Alpha TRT Review

By: Rob Miller

Update (9-24-2018): Morgan Freeman did NOT use Alpha TRT.

Were you just browsing through Yahoo and came across this:

morgan freeman ed pill

If so, you’re luck you found this page.

Because all of it is ONE BIG LIE.

Click Here to find out why.

Are you one of the millions of men who suffers from erectile dysfunction?

Or maybe you’re just feeling the effects of low testosterone?

Either way, you seriously don’t have time to beat around the bush.

You don’t want to waste your time going back and forth between sub-par male enhancement supplements when you could be taking one that is going to give you maximum results.

You need help, fast!

But is Alpha TRT the right male enhancement supplement for you?

That’s exactly what we’re going to answer in this review.

Alpha TRT helps to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Unfortunately, there’s a gazillion products on the market that’ll bend you over, take your money, and call it a day.

Believe me, I do reviews all the time for these things.

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Alpha-this, Alpha-that.

Seriously, most testosterone/ erectile dysfunction products play to this desire in men to be the “alpha-male,” the man with the strength and stamina, the man who can make his lady howl till the wee hours of morning.

Don’t believe me?

Check it out. . .

You’ve got Alpha King, Alphaviril, AlphaMALE XL, X180 Alpha, and the list goes on and on.

But are testosterone boosters even worth your money?

If so, how do youfind one that really works to give you bigger, better erections?

And is Alpha TRT an effective solution for low-T?

So many questions and so little time!

But before we jump in, I want to share the (very strange) story on how I stumbled across Alpha TRT.

I recently came across this ad on AARP. . .

Ad for Alpha TRT
Ad for Alpha TRT

So I clicked in and found a sales page for the Alpha TRT supplement, that started like THIS. . .

Sales page for Alpha TRT
Sales page for Alpha TRT

Ok, so Mark Harmon apparently teamed up with Dr. Phil to create Alpha TRT.

Or did he???

An hour later I came across THIS ad. . .

Alpha TRT ad that says Denzel Washington created the product.
Alpha TRT ad that says Denzel Washington created the product.

Which brought me to THIS sales page. . .

Alpha TRT ad that says Denzel Washington created the product.
Alpha TRT ad that says Denzel Washington created the product.

What the heck? Something smells a little bull-shitty. It’s the SAME ad!

All they did was switch out the supposed “creators” of the “cure.”

Related Article:Denzel Washington And Dr Phil Did NOT Develop Some ED Pill

But Wait, There’s More!

Now they’re saying that legendary football pro Terry Bradshaw created Alpha TRT!

fake verutum rx ad

Click Here to read how I dissected the hell out of that one.

And then just the other day I saw them claiming that another NFL hall of famer, Howie Long, uses it.

howie long alpha trt

And today it’s Michael Strahan…

michael strahan ed pill

What About Jimmy Kimmel? Did He Create Alpha TRT?

jimmy kimmel alpha trt

What do you think?! Of course not!

In this particular case, they’re claiming that Jimmy Kimmel is actually losing his show because of all of the backlash…

What a crock of s#$t!

I don’t believe that any of these celebrities created Alpha TRT.

It’s probably just some skeevy marketing ploy that crashed and burned on this discerning reviewer.

Is it really so hard to tell the truth?

Alpha TRT review.<br><br>

But let’s put down the pitchforks for the time-being, and let’s have a look at Alpha TRT as objectively as possible to find out if it will really get the job done.

1. About the Company

Alphentyx Health is the maker of Alpha TRT

Alphentyx Health is the company that makes Alpha TRT.

They include contact information (email and shipping address) on their website, which is always good business.

Looks like they’re based out of Chandler, AZ.

Or maybe not, as it’s just a PO Box.

Alphentyx Health, makers of TRT, contact info
Alphentyx Health contact info.


Alphentyx Health currently makes and sells three products, which are marketed as a “three-step male enhancement system.” They say when used together, the system “may help you enjoy improved vitality, virility, vascularity, and vigor.”

Alphentyx Health makes Alpha TRT and two other products.

What is Alpha TRT?

Alpha TRT marketing.<br><br>

Alpha TRT is a dietary supplement that’s sold as an over the counter alternative to prescription drugs like Viagra or Cialis.

While OTC products like Alpha TRT are said to boost testosterone and energy, most men are really in the market for improved erections. I mean, let’s be real.

Erectile dysfunction sucks!

