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Grissom's Review

By Grissom,  Mar 9, 2017

I ordered 2 supplements 2 weeks ago and I paid separate shipping for each.
Come to find out one of the products I ordered is on back order so they decide to wait and send both at the same time.
I am glad they are saving money but their disregard for my money is upsetting but what do you expect these days.

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Joe cover's Review

By Joe cover,  Mar 4, 2016

I tried Nugenix and although the initial excitement was probably what I was feeling, the results were nothing short of disappointing. For me, the best results came when I got off the cheap health store crap, and started on the hard-core stuff.


Test E and primabolin. I've gained 43 lbs of lean muscle and currently bench press 465 for reps.


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Note:  This is just a review.  Click Here to visit the official Nugenix website.


How Nugenix Works
Ingredients In Nugenix
Nugenix Side Effects
My Results With Nugenix
Nugenix Drug Interactions (full list)
Frequently Asked Questions
Original Nugenix Vs. Nugenix Ultimate
Other Original Nugenix Customer Reviews
Who Makes Nugenix?
Where to Buy Nugenix?
Nugenix Vs. P6, TestX 180, Testofuel, and Maxgenics

Nugenix is a free testosterone boosting supplement that may help to:

  • Increase sex drive
  • Help you feel stronger
  • Increase your vitality, and
  • Boost free testosterone levels.

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As you may already know, testosterone decline is one of the major culprits for the appearance of symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men, and is commonly referred to as “Andropause“.

male menopause symptoms

There are dozens of companies selling testosterone boosting supplements nowadays, and I’ve personally used dozens of them over the years.

supplements ive tested and evaluated

Nugenix happens to be one of the best ones I’ve EVER tested, and you’ll find out why shortly.

Unfortunately, if you run a search for Nugenix reviews on Google, you are BLASTED with sites that haven’t even tested it.

google search results for nugenix reviews are terrible

An actual nugenix review snippet from the first site: content/uploads/2012/09/mitigate

It’s so bad it’s almost comical…

Luckily you landed here, and you’ll learn about the results from someone who has ACTUALLY tested Nugenix.

Click Here
to skip all of this and jump straight to my personal review.

Nugenix Review – How Nugenix Works

After the age of 30, most men begin to experience a rapid decline in the amount of testosterone their bodies produce.  In fact, starting at 31 men see a decrease of 1 % per year.

testosterone decrease by age

There’s other factors involved that cause reduced testosterone other than aging, including:

But One Thing Is For Sure, It Sucks Getting Old.

This is where Nugenix comes in.

Nugenix Ingredients

Nugenix is a combination of zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and a testosterone booster complex that combines the properties of several herbal extracts.

nugenix label

Zinc is known to be a natural testosterone booster, as well, which means that there may be some truth to the manufacturer’s claims.

Well go through a couple of them here as well to give you a better idea of how Nugenix works.


The Nugenix blend contains a compound called Testofen, which was shown in lab studies to increase testosterone levels dramatically.

What is Testofen and What Makes It So Damn Special?

Testofen is actually a patented version of the popular Fenugreek Extract, which is found primarily in the middle east and southern Europe.

fenugreek seeds - testofen extract

Testofen is a standardized extract of Fenugreek, and is very careful extracted and standardized to its content of fenusides.  These are saponins, which means they have a molecule structure a little bit like a steroid hormone.

When you ingest these, they are enough LIKE a steroid hormone to bind to a protein in the blood called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (ShBG).

When that happens, a very small percentage of the testosterone that’s bound to this protein is released and activated.

This results in approximately a doubling of free testosterone levels.

Why Is This Important?

As we get older, more stressed, and tired by the constant demands of work / life / etc., very often testosterone levels fall as a result.

As those testosterone levels fall, we experience a loss of libido, drive, and even muscle tone.

By taking supplements like Nugenix which contain Testofen, and thereby doubling free testosterone levels, all of these adverse effects are reversed.

On top of that, studies have shown that when combined with exercise, these leads to increased muscle building.

What’s even more interesting is, during a clinical trial conducted on middle aged healthy males in Australia, researchers found big improvements in:

  • Libido
  • Sexual Performance
  • Sexual Satisfaction

(Here’s a link to that study if you’re interested).

Lastly, researchers also noted that Testofen also enhances sexual desire and libido in both males AND females, something no other compound has been found to do thus far.

