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By: Rob Miller
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John stewart's Review

By John stewart,  Feb 1, 2017

I am a 60-year-old man. I was very skeptical about Nugenix, but was curious enough to try it.  I checked with my doctor first to make sure it was okay to take it with my other health concerns. With the okay from my doctor, I ordered the sample.  After just a week, the changes were remarkable. I had more energy than I've had in years (decades).  I am sleeping better and seem to have boundless energy during the day. I have dropped some weight... and the "other" benefits have become very evident!  It's not a "magic pill", but this product does what it says it will do.

When I first began to take Nugenix I did experience a bit of stomach upset. But after consistently taking it, that has subsided.

For those who are complaining about the auto-ship program.  It's as easy as a 5 minute phone call to remove the auto ship. The customer service reps are friendly and helpful.  No problems!

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By allen price,  Nov 15, 2016

I am currently using Nugenix ( as part of my supplement regimen. I go to the gym 4-5 days a week. I'm 56 years old. since starting Nugenix, I've lost 2" from my waist. my waist is noticeably smaller yet I've only lost 15lbs. My energy, strength, stamina and mental clarity have all improved. I've added the Nugenix PM to my regimen as well. Too early to make any determinations. I am very please with the results and improvement in my BMI. I was 28.5 after 3.5 months I'm now at 23.5 with a target of 20.

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Worked for me!

By Ed Downing,  Jun 21, 2015

Five years ago I contracted Lyme and Bartonella diseases from a tick in Michigan while visiting there.
I picked up a lot of weight basically from having little no energy. Exercise was something I just couldn't get into.  I'm 57 years old and in January I realized if I didn't do something I'd be a couch potato the rest of my life. I'm 6'4" and at that time I weighed in at 261. I got the 4.99 month Nugenix free trial that month.  It suggests taking 3 capsules a day which I did religiously that month. At the 15 day mark I noticed an improvement in my general well being.  I felt more alive than I had in the last 5 years. After waiting another week I started riding my bicycle.  I couldn't even think about that before. I'm currently riding 14 or 28 miles a day at around a 16.5 mph clip.

I've lost 31 pounds and plan on losing another 20.
I decreased dosage during the last month to two a day with great results.  This absolutely worked for me.

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By Jon-jon,  Feb 20, 2013

I tried Nugenix for one month. I noticed the changed in my stamina after two weeks but it worked for me.  I can't finish 50 mins of jogging on the treamill without stopping at 30 mins but, like I said, after using it for 2 weeks, I can finish 50 mins without stopping at all. Now, I can finish 1 hr but I stopped at 50 mins. then run, as in sprint for 2 mins every after 2 mins of walk to finish off the 1 hr window.  This is after doing some abs exercises. After these two workouts, I don't feel very tired.  It works but very expensive for me.

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it does not work

By Richard Campbell,  Jul 25, 2014

I have been use your product Nugenix for over 60 days and i have not felt anything different in my physical life and i get no good from your product

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By mv,  Apr 21, 2013

At age 61, I experienced the first signs of diminished drive. I took the recommended dose of Nugenix for just 2 days and haven't felt so horny since I was about 14. No kidding.  Unless a tolerance builds up, I certainly don't need 3 per day, and will investigate a less frequent shipping schedule. I think the effect must depend on the person.

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By Aaron,  Oct 7, 2015

I had virtually identical results as Rob Miller who wrote this article. I believe that like all supplements it really is based on individual results.  My only advise: DONT DO THE FREE TRIAL. Keep your credit card info to yourself!  Just go to GNC and pick up a full months supply instead of the 2 week trial and give it the full month. Plus add in some exercise for general health and a boost of results.

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By john ford,  Oct 24, 2014

After 2 doses of nugenix I experienced pain in the stomach that lasted 24 hours.

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Worked for me

By Ryan,  Nov 1, 2014

I used it for about 2 months. At first I thought it was a waist of money and then BAM out of nowhere, I felt it.  It took til the second week but it was great. I got off of it about a month ago and I most def notice a downward change in my energy levels.  I know it does not work for all but it did for me. The price just needs to drop.

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By CHIP,  Aug 11, 2016

I'm will be 50 in a couple months and been taking nugenix for 4 months and I feel like I'm in my 20's again. I look forward to working I'm a handyman and mow lawns with a push mower, I now look forward to working. When I'm working I feel great and enjoy doing physical work.  I'm feeling happier more alive I look forward to getting up and going to work, the bigger the job the better the physical exursion is to feel the muscles work Is a high I haven't felt in years. GNC has a membership card that discounts the price to $49.00 I feel this supplement delivers all it clames to do. ifeel more confident,sex is awsome like I'm a teenager,I last longer and it feels so intence it blows mt mind.  I love nugenix.

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Note:  This is just a review.  Click Here to visit the official Nugenix website.


How Nugenix Works
Ingredients In Nugenix
Nugenix Side Effects
My Results With Nugenix
Nugenix Drug Interactions (full list)
Frequently Asked Questions
Original Nugenix Vs. Nugenix Ultimate
Other Original Nugenix Customer Reviews
Who Makes Nugenix?
Where to Buy Nugenix?
Nugenix Vs. P6, TestX 180, Testofuel, and Maxgenics

Nugenix is a free testosterone boosting supplement that may help to:

  • Increase sex drive
  • Help you feel stronger
  • Increase your vitality, and
  • Boost free testosterone levels.

Looking For The Best Testosterone Booster

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As you may already know, testosterone decline is one of the major culprits for the appearance of symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men, and is commonly referred to as “Andropause“.

male menopause symptoms

There are dozens of companies selling testosterone boosting supplements nowadays, and I’ve personally used dozens of them over the years.

supplements ive tested and evaluated

Nugenix happens to be one of the best ones I’ve EVER tested, and you’ll find out why shortly.

Unfortunately, if you run a search for Nugenix reviews on Google, you are BLASTED with sites that haven’t even tested it.

google search results for nugenix reviews are terrible

An actual nugenix review snippet from the first site: content/uploads/2012/09/mitigate

It’s so bad it’s almost comical…

Luckily you landed here, and you’ll learn about the results from someone who has ACTUALLY tested Nugenix.

Click Here
to skip all of this and jump straight to my personal review.

Nugenix Review – How Nugenix Works

After the age of 30, most men begin to experience a rapid decline in the amount of testosterone their bodies produce.  In fact, starting at 31 men see a decrease of 1 % per year.

testosterone decrease by age

There’s other factors involved that cause reduced testosterone other than aging, including:

But One Thing Is For Sure, It Sucks Getting Old.

This is where Nugenix comes in.

Nugenix Ingredients

Nugenix is a combination of zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and a testosterone booster complex that combines the properties of several herbal extracts.

nugenix label

Zinc is known to be a natural testosterone booster, as well, which means that there may be some truth to the manufacturer’s claims.

Well go through a couple of them here as well to give you a better idea of how Nugenix works.


The Nugenix blend contains a compound called Testofen, which was shown in lab studies to increase testosterone levels dramatically.

What is Testofen and What Makes It So Damn Special?

Testofen is actually a patented version of the popular Fenugreek Extract, which is found primarily in the middle east and southern Europe.

fenugreek seeds - testofen extract

Testofen is a standardized extract of Fenugreek, and is very careful extracted and standardized to its content of fenusides.  These are saponins, which means they have a molecule structure a little bit like a steroid hormone.

When you ingest these, they are enough LIKE a steroid hormone to bind to a protein in the blood called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (ShBG).

When that happens, a very small percentage of the testosterone that’s bound to this protein is released and activated.

This results in approximately a doubling of free testosterone levels.

Why Is This Important?

As we get older, more stressed, and tired by the constant demands of work / life / etc., very often testosterone levels fall as a result.

As those testosterone levels fall, we experience a loss of libido, drive, and even muscle tone.

By taking supplements like Nugenix which contain Testofen, and thereby doubling free testosterone levels, all of these adverse effects are reversed.

On top of that, studies have shown that when combined with exercise, these leads to increased muscle building.

