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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 11-2-2016

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The free trial scammers are at it again, and this time they’re getting pretty sloppy about it.

About a week ago, a reader asked me to look into a product called Muscle XTX.I quickly looked it up to see what we were dealing with.

You have to move fast with some of these products because they can be gone from the scene just as quickly as they came on.

When I took a look the first thing I found was a website that looked something like this:


I was planning on taking care of a few other things before getting involved with researching and reviewing this new request, but when I saw the product website, I knew I had to get to it right away, or it would very quickly become hard to track down all the information I needed.

This is something I’ve learned after checking out dozens – hell, maybe it’s hundreds by now– of these free trial scams.

They pop up on the scene very quickly, and they can disappear in a flash.

Some stick around longer, but most don’t.

So I put Muscle XTX at the top of my list, gathered as much information as I could find, and put it together here so you guys can have a source of credible information about this stuff before you fall for their scam.

Why Is Muscle XTX a Scam?

I’ve been writing about free trial supplement scams for so long now, I can get a pretty good idea what’s trustworthy and what’s not just by taking a quick look at their website.

When that order form is right there at the top, talking about a trial, that’s usually my first clue. But Muscle XTX made it even easier.

One of the affiliates for this product appears to have slapped the website together in about 5 minutes and clearly cares extremely little about the product’s reputation.

Look at the image below.

Clearly, this is a website promoting Muscle XTX.

But take a closer look at the text under the image.

It’s all about a totally different product called Alpha XTRM.

And this carries through the entire webpage.


And it gets worse.

If you click through to the order page, look what you get:


Yep, it takes you to the order page for yet another product, this time Pro Shred.

So the first webpage claims to be about Muscle XTX, which an image of the bottle front and center, but all the sales copy is about Alpha XTRM.

Then when you go to order, you end up with yet another pill, Pro Shred.

This whole thing would crack me up if I didn’t know guys who were getting scammed out of their hard earned money.

But this just goes to show how much this whole free trial scam has exploded.

Companies jump in quick, they don’t put a lot of thought or care into presenting their deal because they know they can say “Free Trial” and people will jump.

And after they make a sizable amount of cash, they shut down their website, change the label on their bottles, switch out a few words and images, put their website back online, and sell the same crap under a different name.

But Why Are They Giving it Away for Free? (Hint: They’re Not)

Clearly they can’t be making money giving away free trials, so you might be wondering how this works as a business plan for these scammers, and that’s a great question.

Here’s how it works.

When you sign up for the free trial, you need to pay a small shipping fee (usually $4..95).


To pay for the shipping fee, you enter your credit card number.Now they have it.

And what most guys don’t see is the very faint, very fine print that explains what’s going to happen next.

The following is taken directly from the Muscle XTX order page:


So in 18 days, unless you call 1-844-845-8061 to cancel your “subscription” AND ship back (at your own expense) the remainder of the “free” bottle, you will be charged full price for that bottle you thought was free.

Make no mistake, you are not getting anything for free. It’s simply delayed billing.

Instead of charging you now, they charge you in 18 days, and the only way to avoid that is by spending more money to send it back.

You might be thinking, “oh well, if it’s good, I’ll just pay for it and who cares if they used a little tricky marketing to get me to buy it”?But when you see the price and what happens next, you probably won’t be thinking that anymore.

Unless you cancel and return your bottle, you will be charged $94.95 for the bottle you thought was free, and your nightmare doesn’t end there.By signing up for the free trial, you also signed up for ongoing monthly autoshipments of the product at that same sky-high $94.95 price.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not this is a scam, let’s talk about the actual Muscle XTX supplement – its promises, its ingredients, its customer feedback – all the stuff you want to know if you’re considering taking that leap and making a purchase.

Muscle XTX Benefits

On the bottle, Muscle XTX claims to be “Testosterone Support” and the following benefits are listed:

  • Supports healthy free testosterone levels.
  • Supports healthy muscle growth and strength.
  • Supports healthy body composition.

These are all great benefits of using an effective natural testosterone booster.The only trouble is, everything else on the website points to Muscle XTX being an nitric oxide boosting pre workout supplement.

In contrast to what the bottle says, the website pushes the notion that Muscle XTX increases your muscle pumps, which is generally accepted as a results of boosting nitric oxide.