Here’s Dr. Paul Clayton, former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK government’s committee on the Safety of Medicines, discussing Testofen and it’s benefits.

how testofen works

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is probably the most widely used ingredient found in over the counter testosterone boosters.

In fact, out of the dozens of testosterone boosters I’ve personally tested, I would say that probably 70% of them contain Tribulus.

What is Tribulus Terrestris and Why Is It So Damn Special?

Tribulus Terrestris is an herb that’s found all over the world, and in large parts of the world has been used for medicinal purposes.

In the United States, however, it’s mostly known as an all natural sexual enhancer.

It also happens to be one of the key Nugenix ingredients.

There’s been an awful lot of claims about Tribulus Terrestris.

If you google it, you’ll find millions of websites that are spreading a lot of misinformation.

// content/files/2012/09/tribulus
^ Some of the claims you’ll probably come across

As an aphrodisiac, there is no doubt that Tribulus Terrestris is effective, which is probably the main reason why it’s added to the Nugenix formula.

There’s been numerous animal studies (specifically in mice) that have shown increased sexual activity in the animals that have been given the herb.

I’ve personally used Tribulus Terrestris in the past, and I can attest to it’s effectiveness at increasing sexual activity.

This is especially true after dosing with it for several days.

What’s even more interesting is that Tribulus Terrestris can help increase sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction in both men AND women as well.

HOWEVER, Thus far…

Studies have NOT shown Tribulus Terrestris to be effective at helping with:

  • Athletic performance
  • Losing weight, or
  • Increasing lean body mass.

You won’t see Nugenix making these exact claims, but they imply it with some of their marketing.

Several studies have shown NO effect on testosterone levels, both free and total.

Nugenix will give you great erections, but if you’re looking for your testosterone to shoot off the charts, it probably won’t happen.

Nugenix also contains L-citrulline, an amino acid found in a wide array of supplements.

These include a pre workout called 4 Gauge.

It also contains Tribulus Terrestris, which is used in hundreds of other testosterone booster products.

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One thing you may not like is that it must be taken daily to deliver effects.

The recommended Nugenix dosage is 3 capsules.

A free trial bottle has 42 capsules, which gives you 14 days to try the product out.

One bottle contains 90 capsules, and costs about $70 per bottle.

This makes Nugenix quite expensive when compared to other natural testosterone boosters.

What About Nugenix Maxx?

Recently, Nugenix came out the a new “premium” testosterone booster. They call it Nugenix Maxx, and you can read our full review here.

What Are Some Common Nugenix Adverse Effects?

I did some research on the ingredients and saw that Fenugreek, an ingredient in Nugenix, has a wide range of side effects that include:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Upset stomach
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Facial swelling
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Bloating. (1)

I have personally taken Nugenix (see below), and I did not notice any adverse effects.  I’ve read some reviews from other guys that said they experienced side effects like hair loss, headache, and stomach discomfort. 

One guy even said that his blood pressure went up, although he did note that he felt an increase in energy.

nugenix side effects

Of course, there is no way to be sure it was cause by the supplement in question, but it’s worthy of noting.

I searched for Tribulus Terrestris side effects, but I couldn’t find any credible information that it actually causes any.

Like all supplements, there is always the potential for health risks so it’s best to check with your doctor to be sure it’s safe for you to take Nugenix.

My Results With Nugenix

nugenix reviewAt 36, I noticed that I’ve been experiencing the dreaded Testosterone decline.  My mood, energy levels, and even my libido have taken a little bit of a dive the last few years.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Really Rob?  You’re 36 years old and you’re complaining about low testosterone?”

Hear me out.

I’ve been a semi-professional beach volleyball athlete since I was about 22 years old.

rob miller playing volleyball

I’ve competed against some of the best players in the world, including former and current Olympic athletes.

That is, until about 3 years ago.

I stopped lifting heavy, starting eating shitty, and overall just let myself go.

Now, I’m not talking like I gained 30 lbs. in a few months.

Realistically I actually only gained about 15 lbs. or so.

However, when you’re competing against guys that are 6′ 5″ and you’re only 6′, every lb. counts.

So what was the deciding factor?

Well, I got a blood test to check my testosterone levels when I was 32, and this was the result.

testosterone check april 2014

Fast forward to October 2017, and this was the result:

testosterone check oct 2017

Basically, this translates to the following:

March, 2014 – My free testosterone levels were 15.8 pg/ml.