What’s even more interesting is, during a clinical trial conducted on middle aged healthy males in Australia, researchers found big improvements in:

  • Libido
  • Sexual Performance
  • Sexual Satisfaction

(Here’s a link to that study if you’re interested).

Lastly, researchers also noted that Testofen also enhances sexual desire and libido in both males AND females, something no other compound has been found to do thus far.

Here’s Dr. Paul Clayton, former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK government’s committee on the Safety of Medicines, discussing Testofen and it’s benefits.

how testofen works

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is probably the most widely used ingredient found in over the counter testosterone boosters.

In fact, out of the dozens of testosterone boosters I’ve personally tested, I would say that probably 70% of them contain Tribulus.

What is Tribulus Terrestris and Why Is It So Damn Special?

Tribulus Terrestris is an herb that’s found all over the world, and in large parts of the world has been used for medicinal purposes.

In the United States, however, it’s mostly known as an all natural sexual enhancer.

It also happens to be one of the key Nugenix ingredients.

There’s been an awful lot of claims about Tribulus Terrestris.

If you google it, you’ll find millions of websites that are spreading a lot of misinformation.

// content/files/2012/09/tribulus
^ Some of the claims you’ll probably come across

As an aphrodisiac, there is no doubt that Tribulus Terrestris is effective, which is probably the main reason why it’s added to the Nugenix formula.

There’s been numerous animal studies (specifically in mice) that have shown increased sexual activity in the animals that have been given the herb.

I’ve personally used Tribulus Terrestris in the past, and I can attest to it’s effectiveness at increasing sexual activity.

This is especially true after dosing with it for several days.

What’s even more interesting is that Tribulus Terrestris can help increase sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction in both men AND women as well.

HOWEVER, Thus far…

Studies have NOT shown Tribulus Terrestris to be effective at helping with:

  • Athletic performance
  • Losing weight, or
  • Increasing lean body mass.

You won’t see Nugenix making these exact claims, but they imply it with some of their marketing.

Several studies have shown NO effect on testosterone levels, both free and total.

Nugenix will give you great erections, but if you’re looking for your testosterone to shoot off the charts, it probably won’t happen.

Nugenix also contains L-citrulline, an amino acid found in a wide array of supplements.

These include a pre workout called 4 Gauge.

It also contains Tribulus Terrestris, which is used in hundreds of other testosterone booster products.

See Our Top Choice For Natural Testosterone Boosting

One thing you may not like is that it must be taken daily to deliver effects.

The recommended Nugenix dosage is 3 capsules.

A free trial bottle has 42 capsules, which gives you 14 days to try the product out.

One bottle contains 90 capsules, and costs about $70 per bottle.

This makes Nugenix quite expensive when compared to other natural testosterone boosters.

What About Nugenix Maxx?

Recently, Nugenix came out the a new “premium” testosterone booster. They call it Nugenix Maxx, and you can read our full review here.

What Are Some Common Nugenix Adverse Effects?

I did some research on the ingredients and saw that Fenugreek, an ingredient in Nugenix, has a wide range of side effects that include:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Upset stomach
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Facial swelling
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Bloating. (1)

I have personally taken Nugenix (see below), and I did not notice any adverse effects.  I’ve read some reviews from other guys that said they experienced side effects like hair loss, headache, and stomach discomfort. 

One guy even said that his blood pressure went up, although he did note that he felt an increase in energy.

nugenix side effects

Of course, there is no way to be sure it was cause by the supplement in question, but it’s worthy of noting.

I searched for Tribulus Terrestris side effects, but I couldn’t find any credible information that it actually causes any.

Like all supplements, there is always the potential for health risks so it’s best to check with your doctor to be sure it’s safe for you to take Nugenix.

My Results With Nugenix

nugenix reviewAt 36, I noticed that I’ve been experiencing the dreaded Testosterone decline.  My mood, energy levels, and even my libido have taken a little bit of a dive the last few years.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Really Rob?  You’re 36 years old and you’re complaining about low testosterone?”

Hear me out.

I’ve been a semi-professional beach volleyball athlete since I was about 22 years old.

rob miller playing volleyball

I’ve competed against some of the best players in the world, including former and current Olympic athletes.

That is, until about 3 years ago.

I stopped lifting heavy, starting eating shitty, and overall just let myself go.

Now, I’m not talking like I gained 30 lbs. in a few months.

Realistically I actually only gained about 15 lbs. or so.

However, when you’re competing against guys that are 6′ 5″ and you’re only 6′, every lb. counts.

So what was the deciding factor?

Well, I got a blood test to check my testosterone levels when I was 32, and this was the result.

testosterone check april 2014

Fast forward to October 2017, and this was the result:

testosterone check oct 2017

Basically, this translates to the following:

March, 2014 – My free testosterone levels were 15.8 pg/ml.

November, 2017 – My free testosterone levels were 12.7 pg/ml.

That’s a 19.6% decrease in my FREE testosterone levels.

In just 4 short years.

This is WAY less than the 1 % reduction per year that is generally accepted as “normal”.

testosterone decrease by age

I figured that I needed to try something to help with this, so I went down to my local GNC and talked to the rep.

gnc by my house

I had every intention is jjst picking up a bottle of Nugenix, but I wanted to get his take on it first.

He told me that Nugenix was actually one of the most popular supplements they sell, but stopped short of telling me it was the best.

In fact, he directed me to a totally different supplement called Cellucor P6. cellucor P6 black ultimate

The problem is, that supplement costs almost DOUBLE what Nugenix does.

cellucor p6 for sale at gnc

Thanks but, no thanks!

I picked up a bottle of Nugenix and head out the door, happy with my purchase.

At first I was a bit skeptical, like I pretty much am with any of the products I try out (including the 33 other Testosterone boosters I’ve personally tested).

Claims like enhanced muscle mass, increased sex drive, and more energy all sound great.
But can a supplement REALLY do all that?

Nugenix Review -Week 1

I started taking the recommended dose of Nugenix, which is 3 capsules a day with water on an empty stomach.

The first couple of days I used Nugenix I didn’t notice anything.  I wasn’t sleeping better, there was no increase in sex drive, no motivation for the gym, and no enhanced muscle mass.

Then out of nowhere I started feeling it. 

About 5 days in I woke up with a “morning wood” for the first time in as long as I could remember.  It subsided after about 10 minutes, but I knew right then that I might be onto something.

Week 2

The following monday I got that “hey, I’m not so tired, let me hit the gym” feeling first thing in the morning.

Usually I struggle to get out of bed most mornings, but today was different.  Today I was like a spring chicken, ready to tackle on the days tasks and take on the world.

Throughout the week my workouts had become more intense that I’ve had in a long time.

I started to feel more invigorated, youthful, and more importantly started to see the scale drop down from a moderately fat 198 lbs. to a “I feel good” 195 lbs.

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Not a huge amount of weight, but I could tell the difference…

Week 3

Moving along to the third week was when I really saw a difference.  Not only was I sleeping better, but I could feel a distinct improvement in my overall mood and sex drive.  I won’t get into any nitty gritty details, but let’s just say my fiance was “impressed with my performance” 😉

Week 4

Finally, at the end of the month, I felt like a 20 year old again.  I dropped about 12 pounds, and was looking and feeling great.  I stopped taking the Nugenix after the 30 day point, and could feel the effects gradually diminish as the ingredients were washed out of my system.

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Beyond Week 4

I still felt good for the following month, but not quite as invigorated as I was when I was on it.  But, I could definitely tell that it had made a significant difference, in a very good way.

I decided to just stop taking it, figuring that it likely needs to be cycled to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take it?

The Nugenix label says that you should take 3 tablets everyday with a glass of water.  It can be taken on an empty stomach, but take it with food if you experience any stomach upset.

How long does it take to start working?

Generally speaking, the best results become obvious after 4 – 6 weeks of Nugenix consumption.

How can I expect to feel?