Muscle XTX Ingredients

The listed ingredients support the nitric oxide narrative as well.

While a complete label is not provided, and they don’t discuss amounts, there are three primary ingredients mentioned on the website: L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and L-Norvaline.

These are all amino acids which contribute to your workout efforts in the following ways:

  • L-Argninine is a precursor to nitric oxide.

    Basically, it converts to nitric oxide in the body.

    NO works as a vasodilator, meaning that it relaxes blood vessel walls, opening them up and allowing an increased amount of blood to flow through.

    More blood getting to your muscles means more oxygen and nutrients to help you go longer and harder in your workout.

    And it means better vascularity and better pumps.
  • L-Citrulline is a precursor to L-Arginine, so it converts to L-Arginine and then NO.

    This has a time release effect on the production of nitric oxide, so you maintain high levels throughout your workout and your day.
  • L-Norvaline works by preventing the breakdown of L-Arginine, leaving more in your system to do the work it needs to do, producing nitric oxide.

While there may be other ingredients included in the Muscle XTX formula (we don’t know and they’re not telling), the main focus is clearly producing nitric oxide, not boosting testosterone.

Instructions for use point toward it being a pre workout as well.

They say to take 2 tablets 30 minutes before you work out. (Just another misstep to point out – these instructions say Muscle XTX comes in tablet form, but the bottle says they’re capsules.

It may seem like a nitpicky point, but professional companies don’t make this kind of mistake).

Muscle XTX Reviews

As is typical with these free trial products, there is no independent customer feedback to be found online. The only thing we have access to is affiliate websites, which aren’t actually real reviews from users.

They’re just made to look like that so you click through to sign up for the free trials.

Muscle XTX Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve laid out pretty much all the factual information we have on Muscle XTX, let’s make a pros and cons list and see where things fall.

Advantages of Muscle XTX

  • I can’t think of a single thing.

Disadvantages of Muscle XTX

  1. The bottle says it’s one thing (testosterone booster) while its ingredients say another (pre workout).
  2. We only know 3 ingredients, and we don’t know how much of those are used.
  3. Their marketing is filled with mistakes – the biggest one is where they use the wrong product in all the text on one of their websites, then send you to still another product when you’re trying to order.
  4. It’s only available by signing up for the “free trial” which is really just a scam to sign you up for monthly autopay.
  5. You have to send the product back in order to not be charged for your “free” trial bottle.
  6. It costs $95!
  7. There is no real customer feedback from people who’ve actually used it.

UPDATE 10/24/16

Apparently, Muscle XTX caught on to the fact that they were putting out a confusing message about what it actually is, and they’ve taken steps to correct it.The website has been re-worked and now talks about Muscle XTM as a testosterone booster.

Talk of L-Argninine and other ingredients is gone, but not replaced.

Now we have even less information about ingredients than we did before.

They mention Tribulus Terrestris, thought to increase testosterone, but with little to no evidence to support that claim.

But that’s the only ingredient mentioned at all.

This improves the situation ever so slightly, but not enough by a long shot.

The biggest issue is the free trial scam, and they left that firmly in place.

The Bottom Line

We talk about these free trial scams all the time,and they’re all crap.

But this one is even a little bit worse than the others. $95 is at the higher end of what these products usually charge.The careless management of the website and promotional material shows how little they care about presenting a professional product or image.

And the fact that they explicitly state you have to send the product back if you don’t want to be charged for your “trial” bottle!

That’s just the worst.

There are NO reasons to use Muscle XTX. There are at least 7 big reasons NOT TO.

You choose.

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Andre's Review

By Andre,  Feb 20, 2017

SCAM!!!! ALERT!!!!!
Don't get this product. They will charge your account and hang up on you is you ask for it back.


I called 4x back to back and each time someone hung up on me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they never could find one or they weren't available.


Don't buy this product! SCAM!


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Will XTX mussel give you a positive on a drug test? -Aaron

They don't disclose the ingredient profile so it's impossible to know for sure. In my experience, however, I would say it would probably not pop positive on a drug test.- Rob

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They are scamming me and I can't find a way to get ahold of them to cancel what do I do need info fast before they break the bank -Joey

The contact information from their website is: Toll Free: 844-308-4660 Email: Rob

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