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Have you seen this ad?

denzel washington ed pill ad on yahoo

I was scrolling through my Yahoo news feed yesterday, like I do every morning, when I stumbled across it.

After I clicked on it, it led to a page that screamed the following headline:

Denzel Washington’s ED Cure Has Experts In Awe & Big Pharma Is Terrified

It’s not the first time I’ve seen an ad like this on yahoo.

In fact, just last week I posted an article that took down the claim that Morgan Freeman developed some cure for ED as well.

morgan freeman supposed gq article

And in an article I published back in early September, I broke down another similar scam with a supplement called Alpha TRT.

This particular page is claiming that Denzel Washington, in conjunction with Dr. Phil, developed some revolutionary new pill called Vigatron that literally cures ED.

Now of course, it should be glaringly obvious that a succesful actor such as Denzel Washington should not need to be involved in erectile dysfunction remedies, but alas, apparently people are believing this and have been falling for it hook line and sinker.

They quote him as saying the following:

Dr. Phil and I have done our research, and spoken to industry insiders.  And they helped us create this product Vigatron and boy can I tell you, this stuff is potent.  I’ve tried Viagra, I’ve tried Red Ginseng, I’ve tried Cialis. Vigatron blow them all away.

Pretty amazing, right?  I mean, a “cure” for ED!?

That would be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of modern times.

The simple fact is, this entire story is completely fictional.

Much like many similar scams that have come before it, the folks behind this one are preying on people’s familiarity with certain celebrities and using bold language to draw them in and ultimately, take their money.

And I’m going to prove it to you here.

Red Flag #1: This is NOT The Daily News Website

Despite looking like it, this is not in fact the Daily News website.

Need proof?

Look at the url in the address bar, and tell me what it says.

fake denzel washington ad

That’s right.  It doesn’t say “”, but instead says “”.

Want more proof?

Here’s a cool trick…

Change the “denzel” at the end of that url to “zuck-o” and watch what happens.

I’ll do it for you to save some time.

It’s amazing, isn’t it.

The website just magically changed from “Daily News” to “Entertainment Today” with the click of a mouse.

That’s because this entire Denzel Washington ED pills article is a complete scam.

Here’s some more proof.

Red Flag #2: The name of the product keeps changing

When I originally clicked on the ad yesterday, the whole article was talking about a pill called Vigatron.

fake vigatron ad

Yet, when I went back to the exact same page this morning, it show a completely different product called Alpha TRT.

fake alpha trt ad

Same exact copy, but completely different product.

I can almost 100% guarantee you that, if you go back to this page right now, they’ll be a completely different product being pushed.

But wait, there’s more!!

Try googling something like “Denzel Washington and dr. phil e.d pill“, and this is what you get.

denzel washington and dr phil ed cure

The only legit article you’ll come across here is the first one from

They briefly mention the fact that Denzel Washington’s name has been used to push supplements like this before.

We’ve outed nearly all of them, including Alpha ZXT, Brain Plus IQ, and Formula Focus.

denzel washington formula focus

If you click on any of the other results of the search, again the name keeps changing.

For example, the 3rd result claims that Denzel developed a product called Testo Rev.

dr phil testo rev

Further down the search results we see that the name of the miracle cure is actually Apexatropin, a scam we outed awhile back.

dr phil apexatropin scam

And on and on it goes.

Red Flag #3:  Denzel Washington Hasn’t Ever Been On Dr. Phil

I just tried searching for an episode where Denzel Washington was on the Dr. Phil show, and unsurprisingly, couldn’t find anything.

First I tried searching the Dr. Phil website to find the exact episode.

denzel washington was never on dr phil

Then I tried a quick google video search:

denzel washington on dr phil google search

Again, no results showing he’d ever even been on the show, much less was pushing some type of “ed cure”.

“But what about that first result in the search, Rob?”

first result in google search for denzel washington on dr phil

Ok, let’s click on it.

When you do, this is what you see.

dr phil on youtube

When you click on it, this is what you get.


So clearly not what you were looking for.

This whole video is basically some guy who took soundbites of Dr. Phils voice and used them to ‘have a conversation’ with some male enhancement company.

It’s not even really that funny, but, that’s what it is.

So What’s The Purpose Of This Whole Thing?

You’re probably wondering why would someone bother doing all of this, right?

I mean, why lie and say that Denzel Washington created some crazy good ED pill.

Well, it all boils down to one thing and one thing only….money. (big surprise there, huh?)

Let me explain…

If you revert back to the article, you’ll see Denzel Washington is quoted as saying that they’re offering samples of their product to the public.

vigatron free samples

If you click on the link, it takes you to a page telling you that you need to pay just a small shipping fee of only $4.89.

vigatron free trial

$5 for a free bottle of supplements!? What could go wrong!?

Well, it turns out a lot more than you bargained for.

If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see the real truth behind this supposed “free sample”.

vigatron terms and conditions

You’re reading it right…

They’re going to bill you the full price of the product 18 days after you order, in this case $97.49.

What’s even worse is that, if you don’t call to cancel, they will continually bill you every 30 days and send you another bottle of the pills.

This is what’s known as an “auto-rebill” program, and believe it or not, it’s perfectly legal.

Is it moral?  Not a chance.

But do you think the guys that are getting rich off of you care about that? Fat chance…


These scams never cease to amaze me how many people get sucked into them.

I get SO many emails from people saying stuff like “I can’t believe Denzel Washington put his name behind this product!”.

Or, “I saw this pill being advertised on CNN, they should be ashamed of themselves for promoting such a scam!”.

The simple truth is, Denzel Washington didn’t create some cure for ED.

Neither did Morgan Freeman, Tim Allen, or any other celebrity for that matter.

The entire scam is designed to get you to do one thing and one thing only…

Sign up for a free trial, which ultimately 90% of people signing up won’t realize that they’ll be billed some astronomical price 14 days later.

What can I do if I’ve been scammed by this already?

All hope is not lost.  Your best option is to call to cancel your trial of whatever product you signed up for right away.  If you’re persistent enough, you might even be able to get your money back.

I wrote an entire article on how to do this, click here to check it out.

The second thing you should do is share this article on Facebook and Twitter.

The more people that know about this scam, the less people that will be able to get scammed by it.

Click Here to share it on Facebook, and click here to share it on Twitter.

Lastly, leave a comment below and let us know if you see any other ads like this popping up.

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  1. The first time I read it, the name of the pill is HD TESTO and when I search is in look for more details, I CAN’T FIND IT! and now that I am trying to search again, it has a new name…. and so on. but surprisingly people are trying to destroy the pills because it became famous at once… the damaged is done…keeping in peoples mind that there’s no such pill made by DENZEL and Dr. Phil….. What is really the truth?

    1. “keeping in peoples mind that there’s no such pill made by DENZEL and Dr. Phil”

      Yup, exactly that man. There is no such thing as a erectile dysfunction pill (or any other supplement for that matter) that was made by Denzel Washington & Dr. Phil.

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