can’t read.

        Will check those out, but have a feeling I’ll find “0”, just like w/the other references. Please let me know if you’ve found anything contrary to my findings.

        Danna Stevens
        1. Hey Danna,

          Nope. Unfortunately, you’re absolutely right.

          They’re all pretty much, if not exactly, the same thing made by the same people, running a scam by changing the name every time people start to catch on. It would be great if something like these pills really worked, but I’m afraid we’re out of luck.


    1. Hey Ron,

      Sorry, that’s out of my area of expertise. I haven’t ever looked into vision supplements at all.

  47. I am 81 and in excellent health from managing my anxiety which is the real trick. Like Stuart I wanted one supplement that does it all.

    I must say it has a remarkable placebo effect, but, of course, the fountain of youth is a glass of distilled water before breakfast, diet, sleep and exercise. That’s all there is to it folks.

    You are what you eat. Lots of luck.

  48. I have not bought the Genenify pills, yet. I have a bad gut feeling about a company that does not a website listed in their flyer, nor any doctor names.

    Why are they hiding???? They are claiming that all products are natural. Where do they buy their product?? And where do they manufacture the Regenify???New York address is only an office, I assume looking at their address.

    To me something does look right. Someone please clarify my suspissions.

    I sure could use all the good things they promise. I am 84 yrs. old and need some energy.

    1. Irene, I would say your “bad gut feeling” is 100% correct and don’t ever lose it. Every question you ask is a ‘red flag’ for Regenify and this product has too many red flags.

  49. I just ordered a 6 month supply of Panaxcea with automatic shipping each month for $34LEANdot95. I’m sorry that I did not check it out here. There seems to be no new discovery of a magic ingredient, only common vitamins and supplements.

    What sold me is that they list the most prestigious universities in the U.S., that back the research. Is that legal to use their names to justify their science?

    Perhaps they change their name to avoid lawsuits. Will try to cancel tomorrow.

    1. Hey Allan,

      I don’t think it’s technically legal, but I think they get in and out so quick, nobody has a chance to sue them till their gone. Let us know how you make out tomorrow.

      1. Bob Do you know who Rejenify sold the original pill to (large white) Used it for 7 days and healed sciatica (chronic) . 2013-2015 Suffered for 3 years. Today 2018, no sciatica.

        Would like to find it. The new small pill, no benefit, took it for a year, zero.

        Regenify refunded 100%. find me the original.
        1. Hey Robert,
          I’m not really sure, but when I tried visiting their website it’s saying it can’t be reached anymore. My guess is they have folded / went out of business.

          Do you happen to have a bottle of the original Regenify laying around?
    2. When the names of prestigious universities are used, it is commenting on the ingredients used and NOT on the product. Therefore, it may be correct, however, they will never mention the dosage used in the studies.

      This is very important because if the study used, say, 100mg of an ingredient and the product contains only 10mg or less, you will not get the same benefits as the study. So technically, what they say about the research may be true.

      1. Hey Ray,
        You’re absolutely right. Basically when a company says “clinically studied”, they’re 99.999% of the time talking about the ingredient and not their product.

  50. There is a bonafide company called North Star that sells RegeneCell for &414.90 plus $14.95 shipping that is similar to Regenify with about 80-plus ingredients. The selling points are almost identical, each claiming to rejuvenate cells.

    Suspicious? I say so.

    Looks like a copycat to me. Extreme price differences.

    Do not show company name in flyer for Regenify only an address listed in New York. I will not order this.

    1. Hey Deidra,

      Wow! My guess is they’re not related.

      Just two companies with a similar idea. But $400?!


  51. I ordered this product August14th 2015. Paid by check. My check cleared the bank 8-30-15.I never received the product. I have faxed a copy of my check showing it was paid to their company 3 different times 9-13, 9-17,9-25 I have called many more times and told “it should be in our system by tomorrow call back then” or “I will send you a bottle look for it in 5 to 7 days.Many times I was lied to.

    I had to re-order with my credit card and I did receive that bottle but am still out the 47.90 I paid for the first bottle. I have only been taking it for 4 days so it it too early to know if it is helping.

