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Millions of guys struggle with being a little overweight, and I certainly know the feeling.  When I was in high school I weighed about 190 pounds, and while I had a decent amount of muscle mass and strength, I lacked that crucial body part that women absolutely love….abs.

I had that ridiculously stubborn layer of body fat that just WOULD NOT GO AWAY!  If you’re reading this then you’re probably in the same boat I was in, or at the very least you just want an overall leaner look.

This post is all about how I went from this:


To This:


In less than a year.

Given this was when I was in my late teens / early 20’s, but it just goes to show you that with hard work and following the “RIGHT” diet and exercise routine, you can go from flabby to ripped in just a few short months.

Note:  For optimal results, stack Nitrocut for pre-workout and Testofuel for post workout recovery, or use a stack called the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack to maximize muscle gains.

My Weight Lifting Strategy

Monday – Chest and Triceps


  • Set 1: Incline Or Flat Bench DB Presses: 4 sets x 8, 10, 12, 14
  • Set 2: Bench Presses: 3 sets x 12-14
  • Set 3: 2 x Incline Butterflys – Superset Divebomber Pushups (as many as I could squeeze out)
  • 1 Drop Set with Cable Crossovers


  • Set 1: Close Grip Smith Machine Presses: 4 sets x 8, 10, 12, 14
  • Set 2: Dips / Bench Dips: 3 sets x 12-14
  • Set 3: 2 x Overhead Rope Extensions – Superset Rope Pushdowns
  • 1 Drop Set x Skull Crushers

Tuesday – Back and Biceps


  • Set 1: Lat Pulldowns: 4 sets x 8, 10, 12, 14
  • Set 2: Seated V Handle Rows: 3 sets x 12-14
  • Set 3: 2 x T-Bar Rows Superset Wide Handle Seated Rows
  • 1 Drop Set x DB Rows (Each Arm)


  • Set 1: Standing Barbell / Reverse Barbell Curls: 4 sets x 8, 10, 12, 14
  • Set 2: Incline Curls: 3 sets x 12-14
  • Set 3: 2 x Concentration Curls – Superset Hammer Curls
  • 1 x drop set Cable Curls with Straight Bar

Wednesday – Legs

Quads – I always lifted a little bit heavier on legs, didn’t want to lose too much muscle.

  • Set 1: Squats / Leg Press: 4 sets x 6, 8, 10, 12
  • Set 2: Lunges / Weighted Lunges: 3 sets x 10-12
  • Set 3: 2 x Leg Extensions – Superset Dumbbell Squats
  • 1 Drop Set x Leg Extensions


  • Set 1: Stiff Legged Deadlifts: 4 sets x 6, 8, 10, 12
  • Set 2: Lying Leg Curls: 3 sets x 10-12
  • Set 3: 2 x Weighted Hyperextensions – Superset Supermans
  • 1 Drop Set x Leg Curls


Thursday – Day Off, no cardio no lifting

Friday – Shoulders / Abs


  • Set 1: Seated Military Presses: 4 sets x 8, 10, 12, 14
  • Set 2: Standing Lateral Raises: 3 sets x 12-14
  • Set 3: 2 x Reverse Flys – Superset Lateral Raises
  • 1 Drop Set x Upright Rows


  • Ab Roller: 3 Sets – 10 – 15 reps
  • Weighted Side Bends: 3 Sets (each side) – 10 – 15 reps
  • Back Extensions: 3 Sets – 10-15 reps

My Cardio Plan

The best time to do cardio (in my opinion) is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with a little bit of caffeine.  I would wake up at around 6:30 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and do the following High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine:

light jog for 5 min., followed by a stretch routine

1 min. on, 1 min. off jump rope for 5 min.

60 Seconds Sprint/Fast Jog
120 Seconds Walk/Slow Jog

Do this for about 20 min. (or until you can’t take it anymore!) and then walk it off and complete it with a 5 min light stretch.  Doing this in the morning is supposed to help increase your resting metabolic rate, which is responsible for burning the most fat.

I have more examples of High Intensity Interval Training Cardio in this PDF file, which is part of my free “How To Get Ripped Quick” eBook.

My Diet Plan

While I didn’t have a specific diet plan that I followed, in general I stayed away from fatty foods like pizza, cheeseburgers, cheese steaks, etc., and focused on lean meats and fish.  I made it a point to eat every 2 hours, whether I was hungry or not, but I would be sure to only eat small portions of whatever I was eating.

Generally speaking, this is the diet plan that I followed:

Breakfast: 3 – 4 egg whites, 2 pieces sprouted wheat toast, 2 turkey sausage links, piece of fruit (banana, apple, etc.)

Mid Morning Snack – Protein Shake and 20 almonds

Lunch – Grilled Chicken salad with a 6 oz chicken breast and low fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Mid Afternoon Snack – 2 cups of low-fat cottage cheese, 20 almonds

After Workout Snack – 2 scoops of protein, followed by a cup of fruit

Dinner – Grilled chicken and plain rice

Before Bed Snack – 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

All of this may not sound like a lot, but trust me, I NEVER felt hungry when I followed this program.  Even if I did, I would end up just adding an extra scoop of whey or an extra tablespoon of peanut butter and the hunger pangs would go away.

Results and Recommendations

Following the plan outlined above, I managed to knock my body fat percentage down from 15.4% to 8.4% and my weight from 195 lbs. to 180 lbs. in about 6 weeks, all while retaining solid muscle.

You don’t have to follow this workout or nutrition program to a T, but I suggest some variation of it for the best results.  You may also want to combine this program with a supplement called Nitrocut, to help you power through your workouts without getting completely drained.

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For someone in the early stages of working out, again, after many years of not working out (I'm 47 yrs old), what is the weight to use for these workouts? Im not sure if I should be pushing my limit with how much weight to use, start out low and increase the weight over time, or ???? Thanks, Nick -

You would start off your first set of each exercise with the heaviest weight you can manage for 6 reps. For the next set, lower the weight to as much as you can do for 8 reps. Keep going along like that, lowering the weight and raising the reps until you've done a set of 12.- Rob

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What are the benefits of stacking TestoFuel and Instant Knockout? -

It's a great stack for losing weight and getting lean and tone. Pair it with my free "getting ripped" ebook for even better results.- Rob

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In regards to the diet, I'm an early morning workout person, 0430-0600. Occassionally, I'll do 30 minutes extra cardio in the afternoon. Should I change the order of any of the meals? Thanks. -

Not right off the bat, but see how you feel, and if it feels like you need to rearrange things because you're consistently hungry at a certain time or you feeling sluggish, let that be your guide.- Rob

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What will work better and faster to shed fat the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack or Instant Knockout ? -

They're both good products, and how fast and well you lose fat is really more a function of your diet and workout routine.  Either one will help you lose weight, but the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack does more than that by boosting testosterone and adding amino acids and other ingredients to help you gain lean muscle.- Rob

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What will work faster and better The Crazy Mass Cutting Stack or Instant Knockout? -

That's tough to answer because they have different goals.  Instant Knockout is a fat burner. It's for losing weight, though it does also provide energy for workouts.  The Crazy Mass Cutting Stack is 4 supplements, each working toward the goal of not just losing weight, but getting strong and ripped.  So which is better really depends on what your goal is.- Rob

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