From my own personal experience, and from the experience of others I’ve read in the past, you can expect to feel:

  • Increased drive and vitality
  • Feel stronger and more athletic
  • Increased erections

Do I need to cycle it?

Nugenix does not need to be cycled.

Can I take Nugenix if I have high blood pressure?

As with most supplements, it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor before taking Nugenix.  Interactions are always possible, and only your doctor will know if it is safe for you to take.

Can I take it if I have diabetes?

See above.

Do I need to take it with an estrogen blocker?

I didn’t, but Nugenix recommends that you take it with their “Estro Regulator” estrogen blocker.

Estro-regulator contains Diindolymethane, which is a powerful ingredient that acts as an estrogen blocker.  This is important if you want to limit the potential Nugenix side effects from coming off it.

Will I fail a drug test if I take it?

There aren’t any Nugenix ingredients that will flag a drug test, so you should be good in that regard.

If you’re really that worried then I would suggest you bring the bottle with you to the blood test center so they can rule out anything that may trigger it.

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Will Nugenix Increase My Penis Size?

No.  No pill will do that, despite the many claiming to do so.

Click Here to find out why there’s no such thing as a “permanent enlargement pill”.

Nugenix Vs. Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone?

The makers of Nugenix came out with a new and improved formula that they names “Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone” about a year ago, but unfortunately have not had a chance to try it out yet.

However, I have done a good bit of research on it and this is what I found out:

  1. It contains an almost totally different formula.

In fact, the only common ingredient the 2 share is Fenugreek extract.  Unlike with the original Nugenix, the Ultimate Testosterone formula comes with the following ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Maca Root Extract
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Boron

From the looks of it, this (to me) is definitely an improved formula.

Many of these ingredients, including D-Aspartic Acid and Maca root, are found in some of the best testosterone boosters I’ve ever tried.

2.  It’s More Expensive, But There’s A Catch

A bottle of regular Nugenix, which contains 90 capsules, will run you about $56 at your local GNC.  This is a 30 day supply.

A bottle of Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone, which contains 120 capsules, will cost you about $75.  This is ALSO a 30 day supply.

So instead if taking 3 capsules a day you’ll be taking 4.

Not a huge deal, unless you’re not a fan of popping more pills.

3.  The Reviews Are Practically The SAME For Both

From researching all of the reviews I could come across, it seems that the vast majority of men who’ve used Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone got pretty much the same results as the ones who used the original.

So Which Nugenix Should I Get?

Considering the end results seem to be the same with both, than I would recommend you just stick with the original.

There’s a fair amount of guys out there that don’t respond well to ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid and Maca, but practically EVERYONE will get good results from Tribulus Terrestris and Testofen (at least in the bedroom department).

Nugenix Reviews – Other Original Customer Reviews

If you look around on some of the other sites that have Nugenix customer reviews, you’ll find that a good majority have reported great results.

For example on Amazon a fair amount of reviewers rated it 4 stars or better, which is not very common with free testosterone boosting supplements.

Most of the people who said it works well seemed to be getting the best results after a few weeks of taking it.

nugenix reviews


This is supported by the fact that a good majority of the reviews of Nugenix here on rate it favorably as well.

nugenix reviews

Most of reviews mention that Nugenix helped improve their overall well-being, improved their vitality, and increased their endurance, especially during exercise.

It’s also interesting to note that many of the men who experienced positive results were 40 years of age or older.  I have no idea why this is the case, but that’s what I noted in my observations.

Click Here to read all of the Nugenix reviews posted here on

Who Makes Nugenix?

The company responsible for Nugenix, and many other brands, is called Direct Digital LLC.  Founded in 2009 by Brandon Adcock, Direct Digital LLC is a company located in Charlotte, NC, and own brands like Instaflex, Lumiday, and Luminite.

Their products are sold in a wide variety of retailers, including Rite Aid, CVS, Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Vitamin World, Duane Reade, and Vitacost.

The Better Business Bureau gives Direct Digital LLC an A+ rating, the highest achievable.

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Where To Buy Nugenix

Nugenix can be found both on their official website, as well as online retailers such as,, and Amazon.  Nugenix is also sold through brick and mortar stores such as GNC, and it’s actually one of the best testosterone boosters there if you ask me.

The official Nugenix website ( has a function that allows you to search for a health food store near your location, just in case you’re nowhere near a GNC.

As stated earlier, a one month supply averages about $70. The official website also offers both a straight sale and a free trial option.

With the free trial they will automatically sign you up to pay for and receive a new bottle each month.

However, be aware that they will charge you $69.99 18 days after ordering your free trial.

If you want to cancel you have to call their customer service phone number at 855-714-3234 and tell them you would like to cancel.

The nice thing about the Nugenix sample is that, while many other companies that run free trials make you send the product back, this is not the case with them.

The sample is yours to keep, completely free.

Nugenix Vs. P6, TestX 180, Testofuel, and Maxgenics – Quick Review?

Nugenix Vs. P6

Cellucor P6, which is a direct competitor of Nugenix, clearly has an “award winning” product.

The reviews speak for themselves, and although I haven’t personally had a chance to test it out myself, one look at it’s formula and you can tell it’s going to work.

What makes P6 different from Nugenix is it contains a number of alternative ingredients like black cohosh (its primary ingredient), Wild Yam Extract, and Stinging Nettle.

On a cost basis, P6 is comparable to Nugenix, coming in at around $60 for a one month supply, even though they only sell it as a 2 month supply (2 capsules per day, 120 capsule bottle).

When comparing the reviews, it looks like the majority that have used Cellucor P6 have gotten great results from it, while Nugenix only has a limited number of positive testimonials.

Nugenix Vs. Test X180

// content/uploads/2012/09/nugenix vs test x

This is a supplement I actually have tried.

Consequently, Test X180 didn’t do a damn thing. 

I took it for about a month and personally thought it was a waste of money. The only real difference I noticed was I actually got a bad reaction to Test X180.

After the first week of using it I noticed I was waking up with raging headaches (and a raging hardon, which was a good thing).  For me, the side effects were not worth the benefits, and I ended up dumping the bottle.

If I had to choose the lesser of the evils, I would certainly go with Nugenix.

Nugenix Vs. Testofuel

// content/uploads/2012/09/nugenix vs

This is another one I have tried, so it’s easy for me to compare the 2.  What I find lacking about Nugenix is that, while it contains zinc, fenugreek, and tribulus terrestris, it doesn’t contain one VERY important ingredient….D-Aspartic Acid.

For those of you who don’t know, D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) works to help release growth and follicle stimulating hormone, allowing for an increase in testosterone. (2)

This action is limited however, and testosterone levels can quickly drop off if your taking it too long.

Testofuel contains D-AA….Nugenix doesn’t, and I feel that it is a totally necessary ingredient if you are looking into using a testosterone booster that you will get great results with.

As far as price, they are both on the same page with that one, coming in at around $70 for either supplement.

Nugenix Vs. Maxgenics

A relatively newcomer to the market is called Maxgenics, and unfortunately I have not had a chance to test it out yet.

However, I have done some preliminary research, and it looks relatively comparable to that of Nugenix.  It contains many of the same ingredients, but also includes the likes of Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama, and Piperine.

However, without the addition of Fenugreek extract, I can’t see Maxgenics being as effective as Nugenix, although it is cheaper at $50 for a one month supply.

I recently learned that Maxgenics was forced to cancel most of its claims by the ERSP review board (Extension of the Better Business Bureau).

They also have an F rating with the BBB, and are not comparable to Nugenix.

Nugenix Benefits

  • I personally received great results from it.
  • An all natural formula
  • It contains important minerals and vitamins in promoting testosterone production
  • Can be found in local nutritional stores such as GNC.
  • Professional looking website
  • Manufactured / Distributed by a reputable company

Nugenix Drawbacks

  • Price, definitely one of the more expensive T Boosters I’ve used.
  • Only available in the US and Canada
  • May cause side effects
  • Takes at least a month to start working

Nugenix Review Conclusion

After personally testing Nugenix out, I can easily say this is one of the best testosterone boosters I’ve ever used.  It started working quickly, didn’t cause any side effects, and gave me long lasting energy and enhanced libido.