    I will also file a complaint with the better business bureau.
  52. Looks like a multi vitamin. And mostly a scam. They just sent out a new flyer and changed the name to Panaxcea. IT has the same ingredients, ridiculous cure claims for everything, and still needs proof reading for mistakes that are still made.

    Why? from China scam?
    1. Hey Melba,

      I haven’t seen the package myself, but Flouride is listed as an ingredient on the website.

  53. I received in the mail a brochure that has a 1-year gurantee and if for any reason you can send the empty bottles back for an immediate refund-no questions asked. the price is only 39.00 a bottle
  54. If Regenify is working for you, your should look into a real multi-vitamin like Centrum Silver. Why?

    Because Regenify contains only a fraction of the ingredients of Centrum Silver (used for comparison only) . For example, Vitamin C: Regenify = 3mg, Centrum Silver=60mg; Vitamin D: Regenify = 100 IU, Centrum Silver=1,000 IU (that’s 10 times); and Vitamin E: Regenify=1 IU, Centrum Silver=50 IU (that’s 50 times), check the rest out for yourself using any brand of multi-vitamin and see the difference for yourself.

    Note – their mailer talks about a starfish, but their ingredients has sea cucumber (2 mg). One last thing – their mailer doesn’t say who makes their supplement, where it’s made or if it passes any kind of inspections.

  55. What is the difference between Regenify and Panaxcea. I think they may come from the same people.

    They both make similar claims. Panaxcea website just came on line Sep 2-2015 according to Go Daddy.

    I just got the mailer for Panaxcea today
    Oct 2-2015. Thank you for the info on this, John
    1. Hey John,
      Yeah someone else just brought that up to me. If you (or anyone else) can, could you scan it or take a photo of the mailer and email it to me at I’ll do a bit of research on it if you could, thanks.

    2. hey Rob and fellow skeptics,
      a pattern seems to be emerging. products like meristem, panaxcea, and others have no internet site, no internet reviews and are pandering to us older folk with unbelievable promises of rebirth and youth. Rob I am the one who sent you the scan of the meristem booklet. Here is the scan of the panaxcea booklet. too big for email attachment, so I dropped it off here.
      any progress on the immutol review?

      1. Hey Paul,
        Thanks a lot for that. I agree, and this is a disturbing trend I’ve seen before with numerous other supplements.

        I just took a look at the flyer, and it looks like more BS to me…miracle rejuvenation, huge strength and endurance gains, pain relief, etc.

        All from what looks to me like a simple multivitamin based on the ingredients list. I’m going to look into it further and see what I can find out.

        Still working on the Immutol review, I’ll email you once it’s up.

  56. I received a mailer all about Regenify as well.My question is, how pure are the ingredients they use, how good is the quality… where is it made…does anybody know? none of that is discussed. I would be afraid to take it unless I could find that out.
    also, I received another mailer “Panaxcea” which is also claiming to be a “cure all” like Regenify.

    Makes you wonder if it’s really the same product from the same place, only different names to keep marketing and selling. Anybody know? thanks for any info. would be helpful.

    1. Hey Julie,
      That’s an excellent question, and to be honest I haven’t the slightest clue. You could try contacting them at the phone number listed on their site, they should have an answer for you.

      I’ll have to take a look into Panaxcea…any chance you can email me a copy of the brochure?

  57. I’m grateful for this website. I, too, have just placed an online order for 1 bottle of REGENIFY after having received their booklet by mail a few days ago. Yes, with so many bold claims, it sounds “too good to be true” (and probably is). But, I have severe Tinnitus (among other health problems) and thought the product was worth giving a shot.

    I also noticed that REGENIFY has evidently updated their return policy. With my order tonight (10-8-15), I noticed that they make no mention of only “UNOPENED” bottles being eligible for a refund. Here’s what their website now states:

    “You have 90 days to request a refund after you receive your order. Please contact Customer Care to initiate the return process. You will need to send THE UNIT back to the address provided below. Upon receipt you will receive a refund of purchase price. We do not refund shipping and handling cost. Refused or returned packages that are sent to us without prior approval from Customer Care are not eligible for a refund.”


