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adrenasense reviewAdrenasense Overview

There are many natural compounds that can induce sleep in someone who doesn’t have some sort of sleep problem or condition. Most of these compounds fall under the description of an “herbal remedy” and that is also what the formula for Adrenasense is as well. It uses familiar herbal remedies for insomnia such as schisandra fruit and Ashwagandha, but it also includes less familiar materials such as rhodiola, suma, and eleuthero root, which are commonly found in formulas belonging to traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Where to Buy AdrenaSense

The official Adrenasense website is seriously lacking in terms of information about where to purchase the product. Using the zip code tool to find a local supplier led to a dead end – no matter which zip code was entered. A search online using a basic search engine did turn up a lot of resources though. For example, we found that supplement suppliers as large and familiar as GNC had it available, but that much lesser known herbal companies sold the product too.

The average price for a single bottle of AdrenaSense was around $20. The only form of guarantee would be vendor’s return policy.  Because this is a product not sold through the manufacturer’s website, it means that you will need to find a supplier with a good return policy if you are unhappy with the results.

Pro’s and Con’s

It must be pointed out that the Adrenasense formula has a few more disadvantages than advantages. For example, among the negative factors are:

  • The ingredients label was not descriptive or explanatory about the purpose of all of the contents, nor were quantities supplied;
  • There is no customer guarantee;
  • The website is very poorly made; and
  • There are no clinical trials or reports to show the effectiveness of the product.

The advantages, as stated, are few but include:

  • The price is very low;
  • Some of the ingredients are known as all natural sleep aids; and
  • There were some positive customer testimonials available online.


We would say that the low cost and known sleep aid in this particular formula allow us to recommend AdrenaSense to someone without a serious sleep disorder. For example, if you only suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia, but remain asleep easily, this is a product for you. If you have persistent insomnia and cannot remain asleep for long, you will want a stronger and more proven formulation.

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Can you use this product if using HB medication -Diane

Whenever you take prescription medication, you need to consult with your doctor to make sure there's no conflict if you're planning to start taking a supplement.- Rob

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