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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 11-18-2016

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Testo Vital is a testosterone boosting supplement that promises you’ll “Be like a Raging Animal”.

That term could apply to working out in the gym or performing in the bedroom, either one.

But in this case, it’s all about the sex. By using Testo Vital, they promise you’ll have:

  • Better erections.
  • More intense orgasms.
  • An significant increase in size.
  • Greater stamina.
  • The best sex life of your life.

If your problem is poor sex, Testo Vital is the solution.

The Testo Vital Website

Above is just a taste of the tone and tenor of the Testo Vital website.

It’s pretty explicit with its claims, and its images are no less so.

All the text is in front of a backdrop of tanned, muscled, sweaty male and female bodies in various states of engagement, if you get what I mean.

There’s no question who Testo Vital is trying to appeal to – anyone who wants a hotter, more thrilling sex life.


Testo Vital Benefits

The website continues on to lay it out very clearly what you can expect when you take Testo Vital:


To flesh it out more completely, Testo Vital promises:

  • Increased libido
  • Stronger, harder erection.
  • Longer lasting stamina to satisfy and impress every woman.

The kind of confidence (and reputation) that makes all the women want you. This one is perhaps the most important.

If you think you can’t perform, you can’t.

If you know you can perform, please, and impress, you will.

And Testo Vital claims to give you what you need to know you can.

But okay, that’s enough about the promises.

We’ve talked about them a lot for a reason actually.

It’s because promises are about all Testo Vital has to offer.

Next, we’ll talk about the formula, which is where things start going downhill.

Testo Vital Ingredients

The website doesn’t provide a label image, which is disappointing, but they do offer a look at the key primary components in the formula. Here’s a list, along with a little explanation of how they’re supposed to work:

  • Sarsaparilla which some believe can increase testosterone.

    It does contain sterols, but they don’t convert to testosterone, which is what they would be used for in this case.

    It can be used to treat gout, but its effects on sexual desire are purely anecdotal.
  • Wild Yam Extract which may regulate hormone levels, keeping the balance between estrogen and testosterone as it should be.
  • Boron which is a mineral needed for bone strength.

    It may also help increase natural testosterone levels, which will boost both desire and performance. (Source: 1)
  • Epimedium which comes from China and is an aphrodisiac that will work to boost your libido.

    It also improves blood flow for better erections, working very similarly to how Viagra works.
  • Nettle Extract which is mainly used to support prostate health but may also provide for an increase in testosterone levels.
  • Tongkat Ali which is used to support both a healthy libido and normal hormone levels.

    It may act to increase free testosterone by inhibiting the action of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin – the substance that binds to testosterone molecules, rendering them useless. (Source: 2)
  • Saw Palmetto which is commonly used to support prostate health, which is closely related to overall sexual health. It may also help maintain healthy testosterone levels when they are in danger of being low.
  • Orchic Substance which comes from cattle testicles. (Source: 3) It is thought to improve testicular health, but this has not been proven in clinical studies.

It’s a typical formula, more typical than you might know (which we’ll get into a little more later), but it’s fairly weak.

There are some aphrodisiacs and mild testosterone boosters, but nothing to powerfully improve erections or drive libido through the roof.

So our next step is to find out how it’s working out for guys that have tried it.

Testo Vital Reviews

For reasons we’ll talk about later, there are no independent customer reviews of Testo Vital online. The only feedback we found were “testimonials” from the official website.

We don’t like to put a lot of trust in these for a few reasons.

A product website could block any negative reviews and post only the ones that put the product in the best light. Or they could even be made up entirely. This is what I think is the case here.

I don’t know for certain, but here are a few examples.

Take a look and decide what you think:


When looking at these testimonials, I realized they looked awfully familiar, and I was pretty sure I’d seen them before.

I did a little looking around through some other reviews I’d done, and it turns out I was right.

Take a look at this image:


These are the exact same testimonials, the only difference being that the guys claim they used a product called Xplosive Vital.

You’re not going to believe this, but I looked a little further and saw another copy of the same image for a product called Raging Lion.

raging lion reviews

Same pictures of the same guys with the same ‘review’.

I’d say this leaves no doubt that these Testo Vital testimonials are a complete fake.

Not only that, but it casts a HUGE shadow of deceit over the all three products.