    Again, I appreciate the reviews found here. I hope to learn more about this product from other reviewers who are currently testing it.
    1. Hey Jeffrey,

      Thanks for the update. Interestingly, I googled the Regenify website and the link they sent me to still used the word “unopened” in the return policy:

      “You will need to send in the unopened unit back to the address provided below. Upon receipt you will receive a refund of purchase price within 14 days of our receipt of the unopened unit.” Here’s the link:

      I don’t know who Actalcel Pain Relief is, but it’s the first link if you google regenify.

      Let me know how you do with the Regenify.

      1. Rob,

        Thanks for the reply.

        This is strange stuff. These two webpages look identical, however, I do notice that all OPENED REGENIFY “units” are accepted by one location, while only UNOPENED units are accepted by another:

        For a refund, send all OPENED Regenify units to:

        165 Pleasant Ave
        South Portland, ME 04106



        For a refund, send all UNOPENED Regenify units to:

        3-17th Avenue South
        Nampa, ID 83651



        Bottomline: This is ONE company, with TWO return policies – a DOUBLE STANDARD. This type of setup creates confusion for customers, and lends an air of dishonesty to the seller. Not good.
    1. Hey Karen,

      I haven’t had a chance to look into Panaxcea yet. But from a quick look, they seem similar.

      I’ll let you know when we put up a review.

  58. No question just a statement: I’ve just started using Regenify for two weeks of September 2015. I plan on continue to use Regenify at lest 1 year using it every day. Because you don’t know until you’ve put it to the test I want to give this product the biggest test ever.

    I’ve been on dialysis for 26 years due to high blood pressure. Feel free to email me every three months for updates results

  59. I SENT AN ORDER FOR FIVE BOTTLES MERISTEM, WITH A CHECK FOR $126.95, check number 3368, on the 5th September 2015. I called Customer Service many times, and they have absolutely no clue, how to give me an answer. They cannot tell me anything about my order and check.



    1. Hey Susantha, is a review website. We don’t sell products and we don’t recommend you order Meristem. (You can read our Meristem review here). I wish I could help, but I don’t have any way to contact Meristem other than the number in the brochure ( 1-855-839-9520 ).

    1. Hey Goshu,

      I haven’t checked it out yet, but if you give me a few weeks, i’ll get it on the list and let you know when a review is posted to the website.

  60. Sat, Sep 19, 2015, after opening 5 different websites, I didn’t find any information about the ingredients, so I called 1-800-931-9246 and like so many other customers I spoke to a very rude, and demanding person that completely ignored my request to order the free trail bottle, and was pressuring me to order 3 bottles, and then tried to make me pay extra shipping cost. I will let you know how the product works for me.
    Thank you for all of your hard work~ it’s appreciated

    1. The pamphlet I received in the mail lists “31 Pure Ingredients” that’s nothing more than vitamins, minerals and couple trace elements. They claim “2 trillion of your cells cleansed, fed and repaired every single day!" “Total Cellular Rejuvenation” Can a multivitamin really do all that?

      They’re selling you “snake oil” that’s why you can’t buy just 1 bottle. Their testimonials don’t have any names (except one), They state: “All these doctors can’t be wrong…” with a group picture of 22 people, all with the same white overcoat with the same name patch on it.

      Not a single name is mentioned. Their pamphlet is so poorly made, I don’t see how anyone can really believe all the claims they make.


    1. Hey Saundra, is a review website. We don’t sell Regenify.

      We don’t even recommend you buy it. I’ve heard the same feedback about Regenify from several other visitor as well.

      It sure seems like they’re burning a lot of bridges very quickly.

    1. Hey Dianne,

      You’re right. I just checked the website and here’s what it says on the Return Policy page: “You have 90 days to request a refund after you receive your order.

      Please contact Customer Care to initiate the return process. You will need to send in the unopened unit back to the address provided below." Always read the fine print is right!

      1. The pamphlet they sent me in the mail says:
        “….Your order is 100% GUAREANTED. Try Regenify For a year…If you are unhappy for ANY reason – simply return your empty bottles for a complete and immediate refund – no questions asked."
        This 1-Year Guarantee is located on top of the order page.
        Note: If you use the “Special Discount Order Form” it says to use the enclosed postage-paid envelope.