Because it adds to so many areas of positive male health, I would say that taking Neugenix is a game changing addition to my regiment and it serves many purposes.

If you’re looking to maximize your results from taking Nugenix you should also Click Here to sign up for my free “How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally” eBook.


It’s jam packed with information on:

  • Determining whether or not you may be suffering from reduced testosterone levels.
  • Identifying the root cause of your low testosterone
  • Options to Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Strength training to maximize your bodies own production.
  • Foods that help with low T.

It also comes with 2 free bonuses, including a Full Body Exercise Workout Log and High Intensity Interval Training examples.

Have You Used Nugenix? If so, leave your review below!

Additional References

1.  Fenugreek side effects:

2.  D-Aspartic Acid:







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Typically when you take something on an empty stomach it absorbs much more efficiently. The idea is that it's the only thing in the stomach that is being "worked on", so naturally you get the most benefit out of it.- Rob

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Can I take Nugenix if I have high blood pressure? -anthony

It's probably ok, but you should check with your doctor first.- Rob

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Are there any side effects? -kevin

I didn't personally experience any.  However, others have reported a wide array of side effects, including hair loss, headache, stomach discomfort, upset stomach, and congestion.  Check with your doctor to be sure it's safe for you to take Nugenix.- Rob

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How do I cancel my free trial of Nugenix? -David

Give them a call at their customer service number: 1-855-714-3234, and let them know you want to cancel.- Rob

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Am i supposed to take all 3 pills at the same time or 1 pill 3times -brandon

The instructions say to take all three pills at once.- Rob

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  1. I have a very strong gag reflex and cutting/crushing the capsules just taste nasty…really bad!
    Is it possible/advisable to take them rectally?
  2. I’m on TRT due to hypogonadism which is very expensive because insurance won’t cover. Has there been research with someone having their blood tested to see if their Total test levels have come up?

    1. Hey Mitch,
      Nah as far as I’m aware, none of these testosterone boosters (including Nugenix) have ever been tested like that. The feeling I personally get from many of the better ones like Testofuel and Prime Male, are that they definitely are increased though.
    1. Hey Ismael,
      There really isn’t any “enlargement” pill. Vigrx Plus was the best supplement I’ve ever used, but it’s mainly for sexual stamina, libido, etc. It will give you some temporary size gains, but only while using it. Here’s my review:

      If you’re REALLY looking for size gains, you have a few options.

      I would recommend you pick up either a water based pump called the Bathmate, or an extender device called Phallosan Forte. Personally speaking, I prefer the Bathmate. It’s easier to use, you only need to use it for 10 – 15 min. a day (as opposed to 4 – 6 HOURS a day with the extender), and it’s cheaper.

      Here’s my reviews of each:

      Bathmate –

      Phallosan Forte –

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  3. I am a 71 year old man who is unable to keep my erection to finish pleasing my mate. I just started taking nugenix pm before bed at night, and vitamin B12 in the morning.

    Would this help me in keeping an erection to complete the job?
    1. Hey Gordon,
      I never actually tested Nugenix PM, but yeah it’s supposed to work that way. If for some reason it doesn’t end up working, you may want to check out a supplement called Vigrx Plus. It’s by FAR the best overall sexual enhancer I’ve ever tested, and I’ve tested dozens of these products over the years.

      Here’s my review:
  4. I have the night time Nugenix as well as the regular. Do I take the 4 pills before bedtime and then 3 in the morning when I work out?

    1. Hey Larry,

      That’s right. Take your 3 Original Nugenics pills in the morning on an empty stomach, and take the 4 PM pills shortly before bedtime.

  5. Hi Rob…

    I’m almost done with my first bottle of Nugenix Natural Test. Booster 90ct, and I think it may have helped me.

    I’m taking Cialis as well, so between the two, I think it’s helping. Question for you: Is there any significant benefit to using the Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone 120 ct?

    I’m buying on Amazon and the Ultimate is $20 more, but there are 30 more capsules. Your thoughts please?

    THANK YOU!! John Healy
    1. Hey John,

      I wouldn’t put too much stock into the fact that there are more pills. It’s just that the dose is higher, so instead of taking 3 pills per day, you take 4 per day.

      I haven’t tried Nugenix Ultimate, but the ingredient profile does look better to me. On the other hand, if original Nugenix is working well for you, you might want to just save the money until a later date, when your body adjusts to the ingredients.

      1. Rob:
        Thanks for your reply. Not sure I understand what you mean by “you might want to just save the money until a later date, when your body adjusts to the ingredients." Can you clarify please??
        Thank you, John Healy

        1. Hey John,
          Sure thing.You don’t technically need to cycle on and off natural testosterone boosters because they don’t suppress your natural symptoms – in fact it bolsters them. But with any supplement, it’s a good idea to take a break every month or two, or whenever you might feel like it’s not working as well as it once did.

          What happens is your body gets accustomed to the ingredients and they become less effective. A quick break of a week or two usually do the trick, but if you wanted to, you could use that opportunity to try something new, like Nugenix Ultimate.

  6. I just started Nugenix today, primarily for the libido-enhancing effects. I’m 58 and I just don’t have the drive I used to, and feel like I’m having ED.

    My doctor says it’s entirely possible. Here’s my question: Can I take Nugenix as recommended, then when I know I need an extra “boost,” take a Cialis or Viagra?

    Will those two drugs have any negative interaction with Nugenix? Thanks for your reply.

    Your review(s) were very helpful. JHealy

    1. Hey John,
      Glad my reviews are of help! That’s a tough one.

      My guess is that it would be OK to do that, but there’s always the possibility of interactions. I would recommend you visit your doctor first, bring the bottle in with you so he / she can see the label, and ask if it would be OK.

      1. Thanks, Rob. I think you are offering a great service.

        I’m stoked about Nugenix, and hope it will help. I’m also thinking about taking ProSolution Plus.

        I think I read on your website that you can take BOTH Nugenix snd ProSolution Plus without any harmful interactions, right?? Thanks for your reply!
  7. I am 75, Have A fib. Asked my doctor and he said he had not heard of this product and but did not tell me not to take them.

    1. Hey Buddy,

      It’s probably fine, but run the ingredients list by your doctor to make sure it doesn’t raise any red flags.
  8. Hey Darrel,

    This is a review for Nugenix. Regarding the free trial, this is how we explain it above: “With the free trial they will automatically sign you up to pay for and receive a new bottle each month.

    However, be aware that they will charge you $69.99 18 days after ordering your free trial. If you want to cancel you have to call their customer service phone number at 855-714-3234 and tell them you would like to cancel."
    It’s extremely common in the online supplement world, and we warn against it all the time.

  9. Hey Nick,

    No, not at all. I think our review is very neutral right up to my personal results, which were really very good, so I can see how it may come off that way.

  10. Ive been taking nugenix for 2months now and its helped me on energy but as far as my Testosterone it hasn’t help like it thought it would I take 3 tablets each morning whats am I dong wrong?
    1. Hey Whitney,
           You may want to consider signing up for my free "How To Boost Testosterone Naturally" eBook.

      It's packed with tons of tips on diet and exercises you can do to help boost your bodies own natural testosterone production.

      Here's a link to sign up:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. Hey Greg, You can, but you might be better off stacking it with a complementary supplement rather than one so similar.

      It really depends on what your goals are, but if you're:

      Looking to lose weight:  I would stack it with Instant Knockout fat burner, here's my review – //

      Looking to build muscle:  I would stack it with an HGH releaser called HyperGH 14X, check out my review here – //

      Looking for increased sexual function:  I would recommend stacking it with a sexual enhancer called Vigrx Plus, here's my review:  //

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions!
  11. I’ve tried several times to request your free ebook and always get the same result, saying this page was not found. Please help

  12. I went to gnc he recommended nugenix because I’m always tired and sleepy he said this should help not overweight
  13. Hey Guillermo C. Perez, is a review website.

    We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.