Alpha TRT supposedly helps to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

But. . . according to the Alphentyx Health website, Alpha TRT is a “medical strength male enhancement,” that promises to:

  • Work synergistically to ramp up sexual stamina
  • Increase staying power
  • And boost sexual confidence

2. What are the ingredients in Alpha TRT?

The Alpha TRT formula is all-natural and “free from any artificial fillers, binders or harmful synthetic chemicals.”

Alpha TRT contains all-natural ingredients

The 700 mg proprietary herbal blend contains following ingredients:

  • Damiana, which is historically used to increase sexual desire. Source
  • Tribulus terrestris, a botanical that increases sexual function and libido. Source
  • Horny goat weed, an herb that helps to increase blood flow to the penis and improve sexual function. Source
  • Eurycoma Longfolia, is shown to increase testosterone and strength. Source
  • Ginseng, is used to boost energy and manage sexual dysfunction in men. Source
  • Muira Puama, helps to improve physical and sexual performance. Source
  • Yohimbe, used to arouse sexual desire and help with erectile dysfunction. Source

Most of these ingredients are found in many other testosterone formulas, including supplements like Viantis and 5G Male.

So there’s nothing out of the ordinary (or special) about this formula.

Here’s the Alpha TRT ingredient label. . .

Alpha TRT Ingedients

Alpha TRT FAQ’s

3. How do I take it?

The makers of Alpha TRT stress that the product is for “Adult men only.” Adult men will take 2 capsules by mouth once per day.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re getting enough exercise and eating healthy for optimal results.

How to take Alpha TRT testosterone booster

4. How long does Alpha TRT take to start working?

You might notice the effects of Alpha TRT within weeks, if not days.

However, it’s said that for some men it may take upwards of 6 months to see an improvement in erections and/or ejaculation. Source

And if you’re wondering how long testosterone pills like Alpha TRT will last, you might get a solid year out of the products before the effects finally peak.

Alpha TRT Review

5. Are there side effects with Alpha TRT?

Taking any testosterone pill comes with its fair share of potential issues.

While most men can take T-boosters without experiencing side effects, the folks at WebMD claim that others will have to look out for. . .

  • Sleep apnea
  • Acne or oily skin
  • Mild fluid retention
  • Increased risk of prostate abnormalities
  • Risk of blood clots
  • And even breast enlargement :-/

WebMD recently published another article titledTRT: Myths and Facts.

In this piece they detail other more serious side effects that could result from taking testosterone supplements.

Potential side effects when taking testosterone boosters like Alpha TRT

And finally, as a last word of caution, the Alpha TRT label says to steer clear of the product if you fall into any of the following categories:

Alpha TRT caution and warning

6. Can I take Alpha TRT with alcohol?

You probably shouldn’t take Alpha TRT, or any testosterone-booster with alcohol.

Here’s a video that explains why. . .

alcohol and testosterone effects

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but facts are facts.

You can't take testosterone pills with alcohol. Alpha TRT Review.<br><br>

I know, I know.

You’re probably feeling a bit like this guy right about now. . .

Alpha TRT Review.<br><br>Don't take it with Alcohol.But seriously, there is a TON of evidence that drinking alcohol is only serving to lower your testosterone, and destroy your liver.

7. User reviews of Alpha TRT

Amazon is a good place to find tons of (generally unbiased) user reviews.

Unfortunately, although Alpha TRT is sold on Amazon, there aren’t any user reviews for it yet.

Currently, there are no Alpha TRT reviews on

So I searched high and low, and all I found were these pathetic “reviews.”

The following YouTube videos don’t say a damn thing about the product, but offer you a link to buy.

I mean, c’mon people.

alpha trt youtube review

And this one. . .

alpha trt video review

8. Where to buy Alpha TRT?

You can buy Alpha TRT on the official Alphentyx Health website, and you can also get it on as mentioned.

As far as I know, those are the only two places you can get your hands on the product.

You can buy Alpha TRT on

9. How much does Alpha TRT cost?

The supplement is sold in a 60 capsule quantity.

And a bottle of the stuff will run you a whopping $97.23 from the Alphentyx website.God almighty.

But rest your loins my friend. . .

You can find it for half the price on Amazon, where you’ll only pay $49.97 for the product.Not bad.

Alpha TRT Review

They also offer a free trial, which I IMPLORE you to completely avoid at all costs.

Click Here to find out why.

If you’ve already been sucked in to their free trial offer, and are looking to get out of it, check out this article.