        Well, I looked at their return envelope and I didn’t see any postage Permit #, but instead “Place Stamp Here”.
        If their pamphlet is anything like their product, BUYER BEWARE!
  62. As a retired ND, I have just ordered this product and will keep you posted on the results.
    I agree, it sounds almost too good to be true.

  63. I have just had one of the worst purchasing expierences of my life trying to place an order at 1-800-931-9246. The “Customer Service” Reps name was Dillon.

    Refused to place an order for one bottle, argued and verbally attacked until I agreed to 3 bottles, then went on and on trying to up the order with more products, that I told him I wasn’t interested in, automatic shipping committment before I even received the order, and got really nasty. I cancelled the order and won’t be dealing with anyone at this company.

    Returning their sales literture and asking to be permanently removed from their mailing list. May or may not be a good product–Dillon, is working so hard to keep people from placing an order, I personally will never know.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      similar experience with the meristem product. It may be something good, but the objectionable almost bullying sales techniques caused me not to purchase.

      I also said to the sales person “this is no way to sell a product” I hope it was recorded, so management will review the sales lost by their “quota” system.
      1. Hey Paul and Barbara,

        I’m working on the Meristem review now. It seems like this is how both operations are run.

        Pretty shady, and it’s hard to reconcile that kind of set up and attitude when they’re presumably trying to please customers. Anyway, keep your eye out for the Meristem review.

        I’ll have it up within a week or so.

  64. This is nothing more than a multi-vitimin. Centrum Silver lists the same ingredients at a
    far lesser price and has been on the market for years. How can they claim new scientific break through. google lists it as a scam.

  65. Received a brochure from Reginify and they offer a free trial and a year long trial . Return empty bottles for a full refund if not satisfied.

    May try it .
    1. I also received a brochure from Regenify. I called and started to place an order for a 6 months supply, but was talked into ordering a years supply.

      They told me that I would have a year to decided if I liked them, or I could return them anytime within the year for a full purchase price refund. After using 3 bottles I decided to send them back as my husband noticed that one of the ingredients was Flouride which we didn’t want in our bodies.

      I called for return instructions, and they tried to get me to keep them and they would send me a partial refund. I said no I wanted to send them back for a full refund.

      So they finally gave me a RMA number and told me to send them to 3 17th Avenue South, Nampa, ID 83651-4350, and upon their receipt of the product I would receive a credit back to my credit card or if they were unable to refund by credit card they would mail me a check for the $279.97 that I paid. I send all bottles, both empty ones and unopened ones.

      When I got no refund on my credit card, I called them at their customer service number of 800-931-9472. They said the credit card refund was refused, and they didn’t know why. So they said they would send me a check.

      I have made numerous calls to them and every time got a different person. I found out their customer service is in Maine.

      I even talked to a supervisor once, as I have now received 4 checks from them all made out with the numeric amount as $279.97 but the written out amount as Two hundred and forty-nine**********/.97. I tried to deposit it into my bank account, but was unable to because of the discrepancy.

      When I called to tell them I had received the 3rd check made out like that, they suggested that I fax a copy of the check they sent me with a note to point out what they did, and surely then they would see their error and send me a check made out properly. I told them more than once that I thought they were doing that on purpose so I couldn’t get my money.

      Of course they denied that. Well, today about 2 weeks after sending them the fax as they suggested, I received another check made out the same way.

      Their refund account is with Bank of America so I think I will go to a Bank of America close to me and see if they will cash it for me. If they won’t cash it, does anyone have any suggestions of how I can get a properly made out check from them?

      1. Hey Malinda,

        Wow, what a hassle! I would call your credit card company about their “refusal” to accept the credit.

        I’ve never heard of a credit card refusing a credit, they couldn’t give you a reason, and they told you originally that they’d write you a check if the credit to the credit card wouldn’t work… like they were expecting it to happen. That whole thing sounds fishy to me.

        1. The expiration date changed from the time I made the purchase, so I thought that was why it was not accepted, but now I am wondering if something else was going on. I took the check to Bank of America and told them the whole story.