After a little more investigation, it BECAME clear that all three had the same formula too, and even used the same website template and images. Clearly, these are not three distinct products.Testo Vital, Xplosive Vital, and Raging Lion are all the exact same thing, made by the exact same people, just using different names, and contact information.

You may wonder what the purpose would be of using three names for the same product. It’s a good question.

The answer is that these products don’t work, they use a billing scam, and the manufacturer knows that they’ll have a bad reputation very soon, so they hedge their bets by using different product names.

It allows them to get to more customers before being exposed.

We’ve shown you the weak formula that probably doesn’t work very well, and we’ve exposed the testimonials as fake.

Now let’s move on to the billing scam.

If you’re still pondering whether or not to use Testo Vital, hopefully this will make it clear what a mistake that would be.

What About The Youtube Reviews

I took a look on Youtube for some reviews of Testo Vital, and as usual I came up short. For example, check out this video below:

The title says “Testo Vital” but if you actually watch the 2 minute video there’s not one mention of the supplement.

All he basically talks about is compound lifting strategies.

Same exact deal with this video:

This video actually features Mark Wahlburg prepping for a role, and he does mention taking supplements.

But he does NOT mention Testo Vital at ALL.

There’s dozens of other ‘reviews’ on Youtube that are nothing more than short, shitty 30 second ads for the product.

testo vital reviews on youtube

If you click on any of them you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Testo Vital Free Trial Scam

They’re calling it a “Sample Bottle,” but it’s the same free trial scam we’ve been warning against for years.You start out only paying $4.95 for shipping.Once you enter all your billing and shipping information, they send you a full one month supply.

Since they’re calling it a “sample” and a “trial offer,” people think they’re getting it free and clear.

But they’re not.

Unless you call and cancel your subscription within 14 days of the order date, they’ll charge you the full price of $89.95 for the “trial” bottle, and sign you up for their membership program where they’ll send you a new bottle each month for that same $89.95 price, plus shipping.

If you’ve already ordered Testo Vital, you may be thinking “what subscription?I must be safe because I didn’t sign up for any subscription”. But you’d be wrong.

When you signed up for the sample, you were automatically signed up for the automatic monthly shipments.

So if that’s you, you need to call them as soon as you can if you want to cancel any future payments or billing.

The contact number on their website is 1-888-250-8961.

And in case you’re still thinking, no way, I didn’t sign up for that, here’s where they let you know.

It’s right at the very bottom of the order form:


Who Makes Testo Vital?

We’ve figured out that the 3 products mentioned above are either the same, made by the same company, or at least in some way related, but who is the company behind them all?

That’s a much more difficult question to answer.

It turns out they’re not sharing the name of the company.

They’re just going by “Testo Vital” as the name of the company that makes Testo Vital and Xplosive Vital.

Raging Lion is made by a company called Raging Lion.

We checked to see if Testo Vital has a Better Business Bureau profile. It does… sort of.

The file was opened less than a week ago and as such, doesn’t contain any information other than the fact that they are located in Santa Ana, CA. My suspicion is if you take a look a few weeks from now, there will be more information about the company, probably in the form of complaints.

As far as I can tell the only place you can buy Testo Vital is on their official website, which I’m not even going to link to because I personally think it’s a scam.

I searched through typical brick and mortar stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS, and none of them sell Testo Vital.

It’s also not available on Amazon or ebay as of this review.

Testo Vital Pros and Cons

Advantages of Testo Vital

  • The formula contains natural ingredients.

Disadvantages of Testo Vital

  • The testimonials from customers aren’t real.

    They’re rehashed and reused, probably made up in the first place, and used by several different products.
  • The official website is also rehashed and used for other products.
  • It’s only available by signing up for their free trial offer that isn’t free at all and gets you signed up for monthly autopay.
  • The ingredient list is pretty weak.

The Bottom Line

There’s really nothing redeeming about Testo Vital.They make bold claims, but their formula isn’t bold at all.

They recycle and reuse websites and customer reviews, passing them off as unique to this product when they’re anything but.

They scam you into monthly autopayments that most guys never planned on signing up for.

The male performance enhancement market is chock full of options, which makes it real easy to skip Testo Vital for something better.

Have You Used Testo Vital?

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