It will show you exactly what you need to do to cancel, and possibly even get a refund.

10. Does Alpha TRT offer a Guarantee?

Alright, this is where Alpha TRT really falls short.

First of all, they claim to stand behind the product by offering a “100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee.”

Alpha TRT Review.<br><br>The company doesn't really stand behind the product.<br><br>

Well, what exactly does that mean?

I went searching the site for their refund policy, which I found a tiny link for at the very bottom of their website.

Here’s how their 100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee actually works. . .

And yeah, it’s total crap.

OK — so they will credit “one returned unopened product per customer.” Yup, unopened.

How can you “use with confidence” if they only accept returns on unopened bottles?

The return package must be postmarked within 30 days of your original order and has to include “a RMA number obtained from customer service.” They go on to say no returns will be granted after 30 days of your order.

Alpha TRT Review

It gets better.

Once you jump through their hoops, you’re gonna have to fork out the shipping and handling on the return order.

And finally, you’ll have to pay “a small $9.95 restocking fee.”

I’d almost rather set myself on fire than go through all the hassle.Almost.

11. Recommendations

To be honest, I wanted to like this supplement. I really did.

But here’s why I don’t.

First of all, remember their shady advertising and how they tried to tell us the product was created by different celebrities?

Yeah, not cool.

Alpha TRT is not the best choice for a testosterone booster

If you need to craft a false story of celebrity endorsements in order to generate interest in your brand, chances are there are more red flags to follow.

Second, the formula is pretty run-of-the-mill and doesn’t offer anything that you can’t get in a much cheaper t-booster.

There aren’t any real reviews for the product.

The makers don’t even list reviews or testimonials on their website, which is strange.

At least make some up (kidding, don’t).

At nearly $100, it’s pretty damn expensive.

If I’m gonna drop a Benjamin for bigger, better erections and improved vitality, it better be backed up with rave reviews, AND a real guarantee.

But alas, the guarantee doesn’t inspire any confidence in the product whatsoever.

Womp, womp.

So my final recommendation. . . is totry a testosterone booster that actually works.

Have you tried Alpha TRT?If so, write your review in the comments below!

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

False Advertising using Terry Bradshaw as a user and proponent

By Ken Noftz,  Dec 8, 2018
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

I understood that I was to receive a free 30 days supply of the product if I agreed to pay $4.95 shipping. I agreed solely because it stated Terry Bradshaw took it two hours before he needed it and it was better than Viagra and Cialis.  They stated that Terry Bradshaw was being sued by Viagra and Cialis for supporting this product. They went on to say that he was not deterred and fought back by giving free samples of the product after a show.  Well, on 11/7 I was charged the $4.95 shipping which was expected. I was hoping the product would work and I would order more.  However, on 11/22 they charged me $98. This was a total surprise to me and I have not even used the free sample yet.  I called to ask why I was being charged when I did not order any more of their product. They stated that the fine print stated I would be charged after 30 days.  I did not see any of this on the website I visited. I complained that this was not good business as I would never order a free sample of something if I had to pay $98 later.  I explained the only reason I agreed to get the free sample was of the advertising that used Terry Bradshaw. They would only agree to give back $49.  I stated this was not acceptable and was calling my credit card company to have the charge deputed. The credit card company stated it would take them about two billing cycles to find out what they could do.  They were able to insure that no more charges from this company would be accepted.

Was this review helpful to you?
7 out of 7 people found this review helpful.

Didnt work out

By ROBERT PEREZ,  Jan 5, 2019
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

... scamers product does not work be careful when you cancel they will still charge you for the product don,t buy a product that wont work.

Was this review helpful to you?
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

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Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. I had the same experience that you had, Rob. Two weeks after the initial bottles of Alpha TRT and Performance TRT were received, I was charged for $98 and $93. I figured the company was billing me for the next months supply. I immediately called and cancelled the order, but I still received the charges on my Discover bill.

    Discover told me to call the company and ask for a refund. That’s when I found out that I was being billed for the 1st months supply because I didn’t return the product by the end of a two week trial period.

    Has anyone made any progress in shutting this company down?

  2. Looks like I got suckered into their scam. Just got my credit card bill and saw a transaction for $98. I called Alphentyx and was told there was a 15 day trial period.

    If I didn’t contact them before the 15 days were up, I would be charged the $98. The website I purchased the product from, never disclosed this fact and when I received the product there was no mention of the 15 day trial period.