          They agreed with me that they were making the check out like that on purpose. They said they could cash it for me for the written out amount, which was the $249.97.

          They said by law that was all they could cash it for. I told them that was fine, as I would rather have that then nothing.

          They said if I wanted to wait longer they could negotiate it for me, or I could call the Better Business Bureau and try to get them to negotiate it for me. At this point I just wanted to be rid of the whole situation, so I took the lessor amount, to end the whole thing with them.

          I would not recommend this company to anyone.
  66. I was fascinated to learn Regenify can “ERASE” varicose and spider veins unlike creams and laser treatments. Has anyone sen this happen?

    I could use help.
  67. Hi Rob
    Looks like someone just sent you the brochure for meristem. I’ve been sick for 8 years and I’d love to know if it works, what are the ingredients, do they really give you your money back if you ask for it?

    Suspicious there’s no website except one my computer says is not verified. I’m afraid to go to it.

    But I need a miracle in my health!
    Thanks for checking it out for everyone.
    1. Hey Cari,

      I haven’t had a chance to really check it out yet, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. The fact that there’s no website and that the doctor who recommends it can’t be found online either are both big red flags.

      Regenify seems very similar – both with no online presence – and I’m starting to see people complain about not being able to get their money back. But like I said, I haven’t really looked into Meristem yet.

      I’ll let you know with an email when I get a review posted.

    1. Hey Dale,

      I haven’t found any information on Meristem. Do you have a brochure you could send or a website you can refer me to?

  68. My comment……
    Actually I received in the mail today a booklet of info about Regenify….and like yourself I felt they have a ton of claims on all levels for improved & good health….and yes these claims are VERY HARD TO BELIEVE! But they are also offering a free 30 day trial for just $9.95 s&h that comes with an auto-ship every 30 days if you don’t cancel!

    They also offer an “empty bottle” money back guarantee if I’m not happy!!! So I will try this product and absolutely keep you posted with my own personal review?

    P.S. I would like to add….I was totally disappointed with the hard up-sell of the rep that I spoke with….especially when he got to the part about a free $25 gift card to try something or other??

  69. I called them to find out what the exact ingredient was that regenerates cells since I am taking a multi-vitamin mineral supplement similar to this–No one knew, after 2 departments. I asked for the corporate office number to check on the studies they say were done (I should say they claim the following: “Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Oxford…31 Clinically Tested, Scientifically Studied, 100% Proved Ingredients” )which is a little different than studies on results.

    A big scam in my opinion. No corporate number.

  70. why is my refund i have talk to several customer service rep. they keep saying it on the way or i will e-mail customer secvice and let them know about me not receive my refund check how many times do i have keep calling you for my money you got your product back now i want my money this will be the fifth time my refund from the regenify product
    1. Hey Dorothy,

      Sorry for your bad experience, but we’re a supplement review website. We don’t sell Regenify.

      In fact, we don’t even recommend it. Sorry to say you’ll have to continue trying to contact them directly to check on the status of your refund.

  71. Jackson and Hart Juvenescense are now offering a cell regeneration product promising everything under the moon for their new product Meristem. Do you have any information on this product?

      1. Rob
        sent you an email ( with all brochure pages scanned into a pdf for the meristem product, with the research I have done.

        1. Thanks a ton, Paul! I just took a quick look, and it appears to be just what I need to finally see what Meristem is all about.

          I’ll let you know when I get something posted to the website.


  72. Hello Rob,
    why don’t you try the product to give everyone your experience of this product. Yes there is so much out there on the market I think just want to feel better overall with less pain and health issue.

    Please try it and let us know what you experienced. I am planning to order the product to see if it does what it says it does.

    Herbal supplements need to be taken for at least 90 days to really say if you have seen a change overall. I would say if you see a change in the first 30 days that’s great.

    I will let you know after my 90 days of taking Regenify
    1. Hey AJ,
      I definitely plan on doing so soon, check back in a month or so. Keep us posted on your results as well!