  14. Call their customer service number at 855-714-3234 and they will take care of you.

    They are actually very lenient with returns and refunds if you just call them.
  15. This advertisement is a complete scam… get your samples absolutely free, but then they charge you in the end… I'm not going to pay for a free sample until I know it works.. so whether it works or not, they still get you mkney…that's dishonest and I plan to put this Nugenix review on Facebook, Twitter and every other public social network I can find
  16. When I take nugenix 4 capsules a day my body aches the next day. Is there anyone that have the same symptoms

    1. Hey Willie,
      I haven’t heard of this from my readers, and didn’t experience it myself. Has it happened multiple times?

      Is there anything else you can attribute it to?
  17. Hey Mehrdad,

    Orienpharma Aquaject is testosterone replacement therapy – actual synthetic testosterone. reviews natural supplements, so we don’t have any information about it.

  18. Nugenix purchasing arrangement from the trial sample to the actual product were never delivered; yet, they were prompt in hitting my bank account. These guys really know how to market to get those bank numbers.

    If you want the product, just go to GNC and buy it over the counter. This auto-pay function is just a way to transfer money from your bank to their bank.

    Unfortunately, there is no federal regulation of Internet businesses so these guys stay out of jail and continue to scam customers.
  19. I tried Nugenix for 30 days and its fricking awesome, im wondering how long i can keep taking this, or should i stop. No side effects, just rewards.

    1. Hey Bud,
      Since it’s a natural supplement, you can take is as long as you like. I would, however, recommend you take a week off every month or so, just to avoid building a tolerance.

  20. Hey Danny reynolds, is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


    1. Hey Keith,
      Give them a call within 14 days of the day your ordered to cancel without incurring any further charges. Their customer service number is 1-855-714-3234.
    1. Hey Albert,
           As a natural testosterone booster, it can help boost your testosterone levels naturally, which will help you increase lean muscle and reduce fat accumulation.

      You should also sign up for my free ebook on "How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally", it's packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise that can help.

      Here's where to sign up:

      Lastly, you may want to consider stacking Nugenix with a fat burner called Instant Knockout to get the best results.

      Here's my review:
  21. I had my prostrate taken out and have a 0 PSA, but have lost much of my viger and have a testosterone level of 180, what is my best and safest choice (61 years old).
    1. Hey Jeffrey,
      First off, I’m sending you my free “How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally” eBook. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercises you can do to help restore your natural testosterone production.

      Supplements wise, check out Prime Male. I’ve recommended it to older gentlemen, and it works GREAT as an all natural T booster. Here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    2. Hey Jeffrey ,

      Just sent you an email.

      For anyone else looking for the free ebook, click here to sign up for your free ebook.

  22. Hey Lon,
    We aren’t affiliated with Nugenix, you’d have to contact them regarding your order. Here’s their phone number: 1-855-714-3234


  23. Spoke with you earlier about test busters. I received my testo fuel today. My question is, do you think taken it twice a day would get same results as 4x. Thank you be waiting on your reply
    1. Hey Dave,

      Yeah that would be fine. In fact that’s how I take it too.

    1. Hey Dave,

      Yeah, I like Testofuel better too, but I hate to recommend that you buy a replacement for something you already bought. Let me know how things work out.

  24. I just purchased the nugemix test booster. I was away from lifting for several years and started back 4wks ago.

    Did a M&F program for beginners. My question is do I need to take anything with this.

    I’m drinking phase8 protein and star 6 explosion pre workout. And advise would be appreciated

    1. Hey Dave,

      It ultimately depends on what your goals are. A testosterone booster, protein, and pre workout is a good stack for getting in shape. If you decide you want to go all out and get ripped, check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. For now, I’d say you’re fine, but that would be for when you’re looking to take the next step.

  25. It feels like doing speed (yeah, about a hundred years ago, long before ADHD made it popular). I’ve done other high caffeine supplements but this is terrible.

    A $90 lesson.
    1. Absolutely awesome stuff! But myself and the only three others I personally know who used Nugenix have had DRASTIC hair loss!

      And hasn't recovered in the few weeks since I stopped.

      What's the deal with that?

      Surely the company knows about it.

  26. Hey Charles , is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


  27. Hey Dwain Pullen, is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


  28. Signed up for the free bottle and after reading further, I noticed there would be a auto deduct each month. Called customer service within minutes of me hitting send and spoke to a gentleman who assured me I was free of my obligations to them. "You won't be even getting the free trial sir, is that ok"?

    I said absolutely. Not only did I get charged by Nugenix for the few bucks for Shipping and no bottle…I get charged the monthly charge as well.

    If I can't undo an order that I placed and then cancelled within minutes of each other….buyer beware!! Typical response from a snake oil peddler.
    1. Hey Ron,
      It probably takes them a few days / up to a week to process refunds. Just check with your bank / credit card company and see if they initiated the process.

  29. I have a creatinine level of 1.42 (max is 1.30).
    Can any of the components in NUGENIX have a negative effect on my kidneys?

  30. I just received the package. I took the vitamins, and for me (and I do appreciate the comments of others), I like the effects that I'm getting from the Nugenix.

    All I wanted was a little more energy, I'm a 54yr/o, and K in really good health & shape. I just want the honest opinion of others, & I thank you all for your opinions.

    That is what made me wanted to try the product for myself.
  31. Not a question, a comment- from a girl. I find it incredibly interesting that the supplements found within Nugenix – Fenugreek primarily, and in the P6 supplement black cohosh (its primary ingredient), Wild Yam Extract, and Stinging Nettle – cause lactation (Fenugreek) and increased circulation in a woman, uterine contractions and cramping (black cohosh); stave off menopause by way of production of progesterone (Wild Yam) – which leads to the retention and preservation of testosterone, esp. later in life; and help increase energy levels (Stinging Nettle).

    Just interesting to see the responses in the female body to the above said herbal components found in each supplement you highlighted above. I have taken the above herbs for different reasons (to avoid surgical intervention to alter or alleviate anything in my body).

    All people taking these supplements need to know that the above herbal components are of the "bitter" component – meaning? Supplements like Nugenix CAN cause cramping, headaches, dizziness, tachycardia or arrhythmia (fast heart beats, abnormal heart beats) and bleeding.

    Meaning? If you're healthy and not on other supplements that do the exact same thing as the supplement you begin taking, you're good to go, otherwise – get yourself to Rob's living room or herbalist or doctor before adding anything to your regimen.

  32. Hey Clark, is a review website. We don’t sell or distribute supplements in any way, and we don’t process financial transactions of any kind.

    You’ll have to contack Nugenix directly. The contact number from their website is (855) 714-3234.

  33. they tell you to call in cancel your order of Nugenix before 18 days. I did that the woman on the line said ok your order is cancelled but two weeks later a have 73 dollar charge on my card. they may as well use a gun to take your wallet like common thieves.


    1. If you stop taking it you’ll likely stop receiving the benefits. It’s not a cure.

  35. Am recovering successfully from colon cancer and have low testosterone and low energy level. Am not interested in building muscle at 71, but would like to raise my energy and stamina, and of course my sexual performance.

    I read your review of Nugenix and your recommendation of Testo Fuel. I am unsure what supplement would be best for my situation.

    Since I am not interested in building muscle, I do not want to use a supplement that focuses focuses in that area at the cost of my particular needs. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. Hey Tim,

      Before taking any supplement, it’s best to consult with your doctor if you’re taking medications. They’ll no if there are any contra-indications.

  36. do you know if nugenix affects blood sugar levels in the body I am currently dealing with type 2 diabetes but would like to try nugenix to help me with my lose of energy and sex drive
    1. Hey Mike,

      You should be fine, but you should check with your doctor to be sure.

  37. Hey Jan,

    I’m sorry for the situation you’re in, but we are a review site and don’t sell supplements. And we certainly don’t recommend “free trial” products because they’re basically all scams. In fact, we actively warn our visitors about these scams in articles like this.

