Titanax Review: 1 HUGE Reason You Should Avoid It

By: Emily Schneider-Green
Fact Checked On: 3-23-2020

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As a rule of thumb, many things that sound too good to be true, often are just that.

However, it’s almost 2018….and skeptic or not, you have to admit that some of the revolutionary drugs we’ve seen, we wouldn’t have believed just a few years ago.

Fixing bad vision with lasers? Reversing cancer? Healing chronic pain?

It’s all been done.

So is it that outrageous that a male enhancement drug could live up to the hype it claims to deliver?

Specifically, one of the buzziest supplements out there today is Titanax, which, as the name might suggest, not only promises to deliver insane growth rates, titanic amounts, one might say, but also graces the every day man with alleged all night endurance in the sack.

If you’ve perused any adult entertainment sites as of late, you’ve no doubt seen this product blowing up the sidebar advertisements with their outrageous claims and tantalizing hints of this “shocking” new supplement.

Let’s pull back the curtain on this drug and see just exactly what we’re dealing with.

The Claims

Have you seen ads like these?

titanax ad

If so, you’re not alone in wondering just how much fact vs. fiction lies behind these claims.

Let’s dig in and uncover just that.

Ads for Titanax are a dime a dozen on the internet, and all basically ensure that if you take this supp, you’ll enjoy increased libido, performance, and pleasure during the act, a longer lasting erection, and increased sexual confidence.

Not that much unlike many of its competitors, I know, it is a slew of claims that you and I alike are all too familiar with at this point.

What’s not to love, right?

Not just that, but Titanax’s site boasts that their drug delivers revved up levels of testosterone, for both drive and better erections, “on command.”

https://www.supplementcritique.com/wp content/uploads/2017/12/titanax basic

Thanks to this firing-on-all-cylinder’s-approach,  their product promises to leave your partner “gasping for more.”

The master scheme this supplement uses for sucking you in is a multi-step process. First, if you frequent adult entertainment and porn sites, you may have already seen these ads, which frequently pop up, alluding to this “shocking” new supplement rocking the male enhancement world. If you were to click on that ad, it would take you to the following image, which shows the Titanax label.

These faux ads sprinkled throughout porn sites don’t stop there.

Once you click on one, you’re taken to a length ad with numerous “real” testimonies and supposed reviews from raving couples. The headline claim is that taking Titanax will result in a growth rate of 1.5 inches per week. Finally, they boast, the great secret formula that is Titanax can be shared.

What’s the problem?

Before we delve into the reviews, supposed benefits, or ingredients of this alleged “#1 best selling” drug, let’s point out just a few obvious issues with these ads.

https://www.supplementcritique.com/wp content/uploads/2018/01/titanax

Not only does this product fall short, as we’ll unpack below, but this exact ad has been used before. As in, the exact same outlandish promise, that you’ll be able to grow at a rate of 1.5 inches per week.

The identical text, and images are not only associated with Titanax, but numerous other similar, competing products, when you dig a little further.

For example, the same exact bologne ads have been used to try to swindle buyers into ordering Erectize, a testosterone-boosting drug. Not just that, the same ad claimed the same benefits can be yours from taking Andro Enhance, yet another libido and erection-enhancing drug, as well as Xynafil—same exact promises.

Starting to seem a little fishy yet?

First, the header of the website has the Men’s Health Life banner, leading you to believe you’re on the official Men’s Health website itself. It’s a common tactic within the shady supplement world to lead potential buyers to believe they’re safe in the hands of a legitimate, trusted site.

However, if you look beyond the recognizable font and “Men’s Health” look, you’ll see the URL is that of the porn site’s itself. A cheap Photoshop job is probably all it took.

https://www.supplementcritique.com/wp content/uploads/2017/12/titanax fake mens

Even if you can see past this glaring example of B.S., read on and you’ll uncover more sleazy tricks. All are designed to make you trust the product, as long as you don’t look too closely.

A whole section of the ad is designated to supposed testimonies and proof from sexologists and specialist doctors. The main man in the spotlight is Dr. Zavier DeWeilder, the supposed creator of this  miracle drug.

https://www.supplementcritique.com/wp content/uploads/2017/12/titanax dr

A section of the fake ad is written as though it’s by him, though we’re given zero background or actual information on who he is,  his credentials, or anything beyond total fluff.

The ad simply says that “as doctors, we recommend Titanax.”

So who is this elusive supposed creator of Titanax? Who knows! Not even Google!

https://www.supplementcritique.com/wp content/uploads/2017/12/dr.

Search for the man behind the miracle, and you’re going to come up empty-handed and just as clueless as before. No actual information or even a Wikipedia page exists for this fictional man, and all the top results simply lead you right back to pages about Titanax.

Any legitimate doctor would have at the very least a basic website for their practice, or medical reviews. With this guy though, good luck finding a single shred of evidence that he’s a real doctor.

As the final nail in the coffin in this train wreck of suspicious B.S. lies in the comment section of the ad.

After you read past a slew of testimonies (complete with photographic “proof” that the drug delivers what it promises), you’re taken to a comment section.