  73. I received the Regenity brochure and read its claims. I am sticking wiyh Dr.Andrew Weil’s Juvenon.

    It is backed by a known Dr. And Stanford University.
  74. I get around 5 or more different nutritional brochures a day and was looking at Regenify ,it says a 30 day money back but also at the top of th last page it has in big letters THE 1 YEAR GUARANTEE,It contradicts itself ..I was looking for info on a product something like this one called Phytofource.caps but this product dont come up others with simular name but its not this ..thanks
    my question Did you find anything thats really good?
    1. Hey Bart,

      Yeah, the website mentions the 30 day guarantee, but nothing about a year. Can’t be sure what to believe.

      Ultimately, I don’t think there’s a supplement that can accomplish all the things Regenify says it does.

    1. Hey Nancy,

      I haven’t been able to find much information about Meristem online. Did you receive a brochure?

  75. Hey Rob- you criticize Regenify but admit you’ve done no research and have nothing to back up what you say- I take Regenify, and it’s had some almost immediate results in increasing my energy- I’m 62 years old- also can see fat reduction- looser ring on finger and fat on waist- pretty good for use of about one month- by the way their brochure lists ingredients and has a money back guarantee
    1. Hey Bruce,

      If it’s working for you, that’s great. I have no doubt that it’s a healthy supplement.

      In fact, I liken it to a multivitamin, which I believe everyone can benefit from. I mainly criticize their marketing.

      It’s hard to imagine a supplement that can cure IBS, lower your cholesterol, and increase your lung capacity by 73%. And that’s in addition to about 15 other things it does.

      I also want to call attention to the fact that while they advertise a 90 day money back guarantee, their website states that “You will need to send in the unopened unit back to the address provided below. Upon receipt you will receive a refund of purchase price within 14 days of our receipt of the unopened unit." This statement indicates that they’ll only give refunds on “unopened units”, meaning that if you’ve opened it and used it before trying to return it, your return won’t be accepted.

      The brochure may say something different, but this is what the website says. It looks like they’re slowly putting more information up on their website, and that’s a good thing.

      Maybe it’s just a case of a new supplement company just getting off the ground. There seems to be lots of interest in Regenify, so we’ll keep checking back.

  76. Got a flyer also about Meristem, from Jackson and Hart Juvenescence in South Portland, ME. I could not find anything online about this, or about Dr. Peter Langfeld, Director of Health Sciences at this facility.

    No website link on paperwork. Supposedly treatment with this liquid supplement rejuvenates your cells.

    They do have testimonials and guarantees to return your money even on empty bottles! Any more Info on this would be appreciated.

    1. Hey Marion,

      Thanks for the information. I would be very skeptical about any company that doesn’t have an online presence these days.

      If I find anything out, I’ll post a review, and let you know.

  77. What about meristem . Got a mail book on this from, Jackson & Hart Juvenescence.

    They claim they can reset your whole body and cells back to the beginning of our lives !! ??
    1. Hey Micky,

      I haven’t been able to find anything about Meristem online. Do you have a link to a website?

  78. I receive in the mail a pamplet with the add of: Regenify.
    one page have Q. and A. the anser are by Dr.John G.,Md- Philadelphia, PA.
    other page have a list of: the PURE INGREDIENTS : Vitamin A -C-D-E K etc31 total of what say came from pure ingredients.
    I call the number listed 1800 931 9246 I ask what is the least name of the Dr.whom answer the questions in their add they could not tell me because they do not know.

    I ask which pure ingredients, and were the ingredients come from and amounts they could not tell me ether.
    Yes I will like to know because we take other medicines prescribe by a Dr.
    See if you can find out more about this product.

    1. Hey Lucy,

      I wouldn’t bother with Regenify if I were you. Almost the only information they put online is how to buy the stuff.

      When you call the company, they can’t even tell you what’s in it. Clearly, this is not a reputable company you want to buy from.

  79. Did have a keen interest in how the product Regenify would work. Will be back after I get to try it.

    Did order it in spite of the ‘if it sounds to good to be true’ warnings. Did find the ingredient list on line on their web site.

  80. The brochure I was send DOES give a list of 31 ingredients (mostly vitamins) and DOES promise to refund money even for empty returned bottles.
    1. Hey James,

      Good to know. I haven’t seen the brochure, but I don’t think a multivitamin, even one with 31 of them, can deliver the kinds of results they promise.