  38. I ordered Nugenix after a commercial I heard on the radio. I was told I was only going to be charged $4.99.

    I checked my account and they had charged me 70 dollars. I don't even want the sample now because I will not do business with a company that intentionally screws their clients.

    I don't care if this product could give me a 12 inch penis. I still will not use it I can't even begin to tell you how pissed off I am right now.

  39. I find it hard to believe that any of these test boosters actually work. I stopped reading when you said you started noticing benefits from Nugenix after 5 days of use bc you woke up with a hard on.

    These ingredients have been around for ever. Just another marketing ploy since they banned pro-hormones.

    Taking Dr. Prescribed testosterone by injection doesn't even start to kick in that quick. I tried probably every supplement back in the day and it's all a waste of money.

    The only thing worth supplementing with is enough protein so you remain in a natural anabolic state. have you ever had any blood work done, or do you just base your opinions on "how you feel"?
    1. Hey Josh,

      You’re right. I don’t know that my testosterone levels were actually increased, just that I got a lot of benefit from taking it.

      The L-Citrulline is probably responsible for the morning wood. There is some evidence that some of the ingredients used in testosterone boosters can raise T levels, but they have additional benefits as well.

  40. I was wondering if anyone else has got sick off of Nugenix cuz I feel like my insides are being riped out im hot cold and been throwing up all day this is my second day taking this med
    1. Hey James,
      I haven’t heard of anyone experiencing that. With that said, I would recommend you discontinue use and speak to your doctor.

      You may be having an allergic reaction of some sort.

  41. Hey I was wondering if you checked out Nugenix ultimate testosterone? I think it’s the newest of their products, it has the D-Aspartic Acid in it that you said it was lacking and I don’t know if the other ingredients are different or stronger.

    If so how do you think that one compares to the others?
    1. Hey David,

      I hadn’t looked at it before but I took a quick look at the ingredient label, and it looks promising for sure.

  42. I tried the trail sample (a year ago) and thought I noticed a diff. Accepted 2 auto ships before cancelling (cancelled w/ no issues).

    Bought next couple bottles at Vitamin World, close to same price but w/o shipping cost.
    I’d have to say it does make an improvement.

    I was looking for an energy boost and any increase in libido would be a bonus (63 yrs young). It did both for me.

    No issues. Recently tried another product, waste of money, returned after a week.

    This time I was told to take a 6 week break after consuming the 30 day supply. REALLY?

    I noticed a slight decline in energy after 2 weeks off Nugenix.

    Anxious to get back on track.
    Is there really any reason to stop taking this product after a period of time?
    Lengthly statement before the Q. Bottom line, it Does work, for me.

    1. Hey Sam,

      You really don’t have to cycle off. Personally, I like to take a break with all the supplements I use so I get to start with a clean slate and sort of reset my system.

      But it’s a personal preference for me. If you prefer not to, that’s fine with Nugenix.

      1. Thanks for the response Rob. I don’t usually stop taking supplements without good cause.

        And certainly, lack of funds can be a good cause. But Nugenix is a new product for me and wasn’t sure.

        Again Thanks for your input and thanks for maintaining your Supplement Critique website.
      2. Hey Rob
        Sooo witch one provided u with harder wood Testo Fuel or Nugenix ?
        Have been trying lately six star testosterone booster elite series and last night i pop 2 of those zyrexin with it and have to tell you it was bad idea , there was wood but i was thinking i will die shivering along with fever and crazy blood pressure 🙁

        1. Hey Marek,

          If your main goal is a better erection, go with VigRx Plus instead of a testosterone booster. It’s the best daily male enhancement pill out there.


  43. Dear Rob
    I don’t understand if your claiming that Cellucor P6 is is an award winning product over Nugenix why do you insist on pushing and promoting testofuel??? And if you were to compare between the 2 (testofuel, cellucor p6) which of the two would you say is the better produCt???

    1. Hey David,

      Testofuel is still my number one pick for testosterone boosters, but when I come across a product that looks good, I pass that information on to my readers. Not everyone has the same experience with individual supplements, so it’s a good idea to have several options.

  44. I tried the “free” product and after they get you credit card info they tell you they will auto send another bottle each month and bill that card. Since its a recorded message, you’re kinda stuck.

    After the 2nd bottle and only minor results I called the customer service number attached to the transaction on my credit card statement for Nugenix and easily canceled the future shipments.
    1. Yeah that’s the one thing about Nugenix, they do make it pretty easy to cancel unlike alot of these other free “trials”.

      If you’ve hit a plateau you might want to consider signing up for my free “How To Boost Testosterone Naturally” ebook.

      It’s packed with tons of tips on diet, exercise, and supplements that REALLY do work to help you along with your goals.

      Good luck and keep me posted!

  45. Tried this product from a purchase on ebay, said nothing about it causing problems if you have BPH, which I do, so I had to stop taking it as it made me want to pee way too often and who knows what else if I kept taking it. Now I know what to look for in a product. I tried a force factor x180 ignite and that product didn’t affect me at all having BPH. It was the caffeine that made me stop using it and the monthly contract with high price. May try same product without the caffeine in it
  46. Earlier on this list Andrew asked why don’t we just use testosterone instead od a booster. I will tell you why Andrew, ITS $400.00 to $700.00 a container.

    So $50.00 a bottle compared to be much cheaper.
    My situation is, i am a 59 y/o paramedic with some fire fighting mixed in there too. I have knee and back pain, sometimes pretty severe.

    This drags me down along with daily lifting etc…

    I hace taken Nugenix for about 3 weeks now and am only taking 1 to 2 per day. The results are great.

    I am able to tolerate my old injury pain with much smaller doses. I now have much more energy making it easier to get out of bed.

    My voice is back to a low deep tone again, unstead of sounding like an old dehydrated old man.

    I didnt go thru any trial program, i just stopped by my local GNC store. By the way please keep nugenix in your GNC and on other store shelves if at all possible.

    I WILL be buying and using it as long as it keeps working for me.

    That was just my 0.02 cents worth.

  47. I am in the military and I am interested in trying this but I am concerned this product may cause me to “pop hot” on a urinalysis test, as we get tested for many drugs monthly and I do not want to loose my job due to me trying to better myself for said job. Are there any ingredients that will cause this?

    – John

    1. Hey Johh,

      There’s nothing that I know of in the ingredient profile of Nugenix to pop hot on a drug test. But you’ll want to be careful with the terms of their free trial offer. Don’t get caught up in their deceptive billing practices that have caused them to get so many complaints lodged against them with the Better Business Bureau. You’d be better off going with another natural testosterone booster – Testofuel. Great product, no hidden charges.

  48. Im thinking about trying nugenix but had a few questions first. One, do I have to keep taking it to see results and two, how long does it take to work?

    1. Hey John,
      Sorry for the late reply, your comment must have slipped through the cracks. I wouldn’t think you would need to keep taking it to see results, which I believe are around the 2 month mark.


  49. Hi Rob,
    If you’re a novice just starting out and took nothing but this one product, which would you recommend? It’s a little confusing.

    Glumatine, creatine, arginine, fenugreek…

      1. Hey Rob, thanks. No heavy goals.

        I like to get some definition, burn fat around the middle. I’m starting at zero though.

        I can workout for months and see no results. Never tried supplements before though so hoping I’ll see some difference this time around…

  50. Hey rob I’m 29 and I did take the 2 month p6 and it worked great. I did fall off only cause I am not good with staying on top of doing things.

    But I just wanted to say I was more energetic, I was horny way more often (my girlfriend of 8 years was happier about that, she stopped thinking something was wrong with her). And I felt great.

    SO my question about this Nugenix is how about an estrogen blocker? Is one needed or is it all packed into one product?

    1. Hey John,
      Glad it’s been working out for you. No need for an estrogen blocker.

      There’s no actual testosterone in Nugenix and it’s not a prohormone either. It just gently boosts your own natural production, so you don’t have to worry about having too much testosterone and having it convert to estrogen


    1. Hey Dale,

      Not to worrry. Nugenix is an herbal supplement that may increase your body’s natural testosterone production, but it won’t raise levels to the point that could affect the prostate.