November, 2017 – My free testosterone levels were 12.7 pg/ml.

That’s a 19.6% decrease in my FREE testosterone levels.

In just 4 short years.

This is WAY less than the 1 % reduction per year that is generally accepted as “normal”.

testosterone decrease by age

I figured that I needed to try something to help with this, so I went down to my local GNC and talked to the rep.

gnc by my house

I had every intention is jjst picking up a bottle of Nugenix, but I wanted to get his take on it first.

He told me that Nugenix was actually one of the most popular supplements they sell, but stopped short of telling me it was the best.

In fact, he directed me to a totally different supplement called Cellucor P6. cellucor P6 black ultimate

The problem is, that supplement costs almost DOUBLE what Nugenix does.

cellucor p6 for sale at gnc

Thanks but, no thanks!

I picked up a bottle of Nugenix and head out the door, happy with my purchase.

At first I was a bit skeptical, like I pretty much am with any of the products I try out (including the 33 other Testosterone boosters I’ve personally tested).

Claims like enhanced muscle mass, increased sex drive, and more energy all sound great.
But can a supplement REALLY do all that?

Nugenix Review -Week 1

I started taking the recommended dose of Nugenix, which is 3 capsules a day with water on an empty stomach.

The first couple of days I used Nugenix I didn’t notice anything.  I wasn’t sleeping better, there was no increase in sex drive, no motivation for the gym, and no enhanced muscle mass.

Then out of nowhere I started feeling it. 

About 5 days in I woke up with a “morning wood” for the first time in as long as I could remember.  It subsided after about 10 minutes, but I knew right then that I might be onto something.

Week 2

The following monday I got that “hey, I’m not so tired, let me hit the gym” feeling first thing in the morning.

Usually I struggle to get out of bed most mornings, but today was different.  Today I was like a spring chicken, ready to tackle on the days tasks and take on the world.

Throughout the week my workouts had become more intense that I’ve had in a long time.

I started to feel more invigorated, youthful, and more importantly started to see the scale drop down from a moderately fat 198 lbs. to a “I feel good” 195 lbs.

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Not a huge amount of weight, but I could tell the difference…

Week 3

Moving along to the third week was when I really saw a difference.  Not only was I sleeping better, but I could feel a distinct improvement in my overall mood and sex drive.  I won’t get into any nitty gritty details, but let’s just say my fiance was “impressed with my performance” 😉

Week 4

Finally, at the end of the month, I felt like a 20 year old again.  I dropped about 12 pounds, and was looking and feeling great.  I stopped taking the Nugenix after the 30 day point, and could feel the effects gradually diminish as the ingredients were washed out of my system.

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Beyond Week 4

I still felt good for the following month, but not quite as invigorated as I was when I was on it.  But, I could definitely tell that it had made a significant difference, in a very good way.

I decided to just stop taking it, figuring that it likely needs to be cycled to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take it?

The Nugenix label says that you should take 3 tablets everyday with a glass of water.  It can be taken on an empty stomach, but take it with food if you experience any stomach upset.

How long does it take to start working?

Generally speaking, the best results become obvious after 4 – 6 weeks of Nugenix consumption.

How can I expect to feel?

From my own personal experience, and from the experience of others I’ve read in the past, you can expect to feel:

  • Increased drive and vitality
  • Feel stronger and more athletic
  • Increased erections

Do I need to cycle it?

Nugenix does not need to be cycled.

Can I take Nugenix if I have high blood pressure?

As with most supplements, it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor before taking Nugenix.  Interactions are always possible, and only your doctor will know if it is safe for you to take.

Can I take it if I have diabetes?

See above.

Do I need to take it with an estrogen blocker?

I didn’t, but Nugenix recommends that you take it with their “Estro Regulator” estrogen blocker.

Estro-regulator contains Diindolymethane, which is a powerful ingredient that acts as an estrogen blocker.  This is important if you want to limit the potential Nugenix side effects from coming off it.

Will I fail a drug test if I take it?

There aren’t any Nugenix ingredients that will flag a drug test, so you should be good in that regard.

If you’re really that worried then I would suggest you bring the bottle with you to the blood test center so they can rule out anything that may trigger it.

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Will Nugenix Increase My Penis Size?