    1. Hey Pearl,

      This is just a review. We don’t sell Regenify or have any association with the product or company.

      You’ll have to contact the company directly.

  81. I received a24 page booklet in the mail about regenify. All I see is the product is made in USA , there ‘s 31 vitamins and it doesnot give the strength of any of the vitamins.

    I’ve taken vitamins some of the same listed I cannot see how they can justify these claims.VITAMINS DON”T CURE
    1. Hey Tina,

      Yeah, I’m amazed at the claims they make vs the information they provide. It makes no sense.

  82. Looks like from the label on the bottle, nothing more than a less than efficient minimal multi-vitamin!!

    I have studied and taken numerous multi-vitamins for over 30 years!!
  83. Hi Rob,

    I noticed that the review said product was a “cure for IB.S.” I don’t have IBS but I do know that in Internet land and vitaminland, it’s pretty much illegal to claim that anything “cures." Did you notice also how the claims pretty much take care of any ailment any one “sucker” might be looking to cure? Just my thoughts.

    You do an awesome job articulating the products, as always:-)
    1. Hey Rebekah,

      Totally agree. They basically say this stuff fixes everything, yet they don’t give you a clue about what’s in it.

      Pretty ridiculous.

      1. Berton Perryman : I received a pamplet from Regenify , It says 1- year Guarantee Your Order is 100% Guaranteed. Try Regenify for a year… if you are unhappy for Any reason – simply return your empty bottles for a complete and immediate refund- no questions asked.

        The Pamplet lists ingredients as 31 Pure Ingredients: My Received bottle lists them as:Vitamin A 1,000 IU, Vitamin C 3 mg,Vitamin D 100 IU,Vitamin E 1 IU,Vitamin K 30 mcg , Thiamine 1.5 mg ,Riboflavon 1.7 mg ,Niacin 1 mg, Vitamin B6 1 mg ,Folate 40 mcg,Vitamin B 12 6 mcg, Biotin 32 mcg, Pantothenic Acid 0.5 mg, Calcium 10 mg,Iron 1 mg , Phosphorus 1 mg, Iodine 10 mcg,Magnesium 2 mg , Zinc 0.3 mg,Selenium 30 mcg ,Copper 0.5 mg, Manganese 0.5 , Chromium,20 mcg,Molybdenum20 mcg,Chloride 0.8 mg, Sodium 0.5 mg, Potassium 4 mg ,Choline 10 mcg ,Inositol 12.2 mcg,Boron 10 mcg,Silica 0.93 mg, Vanadium 5 mcg,Fluoride 10 mcg,Sea Cucumber extract 2 mg , Resveratrol 0.5 mg ,Lutein 10 mg,Zeaxonthin 2 mg
        1. Thanks Bert. The list read like a multivitamin with minerals.

          It may make you feel pretty good, but I’m pretty sure it won’t cure anything. Thanks again for the information!


  84. I think all who are looking for cell renewal should check out It used to be called Ageless Xtra. but they changed it because of the browsing results.

    My first day on Univera Xtra I noticed a difference.
  85. There is no mention that it will cure cancer. If it heals and what happens to the cancer cells in your body.

    It could make the prostate cancer grow faster. If it looks like a miracle, no manufacturer, not credible statistics.

    After reviewing this it looks like a scam. No ingredients listed with amounts etc. I wouldn’t waste my time.

    There are so many scams on the internet, its criminal. I called Harvard and they never heard of it.

    Stanford same. Enough said.

  86. Before I read the above reviews of Regentigen D. I purchased 3 bottles by phone.

    Most reviews did not support the various claims that were made in the brochure that was mailed to me. Unfortunatey, if were negative… and your response to requests to return the product was made very difficult by ignoring your warrantee, but also about trying to get out of the refund altogether.

    1. Hey Alta Jessie Guido, is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


  87. I called Resetigen-D and they say they enhanced the Regenify and are selling it. All the CS would say is “it’ all natural.

    They are unaware of any clinical testing. BBB shows complaints on Regenify.

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