It would stand to reason then, you’d be able to leave an actual comment, right?

Think again.

The site doesn’t’ allow you to leave a comment even if you tried. You’re simply supposed to believe that the other “real” comment left by “actual users,” got there by magic. Suffice it to say, we’re not exactly buying it, but good try.

Benefits Of Titanax

Sketchiness aside, let’s take a look at the actual supposed benefits of this drug, just to be fair.

From the Titanax site, we see the supplement is designed to specifically target male “virility, vitality, and vigor.”  By targeting a trifecta of areas for sexual health, the pill should leave users with ramped up sexual stamina, endurance to “go all night” as many of the ads claim, and a spike in sexual confidence, as would be expected if you’re growing at a rate of 1.5 inches per week!

Ingredients of Titanax

Anyone can order Titanax sans prescription, thanks to its blend of all-natural ingredients that make up the supplement.

Here’s what you’ll find in a bottle.

Yohimbe: An African plant, this has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac to boost sexual health, circulation, and energy.

Korean Ginseng: Another from-the-earth ingredient, this type of ginseng can be used to treat sexual dysfunction, increase sexual confidence, performance, and overall reduce stress while boosting your mood naturally.

Maca: A buzz-worthy ingredient in lots of supplements lately, this Peruvian herb has a laundry list of health benefits, one of which is renewing a sluggish sex drive and libido, plus upping your sperm count and production.

Fenugreek: Another plant with many benefits, Fenugreek has been shown to reduce all-over inflammation, but also boosts reproductive function and improves your sex life.

Ginkgo Bilboba: This herbal remedy is widely known to improve circulation all over, particularly to the extremities, and helps mental focus as well.

It’s interesting to note that a simple Google search will lead you to many other  pages that list differing ingredients in Titanax. In fact, almost every site we came across listed out slightly different ingredients than found on the main Titanax web page, further lending to this murkiness of this product.

At the end of the day, it’s basically impossible to find out from the internet alone exactly what you’d be putting into your body by taking this supplement.

How It Works

According to the official Titanax website, the supplement operates on a “dual action formula.”

This is designed to target two common facets of male supplementation—boosting levels of testosterone in the body while also increasing blood flow, meaning harder and more impressive erections.

The site seems to imply that results are nearly immediate, since it mentions these “on command”  erections that the drug delivers.

Reviews of Titanax

If all you read was the ingredient list and overview of how it works, you might buy it—Titanax doesn’t sound half bad.

Start digging for reviews though, and you’re going to come up a little empty-handed.

Though their official site has one (only one!) review from a “real man,” claiming his sex life was forever improved thanks to Titanax, that’s all you’re going to get.

We have no way to know if this one review has even a shred of legitimacy or was just flat up constructed by Titanax creators.

Similarly, out of the entire first page of Google search results for “Titanax,” only one review we saw seemed to have any type of teeth to it. The vast majority had boilerplate, robotic sounding language that anyone, expert or not, could have written.

Quite likely, they seem to be cranked out by the manufacturers themselves, and offer no real discussion of pros and cons, and only glowing praise.

Hilariously, with many of the supposed reviews, we don’t get any real people leaving comments, or even names attached to the article. Many are simply by “author,” or give credit to supposed doctors, whom we have no way of knowing if they’re real or not.

Many other reviews show that they gave the supplement less than a 5-star rating, some as low as 2.8, but then if you read the article, they have nothing but amazing things to say.

Where to Buy it and Who Makes it

 Like many supplements in the male enhancement world, if you still want to give Titanax a shot yourself, you’ll have to order it straight from their site, and it’s available to U.S. residents only. An order form is found front and center on their site, where you plug in your contact info to take advantage of one of the only 265 order they alleged mail out per day.

 New customers are able to get a “free trial,” meaning the product itself is free, and you pay a mere $5 for shipping and handling.

As for the manufacturers behind the product, aside from the fictional Dr. Zavier Deweilder, there’s scarce info on this as well. The site doesn’t share anything about who makes it, and their contact form just gives a mailing address in Phoenix, Arizona–no manufacture name at all.


 At the end of the day, just like we began this review with, if it seems too good to be true, it oftentimes is.

Titanax’s web presence, ads, and supposed reviews are riddled with B.S., from start to finish. From a scam doctor to a rigged ad making it look like Men’s Health endorses the product, to a dead-end comment section you can’t leave a comment on, Titanax is a product that reeks of foul play, at every turn.

Do all-natural ingredients like ginkgo biloba and maca do a body harm? Not likely. But will they revolutionize your sex life? Doubtful…highly doubtful.

We lost respect for this product thanks to their tangled web of faux reviews and suspicious gimmicks designed to hook in the unassuming buyer and make them fall for these promises.

It is just a bad business model and basically just leaves a sour taste in my mouth for good as far as how I feel about their products.

Why go to such lengths to trick your consumer, if you were dealing out a legitmate product? The answer is simple—these kind of shady tactics mean that no doubt, the product is a total sham.

Have You Used Titanax?  Leave Your Review Below!

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