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So I’m lazily scrolling through my Yahoo feed, like I do every morning, when I stumbled upon this sponsored ad:

morgan freeman ed pill

Normally I don’t click on these, but my second cup of coffee hadn’t kicked in yet, so I figured I’d click around to read the B.S. articles before I got my day going.

When I clicked on the ad, it took me to a page that seemingly was the website “GQ”.

morgan freeman supposed gq article

The title of the article stated the following:

Morgan Freeman Enters Male Vitality Market With New Supplement, Finds Cure For ED & Male Aging Issue

Right away I was skeptical….

Morgan Freeman…the actor???

morgan freeman the actor

Surely they can’t be serious?!

Last One, I promise!

So this whole article goes through this big long discussion of how he teamed up with researchers and scientists to develop some new miracle breakthrough in male vitality.

The name of this breakthrough is none other than Alpha TRT, a product I wrote about way back in July of 2018.

There’s just one problem…

This entire article is one big pile of horseshit…

How do I know this?

Red Flag #1– This is NOT The Real GQ Site

You may have missed it (most people do), but if you look at the URL in the address bar, you’ll see that this is not the REAL GQ website.

fake gq site

You’ll see that it says “”, NOT

This is further supported by the fact that, no matter WHAT link on the page you click on, it takes you to a 400 error (bad request).

Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about:

Morgan Freeman ED Pill Video

Red Flag #2– The Product Keeps Changing

So when I originally clicked on the ad, it was telling me that Morgan Freeman developed / uses Alpha TRT.

alpha trt 1

20 Minutes later, I go back to the ad and now it says he developed a pill called RX1.


So if it’s true, then which one is it?

Red Flag #3– The “All In With Chris Hayes” Interview

So this article goes on to say that Freeman mentioned this new breakthrough in erectile dysfunction on an interview with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

Well, I just watched the entire 7 min. segment, and not ONCE did he mention anything about Alpha TRT OR RX1.

Here’s the clip if you don’t believe me:

Red Flag #4– A “Life Changing” Product

Throughout this article, they note that Freeman has been talking about Alpha TRT or RX1 in numerous interviews, gushing about how great of a product it is.

morgan freeman phone interview cnbc

Yet, if you google things like “morgan freeman interview cnbc alpha trt” or “morgan freeman interview cnbc rx1“, you’ll come up short.

alpha trt phone interview freeman

There’s one reason and one reason only for this…

Because Morgan Freeman did NOT talk about either one, nor does he have any association with them.

Red Flag #5– Facebook Comments

If you scroll to the bottom of this ad, you’ll see a bunch of Facebook comments talking about how great “these pills” are.

fake comments on facebook

They don’t exactly mention the product by name, but who’s kidding who…

It could be any pill at this point.  These are ALL FAKE comments, guys.


I think it’s pretty clear that this entire Morgan Freeman ed pill thing is a complete hoax.

Whoever is behind it is making a TON of money, all at the expense of you.

They put up ads like this to make you THINK that it has some credibility, but nothing could be further from the truth.

If you’re looking for a REAL supplement that can help you with things like ED, low-testosterone, or even something to help lose weight, shoot me an email.

I can recommend products that REALLY do work, and don’t run scammy advertisements that try to bilk you from your hard earned money.

If you ever come across a supplement claiming that Morgan Freeman (or ANY celebrity for that matter) endorses it, send me an email with the link and I’ll take a look.

I’ll be able to tell you within 5 min. whether or not it’s legit.

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