No.  No pill will do that, despite the many claiming to do so.

Click Here to find out why there’s no such thing as a “permanent enlargement pill”.

Nugenix Vs. Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone?

The makers of Nugenix came out with a new and improved formula that they names “Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone” about a year ago, but unfortunately have not had a chance to try it out yet.

However, I have done a good bit of research on it and this is what I found out:

  1. It contains an almost totally different formula.

In fact, the only common ingredient the 2 share is Fenugreek extract.  Unlike with the original Nugenix, the Ultimate Testosterone formula comes with the following ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Maca Root Extract
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Boron

From the looks of it, this (to me) is definitely an improved formula.

Many of these ingredients, including D-Aspartic Acid and Maca root, are found in some of the best testosterone boosters I’ve ever tried.

2.  It’s More Expensive, But There’s A Catch

A bottle of regular Nugenix, which contains 90 capsules, will run you about $56 at your local GNC.  This is a 30 day supply.

A bottle of Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone, which contains 120 capsules, will cost you about $75.  This is ALSO a 30 day supply.

So instead if taking 3 capsules a day you’ll be taking 4.

Not a huge deal, unless you’re not a fan of popping more pills.

3.  The Reviews Are Practically The SAME For Both

From researching all of the reviews I could come across, it seems that the vast majority of men who’ve used Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone got pretty much the same results as the ones who used the original.

So Which Nugenix Should I Get?

Considering the end results seem to be the same with both, than I would recommend you just stick with the original.

There’s a fair amount of guys out there that don’t respond well to ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid and Maca, but practically EVERYONE will get good results from Tribulus Terrestris and Testofen (at least in the bedroom department).

Nugenix Reviews – Other Original Customer Reviews

If you look around on some of the other sites that have Nugenix customer reviews, you’ll find that a good majority have reported great results.

For example on Amazon a fair amount of reviewers rated it 4 stars or better, which is not very common with free testosterone boosting supplements.

Most of the people who said it works well seemed to be getting the best results after a few weeks of taking it.

nugenix reviews


This is supported by the fact that a good majority of the reviews of Nugenix here on rate it favorably as well.

nugenix reviews

Most of reviews mention that Nugenix helped improve their overall well-being, improved their vitality, and increased their endurance, especially during exercise.

It’s also interesting to note that many of the men who experienced positive results were 40 years of age or older.  I have no idea why this is the case, but that’s what I noted in my observations.

Click Here to read all of the Nugenix reviews posted here on

Who Makes Nugenix?

The company responsible for Nugenix, and many other brands, is called Direct Digital LLC.  Founded in 2009 by Brandon Adcock, Direct Digital LLC is a company located in Charlotte, NC, and own brands like Instaflex, Lumiday, and Luminite.

Their products are sold in a wide variety of retailers, including Rite Aid, CVS, Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Vitamin World, Duane Reade, and Vitacost.

The Better Business Bureau gives Direct Digital LLC an A+ rating, the highest achievable.

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Where To Buy Nugenix

Nugenix can be found both on their official website, as well as online retailers such as,, and Amazon.  Nugenix is also sold through brick and mortar stores such as GNC, and it’s actually one of the best testosterone boosters there if you ask me.

The official Nugenix website ( has a function that allows you to search for a health food store near your location, just in case you’re nowhere near a GNC.

As stated earlier, a one month supply averages about $70. The official website also offers both a straight sale and a free trial option.

With the free trial they will automatically sign you up to pay for and receive a new bottle each month.

However, be aware that they will charge you $69.99 18 days after ordering your free trial.

If you want to cancel you have to call their customer service phone number at 855-714-3234 and tell them you would like to cancel.

The nice thing about the Nugenix sample is that, while many other companies that run free trials make you send the product back, this is not the case with them.

The sample is yours to keep, completely free.

Nugenix Vs. P6, TestX 180, Testofuel, and Maxgenics – Quick Review?

Nugenix Vs. P6

Cellucor P6, which is a direct competitor of Nugenix, clearly has an “award winning” product.

The reviews speak for themselves, and although I haven’t personally had a chance to test it out myself, one look at it’s formula and you can tell it’s going to work.

What makes P6 different from Nugenix is it contains a number of alternative ingredients like black cohosh (its primary ingredient), Wild Yam Extract, and Stinging Nettle.

