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Rob Miller | April 30, 2014
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adiphene reviewThe following was written by Mellissa from Florida, who personally tested Adiphene fat burner.

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I wanted to try the Adiphene pills because I heard that they could help work as a fat burner and assist with loosing extra weight.

I am a 30 year old female that is 5’10 and before taking the pills I weighed 155lbs. I am an active person that goes to boot camp Monday-Friday at 6:00am.

The boot camp classes run for about 45 minutes and consist of cardio mixed with weights.

On the weekends I play beach volleyball for a few hours a day.

My activity level is consistent and I make sure I do some sort of workout daily.

I try to eat as healthy as possible by keeping my protein, vegetable and fruit intake high and my carbohydrate intake low.

I started taking Adiphene on 9/26/2013. I took one in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast and one in the afternoon 20 minutes before lunch as instructed on the bottle.

I took the pills for 30 days and saw a 5 pound loss.

While taking the pills I didn’t feel much of a difference as far as energy levels go.

I felt the same as I did prior to taking the pills.

I didn’t experience any trouble with the pills keeping me up at night; I was able to fall asleep just as I did before taking the pills.

I have taken several other diet pills in the past like Garcinia Cambogia.

This is a pill that you are supposed to take 2 three times a day.

Compared to Adiphene I would say that Garcinia Cambogia is very similar as far as how it made me feel.

With Adiphene and Garcinia Cambogia I didn’t feel any different with the energy that I had but both pills helped me drop the extra weight that I was looking to loose and Garcinia Cambogia didn’t cause any sleeping trouble either.

I have also used Cellucor Super HD.

This pill is promoted as a fat targeting and a sculpting pill.

I would take this pill in the morning and in the afternoon.

When I took this pill I would feel extremely energized and at times shaky.

It felt like it was raising my body temperature because I would sweat a lot more when taking it.

I lost about 10lbs when I took this pill.

The drawback was when I stopped taking it I got headaches because of the caffeine withdrawal I was experiencing.

I also would have trouble sleeping if I took the pill too late in the afternoon.

Out of the three pills that I have taken I would say that Adiphene was a pill that I felt the safest taking because of the ingredients that it contained.

It has a lot of natural extracts that seem to assist with weight loss and doesn’t cause side effects like I experienced with other pills.

When I was done with the bottle I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms which are always a good thing.

I would definitely recommend this pill to anyone that is looking for the safer diet pill.

A good diet and exercise is also very important because a diet pill can’t do it all.

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Does this contain a lot of caffeine? -

It actually doesn't contain ANY caffeine.  However, it does contain a number of stimulants including bitter orange, chromium picolinat, guaranna extract, ginseng, and cacao extract.- Rob

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