  51. I am 72 of age. 3 years ago I was prognosticated as PRIMARY LATERAL SCLEROSIS.
    I can walk with difficulties, I swim, drive and have sex.

    Would you recommend of any supplement?

    1. Hey Jo,

      I would ultimately refer you back to your doctor for approval on anything I would recommend, but if you let me know what kinds of benefits your looking for, I’ll point you in the right direction.

  52. Hey rob,
    I am a 21 yr old, an d I am extremely lean and thin,
    I tried gyming, but I get tired very soon,
    What, if any supplements should I take, to overcome this lack of stamina, for physical activity without compromising my general health.
    Please do guide me.

    1. Hey Prabhu,

      Since you’re looking to bulk up, I would recommend you go with a stack called the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack, or stack a pre workout supplement called Nitrocut along with a creatine supplement called Muscle Advance Creatine. The Nitrocut will give you the endurance you need, yet it contains no stimulants, and the Muscle Advance will pack on the size.

  53. I haven’t used the product, as I am female, however who does your marketing? That name and title is the most idiotic play on words possible.

    Its playing on Eugenics, meaning the descruction and abolishment of other cultures based on fear of outside cultures, racisim, nationalism, and political didactics. Yeah I’m sealing rhetoric a dick aid evaluation website, but even Viagra did better with an allusion to the “V”

    1. Hey Sydney,

      I’m with you, but this is a review website. We don’t name the products.

  54. Hey Rob. I am 42 and have always been a very active person with fitness and sports.

    Feeling like age is catching up to me. Which one of your T boosters would you recommend trying first.

    I am currently running with some lifting… Thanks.
    1. Hey Mark,

      Definitely Testofuel. I’ve had great results and so have the guys I’ve recommended it to. You could benefit from a pre workout too, check out Nitrocut.

      1. Rob where would be the best place to get the testofuel and nitrocut? Thanks…
        GNC, an online site, or through you?

        Anything new stuff you would recommend or are those two the best. Thanks for all the help…

        1. Hey Mark,

          These are definitely the best, and they’re only available online. You can get to their official sites through my reviews. Here’s Testofuel and here’s Nitrocut.


          1. Hey Rob, once the Testofuel and Nitrocut come. should I take them together, on the same day, different times of the day? Also should I cycle 4 and 1, or 5 and 1. Any thoughts. Thanks… Mark.

          2. Hey Mark,

            You should take them both as directed on the bottle, both each day. If you want to cycle, I would go with 4 and 1 since the bottles are 30 day supplies.

  55. If you have low testosterone, why in the hell wouldn’t you just inject – wait for it – TESTOSTERONE? Nothing helps raise depleted test levels like test.

    1. Well, you could inject testosterone, but there are alot of side effects that come with the territory on that one.

      Also, what happens when you stop injecting testosterone? Wait for it…your body realizes that it hasn’t had to produce its own testosterone (since it was getting injecting synthetically), and it can take a LONG time before your body gets back to normal.

      Food for thought….


  56. I was misled by nugenix free sample offer, they said nothing about automatically taking cash from my credit card for a new bottle which I did NOT agree to. please cancel the free sample order. if you do not I will notify my bank.
    1. Hey Sabino,

      This is a review site, we don’t sell Nugenix or any other supplements. We just review them.

      You’ll have to contact the company directly to cancel the automatic shipping that it looks like they’ve put you on. I went ahead and pulled the customer service number from the website for you.

      It’s 1-855-714-3234. Good luck and let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

      1. the ad said absolutely nothing about automatic monthly payment to which you knew nothing is I guess is what you’re saying
        1. Hey Sabino,
          I don’t check comments every 30 seconds, so you’ll have to forgive me for my late reply. Yes, I did try the free trial version of Nugenix, and yes, I recommend against signing up for it in the first place.

          When you go to order you will see the terms and conditions listed on the page where you put your credit card information in. It’s deceivingly small for a reason….most people don’t read the fine print.


  57. After 7 years of marriage, my husband (who was 40 at the time) started to just not feel as strong down there and he was losing his testosterone. He is a super healthy guy and doesnt like to take pills, so he researched and found the Dr Max Powers Testosterone supplement.

    He started taking it because there are no side effects and the ingredients are from natural sources.

    Hes been using it now for 6 months, and I can see a MAJOR difference. . i definitely thin they would help you, as my husband was in your situation. . .you just need to supplement his testosterone . . .
  58. Hey Rob, I read your original post on Nugenix dated 1/1/2013 stating that you were going to try the product then update. It’s now 2/21/2014 and unless I overlooked it, I don’t see your review or thoughts on the product.

    I’m 44, former college football player and weight lifter, and I think I’m starting, (have been for a while), to feel the effects of lower testosterone. Haven’t really been diagnosed with low levels, but starting to feel the symptoms that most everyone on here has stated.

    Do you recommend it? Is it worth the 70.00?


    1. Hey Harry,
      Yeah sorry about that, I’ve been meaning to update that review. I actually had really good results from Nugenix, and I plan on updating the review shortly.

      Stay tuned!

  59. im in Canada and got a bottle of Nugenix Testofen, it says to take with food ?? is it the same as testosterone booster ? im 45 an thought id give this a go, not overly active anymore but would like to change that.
    1. Hey Dan,
      Yeah, lots of supplements recommend that you take them with food. It helps keep you from feeling nauseous from taking 3 capsules at once. I think you should be able to get some good results from Nugenix. If it doesn’t work out for you, let me know and check out Testo Fuel.

    1. Hey Dan,
      Sure. Lots of supplements recommend that you take them with meals.

      Some people get nauseous taking pills on an empty stomach.

  60. After I took my first dose, by noon I could not stop masterbating because I was so horny. I could not wear pants for a week, but eventually it mellowed out, but not after I wore myself raw.

  61. My 14 year old son is begging me to get this for him. Doctor says that testosterone at such a young age can inhibit growth, he is tiny for his age (think a 12 year old) and gets bullied a lot, wants to put on muscle, grow and get better in lacrosse as he gets beat down by large defenders. any ideas or recommendations for teens?? thanks!

  62. Ok so I started takin nugneix am only 24 am healthy but am actully ashamed of buying these pills is that normal..but ill will keep updated results of these pills
  63. I have been taking 7 daily supplement for many years: workout, jog and play tennis, while teaching high school at 68.
    I had a Testosterone test performed before taking Nugenix.

    Low normal. I have been taking only 1 tab/day for about 10 days.

    I also have had some foot swelling. But, it appears that I have lost my taste of sweet.

    I eat fresh fruit every day (here in Thailand) but now can not taste the sweetness.
    Any comments?

  64. I just Bought my first bottle. I just took my first dose.

    It says take on an empty stomach….Ok so how long should one wait before eating?
    Also you guys that are seeing no results make sure you are not eating too much.

    Over eating lowers your T. don’t pig out after a workout.
    I will post when and if I see any results.

    I don’t really know what I should be looking for so If I see any change I will let you know. I want to increase muscle mass and loose fat.

    I have lost 70 lbs just by restricting calories, so I want to see if this increases my ability to burn fat by building my mucle mass. I will see if it helps other areas as well.

    1. Hey Steve,
      Typically for any pill, you should wait at least an hour to eat. Please keep us updated on your results with Nugenix, thanks!

  65. I have medical insurance through my work. I went and had my t levels checked 2 weeks before I started taking p6.

    I am a healthy 27 year old and they were normal. I am currently 3 weeks into a 1 month bottle and had them checked again today.

    They are double what they were pre p6. Anyone who tells you that all the boosters are scams or placebos are idiots.

    Some may very well be. In my experience p6 is not.

    Come on morons, if your going to be paying 70-100 dollars a bottle for t boosters, wouldn’t you pay the 30 dollar company to know it’s working? All you keyboard warriors just slandering supplements are just idiots.

    Some work some don’t. And in most cases it’s very easy to find out.