On a cost basis, P6 is comparable to Nugenix, coming in at around $60 for a one month supply, even though they only sell it as a 2 month supply (2 capsules per day, 120 capsule bottle).

When comparing the reviews, it looks like the majority that have used Cellucor P6 have gotten great results from it, while Nugenix only has a limited number of positive testimonials.

Nugenix Vs. Test X180

// content/uploads/2012/09/nugenix vs test x

This is a supplement I actually have tried.

Consequently, Test X180 didn’t do a damn thing. 

I took it for about a month and personally thought it was a waste of money. The only real difference I noticed was I actually got a bad reaction to Test X180.

After the first week of using it I noticed I was waking up with raging headaches (and a raging hardon, which was a good thing).  For me, the side effects were not worth the benefits, and I ended up dumping the bottle.

If I had to choose the lesser of the evils, I would certainly go with Nugenix.

Nugenix Vs. Testofuel

// content/uploads/2012/09/nugenix vs

This is another one I have tried, so it’s easy for me to compare the 2.  What I find lacking about Nugenix is that, while it contains zinc, fenugreek, and tribulus terrestris, it doesn’t contain one VERY important ingredient….D-Aspartic Acid.

For those of you who don’t know, D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) works to help release growth and follicle stimulating hormone, allowing for an increase in testosterone. (2)

This action is limited however, and testosterone levels can quickly drop off if your taking it too long.

Testofuel contains D-AA….Nugenix doesn’t, and I feel that it is a totally necessary ingredient if you are looking into using a testosterone booster that you will get great results with.

As far as price, they are both on the same page with that one, coming in at around $70 for either supplement.

Nugenix Vs. Maxgenics

A relatively newcomer to the market is called Maxgenics, and unfortunately I have not had a chance to test it out yet.

However, I have done some preliminary research, and it looks relatively comparable to that of Nugenix.  It contains many of the same ingredients, but also includes the likes of Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama, and Piperine.

However, without the addition of Fenugreek extract, I can’t see Maxgenics being as effective as Nugenix, although it is cheaper at $50 for a one month supply.

I recently learned that Maxgenics was forced to cancel most of its claims by the ERSP review board (Extension of the Better Business Bureau).

They also have an F rating with the BBB, and are not comparable to Nugenix.

Nugenix Benefits

  • I personally received great results from it.
  • An all natural formula
  • It contains important minerals and vitamins in promoting testosterone production
  • Can be found in local nutritional stores such as GNC.
  • Professional looking website
  • Manufactured / Distributed by a reputable company

Nugenix Drawbacks

  • Price, definitely one of the more expensive T Boosters I’ve used.
  • Only available in the US and Canada
  • May cause side effects
  • Takes at least a month to start working

Nugenix Review Conclusion

After personally testing Nugenix out, I can easily say this is one of the best testosterone boosters I’ve ever used.  It started working quickly, didn’t cause any side effects, and gave me long lasting energy and enhanced libido.

If you’re looking to maximize your results from taking Nugenix you should also Click Here to sign up for my free “How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally” eBook.


It’s jam packed with information on:

  • Determining whether or not you may be suffering from reduced testosterone levels.
  • Identifying the root cause of your low testosterone
  • Options to Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Strength training to maximize your bodies own production.
  • Foods that help with low T.

It also comes with 2 free bonuses, including a Full Body Exercise Workout Log and High Intensity Interval Training examples.

Have You Used Nugenix? If so, leave your review below!

Additional References

1.  Fenugreek side effects:

2.  D-Aspartic Acid:







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Why should I take nugenix on an empty stomach instead of with food? -Eddie

Typically when you take something on an empty stomach it absorbs much more efficiently. The idea is that it's the only thing in the stomach that is being "worked on", so naturally you get the most benefit out of it.- Rob

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Can I take Nugenix if I have high blood pressure? -anthony

It's probably ok, but you should check with your doctor first.- Rob

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Are there any side effects? -kevin

I didn't personally experience any.  However, others have reported a wide array of side effects, including hair loss, headache, stomach discomfort, upset stomach, and congestion.  Check with your doctor to be sure it's safe for you to take Nugenix.- Rob

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How do I cancel my free trial of Nugenix? -David

Give them a call at their customer service number: 1-855-714-3234, and let them know you want to cancel.- Rob

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Am i supposed to take all 3 pills at the same time or 1 pill 3times -brandon

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