    Total scam and a waste of my time!
  3. I got sucked into trying this in a moment of weakness. BEWARE, their trial is only 15 days which leaves no time to even try this out if it was to be effective (I wished I had found this site prior to the trial).

    It is a typical marketing scheme to charge you for product at ridiculous prices for apparently worthless product. Do Not sign up, $100 for the compunds identified can be found elsewhere at much better prices.

  4. This is a scam, no where did it say it would charge me every month after I paid 4.95 for a trail bottle,98 dollars a month, this a complete scam job and should be shutdown now. It didn’t work either.

    1. Hey Ariel,
      The instructions on the label call for 2 capsules once per day. They don’t mention anything about taking it on an empty or full stomach.

  5. I would like to offer my assessment of Alpha TRT claimed to be effective in treating ED. I’m a trained medicinal chemist with 30 years experience in both big Pharma and start up Biotech before being forced into involuntary early retirement, so I have no love for the pharmaceutical industry.

    Regardless that I’m not currently employed in the field, I still have a graduate school degree and retirement hasn’t effected my ability to think as a scientist.

    First, let me say that there are no chemical constituents in any of the ingredients of Alpha TRT that would be expected to be efficacious in treating ED. To the best of my knowledge, all the chemical compounds that have been evaluated to date that have shown any degree of activity both in vitro and in vivo do so either directly or indirectly, by elevating levels of cGMP which causes vasodilation within the Corpus cavernosum which supplies blood to the penis causing an erection.

    I was a leader in the field of phosphodiesterases which regulate levels of both cGMP and cAMP within cells and chemical compounds which inhibit a particular phosphodiesterase PDE5 brings about vasodilation of the Corpus cavernosum by elevation cGMP, that’s how Viagra, Levitra and Cialis work. I’m familiar with all the chemical scaffolds (the part of the molecule necessary of bioactivity) associated with affecting cGMP and none of them, not even in the most remote sense, are represented as a chemical constituent of Alpha TRT.

    Secondly, purposely elevating cellular levels of testosterone, particularly in older men is well known to cause cancer as well as inducing many other medical conditions.

    There’s a general rule in medical pharmacology….don’t mess with the steroid cascade until all other treatment options are exhausted, doing so is like playing with a loaded gun, its both dangerous and can be lethal. For men that do take testosterone as a supplement, they do so at their own risk, a risk which increases with age.

    DHEA is a supplement from which both testosterone and estrogen are biosynthesized from within the body, and a few years ago was touted for the same things Alpha TRT currently is. Of the few clinical trials conducted on DHEA, only one was for ED where DHEA did show a benefit for some men, however the clinical data never reached statistical significance, that is there was no difference between DHEA and placebo.

    Furthermore, there was no effect on testosterone levels indicating whatever benefit gained was not due to elevating testosterone but rather a psychosomatic reaction known as the placebo effect, which is a fancy way of saying the benefit was only in the mind of the patient and wasn’t real. The takeaway from all this is simply this; elevating levels of testosterone shows no clinical efficacy in treating ED, period, end of story.

    Put another way, if Alpha TRT were a real drug, it would never be approved by FDA because there is no clinical data that demonstrates efficacy. The FDA view on supplements is they are not going to interfere with marketing of snake oil by the huge billion dollar supplement industry as long as there is no harm to the public, other than to their wallets, and that the manufactures do not make claims for the product which are not supported by bona fide clinical data.

    However, the message FDA has given the public regarding supplements over the years has been consistent and speaks for itself…buyer beware.

    In short, based on my knowledge and experience, my assessment of Alpha TRT is that the product is nothing more than a placebo or sugar pill and any effect it has on ED is either random within the boundary of statistical error or more likely, psychosomatic and not pharmacologically induced.

    In closing, when I turned 50 I sought ED treatment and the first thing my doctor asked was if I was able to get an erection masturbating and if so, medically, I didn’t have ED. Regardless, I walked out of my doctors office with a physicians sample of Viagra which certainly worked, half the time without even eating the pill, just knowing I had a back up plan just in case gave me the confidence I needed to overcome my symptoms, a sure indication that ED is largely a psychosomatic condition and not so much physiological.

    Indeed, my doctor told me the best treatment for ED simply is a truly loving and caring partner and practice, practice, practice..and he was right, it’s certainly a lot more fulfilling, satisfying and fun compared to eating a blue pill.

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