  66. My husband started using Nugenix and actually noticed the change in his energy level and all was and is going well…..could be coinsidence but after about week he noticed his feet and ankles were swelling up and actualy hurt we didnt think it could have been the pills so went to dr they tested for gout —tests came back negative —he took the anti inflam med they prescribed and for few weeks all was ok —then it happened again just not as sever …..has anyone heard of or experienced anything like this?? it could totally be unrelated but I heard side effects on a commercial for some low t medication included swollen feet and ankles ????? Dont want my husband getting sick…..????

  67. Have any of you guys thought about getting one of those prepaid visa card and just having enough of money on it to cover the charge? Then you can just cancel the card .

    Proactive tried the same thing just kept sending stuff every month after we canceled. Looks like I should have read this first before going to gmc .

    To late now took my first 3 this morning . I will keep you updated .but don’t think I will spend 70.00 bucks again …..

  68. Well gentlemen, I am now on day 11 and I must tell you, Nugenix is pretty good stuff. My body seems to recuperate better during and after workouts.

    My mood seems to be better and honestly, even erections seem to be much fuller. I will continue to keep everyone posted.

  69. Kinda looks like it works for guys a little better in the 40-50yr range better than guys a little older. Im 40, im going to try it.

  70. I am leaving comments based on objective observations for the next 30 days in an attempt to do away with hype and just give honest results for all to consider.

    Today is Valentine’s Day and #5 for taking Nugenix. No side effects that I am aware of so far.

    First day light headedness might have been a fluke. Have not noticed much if anything, however, with that said I will say my junk seems to have been flooded with blood more than usual.

    That is a good start as far as I can tell. (Trust me it isn’t growing just somewhat engorged). The other good effect is wood in the morning and sometimes in the middle of the night since day 3 using.

    All for now.

    Will update again on the 19th.
  71. Gents, its day two and i have had my morning dose of Nugenix on an empty stomach as directed. No noticeable changes yet.

    I am leaving comments based on objective observations for the next 30 days in an attempt to do away with hype and just give honest results for all to consider. My comments from yesterday have apparently not been published on this site but i will continue to leave input.

    Stay tuned for comments on todays results and input on day 3 (Monday Feb 11th). All for now… D

  72. Today is February 9th. Took first three capsules of Nugenix as directed on an empty stomach.

    I am not going to embellish anything I write because I believe the internet should be used for evaluations that are honest and not hype for some product. I will leave comments here every 5 days for the first 30 days to provide reliable results.

    First dose today gave me a little light headed feeling but nothing worse. Did not note any increase in energy or feelings of arousal, but it is day 1. Check again on the 14th late evening for next update on effectiveness and any noticeable side effects. D

  73. Congratulations to all those who have feel assistance with Neugenix. I have absolutely, to my dismay, not found any, -0- help.

    But I guess it was the last shot. None of the Cialis type drugs have ever helped.

    I have so MANY endocrine disorders, from hypopituitarism, 2* hypogonadism, Adrenal Insufficiency, hypothyroid, and so on. So I shall ask for my money back.

    I believe I gave it a very fair shot with great hopes. BUT, it just did not help ME.

    And unless it comes directly from my physician, I shall not try and more “cures, supplements, etc." in the future. I AM 58, but no erections since about 2 years prior to my wife dying, in 2005. Makes 10 years. Guess I could not have expected more, but it was guaranteed, so I tried it in hopes of showing that your product was the MAX.

    It wasn’t, FOR ME. Better luck to others who try it.

  74. What were the results with Nugenix, Jason? I'm looking for a much cheaper product that would deliver the same results and better.

    Possibly also giving an anabolic effect as well but still safe even for people taking meds.
  75. ok so the only question i have for all of you, and rob is this is, not about canceling, does this product or any other really work or should i stay w/ saw palmetto??
    1. Hey Ray,
      Tough to tell, didn’t really get to use it for too long. Just received another months supply, will be updating the review within a month.

  76. I am 47 and work out regularly doing strength and cardio. I have used a product called P6 Extreme, also sold through GNC.

    I must say that I have noticed results in my workouts, placebo effect or not. I can find Nugenix on Amazon for roughly half of the quite expensive retail price.

    All with the original seals. I have ordered this free sample, but am guessing I can purchase at Amazon if I decide to continue.

  77. I love when it is asserted that it is an unproven product. Doctors are an unproven product as well, based on the performance I’ve seen from them over the years.

    The same would probably also be said about Prostalex Plus, or Saw Palmetto, which clearly has been helpful to me.
    1. I agree with you to an extent Billy. I think what products such as Nugenix and Testo Fuel are really supposed to do is give you the effects of what it would feel like with an increased testosterone level, without actually increasing your testosterone levels.

  78. Does anyone have any means to cancel the shipments and billing to my card? I am calling the bank tomorrow but would appreciate any help.

    I am so dissatisfied and am being scammed!!!
  79. Tried to cancel Nugenix by using the customer care number and was told that the number provided was incorrect. The number on the website is some other supplement company that will not help you.

    I do not recommend this company or it's product.
  80. Hey guys, the only real way to check your T-levels and get an accurate reading as to whether any product is working is to take blood tests before and after use of the product. You might not exactly "feel" the difference but the results will definitely show up in a blood test if there are any.

    I'm looking for reviews on people who have actually tried Nugenix and gotten their levels checked.
  81. i think all of these testosterone gimmicks like Nugenix give you a sense of good, and in reality they are nothing nut placebo's that cost you a fortune, especially when they want to give you free product, once you give them your credit card you are screwede, they keep sending you product, and then try to cancel it and you can't get in touch with nobody, they are all ripoffs getting old is no fun, but getting lies told to you at a high cost is no joking matter
    1. I ordered the trial and was able to cancel by calling the number provided. They tried to convince me to stay on… but in the end they cancelled without any fuss.

  82. There is no supplement including Nugenix which will boost testosterone levels. Low T as it is called is a natural occurring aging process.

    No one should try to boost their testosterone with any product before consulting a physician and having their testosterone level checked via a simple blood test. Excess testosterone levels as a result of supplementation can effect the production of thyroid hormones, which are essential for the regulation of metabolism.

    The levels of glucose in the blood can decrease due to excess testosterone. In some cases, men who are taking testosterone may experience enlargement of their breasts, a condition known as gynecomastia.

    Frequent and excessively prolonged penile erections may also result from an abnormally high level of testosterone. Almost all insurance companies cover the cost of prescription testosterone gels or injections.

    There is a new product which is not yet covered by many insurance companies called Testopel®. It is a pellet which is injected in the buttocks every 3-4 months and keeps a constant supply of the correct amount of testosterone in the body.

    My recommendation would be to skip this product which does not have any double blind studies to confirm it actually works. It is expensive and if you have insurance a trip to you doctor to confirm you have Low T and the co pay for a prescription will probably be less than it would cost to use this unproven product.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I just turned 60 and the decline of physical ability in the past few years has been depressing, even with regular exercise.

      The promises made in many of the “low t” ads are tempting to believe.
    2. Dr.
      Thank you for your feedback. Would a regular vitamin supplement that would include zinc be helpful?

      My former doctor, who is a DO and I moved away from the area so I can no longer see him, was prescribing a combination of two gels from a compoundng pharmacy. It was covered by my insurance but it didn’t cover much of it, it was still over $100 a month after insurance.

      My DO’s basic premise is that most of the body’s ills can be first addressed by the GI. (He of course prescribes medicine etc…but for the long term he likes to look at the GI as a line of defense in any treatment if I understood him correctly). So, long way around asking, is there anything I can change in my diet that will help boost my low testoserone, even when I go back on the treatments??

    3. FWIW, neither United Healthcare nor Blue Cross covers testosterone gels such as Androgen or Axiron, but they will cover the quick-fix band aids (cialis, Viagra).
    1. Hey Joe,
      Not the bottle I got, this was a free trial. This bottle is 42 capsules, and the daily dose is 3 capsules. 42/3 is 14 = 14 day supply.

      I will get a pic of the bottle up.

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